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Picture I’ve been meaning to post for a while, a commission from keysa-does-art​ of my Pandaren, Padira, shown here presumably about to get an ass kicking.


Padira had a few problems in her life. It was a list that was probably shorter than that of most people in Azeroth, but three of those problems seemed very pressing in that moment. For one, there was her tendency towards dry sarcasm which, she would admit, at times, went past the point of being funny or charming. It would seem, on that point, that the gang of surly thugs approaching her would agree.

The second problem would be Padira’s lack of any real training in unarmed combat. She knew nothing of Pandaren martial arts besides what she picked up from cheap, trashy adventure novels. This led in to the third problem. Padira was a well-practiced liar. It was one of her favorite pastimes to convince people of bizarre things about Pandaren culture and history. The issue was her ability to bluff. She has a poor track record at the human game known as ‘poker’, and those who have played it with her have no problem telling you that it’s because she has one of the most readable faces they’ve ever seen.

DevLog #6: Character Post!

Since a large majority of the main and supporting characters have concept art completed for them, I figured we’d show off some of them once in a while. The character above is Pile and he’s a pretty significant character in the world that Breeze in the Clouds takes place. 

Pile likes to have fun, and loathes “boring stuff” like paperwork. He’s a bit of a collector of seemingly meaningless things anything from earth, despite not really knowing what most of the stuff is or how it works.

Thanks to @keysa-does-art for helping out on this design with me!


This set of beautiful commissions all done by @keysamoguri and here’s her art blog @keysa-does-art 

KanoKido and our @shuuyakido precious KanoKido children all when they were toddlers. First pic is Shuuichi, Then the second is Ayato, and then third is Tsubaki. Thank you so much Keysa for doing all these precious drawings i love whenever i commission from you :’D