Things white people say about my box braids/twists
  • Girl in class: can you explain your hair to me
  • Coworker: I don't get it. *touches braid
  • Boy at party: I like your dreads
  • Girl at mall: *pets my hair I push her hand away and when I turn around she's still touching a twist.
  • Girl in class: you look so African
  • Professor: I don't get how it stays in or where it attaches.
  • Why do white people feel they deserve an explanation about my hair. Its my hair
I am Perfect

According to white society and all the white  kids in my catholic school, African Americans are ghetto and ugly.

We aren't beautiful because our skin is dark and our hair coils tightly. We are ghetto because our culture doesn't mimic how white america believes individuals should behave.

I believe that I am beautiful because my skin is chocolaty and my hair is so versatile that I can style it in many ways.

I enjoy having barbecues with my family and drinking red koolaid and eating watermelon.

If you cant accept who i am, fuck off. 

People need to be educated on white privilege

So, for a research project for my communications class, I decided to speak about discrimination in the court system again people of color (inspired by the Trayvon Martin case). I created a survey just to see if my predominantly white peers had an understanding of white privilege. Some of the answers I got back on my survey were quite disturbing. An astonishing amount of people had no idea what white privilege is. and while i had some very enlightened informed answers,I also recieved some racist bigotted replies. My favorite answer was one that said white privilege is an “unfair term” and it “contributes to reverse racism”. Too bad the surveys were anonymous or else I would suggest the uninformed little prick visit the website so he/she can educate themselves. seriously, i cannot stand any type of ignorance. This is gonna be a long four years if everyone at my university has this mindset. 

Im tired of white people asking me how my hair works or if its real or not. So maybe use synthetic hair for my Senegalese twists. I’m just so tired of white people feeling my hair in class or rubbing my head at parties. Why do they think its okay  to stick their grubby hands in my hair whenever they want. Seriously, just marvel at my hair’s beauty; don’t touch it. 

So, i know that none of you guys know me, but i just wanted to say that i’m running for county board in my county and if i win i will be the youngest person  on the board and the first black female to ever serve on the La Crosse county board. So if any of you guys live in La Crosse county in  district 5  it would mean a lot if you helped me win this race by voting for me. 



this is my ishhhh. I honestly cant stop watching this.

This Travon Martin shit is so fucked up right now!

The united states judicial system literally just let a murderer walk out of a courthouse free. If this doesnt prove that racism still exists then I don’t know what doesnt. I’m sitting here in my dorm enraged at the very idea that when I choose to have children they will live in a world where they will be seen as just  another thug. This literally just proves that were still at the fucking bottom. White people can do whatever the fuck they want and If i even attempted something similar I would be thrown in jail for life. I want zimmerman to rot in hell. I wonder if he feels any sort of remorse for his actions. I doubt it. They never do. 

Trayvon, please rest in peace. And please look out for the rest of us down here.