Art direction and original illustratio n by @gyimahg modelled by #syblake in #Keyshot and #zbrush #stevenuniverse #garnet #amethyst #pearl #rebeccasugar #maquette #picoftheday #cartoonnetwork

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Graduation Masterpost!

Hey all, here is the final result of my graduation project.
A character sculpt that is fit for 3D printing.
Sculpting software: Zbrush.
Rendering software: Keyshot.

Learned a lot from it and it got me a pretty sweet grade in the end.

The design is based of the Anubis Priest concept artpiece created by: Steve Hamilton, AKA Balance Sheet. (Artstation & Deviant Art)
Go check him out as well!

Another render of the Flight Rising Imperial Dragon bust! I had promised to post a better quality one months ago, but rendering this model was a huge pain in the ass due to an unusually high poly count that caused my computer to crash frequently. Decided then to try it using the new Zbrush to Keyshot bridge, and this is the result I got. Went for a classy polished marble texture instead of bronze this time!


W.A.S.P. - by Marco Plouffe

Full-size [here]
Turntable of the sculpt [here]

“Here’s a Keyshot render of my W.A.S.P. ZBrush sculpt with some post-prod texture and effects in Photoshop. If you guys are interested, I’ll be showing a couple of polishing tricks at the ZBrush Summit 2015 and also giving a design workshop with Cedric Seaut under our company Keos Masons. You can see our portfolio [here]”