keys to the player

Here we go (pt two)


-hes learning from his dads so well my sweet ango
- magno
- taako “i dont trust anyone or anything” one episode later “angus i trust you completely” taaco
- i love how much the boys love angus my sweet sweet boys with their sweet boy
- merle the master of shitty one liners
- reminder to myself as a dm: dont give players magic keys that work on everything
- oh my god maaaaagggiiiee ;-;
- what a great BOY
- NAT 20
- oh OH,,,oh johann…
- lucretias a virgo
- ok good i thought so y'all were so worried smh his memory is fine
- badass
- nuuuude????
- “in this room by yourself surrounded by a bunch of invisible corpses” is such a badass line i love it
- she IS the only one who can cause shes DEAD
-oh no
- oh sweet best friends i love them so much maggie needs a hug
- theres still 18 minutes left, how much more can you destroy my heart ditto??
- US
- I’m so glad lucretia is good I’m so relieved
- here we go
- A G A I N ???????
- oh my god I’m actually SHAKING griffin you bastard you brilliant brilliant bastard
- this was such a good episode my heart is racing holy shit
-thank you griffin mcelroy

Falconers’ newest PR member, known as “Eric” to most of the corporate team and “Bitty” by the players, he’s easily the most well loved of the PR members by both the players and media coverage teams. His charm keeps interviews from getting out of hand and his pies are NHL famous for their bribery worth. 

Less known, that is only to the Falconers’ upper management and a handful of key players, he is the former teammate and husband of Falconers’ captain, Jack Zimmermann.

Discrimination gets you nowhere, except bankruptcy.

This is gonna be a long post. Get comfy.

So within the last year or so I made a bunch of life altering decisions.
One of those was moving to another side of the country after being offered a job at a company in the state I wanted to live in. My boss, we’ll call him Brandon, had known me for a while (I work in an industry where most people know each other and the key players) and had offered me a job knowing my criteria and many other things. I was well qualified for the job he has hired me for.

So I move across country and I begin working. This company has a main office and a supplying warehouse, the supplying warehouse was where I worked. No manufacturing done here, just supporting parts for the main office. Within a month the owner of the company, Viet, shows up at the office looking for my boss. (The main company is about 8 or 9 hours away so this was a long drive and the owner never came down to the warehouse, not since it opened originally 7 years go). My boss isn’t there (he usually isn’t and doesn’t need to be because I can handle it and he lives up the road if I need him). Viet immediately begins yelling at me. He never once speaks to me. He yells at me the whole time he is communicating with me. Berating me on the fact I need to take inventory because fiscal year is about to be up and that I need to maintain the warehouse and had I ever done this before. He gave me the third degree and treated me like an idiot. Meanwhile I had texted Brandon and he showed up and Viet changed his tune completely. At that point he didn’t even speak to me at all. Didn’t even make eye contact. The two of them chatted and then Viet left.

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Lardo low-key starts designing goalie masks for NHL players.

It starts kinda accidentally with Snowy. The SMH crew goes to visit Jack in Providence one weekend. They take in a game and then hang out afterwards with some of the Falconers.

At some point, Chowder is excitedly telling Jack about his new mask that Lardo designed for him and how sawesome it is (even if it still only has one shark) and Snowy overhears. Snowy needs a new mask and has been looking for something different (there’s only so much you can do with a Falcon and a small city like Providence). He convinces Lardo to sketch something for him really quick and she comes up with something really cool and unique. Snowy sends it off to his usual guy and starts wearing the new mask as soon as it’s ready.

People start noticing his new look and ask him about it. The style is a bit different but really amazing and unlike what he used to wear. He only says a friend designed it for him because he knows Lardo doesn’t really want to design goalie masks for lots of people. She is still in school and needs to focus on that. She only did his as a one time thing while they were talking that time.

Lardo ends up randomly designing a couple more for Snowy that are just as cool and a few other goalies eventually find out who designed the masks and get Lardo to do one or two for them.

It’s never a full fledged career for her, just another facet of her art and something she grows to enjoy doing for various NHL goalies when the mood strikes her. But very few people ever know it’s Lardo who designs the masks.

