Things white people say about my box braids/twists
  • Girl in class:can you explain your hair to me
  • Coworker:I don't get it. *touches braid
  • Boy at party:I like your dreads
  • Girl at mall:*pets my hair I push her hand away and when I turn around she's still touching a twist.
  • Girl in class:you look so African
  • Professor:I don't get how it stays in or where it attaches.
  • Why do white people feel they deserve an explanation about my hair. Its my hair

Im tired of white people asking me how my hair works or if its real or not. So maybe use synthetic hair for my Senegalese twists. I’m just so tired of white people feeling my hair in class or rubbing my head at parties. Why do they think its okay  to stick their grubby hands in my hair whenever they want. Seriously, just marvel at my hair’s beauty; don’t touch it.