Exit Tunes Presents VocaloCreation Album (feat. Hatsune Miku) Announced (Artwork by Nidy -2D-)

MSRP: 2,808 yen, Release Date: September 21st, 2016

Available for pre-order via CDJapan or Amazon JP. Amazon JP also offers this album for purchase with a bonus sticker sheet exclusive to Amazon JP pre-orders. Tracklist available at VocaDB.

Countdown: Only 6 Days Left Until VOCAMERICA Kickstarter is Finished

6 days left for this Kickstarter to fund the first engloid concert in North America. This Kickstarter will end Thursday, July 28th at 4:15PST. Yohioloid is less than 1K away from being included in the concert!

The following stretch tiers have already been unlocked thanks to the generosity of other Vocaloid fans:

  • Merchandise Upgrade ($7,000)
  • Avanna Performance ($8,000)
  • Oliver Performance ($10,000)

However, if enough money is raised, (12K for Yohioloid and 14K for Sonika), there can be additional performers for the show along with more keychains.

Finally, anyone who pledges $15 or more will receive an Avanna keychain and an Oliver keychain. This has been confirmed by Empath-P herself, making this the first and only chance to get an official Elf Avanna and official Oliver keychain.

You can read more coverage about the reward tiers at Vocaloid News Network.

(There will be a new post every day until this Kickstarter is over)


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bnha - Cozy Jar keychains design!! it will be printed on double sided transparent acrylic <3 find it on http://snowkun.storenvy.com/

first batch pre order is already open till 15 July 2016 c: 


also im so very happy i managed to finish this.. i felt like dying but felt so happy with the results :’)

also very sorry for inactiviry here, i just thought my works are pretty unworthy to upload here yet (since it was kinda a bundle things) i usually update per single artwork through my instagram! but i promised the bundles will be uploaded here c: