Our Missing Angels...

The sun was shining as bright as always, even as it was starting to set. The light was reflected off the ocean, giving it a surreal appearance, but a beautiful one nonetheless. It was a beautiful day indeed. In picture, it was the kind of day that lifted a person’s heart and made them feel content just by looking at it. It couldn’t have been more ironic.

For the last few days, Kairi had been gone. There was nothing left behind that indicated where she was going or why she had left so suddenly. But she was gone now. And Sora had no idea what to do. He sat down at the beach, watching the waves ebb back and forth in a steady rhythm. But that minute distraction wasn’t enough to distract him from the fact that he had no idea where she was. And he was starting to panic.

So you're NOT Roxas?!

Sora managed to get away from the islands for a moment and explore some of the other worlds. He came across one that reminded him of Radiant Garden with it’s large castle and speckles of greenery here and there. He was observing his new surroundings, oblivious to what was in front of him. Because of that, he bumped into something…or someone…When he picked himself back up, he saw that he bumped into Roxas.

“You okay, Roxas?” he asked ‘Roxas’. He brushed the dirt off his behind and his pants. “I didn’t see you there. I didn’t even know you’d be here Roxas.”

All I Want Is You

This was it. He couldn’t run away from this forever. He knew that sooner or later, he would have to tell Kairi that he….he had kissed Vanitas, and had that crazy dream of him and Riku. If there was a deity out there somewhere, Sora was hoping that they were looking out for him, and maybe, just maybe, they could salvage their relationship and start anew. 

Sora had been a horrible boyfriend since he had returned to his islands. He wasn’t there when Larxene had nearly beaten Kairi to death. When he wasn’t worrying about his other friends or thinking…certain thoughts about Kairi that he tried to push away because that just meant he was a pervert, he was kissing other boys. Yes, Sora could win the award for ‘Worst Boyfriend Ever’.

But he had to make things right. What kind of hero was he if he couldn’t even mend his relationship with Kairi, he thought as he ran across the island, looking for his girlfriend. Or ex-girlfriend if things didn’t end well…..No…he couldn’t think like that right now. His love for her was at stake, and damn it, he was going to fight to get her back.

At last, he had found Kairi at a more remote part of the islands. She seemed upset about something, and Sora knew she was sad because of him. Sora didn’t approach her right away; he needed to prepare himself for whatever was coming. But would it be enough?

“Kairi…?” he called out, mentally cringing for how helpless and desperate he sounded at that moment. But this wasn’t about him anymore. It was about Kairi and making her happy.

I Could Use A Wing or Two (Naminé)

Sora felt like he could soar. Kairi was back, although there was a lot of confusion for where she really was. If she was in the islands the whole time, then why couldn’t he find her? He had looked for her everywhere. No matter; she was still around and he was happy. 

That wasn’t all, he thought as he approached a certain entrance to a certain place. Naminé was all better! She had her arms back! He hadn’t had the chance to talk to her since that day, and he hoped he’d find her soon. He wanted to know what had happened when he conked out from exhaustion. As he stood up straight, taking in the sight of the Secret Place, he caught sight of something…white. A whole mass of white.

“Naminé?” he asked curiously. 

Let's see the Floating Lights

Today Sora woke up earlier than usual. The anxious excitement he was feeling made him restless, and he couldn’t go back to sleep. Today was the day he would take Kairi to another world: a foreign world to the both of them. It was apparently called the Kingdom of Corona. There was a festival today, and he thought that Kairi would enjoy herself there. This was their first date…and he couldn’t be more nervous.

He practically inhaled his breakfast, both out of sheer hunger and anticipation for the day ahead of him. Before his mother could comment on his unusual behavior, he had bolted upstairs and spent the next hour getting ready for the date. 

Soon, he was heading down to the mayor’s house, where he would pick up Kairi. He was dressed in black pants and a white shirt, where the sleeves ended above his elbows. He had also brought a blue jacket, which he chose to tie around his waist.

Sora approached the front door of the mayor’s house. Somehow, it seemed larger than usual. He didn’t understand why he was so scared. He had been there hundreds of times, so why was he suddenly thinking of running away? No…he couldn’t be so scared. He was a Keyblade wielder after all. He had saved the worlds, defeated countless Heartless and other bad guys. How hard could this date be? 

Before he knew it, he was knocking on the door, and waited nervously for someone to answer it; hopefully it would be Kairi. God, he hoped he wasn’t sweating.

Another Reunion (Kairi)

The last few days had been draining for Sora. Naminé getting attacked by Sephiroth and Kairi still being missing would do that to him. He was lying on the oddly shaped trunk of the Paopu tree, feeling a little drowsy. He wanted to sleep and forget about everything for a few moments. And so he did. 

He woke up again a short while later, though still sleepy. He was tempted to sleep again, but something told him to get off the tree and walk around the islands. Distract himself in any way he could. As he got off the tree, he saw something that made his mouth fall with disbelief and happiness. 


Was it her? Was it really her?! 

He wouldn’t know until he saw it for himself. So, without thinking, he jumped off the platform, landing on both feet and ran over to where Kairi was.

“Kairi!” he screamed, feeling a rush of emotions overwhelm him.  

Fruity Problems.

Sora was alone at the island today. He was sitting on the Paopu tree, holding a Paopu fruit. He looked at it, reflecting on the other day, when he shared the fruit with Kairi. There was something off about how it tasted. Actually, now that he thought about it, there was something odd about that day itself. He just had no idea what was up with that. He wished he could talk to someone about his doubts.

Meeting the Memory Witch (again)....

Sora decided to visit Twilight Town again. There was a part of him that felt an attachment to it that he couldn’t really explain. He felt that perhaps it had something to do with Roxas and his time there. He went down to the Old Mansion and decided to look around for a while. Soon enough, he found himself entering a room he didn’t explore before in his adventures. The room was completely white. It was so white, his eyes strained to look at it. He entered the room and looked around. Except for the few splashes of color of the drawings around the room, the room was white all over. He then noticed a girl sitting down on a white chair, drawing in a sketchbook. He went closer to her, inexplicably drawn to her. He had never seen the girl before…and yet…a part of him told him that he did know her. 

Do Look-Alikes Get Discounts? (Vanitas)

Sora needed to get away from the islands for a while. Being there only reminded him of how he failed to stop Riku from opening his heart to the darkness again. He felt inadequate, and he wasn’t sure how to make himself feel better. Kairi still wasn’t feeling well, so he couldn’t go and see her. Naminé was nowhere to be seen, and his other friends were all busy with one thing or another.

So Sora decided to stop by Twilight Town. It was different from Destiny Islands in a lot of ways; and it was just the sort of distraction he needed. After spending an hour wandering aimlessly through town, he could feel the hunger pangs seep in. Fortunately for him, he was just outside the café he had visited before. He stepped inside to the lack of a warm, caffeinated scent. Odd..he remembered the place having a nice warm smell of coffee and chocolate. 

No one was around, and it made him wonder if something had happened. “Hello?!” He called out. “Anyone in here?”

For Better Or Worse

Sora hadn’t seen Riku in the last…week or so. And while this didn’t worry him much, the fact that he was starting to worry was what was worrying him. He knew Riku was more than capable of taking care of himself, but Riku had been gone for longer than usual. He had no idea why he had left all of a sudden, anyhow. 

He sighed morosely, watching the sea from the play island. He hadn’t seen Riku or Kairi in the last few days, and it unnerved him. Plus, he wanted to talk to Riku about this awesome idea he had for his first date with Kairi. And find out if he could meet Riku’s new girlfriend.  

And yet…Sora had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right. Something was going to happen, and he no clue if it was for better or worse.

Am I A Failure?

Despite what Naminé had told him, Sora didn’t feel any better about what happened between him and Riku. With Riku, there was hope. Hope that he would see the error of his ways and not do it again. He could accept that Riku use these powers of the darkness, as long as they were used for what was right. Like saving lives, not ruining them.

He was in the Secret Place, staring at the wooden door that was still there. It was a reminder of what had happened 3 years ago. Sora could recall the night the islands were consumed by the darkness. Riku had changed that night. He thought he was strong enough to get out of it; to stop the darkness from controlling him this way.

He remembered what Riku told him that day. He said he was lonely, and he felt like no one needed him around anymore. Sora thought he had made it clear that Riku was needed; how could he not need his best friend, after all? That seemed to have gotten through to him, but it hadn’t stopped Riku from trying to kill him. Or from running away. Why hadn’t Sora tried harder to stop him? Why hadn’t he done more to stop him, and show Riku that he was in the wrong if he was only going to be hurting people again?

Sora had failed. And it hurt so much.

Washed Up Birds

Sora didn’t want to believe what had just happened, but if the hand-mark over his throat was any indication, it had happened. Riku had somehow slipped back into the darkness, and it didn’t seem like he would listen to reason. 

Now that he was gone, Sora was left with a great sense of dread for not going after him or trying harder to make him see the error of his ways. But there was nothing he could do now, except sulk over it for a while. 

To his great surprise, he found Naminé down at the beach. She was curled up in a ball, watching the waves. He would have called out to her, but he felt emotionally drained to do much except walk over and sit down next to her.

“Hey…” he said quietly. 

Another Chance

Sora had decided to stop by Twilight Town, taking a break from the islands. He had the dopiest smile on his face, and people were looking at him with strange looks, but Sora didn’t care. He and Kairi were still together. He had another chance, and he wasn’t going to waste it. He stopped by at a quaint café, feeling hungry. He sat outside, watching the scene in front of him. Suddenly, everything seemed brighter and happier than ever before.  He smiled to himself, feeling truly content for the first time in days. Nothing, not even the doubt he had felt in the past, could kill his happiness. 

As he waited for his order to come in, he wondered if he would see any familiar faces around. Perhaps he might see Hayner, Pence or Olette, or maybe even Roxas. He would really like to see his Nobody once more.

Fruity Problems. (Namine)

Sora was alone at the island today. He was sitting on the Paopu tree, holding a Paopu fruit. He looked at it, reflecting on the other day, when he shared the fruit with Kairi. There was something off about how it tasted. Actually, now that he thought about it, there was something odd about that day itself. He just had no idea what was up with that. He wished he could talk to someone about his doubts.

We, The Sinful Saints

Once again, Sora found himself in the Abandoned Mansion of Twilight Town. He hadn’t seen Naminé at the islands in the last few days, and he wondered where she could have gone. Suspecting that she would come back here, even after all this time, he came here to seek her out. He wanted to talk to her about how he and Kairi were still together in spite of his cheating. 

He knocked the door; when he didn’t hear a response, he turned the door knob to open it, but found that it was locked. 

‘Stange…why would the door be locked?’ he asked himself. “Hey Naminé!” he yelled, hoping that she would hear him. “Are you in there?! Can I come in?”