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patchworkprincess’ questions:

1. What are your top two male and top two female k-pop groups? 

My favorite male group is SHINee, and 2nd is Super Junior, EXO or BIGBANG too hard to choose ;; Favorite female groups are f(x) and Girls’ Generation <3

2. Have you ever watched any K-dramas? If you have, what are your most and least favourites?

Yes i have, and i’m so addicted to them! My favorites are City Hunter, and To The Beautiful You :) I don’t have any ‘least favorite’.. even though the drama isn’t good, there are always hot boys, right? :3

3. What did you think about SNSD’s recent comeback? Do you like their new song, concept, etc.?            

Their comeback was perfect like gahsdgjsagdjhsad i’m dying!! The song is so good, and they’re so amazing, and pretty, especially Hyo ;;

4. If you could steal one k-pop idol’s style, (fashion sense or image, whichever), who would it be and why?

Key’s! Even though he’s a boy, he has this amazing sense of fashion, and he can wear anything, and still he looks perfect, and hsadjkashdkaskjdhajk

5. Have you ever joined a fandom after seeing so much of it on Tumblr?

Well, yes i have actually! I didn’t listen to B.A.P that much, but then it was everywhere, and i just had to try listen to these perfect guys, especially Yongguk ;w;

6. Milk, White or Dark Chocolate?

I don’t like chocolate ;;;;;

7. What’s your favourite animal? 


8. What are 3 things you really like about yourself/your personality?

My hair, my smile and laugh :3

9. What’s your favourite TV series?

I really like animal planet and discovery, and the things they have. I actually love Glee, too.. (And City Hunter and TTBY if that counts…..)

10. What was the last movie you watched?

Joseph: King Of Dreams. THAT MOVIE IS SO CUTE ;W;

11. What’s your favourite Disney/Animated movie?

I love Barbie movies, lol. Especially Rapunzel .3. BUT SHREK 1 2 3 4,  aaaaah <3

thedorah’s questions:

1. Favorite kpop ballad? 

there are so many ;;;; but one of my favorites are SHINee’s Keeping Love Again, Run With Me, 1000 Years, and The World With You.. AND K.WILL HE IS JUST PERFECTION ALL HIS SONGS!!! /sobs… And i really like EXO’s Angel, Taeyeon’s Closer, GD’s That XXX, BIGBANG’s Monster, U-KISS’ Stop Girl, AND I COULD GO ON FOREVER!!!!

2. Color of your socks lolol //shot


3. Favorite comeback of 2012? 

SHINee’s Sherlock, no doubt at all!! Favorite group foreverrrrrrrrrr <3

4. Do you still have teddy bears in your room?

Yes. I sleep with my favorite every night, lol. Can’t fall asleep without it x3

5. Are you a heave or a light sleeper?

Light.. like very, very light! I hate it! Takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep, and even someones sneeze can wake me. I can’t fall asleep at other peoples houses.

6. Kpop group that got you into kpop~

SHINee *-*

7. First bias? c:

My first bias is Key, and he is still (and forever) my ultimate bias, and husband of course <3

8. Favorite non-kpop song?

Ughh, so many!!! - Everything by Fall Out Boy, actually. They’re my favorite group, and have always been. But onf of my favorites by them are XO, Alpha Dog, From Now On We Are Enemies, Homesick At Spacecamp and The Carpal Tunnel Of Love. I also love Tokio Hotels’ Ich Brech Aus and Hey You.. And 30 Seconds To Mars’ Stranger In A Strange Land. (And a looot of others, but yeah…)

9. trip to S-Korea for three days, or meeting your bias for a day in your country?


10. Are you a cat person or a dog person? c:

Cat person. Like Keyyyyyyyyy~

11. New Years resolutions? c:

Be more outgoing and get more confidence than last year.


Do you sing while having a bath?

2. If you could marry a person, of your same sex, who would it be? Why? 

3. What do you love and hate the most about your bias?

4. What does love mean to you?

5. What is your favorite K-drama?

6. Do you like ballads?

7. Which rookie group is your favorite?

8. 2NE1 or F(x)?

9. Which language do you like the best? Japanese, Korean or Chinese?

10. How many followers do you have, and why do you think that they follow you?

11. Which song describes you best?