Tumblr expanded its keyboard shortcuts on the Desktop Dashboard to add quick formatting for posts. Also, I’ve marked the shortcuts that require you to use the J key (forward) and K key (backward).

June 29, 2015 Update: Tumblr modified the keyboard shortcut for small text. It’s Command + Shift + Hyphen for Mac or Control + Shift+ Hyphen for Windows. Also, Tumblr added insert GIF (Command + Shift+ G for Mac or Control + Shift + G for Windows) in its Desktop Dashboard shortcuts guide.

Keyboard shortcuts for your dash
  1. J - go down one entry
  2. K - go up one entry
  3. L - like the current entry
  4. N - display notes for the current entry
  5. SPACE - play the video in a video post
  6. ALT + C - lets you create a new entry from anywhere on your dash (you’ll get to choose from every post type)
  7. ALT + R - quick reblog the current entry (this will immediately reblog a post to your main blog, without letting you add tags)
  8. ALT + E - quick reblog the current entry to your queue
  9. ALT + TAB - switch between your dash and your blog entries (if you have more than one blog, hold ALT and then press TAB until you get to the blog you want to view on the overlay menu)
Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

Notice these tumblr keyboard shortcuts are meant only to be used on the dashboard. Each time you want to navigate the dashboard with this method, start by pressing the letter J, which will select the the first visible post in the dashboard, from that on, each time you scroll down, the following post will be selected. Of course this method does not work on mobile devices like Android and iOS for iPad and iPhone.

Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

J     -    you scroll down selecting the following post in the dashbord, each time you press the key, you select the following post

K    -     move backwards/up in the dashbard, doing the opposite action of pressig the J key

L        -      You like the current selected post in the dashboard.

N        -       Display the notes for the selected post in the dshboard

Shift + r       -      you do a fast reblog, without escaping the current dashboard you are in

x + click      -       You do a fast reblog but in your secondary blogs

Shift + e       -       you add the current selected post to the queue

z + tab      -        switches the blog in your dashboard (your own blogs, if you have more than one)

CTRL + SHIFT + Z         -         The icons in that bar thing show up on ur screen like floating there u won’t lose your tumblring spot, creating a fixed top post types bar that never dissapears

Space Bar          -          opens a photoset or video if the post currently selected belongs to that type

Create-Post Keyboard Shortcut:
Tumblr tweaked the create-post keyboard shortcut to resemble composing icons on the mobile apps. So if you’re deep in your Desktop Dashboard, you don’t need to lose your place by zooming to the top to create a post. Press Option+C on Mac or Z+C on Windows, and the post types appear. With your cursor, click the post type you want to create. Click away from the post types to cancel.

Want to stick with the keyboard and not use your cursor? Keep pressing the shortcut until you land on the right post type. Press the Enter/Return key to start your new post. Press the Esc key to cancel.

See more Tumblr keyboard shortcuts.


Tumblr Adds Keyboard Shortcut Guide to Desktop Dashboard: 
Press the Shift key and the Question Mark/Forward Slash key together to reveal the keyboard shortcut guide on the Desktop Dashboard. It’s a shortcut for shortcuts!

Or, if you are near the top of your Desktop Dashboard, look in the right footer (the one with links to About, Apps, Legal, Privacy). Click the keyboard icon to show the guide. Tumblr also introduced the “F” keyboard shortcut to follow a blog when you are on a “here’s a blog” recommended post.

Pimp Your Dock (And Almost Everything Else Too!)


Yesterday I mentioned a fun Mac OS X app, Docker, that let you pimp your Dock (more technically, it exposed some hidden UI settings for the Mac OS X Dock). While pimping your Dock is cool, pimping more of your UI is cooler.

So, if you want to go deeper than pimping just your Dock, you’ll, of course, need DeeperDeeper allows you to change settings in your Dock as well in other parts of the Mac OS X. For example,Deeper allows you to set the default image type and location for screen snapshots. These are the screen snapshots with keyboard shortcuts.

If you want to change the keyboard shortcuts you can do thot via System Preferences–>Keyboard Shortcuts–>Screen Shots. If you happen to have Launcher running, you can type -Space to bring up the Launcher window and then start to type the word system. The details depend on your configuration but, for me, I type the three letters sys and System Preferences. Just hit the Enter key and you’ll be in the System Preferences application.

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  • Home screen - Home button
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  • Back - Esc key
  • Switch to previous layout orientation (portrait/landscape) - Keypad 7 or Ctrl+F11
  • Switch to next layout orientation - Keypad 9 or Ctrl+F12
  • Toggle cell networking on/off - F8
  • Power button - F7

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