keyhole covers

Stephen King first editions. UK two state trade book covers by Hodder and Stoughton;

The Wind Through the Keyhole (Large and small flames)
Doctor Sleep (Purple and turquoise lettering)
Mr Mercedes (Purple and Blue lettering)

I’m just gonna throw this out there for all of the FinnPoe shippers on the whole “It suits you” thing.

I was watching one of those cool movie-within-a-documentary things where the main character/subject of the documentary started angrily unbuttoning his jacket saying how much he hated his uniform and his “"friend”“ walked over to him, started rebuttoning his jacket, and said "nevertheless, the uniform suits you.”

Cut to smiling Prince, explanation of the two’s relationship, and a keyhole covering the two. The scene resumes to the prince talking to his friend, changing his jacket, and opening the windows which had been “mysteriously” closed since the last scene.


“It suits you” is most definitely a pick-up line.