Working with fuzzy yarn can be incredibly frustrating, but the finished results are so rewarding! Like this cute lil Polar Bear charm! 😘

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I wanted a cute, clean form that had all the charms and info in one place cause as it was everything was scattered everywhere! ; v ;

- They’re 10$ each! (Plus whatever shipping might be. I ship to most places! Standard shipping only which typically takes between 3-14 days.)

-These are double sided 1.5 inches acrylic charms of the pokemon shown above! (I do not currently have any other charms available and will update this sheet when i add new designs! Do feel free to suggest pokemon to add though~)

- Please send me a note on DeviantArt, FurAffinity or Tumblr if you’d like to order one!

- Each charm comes with a black strap and gold/silver bell! Bell colors vary on availability.

- I currently only accept paypal payments.

- If a charm arrives broken, let me know! (It’s rare, but it DOES happen. Just take a photo, send me a note, and i’ll send you a new one free of charge!)

- Most charms have their shiny form on the back!