Context: Unable to play game due to a key player having issues with someone over the phone. I’m a new player, so I was hoping to get to playing once I rolled stats.

DM: Ugh, so we just gonna go home?
Player 1: Heh, roll to see how fucked she is for keeping us.
Me: I’ll do it. *grabs DM’s d20*
(First time rolling a d20, so I’m just enjoying whatever comes up… and I roll a natural 20)
Me: …
Player 1: …
DM: …Well, guess that means she’s überfucked.

Karasuno Babes As Pokemon Go Players

Daichi: He’s the one that wakes up at 2 am to realize his house is a Pokestop (And everyone likes to stand outside and talk very loudly) 

 Suga: Every 10 minutes he sends a group text to his team telling them to watch their surroundings (he also packs them lunches to take on their quests)

 Asahi: No matter which way he turns his phone the ghost typE is STILL FOLLOWING HIM PLEASE SEND HELP 

 Nishinoya: He owns all the nearby gyms and can be found at the nearest Pokestop, challenging anyone who comes by 

 Tanaka: He’s on a mission to capture every Butterfree and name it “low fat”

 Hinata: dress up as ash, takes his sister along who is also dressed as a pikachu, he’s been gone for days, and kageyama knows he didn’t pack enough food #RIP 

Kageyama: all his nearby Pokemon look suspiciously like a orange haired teammate? How does that even work? Oh wait…a milk vending machine is the nearest Pokestop 10 miles away. *turns hat around backwards* “time to fucking go" 

 Tsukishima: he only catches the Pokemon that wander by his house but sometimes late at night you can hear someone humming the Jurassic park theme song followed by the unmistakable sound of someone running with flip flops on 

 Yamaguchi: He’s the server Pokemon Go runs on, a Barbie Laptop and a iPod nano

Two new studies uncover key players responsible for learning and memory formation

One of the most fascinating properties of the mammalian brain is its capacity to change throughout life. Experiences, whether studying for a test or experiencing a traumatic situation, alter our brains by modifying the activity and organization of specific neural circuitry, thereby modifying subsequent feelings, thoughts, and behavior. These changes take place in and among synapses, communication junctions between neurons. This experience-driven alteration of brain structure and function is called synaptic plasticity and it is considered the cellular basis for learning and memory.

Many research groups across the globe are dedicated to advancing our understanding of the fundamental principles of learning and memory formation. This understanding is dependent upon identifying the molecules involved in learning and memory and the roles they play in the process. Hundreds of molecules appear to be involved in the regulation of synaptic plasticity, and understanding the interactions among these molecules is crucial to fully understand how memory works.

There are several underlying mechanisms that work together to achieve synaptic plasticity, including changes in the amount of chemical signals released into a synapse and changes in how sensitive a cell’s response is to those signals. In particular, the protein BDNF, its receptor TrkB, and GTPase proteins are involved in some forms of synaptic plasticity, however, very little is known regarding when and where they are activated in the process.

By using sophisticated imaging techniques to monitor the spatiotemporal activation patterns of these molecules in single dendritic spines, the research group led by Dr. Ryohei Yasuda at Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience and Dr. James McNamara at Duke University Medical Center have uncovered critical details of the interplay of these molecules during synaptic plasticity. These exciting findings were published online ahead of print in September 2016 as two independent publications in Nature (1, 2).

A surprising signaling system within the spine

In one of the publications (Harward and Hedrick et al.), the authors identified an autocrine signaling system – a system where molecules act on the same cells that produce them – within single dendritic spines. This autocrine signaling system is achieved by rapid release of the protein, BDNF, from a stimulated spine and subsequent activation of its receptor, TrkB, on the same spine, which further activates signaling inside the spine. This in turn leads to spine enlargement, the process essential for synaptic plasticity. In other words, signaling initiated inside the spine goes outside the spine and activates a receptor on the external surface of the spine, thereby evoking additional signals inside the spine. This finding of an autocrine signaling process within the dendritic spines surprised the scientists.

