keyshawolnisha asked:

Hi! Share 10 facts about yourself and then pass this on to your 10 favorite followers <3


i suck at this, but alright i’m gonna try -

1. if you don’t reply to my texts (if its someone i’m close with), i get really really worried. i think of the worst case scenarios in my mind and i hate it so much

2. i wish i could draw but i can’t even draw stick figures right

3. i dislike one of my cousins a lot for various reasons

4. i listen to ‘london bridge’ on repeat when i’m on the bus

5. i have two of these t-shirts that i love so much but i’ve worn them to the point where it’s unwearable

6. i don’t like wearing sandals outside because i hate showing my toes, i don’t like them at all

7. i have a fear of snakes

8. i miss someone really bad right now but i don’t know if they do 

9. if i had a job, the first thing i’d do would be to buy all the merch from Ed’s store

10. i love you