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A bit older Tadashi, yes? Piercings, tattoo’s and longer hair? Yes!

- So, au where Tsukishima is a photographer (or study to become one) and Yamaguchi is an art student? And Tsukishima wants him to be his model and Tadashi says no because he’s insecure about his looks and his freckles, but they starts to hang out after that and after a while Tadashi say okay to being Kei’s model.- 

Imagine all the stuff that must be going down at shinee world v

Minho has grey hair we have been blessed

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There isnt much footage from swc5 yet so lets reminisce ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

There better be more quality camera work like this>>> dat focus  👌 👌

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taemin wyd (・_・ヾ

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minho wYD 「(゚ペ)

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At least we have one member who is loyal

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The Nerdy Roommate - Choi Minho (M)

Pairing: Choi Minho x Reader
Word count:  1.1k words
Author’s note: Here’s another drabble for the Unrequited universe! Key’s eyepatch made a comeback so I wanted to use it, ehehehe. This is rated M even if there’s no smut (sorry!), but there’s usage of alcohol, explicit language, and sexually suggestive content. Basically don’t read this or the rest of my fanfics that are related to this (which I highly recommend that you read before this one: Unrequited, Unforgettable, Bread, The Bra Thing) if you’re not of age. I know you’re probably thinking that if I could write drabbles I could surely write part 3 but I’m planning to make part 3 long and hot with an unexpected plot twist (spoiler alert). Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think - I appreciate it a lot! :) ♡

“Kim Kibum, that eyepatch looks stupid.”

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Hey! Ur such a talented artist! Could u draw pastel! yamaguchi with flower crowns and punk tsukki plz? U don't have to but :)

((hhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHH WHEEZES…..i’m so happy you think that highly of me;;;; So sorry this blog has been inactive lately!! a lot of work has been piling up recently, so I’m not sure when I’ll be back to Full Time Sinning™ on this blog. But in the meantime, have this: ))

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Jerking Off

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Jerking Off

The halls were emptied, and deserted. As far as Bucky was concerned, that was the only plus to being stuck walking through the Avengers Corporation - The Avengers business, AKA: Avengers  manor - after midnight. He was irritated with himself. Which was nothing new, really. Recently, his thoughts have been clouded down to nothing but lust, his best friend was to be blamed. For he hired an innocent secretary. And demanded she wears the ‘uniform’ - which was quite stupid since Steve Rogers made sure it was non sexual (He is a gentlemen after all) . He supposed it was to annoy his best friend. Non the less, he had been careless enough to leave the Missions file That he was suppose to finish alone inside of his damn room when he was checking it, Bucky then had forgotten about the mission and the file in general. He wouldn’t have driven all the way from Toronto to New York if it wasn’t that important. Which resulted in having to cancel all the plans with his Avenger group, after receiving a phone call from the Manger of S.H.I.L.D, He was suppose to go undercover with a fake identity and interguate a HYDRA member that S.H.I.L.D had gotten their hands on.

On the bright side, once he had tried to enter through the garage the doors were already open. He didn’t have to shut down the security alarm and have to go through all of the trouble to disarm it. And make sure that the alarms don’t go off resulting in Hulk crashing down from the God knows where…

With an audible sigh of tiredness, he had quickened his strides in the darkened hall of the building, Bucky shoved his hands into his adidas black joggers, while slicking his hair to the side and behind his ears, then adjusting his cap. The sooner he got the file, the sooner he could leave and finally get the damn mission under his fucking control. Bucky wouldn’t lie, he was honestly enjoying himself in the party back in Toronto with his friends, it was just something so new to the former assassin. Although it came to an ebrupt ending  once S.H.I.L.D had called him for his missing case.

Drive from Toronto to New York, Grab the mission file, and drive all the way to New Jersey, get his mission done within an hour and hopefully make it back to the party Tony had thrown. That’s what he had in plan, or so that was the plan.

A double red oak door up ahead was left ajar - just the slightest crack - allowing a thin stream of dim light to pour through the tiny opening crystallizing the specs of dust flying from one place to the other. He instantly knew someone was in his Friends office. During working hours, no one was to step foot into Steve’s  room. His office was strictly off limits. Considering the fact he had all of his personal shit gathered in one special drawer. Had some baboon been looking through his private place in hopes of rumors?

Yes- the Avengers Corporation had been getting some… Problems with the media and reporters dug so low they offered millions of dollars for just the slightest of information. His thoughts clouded by anger, as well as the inner nagging that penetrated his brain to just get there faster and bust the idiot red handed. After clutching the metal knob he was just about ready to bust the door down with the impact his body and metal arm had collected…

But stopped, his metal knuckle released a little bit of force from the metal knob. Even though he had already created deep prints on the metal knob.

