Key oppa~This will be the first and the last time I write to you, right? Honestly it doesn’t feel real now… Your nice characteristics, very delicious cooking and your shiny image on the stage, I really look highly of them and you were a proud husband. To express my mind a lot and to make physical contact naturally. They weren’t natural for me because I am too young. I wanted to treat you better. Thank you for marrying me. Ari chan

WGM thoughts: Keyrisa #1

TBH I really loved Key’s fave when Arisa made him eat that carrot, like Imagine his thoughts….

Like look at his fucking face!

“I swear to god if you bring that fucking carrot any closer to my fucking face-”

“…..your ass better stop playing with me-”

Like look at the fucking fear in his eyes!

And then he took that big ass bite!

“Yoooooo wtf is this?”

“I thought your ass said this shit was good-”

“I can’t believe you made me eat this shit.”