What are the consequences of the autocrine signaling within the spine?

The second publication (Hedrick and Harward et al.) reports that the autocrine signaling leads to activation of an additional set of signaling molecules called small GTPase proteins. The findings reveal a three-molecule model of structural plasticity, which implicates the localized, coincident activation of three GTPase proteins Rac1, Cdc42, and RhoA, as a causal feature of structural plasticity. It is known that these proteins regulate the shape of dendritic spines, however, how they work together to control spine structure has remained unclear. The researchers monitored the spatiotemporal activation patterns of these molecules in single dendritic spines during synaptic plasticity and found that all three proteins are activated simultaneously, but their activation patterns differed significantly. One of the differences is that RhoA and Rac1, when activated, spread beyond the stimulated spine to the surrounding dendrite, which facilitates plasticity of surrounding spines. Another difference is that Cdc42 activity was restricted to the stimulated spine, what seems to be necessary to produce spine-specific plasticity. Furthermore, the autocrine BDNF signaling is required for activation of Cdc42 and Rac1, but not for RhoA.

Unprecedented insights into the regulation of synaptic plasticity

These two studies provide unprecedented insights into the regulation of synaptic plasticity. One study revealed for the first time an autocrine signaling system and the second study presented a unique form of biochemical computation in dendrites involving the controlled complementation of three molecules. According to Dr. Yasuda, understanding the molecular mechanisms that are responsible for the regulation of synaptic strength is critical for understanding how neural circuits function, how they form, and how they are shaped by experience. Dr. McNamara noted that disorder of these signaling systems likely underlies dysfunction of synapses that cause epilepsy and a diversity of other diseases of the brain. Because hundreds of species of proteins are involved in the signal transduction that regulates synaptic plasticity, it is essential to investigate the dynamics of more proteins to better understand the signaling mechanisms in dendritic spines.

Future research in the Yasuda and McNamara Labs is expected to lead to significant advances in the understanding of intracellular signaling in neurons and will provide key insights into the mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity and memory formation and brain diseases. These insights will hopefully lead to the development of drugs that could enhance memory and prevent or more effectively treat epilepsy and other brain disorders.


Happy 55th Birthday, Fox Mulder (October 13th, 1961)

“I’m the key figure in an ongoing government charade, a plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials. It’s a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power and it reaches down into the lives of every man, woman, and child on this planet. 

So, of course, no one believes me. I’m an annoyance to my superiors, a joke to my peers. They call me “Spooky.” Spooky Mulder, whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid and now he chases after little green men with a badge and a gun shouting to the heavens or to anyone who will listen that the fix is in, that the sky is falling. And when it hits, it’s gonna be the shit storm of all time.”

For all the disappointed 707 route players’.

I’ve been reading quite a few rants of Mystic Messenger players, who claimed to be disappointed and pissed off at character 707′s route. I have to admit, reading them made me more pissed off and disappointed in the people who played this otome game. And I am here to rant, just like those players but for a different purpose; to slap some comprehending into their hearts and minds.

First off, Saeyoung wasn’t meant to be a simple and uncomplicated character. He’s supposed to be the key to the whole story, which some dear players think that is “not true at all” and “bullshit”. He is a person who has more issues than the rest of RFA members. He has family problems, mental and emotional problems and a problematic life in general. Most players didn’t like that he pulled and pushed MC away but of course he would do that since he was indecisive. Like every other person, Seven wanted to have a love life and a person who could finally understand and accept him for who he was without keeping secrets and lying on a daily basis. Then again, he didn’t want to pull that special other into this big mess that could affect her and/or him too. After all, we don’t want our loved ones to get hurt emotionally or physically, right? But Seven didn’t and did understand that the games he was playing unconsciously, could hurt MC.

Saeyoung is mentally rich. He is a very smart guy who, with a snap of the fingers, can see the world with different points of view. He is bipolar. One second being happy and the other second being the most hurt human being in the world. He hides himself in a comfortable facade, making people believe he likes playing around with them and making jokes 24/7 while in reality he feels depressed and lonely. He lives a life different from normal people, in every aspect. And he doesn’t have any happiness or happy memories. But once he finds out that MC is the door to his happiness, he gets scared. Scared of leaving his comfort zone and scared of ruining such a beautiful gift.

