Ok Ok, so I’m re-opening my gravity falls charm presale today at noon EST! I finally have all the pieces for them minus package labels that I’m hopefully making today or tomorrow! The charms will be a whopping $2 off during the presale! I only have 30 available until my other straps come in, so hurry while it lasts. The presale will last from 3/4 noon - 3/11noon EST on my storenvy~

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I mentioned on my Twitter account that I’m working on some keychain designs to sell at my future conventions. All the characters will be “chibified” just like Happy up there.

So far I made keychains about:

-Fairy Tail
-Attack on Titan
-One Piece
-Dragon Ball Z
-Avatar The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra

I’ll add more series and you are more than welcome in suggesting some (even if I don’t follow them yet!)
It doesn’t have to be only anime and manga btw!

Well I’ll keep you updated with more previews! Feel free to suggest in my inbox!


DIY Crochet Caravan Keychain Pattern from CrocheTime. Use up your yarn scraps in a project that takes less than an hour. This would make a good gift for anyone with wanderlust. TIP: if you see a pattern you like, download it now because I was up last night fixing or deleting links on truebluemeandyou posts because more DIY blogs have disappeared.