keys to the heart tattoo


 - neil fashion is a mish mash of allison’s clothes (both for her and bought for neil) and andrew’s clothes.


- andrew is like a snake. no cold. no no. cold bad. 


-neil gets a tiny replica of the key to the house on his fourth finger. 

-the 2 most important things to him: his partnership with andrew and the keys

- andrew gets his junkie tattoos above his heart. 

- neil is a computer science nerd and andrew loves his boyf nerdiness but will never admit to it

-so in true nerd fashion andrew the symbol of his boyf on his heart in binary code

-(aint gonna tell you what it means that’ll be too easy ;))

-a symbol for the first person to listen to it, the first to hold it with the love it deserves

-neil is the only one that has the privilege to have his heart


All Larry’s matching tattoos:

- Hi and oops

- Boat and compass

- Butterfly and it is what it is

- Anchor and rope

- Rose and dagger

- Birds and cage

- 17 Black and deer

- Heart and arrow

- Horseshoe and nails

- Key and padlock

- I can’t change and question marks (harry cover up his i can’t change tattoo with the anchor tattoo)

They have 10/11 matching tattoos and you still think it’s just a coincidence?

Zexal month day 13: Yuma day

Something I’ve been dying to do for a long time, gender-bent Yuma!

In this universe, Yuma is the only person whose gender has changed. She’s a spitfire little tomboy who idolized her father and wanted to be just like him when she grew up. Kattobingu and the golden key still mean the world to her, but in this universe, Yuma had a negative reaction to her mom and dad disappearing. Rather than immediately latching on to the key and making ‘kattobingu’ her motto, she was angry and felt betrayed. She rebelled for a while, and became kind of like how Shark was at the beginning of the series—even joining a dueling gang, and maybe she and Shark had a bit of rivalry on the streets. It’s even more poetic because she and Shark know each other, in this universe she knew Rio and went to school with her. I don’t actually know when Kazuma and Mirai disappeared in canon, (something like 5 years prior to the series start?) but in this universe it happened two years prior to the series start and right around the time of Rio’s accident, so it was a triple blow to Yuma.

Akari and Haru tried to get Yuma back on the right track; they talked to her, grounded her, tried to get her into therapy, but they were dealing with their own grief and it was hard on all of them. After a while, Haru realized that Yuma needed to find her own way back, and Akari agreed. Yuma spent somewhere between 6-9 months being a delinquent before she snapped out of her funk and realized that this wasn’t what her parents would want for her. How did she snap out of that funk? She was in her attic and she happened to open a box and find the golden key, along with her dad’s adventure journal. She cried all night reading the journal, and in the morning she put on her uniform and went to school, key around her neck.

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Couple Tattoos

Motionless In White Preferences

Chris: matching tombstone tattoos

Ricky: he gets a key and you get a heart locket

Devin: matching knife tattoos with the date of the day that you first met each other

Balz: matching bat tattoos with each other’s names below them

Ryan: you both get infinity signs with each other’s names

Vinny: you get each other’s names tattooed on your wrists