There was a peculiar noise coming from inside. Elegant pitter-pattering of small feet graced across the floor, heavy breathing…

Bucky was beyond confused. His perfectly arched eyebrows knitted together, while his forehead creased. Why on earth would Steve’s  secretary be in his  work study? Surely she knew that the building would generally be closed after six. Perhaps she had lost track of time? Or was she looking for information on his friends life? It’s not like he didn’t pay her well… She even got a raise this morning. After Steve had announced to her about her payment, she had gleefully embraced her boss and squealed. She was super sweet and nice, always made small talk with Bucky and tried her hardest to get a smile from former assassin.

Curious to find the answer, despite his duties to get the mission integration done and handed before tomorrow morning, Bucky leaned forward and cautiously peeped through the small crack opening. His wide green eyes hungrily scanned her body She was short in general, had about shoulder length brown hair twisted up into bun on the back of her head, chestnut brown orbs, and had a small, fragile body.

Steve’s secretary was practically the last person he had expected to sell out rumors of his or Steve’s life for money.

Not only that, he was also angry at him self to not be able to catch on on her innocent act wasn’t he suppose to be the worlds best assassin… She should have noticed things like these. It was probably because he had been imagining dirty things. Like bending her on the desk and slapping her throbbing clit, while pulling on her reddish nipple and demanding she doesn’t make a single noi— ‘Get your head together! She’s selling you out!’ Bucky though. As images of the small lady ate at his thoughts,

His next immediate thought was to call the cops - Quickly and quietly for no publicity. He needed to do it as fast as he could, his paw reaching down to his pocket clutching his smartphone before she could hypnotize him from being capable of thinking straight. He had more important things to be taking care of, his whole mission and make it on time for the party before it ended. He couldn’t just get hypnotized by a small girl rummaging through his friends now littered room. Papers everywhere. And keys being rustled from side to side as he watched her try and fit a million keys to one whole. She had been trying to open all the drawers, by the company’s keys collection. Little did she know Steve had never placed a spare key of his office in the corporations key section.

It was due to stupid people like her. He had trust issues, but only with his workers since all they seemed to worry about was money and crap. Never taking time to ask The Avengers or S.H.I.L.D  for a raise.

The young male ran a hand through his brown shoulder length hair, breathing in a lump and sighing. He grabbed his phone out and looked at the number he dialed subconsciously about few minutes ago. He had his thumb come across the call button… 'Punk Cap…’ But couldn’t find it in him to call on such an Innocent lady. 'Wait… I’ll just confront her when she’s done….’ He looked around the dark hall and smirked. He would catch her when she tries to escape. There was absolutely no need to call Steve. Bucky was just as scary, if not even more.

Suddenly, he heard a frustrated growl followed with a loud thud. She was already trying to give up, hopefully this wouldn’t take any longer.

She was sitting on the polished tile floor with her back facing the door, her long legs bent out in front her and trying to find another key to open Steve’s  personal drawer. With a sigh, the brunet took off her jacket and sighed of relief.

He knew for a fact her body language said many things. Like she was tired and sore. But he wouldn’t really care anymore. Her tank top hugged her upper body so tight it was as if a second skin. While her shorts were revealing a bit of her assets. Oh how he wished he could slap that ass cheek, and watch it ripple under his touch. While she whimpered for him to go easy, he would then demand her to beg— 'Damn it!’ Bucky cursed as he felt his member throb. This isn’t like him… He’s suppose to be a gentlemen.

All that mattered was watching her, her every move. He wanted nothing more than to witness her arch, bend, twist, stretch… He was captivated by her long legs, and amazing ass, with the thunder thighs- oh those thighs… He would shove her leg over his shoulder and bite her meat. He would leave love bites on the inner part of her thighs and slap it afterwards. While she squirmed and tried to struggle from his fat penis. Her eyes would be dimmed with tears, as he stretched her virgin vagi— 'FUCK!!! Stop with the thoughts!’ Bucky cried in his head as he now felt his shaft struggle to stay in one place.

The young man stifled a muffled curse of pain when he hit his head against the red oak doors from his sudden movement while trying to fix his 'problem’ down there. The thing was he forgot all of the pain he had endured when he realized that the secretary could have heard him. Damn! He’s been fantasizing about her when he should be calling the Avengers about her break and entering-

However, staring at her like a fucking peeping tom from behind the tiny crack of an opening of a door. Oh where did his mother go wrong with raising her son? It’s as if all the gentleman manners he was taught went to waste.

