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If you ever see someone selling my art as stickers, keychains etc product IT’S NOT ME, so please, don’t support that people, don’t buy anything.

Si ven a alguien vendiendo mi arte como stickers, llaveros etc productos. NO SOY YO, por favor no apoyen a esta gente comprando los productos.

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Drabble Challenge, please? Prompts: 1) "The skirt is supposed to be this short." and 15) "Well, you're coming home with me whether you like it or not."

“You’re not serious.”

Sherlock rattled the hanger at her, eyes on his phone.

“Now I know why no one else would agree to help you.  Fucking Watsons,” she muttered under her breath.

“Not an image I need, thanks. Now, if you would?  Bit of a schedule.”

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When you're ready to sell/send the Ohmwrecker keychains, how will you let us know? Or, when should we expect you to be ready for them...? I don't know how long it takes to make, so no rush. XD I'm just curious.

Yes, it’s a good question.

When I am ready for selling it, I properly order for more keychains and already get them.
And now I am testing the shipping, when I know the test is successful then I will order to make more keychains. I sent a mail to one of my friends Denva aka king-draws. I guess it will use a week or 10 days so hope she can give us a good news later.

After she told me that she get the mail, I will go to order the keychains. I expect if anything is successful, half months later I can sell it formally.
So if you want to buy it, you should tell me how many you want to buy before I confirm the order number. Like… tell me now.
About the keychain’s detail is under here.

Product : Ohm keychain ( have free stickers)
Price :4 USD (如果是香港同鄉面交20港元,不過我猜沒有多少個,而台灣的朋友們,美元大概是120新台幣左右)
Shipping : airmail, put it into a mailer.
Pay way : PayPal only

If this time is successful, I will plan to make more products to sell, like redraw some old art. I will make a vote in Twitter or if you have any suggestions you can tell me. Like if you don’t want keychain you have other ideas or few art you want me to make it to be a product.
Also I will make a other blog for posting the selling thing but anything just a plan. We can talk about it later. Now, we just need to wait for Denva.

Is anyone interested in YGO chibi acrylic keychain? I’m in the production of making Kaiba and Yami, but I’m considering making Atem, too. 

The keychain is going to be about 9cm, so the pricing is likely $10 to $12, depending on the manufacturer, will you buy it? Is it too expensive? Because this is still not including the international shipping fees. 

It’s just a small survey to see how many people is willing to buy a fanmade merchandise so I can get it printed in that numbers, I’m curious to hear your answers.

daylightcolour  asked:

Is it just me, or does only Luka's keychain show up at the link in your recent post?

I just checked the link and you’re right. After some quick searches it seems Hobby Link Japan discontinued the Miku, Rin, and Len keychains and sold out of Luka keychains.

I’ll see if I can find other retailers selling this, for now I’ll edit my post with SOLD OUT in the title

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Hi! I just to want to ask you if you had ever buy charms, acrylic keychains, stands or something like that. And if you did, where did you buy it? It's so hard to get merchs in Malaysia. I want to buy merchs not from the anime stores (bcs they are too.. idk), I want to buy something that fan artists do. #and since you are a fan artist yourself, do you sell your own products like keychain and all that? Thank you in advance!

ooohhh come2 pm me I’ll tell you more 


Russell Hotel, Room 25: the overview

so as i mentioned, Room 25 happened on complete half-accident. i hadn’t actually planned on staying overnight, but after my legitimate meltdown outside the hotel (which i hadn’t anticipated cos wtf?? suddenly blindsided by a WAVE OF EMOTION) we went in and moromi decided to ask about availability completely on a whim. because it seems my tattoo appeased the harurin gods enough, the lady receptionist told us there was indeed one night vacant for room 25 on monday the 24th – in other words, the very night before i leave.

(i make it sound a lot more chill than i was, because moromi and gatoraid spent an entire day laughing at my pain and taking pictures of me freaking out at the prospect –and then reality– of spending the night in Room 25. when we checked in, the guy receptionist immediately knew i had to be a fan of free! because i had reserved this room, and we spent a while chatting about the show and how they’ve now put the room’s keychains into production to be sold on ebay later, for anyone that’s interested. the “that haru guy must be pretty good” line is a 100% legitimate thing that came out of his mouth after talking about the popularity of this room, i wish i could make stuff like this up)

as you can see, the room is slightly different from what’s shown in episode 12; namely, it’s a lot fancier. to be honest, right now it looks like a honeymoon suite. yes, the shower has a glass door. no, you can’t really lock the bathroom door (unless there’s some part of the mechanism that i’m failing to understand cos I CANNOT LOCK IT). there’s a tv, a minibar, and an armchair but no separate table. and a fake fireplace! to be honest it’s a really, really nice room and at a great location, so completely worth the money. (and tomorrow morning we get to have breakfast asdf i’ve already decided that it’s what they ate too)

that being said, KYOANI, WHAT THE HELL?! if i hadn’t been overwhelmed enough by how beautiful the rocks are at night, how amazing the view is towards the harbour bridge and opera house… well, this room? is not something two teenage boys would ever theoretically share. not with platonic intent, anyway. there are a thousand hostels in this city, and you pick a hotel that could not possibly be more romantic if it tried. this is ridiculous. i cannot believe i am here. i cannot believe i love this show this much and i could not be happier because this is literally the harurin honeymoon 2k15 climax. there is nothing to aspire towards anymore. i have ascended.



Andrew and Tony with their take on ‘Frozen’