Oh Key Club moments..

•Being asked “How do you feel?” and automatically wanting to respond with “I feel good! oh- I feel so good!

•Seeing a boy and a girl together in the same room and thinking "Purpling!”

•Knowing somebody that lives across the country and thinking they’re the biggest celebrity- just because they are on the International Board

•Laughing at an inside joke that only people that live across the state would get

•Going through ICON, DCON, and Key Leader withdrawal and missing everyone that live way to far away

•Memorizing district chants and doing them even when it’s not ICON season

•Thinking of new service projects in the middle of the night and then emailing all of your board members

•Wishing everyone from ICON would magically transfer to your school- Best Key Club ever

•Texting people that live across the state more than someone who goes to your own school

•Never wanting the seniors to graduate, because that means that they leave Key Club

•Knowing that cell phones and face book are life savers to keeping in touch with people who live too far away

•And the best one.. Having to explain to people that WE DO NOT COLLECT KEYS!

<3 Key Club

“Caring-Our Way of Life”

As I was on my way to Vegas, I pulled out my laptop and decided to work on homework. When I was done, I decided to look through the Key Club stuff I had opened earlier. I looked through the Secretary MRF and began to fill it out. I don’t know what came over me that made me decide to fill it out. I thought, “this is becoming a problem.” I’M NOT EVEN AN OFFICER. Why was i filling out the MRF when it has nothing to do with me. Am I that desperate to have a board position that I’m willing to torture myself with this stuff. I guess I can say that I am preparing myself for Circle K but I don’t see it like that. I really do with I was an officer, it would mean so much to me but for now I guess I have to settle for remaining a member.

Key Club International Convention 2012 in Orlando!!
  • Bags are packed
  • Forms are filled out
  • Camera is charged
  • Phone is charged

Just 4 more days until Orlando!!! :D

*Don’t forget to follow me as I post about ICON all through the convention and the PA district tour with Pinky, the Pennslyvania flamingo! I’ll be part of the Key Club ICON 2012 Social Media Team so you’ll be kept up to date as I spend the week along side thousands of other Key Clubbers in the sunny state of Florida!