Talent on Grafton Street

Today I heard music from the top of Grafton Street and was instantly drawn to the sound! I followed the music until I discovered a group called ‘Keywest’. I only needed to hear one song and bought their album and EP’s!

There’s just something magical about hearing raw music, without a stage and all the lights! These guys are an extremely talented group and if you’re lucky enough you’ll come across them busking on Grafton Street like I did.

Check them out here:

Keywest Live

Six months ago I came across Keywest busking their little hearts out on a cold and windy Grafton Street and was instantly hooked by their sound. Since then I have seen them busk daily in the cold and rain and on those scorching hot days (yes we do get a few in Ireland) when you’d rather be at the beach. It’s fair to say that they work extremely hard and are passionate about their music.

On Saturday night Andy, Glover, Sam, Jimi and Harry swapped the streets of Dublin for a venue with a roof over it! They played to a sold out Vicar Street which was an incredible achievement as they are not signed to a record label. Their dream was unfolding before their fans eyes and the lead singer, Andy Kavanagh said how humbled they were to be there.

The whole evening felt like a celebration of Keywest’s journey. They told stories behind the songs and talked about their early childhood writing music in their parents shed. The evening gave them the chance to really show off their skills and boy did they do just that. From the staging, to the lighting, to their performance, they really put their heart into it and put on a great show!

Not many other artists out there would be able to do what Keywest have done. Too many have it handed on a plate but it is obvious that Keywest genuinely love writing music and deserve to get that break.

On Saturday night Keywest proved that they deserve a bigger stage and audience and hopefully this is just the beginning for them. Watch this space.