I have yet to finish the whole game. When I started Seven’s route, I restarted just a couple of days before the party date because I wanted to play Jumin’s route first on the Deep Story. I do know what has happened to Rika and that V dies. I also know that they forgave her and most people are mad about that. BUT! If a person who seems to be the one who has changed your life for good (and for bad too in Seven’s case) turns out to be the one who you actually liked for a long period of time and suffers from severe mental problems, wouldn’t you forgive them too? I bet you would. No matter what, you would. Even if a tiny little bit, it still counts as a yes. She is, absolutely, a snake who doesn’t deserve any good in this world after what she has done… but it was V’s fault as well for being blinded by love. Like literally…

Anyway, I have yet to finish the game and more to add to my point of view but that’s all I want to say for now. Defender of Justice 707 is a game character I will always, I emphasize, always remember in my mind and heart as someone who represents me as a human being.

Nobody is the same and Saeyoung isn’t supposed to be the same as everyone.

Excuse my typos, thank you.

A Very NWSL Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the league,
Not a player was stirring, no HAO was #freed.
Draft picks had been traded, with thought and with care,
Each sweetened the deal on who was going where.

The head coaches were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While visions of trophies danced in their heads.
They thought about game plans and on which players they’d bid,
Parsons dreamt of Portland and putting defenders in mid.

A new team was formed, they called it ‘The Pride’,
Harris and Kyle both signed up for the ride.
Morgan signed too, there was money to be made,
Swapped for Horan in a “Blockbuster Trade!”

The World Cup was held and by Canada was hosted,
Selections were made and rosters were posted.
From England and Sweden to Brazil and Japan,
Players left clubs with a dream and a plan.

With key players gone, the teams felt the sting,
But they shuffled their squads and each did their thing.
Betos scored a goal, knocked in with her head,
Dunn knuckled down and in scoring, she led.

ESPN and Fox showed the odd match,
Everything else, on YouTube you’d catch.
The sound it was awful and the picture much worse,
Fans begged their clubs for an end to the curse.

The Gals they came home and they basked in the glory,
With parades and parties and the odd cover story.
As they returned to the pitch, we saw on their feet,
Each sock covered perfectly with a yellow Nike cleat.

With Krieger & Co. each back in their spot,
Attendance at club games increased by a lot.
New fans watched nervously in fear of defeat,
Tuning in to watch players they’d never seen beat.

Some legends retired and some, they were born,
Mia’s goal record was matched by a Thorn.
Masar signed to Sweden, what about McLeod?
Angerer became a coach, is that even allowed?

Sunil Gulati appeared from below, with a black suit on and an ethereal glow;
“Here’s to the preseason, the sport and the shield,
And here’s to playing on a well kept grass field.”
“Here’s to a year of fair play and fierce passion,
And leggings under shorts in true goalkeeper fashion.”
“Here’s to equality! Well, within reason,
And here’s to the NWSL and another great season.”

“One little league and it’s ten little teams,
Of much better quality than their god awful streams.”
“Now, Spirit! Now, Breakers! Now, Thorns and The Flash!
On, Red Stars! On, Pride! On, Reign and The Dash!”
“Don’t worry, Kansas! I didn’t forget,
How you doing Sky Blue, got a coach yet?”
Gulati exclaimed as he flew out of sight -

“Happy Lauren Holidays to all, and to all a good night!”

I haven’t witnessed any [pranks] personally that come to mind, but Tyler Johnson did tell me about one during his rookie year that I thought was pretty funny.

It was during a road trip, and he and Ondrej Palat were sharing a room because rookies share rooms on the road. Somehow, Steven Stamkos and Martin St. Louis had gotten a copy of their room key, and hid in their room along with a couple other players.

