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Hey my eyes are down here!

Anyways. Sorry I didn’t want to just do another text post.

I hope you guys read this. Trying my best to keep this short.

So except for Homeworld, I also always wanted to explore the time period before and during the rebellion.
However, I didn’t just wanted to do “Greetings from the past”.

This project is a little different. It’s a little more experimental and has more of a narrative structure.

Let’s not talk around the issue. It’s basically fanfiction… in pictures.
Alrighty now, I don’t know what happened in the past. I don’t where rose quartz came from exactly.I don’t know who pearl’s owner was and so on.

I’m really only making stuff up to fill the gaps as I go along.
I know that’s not amazing story telling. I hope you can forgive that.
I hope you can forgive that I get the characters a little wrong.

I actively ignore the canon a bit not because I think my version is better but purely because whatever I doI could never be in line with it, so I might as well take the freedom where I want to.

This whole thing only exists because it’s fun for me to do.
It shouldn’t take away from your vision of what happened.

It’s just wonderful dumb fanfiction :D

Now that I got my insecurities out of the way. Let’s start.

I’ll tag these picture with “ashesandshards”. Which was kind of like a working title for me. It does sound a bit morbid. The whole thing isn’t really dark though.

Thank you everyone!

“I can sing!!”

Saw this post and I didn’t recognize the lyrics were from “Total Eclipse of the Heart” right off the bat. So I ended up looking up the music video and I couldn’t stop myself from drawing Pearl doing her own version of it bc it was so ridiculously her. (Also I imagine the Holo-Pearls sing like they’re Siri it would be perfect)

njoud-alqouba  asked:

-njoud 1- after kaneki coming back the lab ( to get rc supperment "my keyboard is trash ") Touka starts using them whenever necessary and she's in good and healthy state but still she's a bit tired when the morning comes and kaneki will lay dawn beside her, rubs her belly and trying to get her mind off the pain like telling her his schedule and when he would have a break to spends some time with her discussing the baby's name and planning to have a break to spend with her aftr birth -7th month

ahhh, these headcanons are super sweet and very inspiring! thank you for sending them&for your nice comments ♡♡ i love kaneki being late to morning meetings omg

‘cause, baby, now we got bad blood (e/e oneshot)

84 years ago someone sent me a prompt for the otp taking care of an electronic baby, i think it was @savingprimrose​?? i found the draft in an old e-mail folder and was inspired to finish it last night. hurray!

‘cause, baby, now we got bad blood

“It’s a monster,” Eponine whispered, staring at the doll that the Child Care teacher, Madame Fantine, had placed on the table in front of her and Enjolras. Indeed, the… thing was unsettlingly lifelike, with smooth flesh stretched over its bulging skull and creasing around its serenely closed eyes. It looked like it was asleep.

Or waiting.

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anonymous asked:

I need Tim taking care of Damian when he's injured or sick. Saving his life while they're still not on good terms. Not because of some sort of brotherly duty, but because he honestly cares about the kid. Damian in turn being kinder to Tim, because Damian has received so little kindness comparatively, that he soaks it up like a sponge. He remembers it, and it thaws him out a little faster, makes him more forgiving towards that person.

Tim and Damian learning to love/forgive each other is a thing I want more than any other thing in the whole wide world. I tend to see Damian getting over his hatred first, but Tim always making the first move to better their bonds about it. But it’s so good. So good. 

Damian whining and putting up a front when he’s injured or sick, saying he doesn’t need help, doesn’t want help, least of all from a loser like Tim. And Tim almost buys it, and debates calling Dick, who’s of course off planet, but then just. Sees it. Damian’s sadness and loneliness and teachings from Talia kicking in. No weakness, no help. You do it alone or you die trying. 

So TIm just. Takes care of him. And Damian’s flustered and embarrassed but eternally grateful deep down. He doesn’t try to show his gratitude during, but after. With help in a fight, or privacy when Tim clearly wants or needs it. 

It’s not perfect, it doesn’t fix everything. But it’s a start, and a start the two of them need.


if i can’t see the robbers, the robbers can’t see me, yes?

Kid!Sourin Theme Ep 10
Kid!Sourin Theme Ep 10

*rolls in* X3~ ehehe~

it’s a long time since I uploaded some piano cover~ T^T

This one!! BGM from Sourin scene at episode 10~ *v* (when Sousuke reminiscing his and Rin’s childhood - the one when they have a broom fight, when sousuke visit sick!Rin at Christmas, yesh the one when they run together, *melts*, and when Rin said that he found someone to swim relay  with *sobs*)

I’m a sourin trash, what do you expect from me, www, and yesh I re-watch that scene a lot of time~ orz, so in the end half of that nice music *that make me cry a river* stuck on my mind… *weeps*

so I’m trying to do that bgm, yay~ though a little hard to catch the first part because I can only heard kisumi and sousuke’s conversation~ but I think it’s right, at least almost right… oops~ XP~

Original Song : BGM of Sourin Scene at Episode 10

Played by : Scarv~ X3

Key : 1 = D

Lucy Jenna (original by PhemieC)

This… is a train wreck……..

The audio levels are everywhere and I had no idea how to adjust the reverb and I screwed up the settings on my microphone and dunno how to get them back to normal hahaha

ALL WELL!!! I love PhemieC’s songs so much. I’ve had everything but the chords for the chorus figured out on guitar before it broke, and it’s taken me until now to try it out on piano instead.

This is probably as finished as this will get. I have better things to be working on, so just take this horrible thing as it is JUST TAKE IT