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And Another Sales Post!

I have eight more character keychains up in my shop!

The new characters include, Lloyd, Colette, Zelos, Sheena, Luke (long and short hair), Asch, and Natalia! They are 7 dollars a piece but when bought as a set of four you’ll get a five dollar discount of 23 dollars!

Kratos and Yuan are at this moment still available at their 5 dollar price!

If you find yourself interested they can be bought on my etsy shop!

Due to my busy schedule I will not be able to continue making the thank you cards included in my first sales but I continue to have the deepest gratitude towards the people who buy my charms.

Thank you so much!

Crystal Seraph Etsy Shop


I’ve been given the opportunity to return to Kenya this summer, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! While our team is there we will be serving at CURE Hospital, Little Lambs Orphanage, and helping out around the community. If you want to help and be a part of spreading Jesus’ love on the continent of Africa, I will be taking orders for some of the locally made goodies from the market in Kijabe. You can purchase hand beaded leather bracelets, olive wood keychains (you can personalize these!), and shukas (Masai tribal wear). Shukas make great blankets, picnic blankets, and are perfect for wrapping up in on chilly nights! Every purchase will go straight towards helping the people of Kenya, AND it’s tax deductible. Major win-win.

Thin braided leather bracelets (come in a variety of bead & leather colors, let me what you want!) - $6; Thicker beaded bracelets - $12; Shukas (come in several different color and pattern options) - $20; Keychains (can be personalized with your name) - $10.

If you would like to order something message me for payment options, and please keep our team in your prayers! Reblogs are majorly appreciated to help spread the word! 


Hey guys! I finally have my glimmer squid pins and keychains up for sale!!


I have added 4 new colors!!

These are made with a stronger type of resin and are colored with different dyes and pearly powders, I am now using a better gloss to give it an even greater shine and the painted details will not scratch off easily.

I will be updating my squid flop listings later, they will include shimmer charms, these aren’t exactly super flawed but their colors did not come out as vivid or glittery as I had wanted, I will make a separate post about them soon!