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Love at first type.

Many love stories start with a first kiss, but for Joe Strandberg it starts with his first keyboard. He loved the IBM Model F keyboard so much that’s he’s reproducing them, over 30 years after its original launch. He calls it the best keyboard ever, and he’s not the only one. Luckily for all the Model F fans out there, Strandberg’s reproductions will be available to the public. While IBM stopped making the keyboard in the 90s, we’re happy to see it still clicks with a new generation.

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Logitech K480 Keyboard

The K480 connects to up to three devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. All you need to do to switch between the devices is turn the dial at the top left. And when I say ‘regardless of platform’, I mean it. They can be Windows, Mac or Chrome computers. If you use it for tablets or smartphones, it will not matter if they are iOS, Android or Windows. The Logitech K480 works with them all.

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If you have time could I request the RFA (maybe Saeran if you can) coming home and MC is crying because of anger like she is super mad that she broke something or she can't fix something? I cry very easily from anger and I was wondering their reaction. (Sorry for bad English)

(sorry late answer)
You’re fine don’t worry, although I didn’t write Saeran because I couldn’t think of anything his s/o could break that would mean anything to him, I just felt like he wouldn’t really care u_u
And Zen’s is pretty short because ehh I don’t know what he could own that would mean something important to him idk
Aaand I haven’t written in a while, so it’s probably not great + I wrote the first two a while ago compared to the rest so they have a different format and length hh it’s a mess :I

Yoosung :

  • would be just as much of an emotional mess as his s/o when he comes through the door and sees them cry
  • he would rush to his s/o’s side and asks them what’s wrong as he gently rubs their shoulders and tries his best not to cry
  • when s/o points at the keyboard on the desk – his expensive keyboard specifically designed to play video games – and explains they accidentally knocked their coffee all over it and ended up breaking it, Yoosung feels an immense wave of relief taking over him; he was already expecting the worst; for them to be in pain or dying, but thankfully a broken keyboard was a far less important problem
  • after a sigh, he’d give them a slight smile and hold them in his arms, reassuring them that it was okay, that Seven could always repair it, that he wasn’t angry at them and they shouldn’t be angry either
  • if they were still upset, he’d try to comfort them by telling them of all the times he dropped soda on his keyboard or went to take a shower with his headphones on because he forgot to remove them; he wanted them to understand it happened a lot of times to him too and it was okay

Zen :

  • his first instinct as he sees his s/o cry is to hold their chin to look into their eyes and wipe their tears away because he hates seeing them cry, but as he does so, they avoid his gaze and persistently look at the floor
  • he’s a little sad at their actions and immediately thinks he’s done something wrong, like he forgot a date or came home from work too late and he starts apologizing as he begs them to stop crying
  • but then, his s/o shakes their head and shows him the soggy pile of fan mail wrapped in a towel
  • At this, he can only look surprised, seeing as he wasn’t expecting this to be the reason of their tears, meanwhile, they apologize through their sobs and Zen tries to calm them down. His hand rubbing their back and promising them that it’s okay and it’s nothing to worry about, that he knows it was an accident and they tried their best to fix everything; after hearing all this, they stop crying and he gives them the warmest hug he can.
  • He’s honestly not very upset about this, of course his fans are important to him and he’s always so touched by the letters they send him, but he also knows that nothing is more important to him than his s/o and their well being; and he would never want them to think he could get upset at them – no matter what they did.

Jaehee :

  • her s/o knew how rare this dvd of Zen was, and how much Jaehee cherished it; and that’s why they were even more upset and wary of Jaehee’s reaction
  • when Jaehee woke up after hearing a strange sound, she noticed her s/o wasn’t in bed and got up. As she walked in the living room, she was surprised to see the scene in front of her; the pastel colored sky could be seen through the windows, there was a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses on the table as well as a tray of pastries, fruits and pancakes, the familiar smell of coffee and freshly baked goods wafted around the apartment and sitting on the couch was her s/o.
  • Before she could smile at the sweet attention, she noticed her s/o’s shoulders were trembling and Jaehee was immediately alarmed at this sight as she remembered the noise that had startled her; she circled the couch and saw tears streaming down her s/o’s cheeks as they held broken pieces of a disk in their hands
  • Seeing this, she didn’t pay attention to the broken shards and instead worriedly checked her s/o’s hands for any deep cut or any wound caused from the accident. After making sure they were unharmed, she gently asked why they were crying if they weren’t hurt. They guiltily showed Jaehee the box of the dvd and started apologizing endlessly.
  • Jaehee was sad as she looked at the broken pieces of her most prized possession, but she didn’t think it was bad enough to cry over it and ruin such a sweet morning; she gathered the shards and set them aside before sitting next to her s/o and holding their waist, reassuring them it was nothing important and that she had made 3 copies of the dvd anyway; she was much more interested in enjoying a delicious breakfast with her s/o than watching a dvd she already knew by heart.

Jumin :

  • Jumin wasn’t one to care about material things as they could always be replaced; but if they had a sentimental value, then it was a different matter and his s/o could only angrily blame themselves as they stared at the broken picture frame on the ground. 
  • They had accidentally bumped into the small table of the living room while they were playing with Elizabeth and the frame had fallen to the ground, the glass shattering in pieces and the picture, a photo of V, Rika and Jumin in happier times;  had been scratched by the shards and was left with a few white lines over their smiling faces.
  • Despite their anger and their tears blurring their vision, they cleaned up the glass on the floor to make sure Elizabeth wouldn’t walk on it but they couldn’t clean the scratches on the picture and as they thought of how irreplaceable this item was, because of how old the picture was and how precious the memory it held must be to Jumin, they felt even more upset with themselves and how powerless they were to fix their mistake.
  • Jumin came home from work to a crying s/o, holding their head in their hands while Elizabeth looked at them, rubbing her face against their arm as an attempt to comfort them. 
  • He quickly approached his s/o and before he could ask why they were crying, he noticed the photo on the table and recognized it as the one who was always on the small table in the corner of the room. As he saw the glassless frame on the table and the scratches on the picture, he could guess what had happened without asking.
  • With an almost fond smile, he sat by his s/o and kissed their forehead, laughing a little at how upset they were for something that didn’t mean much to him anymore. He took their hands in his and told them he had been thinking of removing the picture, seeing as it brought a bitter taste in his mouth to look at it now, but had never had the courage to do so; that he didn’t want to think of those times any longer and that if anything, he was happy at the opportunity this gave him to finally have a picture of him, his s/o and V on that table, as it would mean more to him than the older picture ever did.

707 : (post 707’s good ending I guess? Kinda?)

  • If they had broken anything else; one of his figure, or a computer, or his headphones, or even one of his toys; it would have been fine and replaceable and Seven wouldn’t have even cared but no.. They had to break the floppy disk which held the only pictures he had of Saeran. 
  • They knew he wouldn’t have made a copy on his computer, in fear that someone could find them and put Saeran in danger. They couldn’t even blame anyone but themselves for stepping on it, even though Seven’s house was a mess and he had left the floppy disk lying around on the floor, they still thought they should have been more careful and none of this would have happened.
  • And now they had to sit there, waiting for him to come back because they had no idea how to fix this – if it could even be fixed – and google wasn’t really helping since no one had really tried fixing a floppy disk since the early 2000. This left them even more upset as they started to doubt that anything could be done about this.
  • Seven came back half an hour later, and his s/o – upon hearing the door speak in Arabic – started crying again as their frustration and fear rose again, knowing they had to tell him now what had happened. He walked in and looked at his s/o, whose eyes were red and puffy, and made an over-dramatic gasp, dropping the box he had in his hands and sprinted to his s/o before letting himself fall on top of them, the couple falling backwards on the sofa. 
  • He asked why they were crying and as they quietly admitted breaking the floppy disk, he answered with a simple ‘I know’ and told them he had seen it on the camera feed on his phone. He looked to the side and his s/o felt even worse than they did before until he smirked and started tickling them, asserting that their punishment would be to endure the tickle-torture for an indefinite amount of time.
  • His s/o tried to make him stop to understand why he wasn’t that affected by the loss of those pictures of Saeran, and he looked mischievously at the box he had dropped earlier; running to pick it up, he held with a triumphant smile a dozen of pictures he had just taken with his brother, most of them in goofy photobooths where you can add stickers and texts on the pictures, and most of them with a sulking Saeran glaring at a laughing Saeyoung. 
  • He explained that, after seeing the broken floppy disk, he had a good excuse to drag his brother with him to take pictures together and that these pictures felt more real than the ones of Saeran as a child, because this time, they were together.

Logitech K480 Keyboard

The K480 connects to up to three devices via Bluetooth simultaneously. All you need to do to switch between the devices is turn the dial at the top left. And when I say ‘regardless of platform’, I mean it. They can be Windows, Mac or Chrome computers. If you use it for tablets or smartphones, it will not matter if they are iOS, Android or Windows. The Logitech K480 works with them all.

His Specialty is Pancakes

Summary:  The RFA+S wake up before MC. After the After Story.

Pairing:  Saeyoung x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life

Rating:  G

Word Count:  Approx. 1400


Saeyoung’s toy company was off to a good start.  He had a small shop in town for his actual merchandise, and a small team that he paid to help him assemble his toys.  But he didn’t trust anyone else with the books for his business, so he ended up doing all that paperwork himself, along with actual toy invention and engineering.

He was a busy man.  But that was where he thrived!  He might complain about it, but you knew how happy Saeyoung was when he had a lot of different projects to work on at once.  He didn’t love the paperwork part, but if he wasn’t going to get an accountant, he didn’t have much of a choice.

The only problem was that it made his work hours really irregular.  He almost never went to bed the same time you did.  …Or, he’d go to bed with you, but he wouldn’t sleep. Sometimes, he would fall asleep beside you, but more often than not, you felt him get out of bed when he thought you were asleep. Straight to his computer he would go, either on the floor beside your bed on a laptop, or in his office where his big, heavy-duty desktop was.  His years of weird hours with the agency had definitely left an impression.

Last night had been no different.  After a satisfying round of intimacy (or two…), when Saeyoung felt you slip in to dreamland, he had tucked the sheets around you comfortably, and tiptoed out of the bedroom to get a little more work done.  He typed away on his keyboard, simultaneously designing a whale toy that could play music even underwater, balancing the day’s profits and expenses, putting in a supply order, and working on a plan for a program that could let you play a long-distance laser-pointer game with your cat at home while you were away, via CCTV.  There was also a blueprint to Jumin’s home with security guard routes and schedules open, as well as Elly’s cat tree clearly marked, but that was unrelated.

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