When Johnson and Palat returned, Stamkos busted out of his hiding spot, scaring the two. Five minutes later, St. Louis came out from underneath the bed and startled the guys again. One by one, every five minutes, a new player would emerge, freaking Johnson and Palat out one by one while the rest of the group howled.

“This went on for about 30 minutes,” Johnson recalled. “They got us pretty good.”

—  Christmas has come early omg what a delightful story [x]


There is a severe lack of art of Hunk so here is some drawings I did of Hunk just doing Hunk things uwu~

He feels like the kinda guy who genuinely likes academics and studying (that particular book is an irl physics book – thanks @cdromeoandjouleiet xD). Of course, the second drawing can go without explanation.

For the last two, I actually noticed how well my neo-80s/sythpop/vaperwave playlist  just really matches Hunk (at least to me) aesthetically? I realized that he would totally be that guy who listens to 80s electronic rock and sings along, out loud, badly and off-key with a screwdriver as a microphone, and using his still-working cassette player/Walkman that has been stuffed in one of his pouches this entire time shhhhh

So then with the last one,  I took the idea to an extreme because he would unironically wear vintage 80s fashion and rock it so hardcore and no one can tell me otherwise.

Consider this

Okay, so a lot of people want a Harry Potter prequel from the point of view of one of the marauders. But consider this: a prequel from the point of view of Regulus Black.

Think about it. Regulus was one of the key players in the first war, the first person to ever try to destroy one of the Horcruxes. We know he turned traitor against the dark side, but we don’t really know why other then a very brief explanation of his motives. Regulus was a Black, he was raised drowning in blood purity values. Something big had to make him change his mind. Regulus might just be the most interesting character we’ve never seen. Besides, a book from Regulus’ point of view would include:

- a more in depth look at the Black family home life

-insight on other important players like Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix LeStrange as they’re cousins of his

- marauder shenanigans

- a real look at how the dark side was run

- insight on Slytherin House (values, philosophy, rules, etc.)

- a look at pureblood culture from someone who is actively part of it

- more Sirius

- a look at what Voldemort was like before he went crazy

- and detailed accounts of what the first war was like in the moment, instead of later memories of it

So Siriusly guys, how awesome would this be?

Room Escape

What you need to know:

The players are trapped in a room and have a certain amount of time to escape before they are killed.

How it begins:

This room can either be part of a test to join a guild, part of an already existing dungeon or be part of a trap that an evil mastermind has laid out for your players. Regardless what you choose, the room itself will be in a magical ethereal pocket with only one door for an entrance.

Once the players open the door, they are all sucked inside and the door disappears, leaving the players with a set time to find their way out before the ethereal pocket explodes, fills with gas or is trapped far below the earth and thrust into some remote region of space.


You can either give the players a set amount of out-of-game time, like one game session or 4 hours for example, or a number of in-game rounds to escape.

Note: The players should know how much time they have before starting to give then a fair chance.

Red Herrings:

Some things in the room have no purpose other than to throw the players off. To note such items I, will write: this has no use.


The chamber is made of stone and is in the shape of a cube.

  • The first wall has 4 chests.
    The second wall has 4 tables.
    The third wall has a writing desk and a mirror.
    The fourth wall has a book case.
  • The first corner of the room has a stool.
    The second corner of the room has two potted tree plants.
    The third corner of the room has a large wooden box.
    The fourth corner of the room has a large hourglass - this measures how much time the players have left.
  • There is also a secret panel in the floor and a secret panel in the ceiling that the players will have to pull the levers in chest 3 and 4 to open.

–1st WALL–

  • 1st chest is magically sealed and has 4 iron locks.
  • To open them, the players need to place the iron keys in the correct lock.
    12 cm iron key in 1st lock
    6 cm iron key in 2nd lock
    10 cm iron key in 3rd lock
    8 cm iron key in 4th lock
  • Each failed attempt results in the player being shocked for X D6 lighting damage.
  • Inside the chest is a golden key which is used on the gold lock in the secret floor panel.
    Note: the hint to this puzzle is on the stool.
  • 2nd chest is magically sealed and has a red lock.
  • To open it, the players need to use the red key.
  • Inside is a silver key - this key is used on the silver lock in the secret ceiling panel.
  • 3rd chest is magically sealed and has a green lock.
  • To open it, the players need to use the green key.
  • Inside is a switch that when pulled, opens the floor panel revealing an iron hatch locked with a gold lock.
  • 4th chest is magically sealed and has a gray lock.
  • The lock is useless and used to throw the player off.
  • To open the chest, the players need to use the shatter spell cast on the parchment paper on the writing desk on wall three.
  • Inside is a switch that when pulled opens the ceiling panel revealing an iron hatch locked with a silver lock.

