Torture ► Mir & Key

It was surprising that Key was actually awake around this time but Mir was upset. It was nearly driving him insane at work. He was making mistakes he normally didn’t. It felt like he was cut off from two people that he needed. Between Key and his coldness, something Mir had been dealing with for days and Hyosung’s constant questions and prodding, he couldn’t take it. It was becoming overwhelming in a sense he had never thought of and all he wanted to do was to be with Key. He would make it better, make the frustration and the confusion go away. Or he could make it worse.

Jogging towards the apartment building, sporting the new shorter hair cut, the male moved up the stairs. He didn’t want to take the elevator considering that it was faster to run up the stairs rather than waiting for the elevator. Slipping onto Key’s floor, Mir jogged to the door before pausing. Raising a hand, he stopped himself from knocking at the sqeeuze at his heart before closing his eyes and knocking gently. It still seemed loud in the empty hallway but Mir couldn’t care.

A small fear was in his chest that Key would reject him. It was suffocating for the younger male. The two people, whose affection he craved were both being so strange. But Key, it stabbed at his heart. Mir was mad, yes but all he wanted was the males affection. Some sort of sign that he wasn’t insane for trying to continue his feelings for him. What don’t I have that Key does? Hyosung’s question ran through his mind as he knocked once more. “Kibum.”

Make me warm || Key x Taemin

It was crowded, too crowded. There was a reason he hated malls, the unwanted physical contact you most times came in contact with while making your way through teenaged filled walkways, not enough room to breath and just barely any to move. The smell of greasy fast food and constant chatter, children crying people laughing. It was too many things messing with his senses, and there’d be no way he would be dragged here by anyone….except for Kibum.

Taemin dragged his feet behind the ever ecstatic ball of energy that was his umma. He’d come into his room, telling the younger something about needing new clothes and promising a large plate of steak and fries later that evening. It was enough incentive to move the younger off his couch and into his closet to change into more presentable clothes, a pair of tight black skinnies with tears on the back of his thighs and his favorite long white sleeveless shirt. A quick brush of his hair and they were flying out of his building, straight into the rising east mall . They’ve already been there for 2…maybe 3 hours and Taemin was loosing his strength, he hadn’t had a proper breakfast and all these people were really making him dizzy.

“ Kibum-hyung~ Can we get ice cream??” He clung onto the older’s arm pouting cutely in his direction. He loved being with Kibum, but the younger could only take so much shopping before he would pass out from exhaustion of lack of nutrients in his system. The diva could go on for hours finding the perfect outfit, Taemin on the other hand didn’t have that fuel power.