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DIY Pixie Pom Old Skools

Pom poms are all the rage right now. You’ve seen them everywhere from purses and keychains to jewelry, and it was only a matter of time until we added these little cuties to our Vans. Embrace this playful trend with our easy-to-follow DIY below!

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Sale!!!! Have someone you cherish?! Make sure to pick up a Paopu Fruit set to remind them you’ll stay with them forever! I’m having a small sale for Valentine’s Day, so if you purchase these from my store and use the coupon code LURVE you’ll get 10% off! Please note that this is only available on my Paopu fruit so if you use it on other necklaces your order will be canceled.

If you order by 8 February and live in the US, you’ll be guaranteed a before Valentine’s Day delivery! If you contact me on Etsy I can also upgrade you to have initial engravings put on the back of the charms for only $3 total (includes up to three letters per side)! You have to mention that you saw my Tumblr post to receive this as it’s normally $6! 

This cute little mouse and its cheese are inseparable. They come as a pair and are attached to a keychain. They are now available for purchase on my Etsy shop. Get your little mouse friend and cheese today!
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Hey guys! I’m really excited to announce the grand opening of my Etsy shop, where I’m selling SU gems for cosplay! 


All gems are made by hand with custom molds. They are transparent dyed resin with a mirrored back, with the exception of Pearl which is liquid plastic and mica powder. Pearl and Peridot both have curved backs so that they will properly fit your forehead or visor.

Lapis, Y/B Pearl, Y/B Diamond, and fusions aren’t ready yet but I aim to have most of them them available sometime this February. I won’t be making Jasper due to sizing complications. Also in the future there will be mini gem keychains and jewelry, as well as other plastic and resin cosplay accessories. You can follow this blog for future updates. 

There will be also be GIVEAWAYS so watch out for that! (Note: If you win the giveaway after buying a gem you can be refunded for the most expensive gem you purchased)

If you have any questions, feel free to send an ask!

Urban Witch Protection Tip

Keep a small charged figurine, or some sort of charm on your keychain/jewelry/etc to act as a gargoyle. When a person with negative energy who someone who’s making you uncomfortable approaches, touch or play with it to activate it.

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hey guys! i’m past due on some payments & i’m completely broke, so i’ve opened emergency commissions!

i’ve also got an etsy shop, if jewelry or keychains are more your thing!

any reblogs are greatly appreciated 💦 thanks so much!!


Polymer Clay people~ I’ve found the most amazing glaze technique! I’m going to talk about the airbrush and my previous glazes and why they didn’t work- this will be long. I posted a few weeks ago about purchasing an airbrush system for finishing my work and I finally got the glaze in the mail and tried it out. I bought an old Iawata airbrush from someone on Craigslist. Airbruses can be very expensive so I recommend getting a used one or a cheap model especially if it’s just for glaze. I got the whole system, compressors and all for $65. At first I tried to dilute polyurethane and diamond glaze to put through the system but they gunked up pretty quickly and I had to thin them so much to get them to pass through the system that in the end they didn’t leave much gloss behind. I asked a few toy designers I know what kind of gloss finishes they used on their work and they all used airbrushes with either automotive finish or Monster Kolor which is what I used in the end. The glaze is a two part mixture 2:1 ratio and is just beyond incredible. It cures to an insanely hard intense gloss like nothing I’ve been able to achieve before. They also make a matt version and different glitters and such you can add to them. I’ve been working with polymer clay for 5 years now and the most difficult thing to manage was the finish on my pieces and I’m so beyond happy I invested in this kit. All I had to do was spray it on! It was so fast I could have cried. I’ve tried so many different kinds of finishes, from brush ons to sprays and everything had a drawback. Everyone has different needs for their polymer clay work and I need a super glossy and durable finish for my jewelry and keychains as they get a lot of wear.  I make complex pieces that are difficult to brush and dip glaze. (not to mention insanely time consuming) I’ve been using either Varathane Polyurethane or Diamond glaze and while both of these work pretty well, in the end polyurethane isn’t as strong as I need it to be i.e. it will scratch off and eventually rub off pieces like necklaces etc, and Diamond glaze while very strong, is time consuming to apply as it dries quickly and I have to divide a piece into 3-4 sections and glaze it over as many days. I always wanted a finish that would protect and preserve all the hard work I put into my pieces and I think I finally found it. I hope this helps someone else out there and please feel free to ask any questions you have. I’m new to the airbrush system but I’m happy to try and help. Good luck! 

Twilight Charm

A charm to carry a bit of the Twilight with you, to draw on as needed. This spell is best done at night.

What you’ll need:

  • A piece of jewelry, keychain, or other small object that can fit in your pocket
  • Mirror of Twilight
  • A light source such as a table lamp or flashlight
  • Pen and Paper
  • A bowl of water

Cleanse your chosen object in whatever manner you see fit (I recommend moonlight, or using the elements in some manner). Set your work space the way you normally do for spell work, include music that connect you to the Midna and the twilight. Using your pen and paper, draw a Twilight Portal, and below it write your intent.

A Twilight Portal. Source:

Burn the paper (safely!) and mix the ashes with water. Anoint the object with the water (or just dunk it in like I did lol), and place it on a flat surface. Next, you’re going to take your light source, and Mirror, and reflect the light onto your object. You can call on the Midna, or the Twilight itself, asking that it charge your object through the mirror’s light. Chant your intent, aloud or in your head, (ex: "This ring will be a vessel of twilight), visualizing your object absorbing the Twilight.

When you feel that your object is ready, thank Midna/the Twilight, and wear your new charm!