–2nd WALL–

1st table: There are 6 white candles in candle stick holders. Each candle stick holder has on the bottom a word. Here they are in corresponding order: many, 2, too, two, are, many.

  • The players must light the candles in the correct order (two, too, many, are, 2, many), then the flames intertwine and form a red key.
  • If the players fail to light the candles correctly, then a burst of flame shoots out dealing X D6 fire damage.
    Note: the hint for this puzzle in on the scroll behind the mirror.

2nd table:

  • On top is an ethereal green hammer - used to smash the mirror.
  • A box of nails - this has no use.
  • An ethereal green saw - used on the stool.
  • A pair of tongs - this has no use.
  • A chisel - this has no use.

3rd table: has a small wooden box.

  • Inside is a white clay mask - this has no use.

4th table: On the table is a scale and a sack of 20 white marbles. The marbles are magic and feel equal in weight to the touch, but when placed on the scale they reveal their true weight.

  • 1 marble has a weight value of 1.
    1 marble has a weight value of 2.
    16 marbles have a weight value of 4.
    1 marble has a weight value of 6.
    1 marble has a weight value of 10.
  • The easiest way to do this is place 20 different dice in front of your players and secretly record their weight.
  • The players can then tell you what dice they are weighing and determine the total score of their weight.
  • You can tell the players if the scale is even, or tilting to the left of right.
  • Through trial and error the players should be able to determine the weight of the marbles from lightest to heaviest.
    Note: The marbles of value 1, 2, 6, 10 are used on the wooden box puzzle in the 3rd corner.

–3rd WALL–

  • Writing Desk: on the desk is a quill pen, a vial of blue, red, yellow, green, orange and black ink and several sheets of parchment paper.
  • The players using all three items have to draw on a sheet of paper the correct sequence of shapes and colors (red square, red square, blue star, yellow circle, yellow circle, green triangle).
  • Once this is done, the parchment disintegrates and casts shatter on the 4th chest on the 1st wall.
  • Every failed attempt to draw the correct sequence will result in the players having to roll a save or lose D6 int - to be regained once they leave the room.
    Note 1: The orange and black ink will have no use.
    Note 2: The hint for this puzzle is in the red book on the 1st shelf of the book case and the brown bottles on the 2nd shelf of the of the book case.
  • Mirror: If the players use the ethereal green hammer on the mirror, it shatters, revealing a black hole sub-ethereal pocket dimension.
  • Inside is a scroll with the words: two too many are 2 many
    Note: This is a hint for the candle puzzle on the 1st table wall 2.

–4th WALL–

Book case 1st shelf: There are 4 leather bound books, one is red, one is blue, one is yellow and the last is green.