Bucky was trying his super hardest to not touch The secretary. He’s been demanding to him self he had absolutely no liking to the female in front of him. But oh such a waste it was. Bucky was different… He never compare girls’ chest sizes, or join in the men’s’ appalling conversations about 'conquests’. He didn’t care which girls were considered good kissers or desirable by the rest of the young male population.

But that never stopped him from imagining things, not only sexual but also cute and warm- he would wonder how she would take to kissing and study the softness of her pink plush lips in silence as she rambled on about her day to him. He would feel strange the urges to reach out and touch her - whether to simply brush a strand of chestnut brown hair that hung lose from her bun and laced her face, or simply cup her cheek with his rough large hand, or even pull her right into his waiting arms.

once he snapped out of those thoughts, he would become infuriated with himself for thinking of such things. It wasn’t uncommon for him to stalk off right in the middle of talking with her, or even turning around and heading the opposite direction when he saw her approaching. Bucky feared those thoughts and odd, inexplicable urges to touch her, feel her, taste her. He was a damn coward and that overshadowed even risking to hurt her feelings just for his own peace of mind. He is a monster, and doesn’t deserve such innocence.

If (Y/N)  - The  secretary knew the kind of young male he was shaping up to be, she would probably freely avoid him without him having to go out of his way to keep enough distance from her. However, he was far too much of a coward to tell her the truth. And to make matters worse, little by little, he felt almost as though he was truly breaking his promise. He needed to feel her, needed her in general.

He wanted to be closer to her. Even in ways he was certain were not appropriate. It was for her own good that he was pushing her away. At least until he got it under better control… Where he would be able to control him self.

And for the first time, Bucky admitted to himself that he was attracted to her. So much, in fact, that it frightened him.

The heat already engulfing his face was growing and spreading down, mixing and churning with a burning sensation that drifted all the way down to the area of his groin. How would it feel with her bare skin pressuring down upon him, he wondered, and his hidden shaft seemed throb with want at the thought.

He released an agonizing sigh, while slowly, he reached down to the front of his black joggers and carefully rubbed the aching bulge that had formed there, never once taking his eyes off the girl as he did so.

This was dirty. Dirty and wrong and he was filled with guilt as he proceeded to stroke himself while he peeked at the bad girl through the open crack of the door. Although he had done worse, this was simply an act of need.

It’s just guilty pleasure, And it was a weakness of both mind and body… He watched as she stretched down to grab another file and skim through it… Oh he imagined her fingers carefully stroking his abs and stomach all the way to his metal arm as he stared at her gleaming face. Tthis was Wrong, Dirty, Perverted–

Nagging thoughts are at his mind, are giving in completely. There was absolutely no one  else in the building. It was dark, cameras wouldn’t even catch him. And even if they did he would surly delete them. He is the the best pal of the CEO of S.H.I.L.D… No one would know. If he could keep himself quiet, even she wouldn’t know. Her innocence would not be lost, or damaged, or even threatened. She would never even know a thing-

Relief… he needed to have it. He couldn’t have her. And if he wanted to protect her, then this was the only way to reach satisfaction by coming as close to being with her as he could without actually touching her or damaging her purity. This is the only way.

“Ughhh…” Bucky winced when he pulled his stiff manhood right out from his pants and boxers, the cool hallway air making him realize just how sensitive that part of him truly was at the moment…

He turned his back flat to the oak door, he returned his gaze to the object of his shameful want. She was simply bending down…

As the young man curled his right hand’s fingers around his length, he knew he had just sealed his fate - one he did not have the mental or physical strength to even try to defy. And there was no turning back now.

And like that, he slid his hand up and down over his erect penis at a languid, careful speed.

He could imagine pinning her down to the floor just like that, her legs open and inviting, brown eyes pleading for all of him…

Bucky found him self panting as he gripped himself with a little more force from the unnecessary image his brain had conjured up. The thought of her vunriable and bare beneath him should have bothered him, at least for her sake. But as sickening as it was to admit it, that scenario excited him terribly. Oh but he was just a man… For heavens sake, this was terribly revolting.

He almost expected her breasts to fall free of confinement, given how low of a dip the collar of the small tank top was.

He squeezed both sides firmly in his hands, relishing in the moan of pleasure from the brown head as he teased his large shaft to a hardened, ready state.

“Ughhhh… Ughhh!” Bucky struggled to hold his quickening breathy gasps in while his hand stroked rough and fast over his erection. Whether there was still any amount of guilt left or not, he had abandoned his earlier restraint and started to move against the gliding motion of his hand. And still his eyes remained glued to her, hazed green eyes unable to break even a precious moment from regarding her every move. He needed this before he would never see her again.

