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hello! not a very complex question here; i'm 13, ftm, recently came out to my supportive parents (yay~) and we're thinking about getting a binder soon. they say that they won't let me get any type of surgery until i'm 16 or 18, which i understand, especially for top surgery since the stubborn boobers might grow back. but my only concern is the time - will 3-to-5 years of binding have any effects, or will i generally be okay if i make sure that the size is right and i'm careful and such? thx♡

Tobias says:

If you get on testosterone or a puberty blocker, your breasts will not grow back after top surgery, because female puberty will not resume. So you could physically get top surgery at a young age, without fear of The Return of the Boobs *cue horror music*. However, many places actually won’t operate on you until you are 16-18 anyway, so it is good that you’re willing to wait. But anyway, here is a list of top surgeons who use informed consent, many of whom operate on minors with parental consent. Just in case you can use it. :)

As for the binding, yes, binding will have effects. But there are safe ways to bind, which will greatly reduce the amount of negative effects that you’ll see. Any of the binder brands on this post are safe to bind with on a regular basis. To get the most out of your binding experience with the least amount of negative effects, it is also very important that you do not bind every day, and only bind for about 8-10 hours every day. Unfortunately, even safe binding takes a toll on your body. This study of transgender people binding might give you a better idea of the common effects, which can include soreness, increased acne, and breast sagging. However, many of the people surveyed in this study had unsafe binding methods, which does skew the results a bit to the unsafe and unfavorable effects side. By binding safely, (Only binding with a real binder for 8-10 hours a day, not exercising in your binder, and listening to your body), you will avoid the worst effects. This is a link that has a lot of information about binding. Binding safety is about halfway down the page. If it helps, look at this chart of how to avoid unpleasant effects of binding:

If you follow the guidelines for binding safely, you should avoid most of these effects, and shouldn’t suffer any severe or serious effects. Mostly the only effect that people really notice from binding safely over a long period of time is breast sagging, which will obviously be fixed when you get top surgery anyway. Effects are more common depending on how large your breasts are. So if you’re small chested, you won’t notice as many effects as someone who has a larger chest.

If you do ever get hurt though, take a break from binding for a few days until you feel better, and if you still have concerns, see a doctor. 

Here is a link to our binding alternatives tag, which might help you feel less dysphoric during your non-binding days. 

I do want to add though, that if your parents are willing to let you get a binder, I highly encourage it more than alternative binding methods, because they flatten you better, and in my opinion, hurt less than sports bra binding. It is possible to be safe while binding your chest, even if you do it for 3-5 years, and I hope I didn’t make it seem otherwise. As long as you make sure you have the right size, and you don’t do anything stupid in your binder, like running a mile or something, you’ll be fine. :) 

Finally, here are some last resources that might be of use to you and your family!

What are puberty blockers? [1] Are they safe? [2]  Why puberty blockers are important. [3] Youtube videos about young trans kids on puberty blockers [4] [5]

Testosterone [1] What changes does T cause? [2]  Why is Testosterone important? [3] [4] Videos of trans men before and after on T [5] [6] [7]

Top surgery is the surgical removal of breast tissue to give a transgender man a male chest. What are the types? [1]  Before and after pictures [2] List of surgeons [3] Pros and cons of each method [4] Videos about top surgery [keyhole] [double incision] [periareaolar]

Resources for parents [1] Videos [2] [3]

Hope this helps, anon!

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Things that almost prove Sherlock is cis: he was shirtless and had no scars (ik scars wear off but there would probably still be some visible mark; my cousin had top surgery 4 years ago and there's still quite visible scars) they showed him as a kid and unless he started transitioning when he was like 6 or whatever he was born in a dudes body. They reference his dick a lot (I know trans dudes can get dicks, but balance of probability) don't you think Janine would have mentioned something? Idk

