If you have read Rave Master and are currently reading Fairy Tail, you will definitely realize it if you think outside the box.

So many fans parallel Lucy and Elle together. The main heroines, similar styles, etc. and with Natsu and Haru, similar personalities, dorks, and strong heroes.


They are NOT parallel together.

Lucy is to Haru as Natsu is to Elle.

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Elle is the destruction of the world, she is the girl who time traveled, lost her memories and love interest of Haru.

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Natsu is E.N.D, a fire demon created to destroy his only brother, he died in the past but was resurrected when he was young, lost his memories, and is the love(?) interest of Lucy.

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Haru is the ‘Rave Master’, the savior and main character. He gains new abilities with the Rave. He has the Ten Commandments.

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Lucy is the ‘Celestial Princess’ and the main character. She powers up little by little and has recently gotten to the point where she can use her Celestial powers. She has the Zodiac Keys.

Key to My Heart Charm

*to bring love and friendship into your life


An old key, or a key charm (you can turn this into jewelry if you would like)

Small bowl


Dried rose petals

Pink glitter

Rose essential oil

Pink/white tealight

A method of charging (I used my charging mirror)


  1. Add the salt, glitter, and rose petals to the small bowl.
  2. Bury your key in the salt mixture.
  3. Light your tealight.
  4. After a few minutes, remove your key and dust it off. Anoint with the essential oil.
  5. Charge your charm with positive energy and focus on bringing love and friendship into your life.