Damn, thoughts of her naked and pressed against the bed sheets, cheeks flaring pink and fingers curled down to hold on either side of the bed to keep from screaming in pleasure. Her legs would be entwined around his back with glistening sweat that would be collected between her little bouncing breasts. She would choke out his name over and over in ecstasy as he slammed into her tight walls of warmth and rattled the bed.

Bucky inhaled sharply as a white hot sensation poured through his whole body like Niagara falls. What he had just indirectly imagined doing to her on his own bed is quite unthinkable. And now he had already stooped low enough to envision having actual intercourse with her. Dirty imagery that formed while he secretly spied on her and masturbated to watching her steal from S.H.I.L.D…

Jame’s panting breaths had turned shallow and more quick, his fisted hand wildly thrusting over his hard length with an uncontrolled pace. Being inside of her, moving within her wet warmth… just wondering about how it would feel was nearly enough to drive him insane with desire.

Thoughts urged him to lean closer to the door, his hand not pumping over his shaft. He could fix his clothing and walk in easily, demand for an answer and then when she tried to beg for mercy he would suggest fucking. He would ask to have sex, with her.

Bucky released a strangled breath, He dared think of taking her innocence while he was trying to protect it? Damn, his sexual thoughts were taking control of him Faster then he liked. If he can’t stop him self now, it’s safe to say the girl in front of him would be severely damaged by the end of this.

He needed to feel her, His hand immediately sought its former grip on his manhood, instantly having an inappropriate fantasy to mind before he could prevent it.

Her lips teased along the very tip of his shaft, closing around it for the briefest moment that made him twitch in anticipation. He dug his fingers into her hair and tugged forward, eager for her to take him into the waiting warmth of her mouth. And she complied, mouth opening further to allow more of his manhood inside. He gave a staggering breath which swiftly turned into a deep groan when her tongue licked the base, then licking the veined area on the underside with her warm, wet tong. He recklessly pulled her forward by the grip of her brown locks, forcing her to take more of his length in and then out, in and out…

Bucky’s hand followed those motions as she continued to bob the shaft down, his fingertips flexing and squeezing around the erection to mimic her gesture from his fantasy.

His orbs became weary, the binding heat that held him captive all exploding at once and ate his vision with bright white. A lounging, whispered cry of her name escaped his throat as he was consumed by euphoria, his cum spilling out of his tip and over the hallway floor below him.

Bucky wasn’t sure how much time had passed before he could finally see and think straight again, but he found himself sitting down against the red oak doors and breathing harshly, limp shaft still held loosely in his fingertips. He could feel the stickiness of cum on his hand, and twitched when he noticed the substance on the floor in a mess in front of him.

He instantly stood up and shoved his shaft back in his boxers cleaning his hand with a tissue that he had in his pockets. Then threw away the object.

He looked from left and right then pushed the door open only to be bombarded by a female body pressed roughly on his board chest. They fell together with a thud.

“Sir?” She squealed, aha… Now if hadn’t just came, he would have had fantasizes about that.

“What were you doing in Steve’s office (Y/N)?”

“I had noticed you forgot these!” She scurried off him and stood up, fixing her booty shorts and tucking in her tank top only to have her breast spill out. Her jacket forgotten in the room. Her messy bun only added to her devilish features.


“These mission document! Nick Furry would kill you if you can’t send those reports  to New Jersey by twelve tomorrow!” She smiled, then tilted her head to the side, small strands of hair followed her movement.

“How did you-?”

“I had gotten a call from Mister Steve Rogers, he said he knew you would forget. And wanted me to get them ready.” She handed Bucky the files and smiled. Dusting her shirt- even tho Bucky would most likely like it off- 'Ahhhh fuck not now!’ He thought. If Bucky didn’t know any better, he would say Steve had this all planed out with Natasha. Get Bucky alone with (Y/N) so they could hit it off.

“Yes-… Do say, would you like to get to know each other-?” He asked, while holding his files in one hand and watching as she blushed under his ruthless gaze. 'And to think I thought she was robbing The Avengers—-’ Bucky chuckled when he watched her trying to make a choice. “How about I pick you up tomorrow and take you on a date to Tronto… You deserve it.” Like that the male walked away with less dignity then he came in with…

“What’s the white stuff…?” (Y/N) asked, as she looked at the ground. If anything it looked so bad and she was just curios to know what it was.

The male that had only took a few strides stood stiff in his place. “Just go home before I cancel  our date!” He shouted. Taking a sharp turn and pushing her out of the building with him. Damn, he would have to Thank the cap for setting him up with this fair lady…

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