Hey All!!,

  Today im finally back in the Studio (all “Steve Store” orders will go out by the end of the week) While i was away from the studio and stuck in the snow it gave me time (a good full 6 days) to dive into z-brush and learn all the things i always wanted to know but never had the time to do so.

  After Nails and Mira are released Spade will be my next, unlike ALL of my past doll sculpts I will sculpt him entirely in Z-brush.  Ive had a bit of reservation about taking the plunge into 100% digital sculpting but I can already see how much time its going to save me as im starting to sculpt his body and costume elements.   My past doll sculpts were mostly sculpted by hand and most of the time the 3-d printed parts didn’t fit together precisely with my hand sculpted base and they would need to be readjusted and reprinted because of slight differences in scale, sometimes only a single millimeter (time consuming and EXPENSIVE)  I wont really have to worry about that anymore, or it should be very minimal, as i can test everything on my actual 3d character model before its printed.

  Ive also been playing around with doing “photo-real” renderings to test out materials, paints, blushing/painting and different types of resin. I even made a couple customized resin shaders in the keyshot renderer, Yes, I made the plunge and purchased the z-brush version of keyshot and for anyone who works a lot in z-brush id HIGHLY recommend it, its AMAZING!!! being able to quickly and easily view character models in full color with realistic material shading (and even blushing) before i commit to printing and sanding and casting,..well,.. I cant even express how much pain and suffering (and money) its going to save me from resculping and remolding “finished” parts because they no longer seem to have the same visual impact or form once i see them in the final resin :-)

Just for fun i also did some test renders of my z-brush sculpts as if i had originally sculpted them in grey-green chavant clay i used to work in, haha..

I’m having too much fun with this :-)