  • Red book: Inside are all blank pages except for 1 which has a drawing of a red square, blue star, yellow circle and green triangle.
    Note: this is a hint for the parchment puzzle on the writing desk on wall 3.
  • Blue book: Inside are all blank pages except for 1 which has one sentence written in scrambled letters: ihst enencest efofrs on uecls no who ot csepae - this sentence offers no clues on how to escape.
  • This book has no use.
  • Green book: Inside, the pages have been cut to hold 4 iron keys of varying length:
  • 1 is 6cm
    1 is 8 cm
    1 is 10 cm
    1 is 12 cm
    Note 1: They are used to unlock the 1st chest on the 1st wall.
    Note 2: The hint on how to use them is on the stool.
  • Yellow book: Inside are all blank pages except for 1 which has 4 circles drawn in black ink, their exact sequence is below:
  • First is the largest circle with the number 4 in it.
    Next is the 2nd largest circle with the number 1 in it.
    Next is the smallest circle with the number 3 in it.
    Last is the 2nd smallest circle with the number 2 in it.
    Note: This is a hint for the order the marbles are used on the Wooden box in corner 3.
  • Example: the heaviest marble = the largest circle = the marble with weight value of 10 is used on the 4th slot. So the entire sequence according to weight value is: 6-2-1-10.
Bookcase 2nd shelf: There are 6 brown corked bottles. Smashing them reveals a scroll hidden inside one of them. Written on the scroll is the sentence: two squared stars, too circled angles.
Note 1
: This is a hint for the parchment puzzle on the writing desk on wall 3.
Note 2
: Too is a play on for 2 and angle is triangle for short. Its fairly simple and anyone should get it quickly.

Bookcase 3rd shelf: There is 4 striped clay pots.

  • 1st has one orange stripe.
  • 2nd has 2 black stripes.
  • 3rd has 3 orange stripes.
  • 4th has 4 black stripes.
  • These clay pots have no use.

–1st CORNER–

  • Stool: the stool has 4 legs and when inspected, the legs at the base each have a number carved into the bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • If the saw is used on the legs, the blade will cut them off magically at a predetermined height.
  • Leg marked 1 is the longest.
  • Leg marked 2 is the shortest.
  • Leg marked 3 is the 2nd longest.
  • Leg marked 4 is the 2nd shortest.
  • The leg size corresponds to the iron key size and the number on the leg corresponds to what order the keys are used on the lock on the 1st chest wall 1.
  • So the order is: 12cm, 6cm, 10cm, 8cm.

–2nd CORNER–

  • 2 potted tree plants: the first has no use.
  • The 2nd of the plants,when taken out of the pot, shows entangled in its roots a green key used on the 3rd chest on wall 1.

–3rd CORNER–

  • Wooden box: The box is magically sealed and on top has four small circular indentations labeled: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • To open the box, the marbles from table 4 wall 1 need to be placed in the right order in the right weight-values - weight values 6-2-10-1
  • Inside, the players will find a 3 foot ladder with 2 rings.
    Note 1: The ladder is used on the shaft behind the iron hatch locked with the silver lock behind the ceiling panel.
    Note 2: The hint to this puzzle is in the yellow book 1st shelf of the book case,wall 3.

–4th CORNER–

A giant hourglass: This is there to keep track of the players’ time, so they can reference it as needed.


  • Can only be opened with the lever in chest 3 wall 1.
  • There is an iron hatch underneath with a gold lock.
  • The gold lock can only be opened with the gold key found in chest 1 wall 1.
  • After opening the hatch, the players find a small wooden box and inside, a diamond key.
    : The key is used to open the diamond lock in the shaft.


  • Can only be opened with the lever in chest 4 wall 1.
  • There is an iron hatch underneath with a silver lock.
  • The silver lock can only be opened with the silver key found in chest 2 wall 1.
  • Behind the iron hatch is a shaft rising 1000s of meters - the walls are too slippery to climb and any flight and levitation spells are countered as soon as the player enters the shaft.
  • To climb out, the players need the ladder from the wooden box in corner 3.
  • The ladder elongates to the exact height the players need.
  • Climbing the ladder up, the shaft leads the players to a door at the top with a diamond lock.
  • The door is magically locked and can only be opened with the diamond key.

Once the door is opened, the players escape, popping back out the same door they came in.


  • The ethereal green hammer can be a magic war hammer.
  • The marbles can be pearls.
  • The ladder can remain magically outside the dimension, always being a height the players need or growing up to X meters.
  • The silver/gold/diamond keys and locks can all be sold.


Based on the choice you decided to introduce the room, so shall be the ending.

Did the players escape in a timely manner to impress the guild?
Did the villain’s trap slow the players down, letting the villain escape?
Does the exit of the room instead of leading the players to where they started bring them into a monster’s secret lair?

Regardless, have fun and hope to see you again.