okay lol yall are really gonna be like this on a sunday……..let’s go. to start: you yourself are here saying “ALMOST” yeah, almost. as in, not really. second of all, you mention your cousin getting top surgery, which would suggest they are trans. why dont you try being a nicer person to the people in your life instead of bugging trans people trying to make trans content on the internet?????ANYWAY, getting to your points, which are honestly weak as hell:
1.he was shirtless and had no scars.
um as you said, scars can fade??? thanks for the self refutation. now you mention your cousin? having surgery 4 years ago? sherlock is a 30 year old man, and ive known someone who had top surgery when he was like……17?? or something? which is about when i think sherlock would have, or 19 or something, thats at least 10 years, first of all. like, obviously thats just me, though sherlock having surgery and this fueling his drug habit makes a lot of sense, and hes been clean for at least 5 years when we meet him in asip, which means his drug abuse would have started some time before then but, ANYWAY, second of all, there is more than just lateral incision, there is a type of surgery called “keyhole incision”, in which the scars are around the nipples, meaning the only scars are, on the nipples, and nipples are weird, like, to begin with. absence of lateral scars means nothing, in addition to the fact that, of course i know ben c is dmab and has never had breasts removed???**ill get back to this in a moment;;
2.they showed him as a kid.okay, im gonna let you in on a secret: children are androgynous. if we’re discussing secondary sex characteristics, children have not gone through puberty, and any child can look like any other child. i mean, not even to mention that sherlocks hair is, just a bit on the longer side, and he’s wearing a sweater which isnt obviously masculine, and trousers. girls (and especially girls who dont Feel like girls??? lol) can wear pants too. i know, what a shock. the victorians are UP IN ARMS. SECOND OF ALL, this is in sherlock’s MIND??? why would he see himself as a ‘girl’ ?? like??? why would mycroft?? (also nice weird language there, ‘born in a dude’s body’, you might wanna reexamine yourself there)(though, yeah, they will likely revisit sherlocks childhood in s4 which, again, proves nothing imo?? his parents could have been wildly supportive from the moment he started walking and talking and saying he was a boy, which some small (trans) children definitely do, but anyway)
3. “they reference his dick a lot”. okay im gonna need to stop you all the way right there. i have NO idea what show you’re watching, they have never explicitly mentioned sherlock’s dick? that i can recall?? let alone A LOT???? like excuse me??? i mean, number one, as you said, trans men can have penises???? just, revisiting the whole, surgery and drug abuse thing, in addition to sherlock being from a well off and supportive family, i do believe he had bottom surgery, and does have a small penis. but, beyond that idea, they dont EVEN REFERENCE A PENIS ANYWAY???????? LIKE ???? im?? what??? “janine would have mentioned it” to who? and when???? when would she have even seen this schroedingers penis???? sherlock explicitly, verbally, textually, canonically confirmed that they never had sex??? “just once would have been nice”-JANINE, CONFIRMS ? THEY NEVER HAD SEX???? he didnt even like KISSING HER, because he is GAY????? LIKE DID I MENTION HE IS FUCKING REALLY GAY AND DOESNT LIKE GIRLS NKFGJDFGHK AND HES A VIRGIN…?? the whole thing was a CONFIRMED SHAM….. IM???? what?!? it was clearly implied she fabricated all those stories????? and even if she did mention him having no penis, or a tiny penis, or being transgender, did YOU read those articles? did you? do you actually know what janine said? because, last time i checked, they didnt go into it very much at all…? yes, you can argue shitty tabloids would put something like that on the headline because theyre. annoying and transphobic. but, if you will recall, in trf, sherlocks “whole life story” was published, which means this would not have been new news in hlv (and again, not the headline back in trf either-not that we even saw all the headlines- because sherlock was basically being accused of kidnapping and probably murder just implicitly by way of him faking his cases which are largely murder so, that kind of trumps it); also, sherlock and janine are at a cross here, but clearly still get along in a friendly way, if sherlock didnt want something that personal published, she wouldnt have- not to mention the fact that she published lies anyway???? sooooooooooooo. no, janine would not have said? anything? and if she did we didnt see everything she said, on this phantom penis mentioning show youre apparently watching, so how do you even know???
okay so anyway, **revisiting this point, yes, i am aware that they are not making an explicit story about a trans man- i mean, they actually could be, but, i doubt it. im not giving mofftiss credit where credit is not due here. this isnt about that though, this is about fans connecting to characters, without dumbass comments like these bogging them down. because, its true, there are really only 4 things, imo, that can prove a male character is dmab. and most of those things never happen, to most male characters? (AND EVEN IF THEY DID ITS A GOD DAMN HEADCANON FOR FUN LMFAO JESUS) anyone anywhere can have a trans headcanon, my dude. like is this really such a problem that you feel the need to shit on it directly into my blog like this? is it? is it really??? like make your own god damn post. anyway every time i see people complain, in any capacity, about trans male sherlock i just lose my mind, where is this trans male sherlock take over fandom yall are seeing? i would love to know. most people who are supportive of it dont even create that much content. like, if you really find it necessary to come into my inbox and be this way, then i will absolutely come right back at you with the facts: HE HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN CIS/DMAB. end of story. most male characters have not been proven dmab. trans headcanons deserve their space, and we shouldnt NEED proof, but buddy if you and every other annoying person who cant let people just casually have their trans headcanons on THEIR blog are gonna argue, ive got it.

anyway, thanks a lot for spoiling the anon feature! its turned off early this weekend. if youd like to continue this pointless argument, show your face next time. goodbye. 

sherlock is trans.

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Im kinda new to this whole trans thing and i just had a question whats the difference between key hole and DI? And im so excited for you!!!

keyhole+perri=no scars

double incision=scars

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will u b getting keyhole r double incision surgery?