keystone arches

They are all Sinclair and big chance Jin is Demian. (Updated!)

I read Demian and I’m starting to think that JungKook, Jimin, Taehyung, Yoongi, Rapmon, and Hoseok are all Sinclair. They all longed for someone and it’s Demian.


The drawing in Jungkook’s video is drawn by Sinclair (he tried to draw his first love, Beatrice, but failed numerous time until this portrait happened which he felt most connected to compared to his first (failed) paintings. It wasn’t Beatrice but it was someone he knew. Sinclair had series of good and bad dreams after he drew the portrait. One day he woke up sweating only to realize he drew Demian. He had longed for Demian.

The bird picture is a sparrow hawk in which Demian was interested in, the keystone of the arch above the doorway to Sinclair’s house. Sinclair saw Demian spent time in an alley nearby to draw it.


Honestly I can’t interpret much on Jimin’s video except the suicidal feeling he showed in his dancing. Sinclair at some point of his life as he broke away from his childhood, felt like he was held in hell. Like the lyric says “Save me from this hell”. He said he is caught in a lie because of one stupid lie he made to Kromer and Kromer held it on him forcing him to do things like stealing. The apple represents the lie he made. He said he stole some apples. He was depressed and oppressed and slowly changed. The apple could also represent the Garden of Eden mentioned several times in Demian. Him eating the apple is Sinclair turning rebellious (he went to pub and started drinking) and started to ignore his father. His father came to visit and reminded him of his mother.

And he longed for someone, I believe is also Demian.


At some point I think they purposely connect the whole Demian story with their previous music videos. That’s the only explanation I have for why they are connecting everything far back to Danger era. Thus why Taehyung’s video shows back his character in INU and Run. His character does resembles Sinclair’s in which they are disconnected from their family and when he sings ‘I’m sorry my sisters’. Sinclair had sisters which he felt sorry for for being estranged from their family.


Main reason I’m saying they are all Sinclair is because, Sinclair first thought Beatrice was his FIRST LOVE until the drawing happened and it turned out to be a LIE. Instead of thinking Yoongi is connected to Jimin, I believe their situations are connected to each other’s because Yoongi and Jimin are both the same person. When Sinclair had an issue with Kromer because of his Lie it was Demian who saved him from Kromer. Let’s bring back JungKook and why YoonKook didn’t happen. It happened in some way if you remember the burning piano appears in all three videos.


Yoongi is also looking for someone


Yeah, I have no idea about this one. There’s a scene stretching back from Run and Danger and the sparrow hawk appears again. All I can say is he is also waiting for someone and losing himself while drinking (Sinclair spent his night going to bars miserable for missing Demian). The pairings all fucked up when his reflection symbol merges with JungKook’s wings, Yoongi’s with Jimin’s all because there was no actual pairings in the first place. I can’t find connection between REFLECTION and WINGS but I can tell you one thing Demian said after he met Sinclair after a very long time of being apart from each other “It’s good to know that within us there’s someone who knows everything.” 

Not quite sure what Rapmon sings in the video. Was it I was so good to myself? If it is then it connects to when Sinclair broke down and cried when he remembered his innocent self.

And lastly Hoseok

Sinclair’s mother gave Sinclair chocolate to comfort him lain on the table beside his bed. Eva is not his mother. Eva is Demian’s. Sinclair always found himself lost and Eva will come with help in his dream or in reality. Eva is the connection between MAMA and STIGMA

and if this theory is right if Jin is any difference than the others (so far he is) this painting could be Jin

and he is Demian

Or Eva… for she bears both female and males features. YES I am fucked up

Keystone Arch Bridges hike by Damon Blanchette
Via Flickr:
Photos from a hike by the Keystone Arch Bridges in Chester, MA on 7-19-15.


With the sun already low in the sky, I dove into my shiny black Mustang GT and hit the winding back roads of Berkshire County. With the bright orange evening sun at my back, I had no specific destination in mind. 

However, in about 20 minutes, I found myself parked at the opening of Herbert Cross Road leading down to the breath-taking Keystone Arch Bridge trail. The trail snakes around the beautiful Westfield River and is home to keystone arch bridges built throughout the 1830s as well as dozens of beautiful waterfalls.

As it was already getting quite dark by the time I arrived, I didn’t stray too far from the first bridge, but managed to capture the beautiful cascades nearby. I was even treated to watching a long freight train pass over the old double arch bridge.

It was a beautiful view in the evening and only provided more incentive to return again.