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Please, for the love of everything that is good in this world, do not change the keybinds. It took me several turns to even *understand* was the 2 (previously F2) was passing through my entire turn. The keybinds have been in place for a decade, there doesn't seem to be a valid reason to change them now. The little display bar was nice (though its location was not), but that doesn't mean you should change the actual key binds. At the very least, give a thorough warning first, in game!

Good news, friend! We’re not changing your keybindings. We’re changing default keybindings, we’re adding a UI element to make the keybindings more clear, but we’re not changing your personal keybindings until you uninstall and reinstall the client.

I think you should try them out. But if you don’t want to, here’s how you change them:

1. Go to the Account Scene.

2. Click Input Settings in the pane on the left.

3. Pick a key binding you want to change. When you’re pointing to it with the cursor, an Unbind button will appear.

4. Click Unbind. Now the box will be blank.

5. To put a new key binding in place, click Bind, then the keystroke you want to use.

6. There is no #6. You’re all done. Once Kaladesh releases and it’s actually there, the keyboard shortcut display in the Duel Scene will update immediately.

Hope that’s helpful! It’s not exactly what you asked, but rest assured that we’re not taking away your ability to use the keys you want to use. :)


here’s a crappy mockup of the keybinds im currently using for FFXII

ok so the buttons on the left are what I was using originally until for some reason all my keybinds messed up for reasons unknown to me, and i took the opportunity to try something different so when I rebinded, i moved all the buttons to the right instead.

i realized when i tried having the buttons on the left, i had a hard time selecting options while moving (with the l stick) so i decided to move them over to the right and see if that improves matters, but having the x button on z has already committed itself to muscle memory

i may just keybind both sides if that’s possible, but we’ll see.

this is specifically for ffxii and when i play a different game i may use something different.

I play a Brewmaster Monk, and it’s extremely hard to tank effectively and keybind because of how active we are and how many spells we have, so I mainly click with some keybinds. I wish people would stop judging me for it because I’m an excellent tank, I’m even in a mythic progression guild. Keybind or clicking doesn’t matter as long you do your job.

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I saw your post about key-binding abilities (like to T) and wanted to ask how you do that?


If you want to fully utilize your character’s moves, the 1-0 keys are nowhere near enough (unless you play a frost mage, Lacre, in which case you just hit two buttons) so unless you want to be a clicker and slow yourself down hunting down the right move you’ll want to bind your moves/cooldowns/potions to other keys.

I use the default UI because it’s the easiest for me. I’m not sure if there are other ways to do this (there probably are), but here is how you keybind!

First thing is you’ll want to have up your extra action bars, if you don’t already:

Once that’s done, set up the moves that are most important to you in the position you want them:

– and then go to your keybindings menu!

About 3/4s the way down the menu you’ll hit the MultiActionBar Bindings. I personally use the ones on the left because it keeps everything all nice and clumped together but YMMV blah blah here are the corresponding spaces for reference:

Just assign those slots the letters you want them to have. Since I have tiny little babyhands and do all of my button-pushing with my left hand, I keep to keys on the left side of the keyboard and most easily in reach for me. For maximum spam capability.

Then just save, and ta-da! You have hotkeyed your moves. I also swap in other things to these places as I need them (warlock healthstones, etc.).

How to copy your main character HUD / Keybind / Shortcuts / macros to another character

My lasts 5 guides :

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Gathering : About GP Regen
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So ! Today I logged in on I’silmë who is one of my alt, only to discover that everything had been reset :

As I had to fix it and I believe it might be annoying for anybody who has to face this sort of problem or just want to have the same interface on their alt and on their main, here is a little tutorial.

STEP 1 : Backup everything.

  • Click on “config’ on the launcher.
  • Click on “Back Up” .
  • Select again “Backup” and save your file with the date.

STEP 2 : Track your main character folder.

It could seem easy at first as you might think that 1 character = 1 folder, but NOPE. It seems that there are several folders for each of your characters and every time you create a character, even if you delete it 5mn after, the game creates its folder to never delete it.
So here is my FFXIV folder :D

Well, time to stop to panic and to actually find Ilwe’ran’s folder in the middle of that mess.

  • Open the game configuration folder : Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn
  • Scream 5mn.
  • On top right of your folder, open the research and click on “Last modified” then select “Earlier this week”
  • Right click on any .log file then select “Open file location”.

If you didn’t play with many character you should have found your main character’s folder. On my side it wasn’t that hard as I don’t play so many character and there were 457 log files in the folder. No way that I have that many with any other of my characters XD .

STEP 3 : Make sure that this folder is your main character’s one.

Easy step there : Select ANY other folder and place them in a new backup folder. I named mine = FFXIV-CHR = .

You don’t need to restart the game here, simply log off your character then log in again :

  • If your interface is still the same : CONGRATULATION ! You found your main character folder.
  • If your interface isn’t the same : NO PANIC ! You should now have a new folder with your character’s ID, you only have to fetch the folder with the same ID in the folder you dropped all the other character’s folder and simply drop it back in your FFXIV folder.

In any case : WRITE SOMEWHERE THAT THIS FOLDER IS YOUR MAIN CHARACTER ONE. Who knows, that might be useful at time !

STEP 4 : Sharing your main character’s interface, Macros, Keybind, etc. With another.

Now that you know which folder is the one interesting you, you can easily use it as a base to copy your informations everywhere.

  • Do NOT drop back your character’s folders in FFXIV’s folder. Instead, log in with the character you want to have the same interface as your main character. If you have a queue to log in, drop the queue right away : The character’s folder is already created !
  • Copy from your main character’s folder every single file aside the log folder, then paste everything on the brand new folder.
  • Select yes when Windows will ask you if you want to replace the old files by the new ones.

TADAAAAAA~ ! It’s now similar to your main character’s interface and all !

STEP 5 : Fixing the gears sets !

Because yes, the problems with this method is EVERYTHING is copied from your main character to your alt. Gear sets included which will might make you scream for a minute or two. But ! There is a solution ;) !

  • Once again, log off your character.
  • Find the folder which ID’s is the same as your alt in between the old folders stored in  = FFXIV-CHR = .
  • Inside the folder, find the file : GEARSET.DAT , copy it and past in in your new folder.
  • If this didn’t work, quit the game, repeat the copy / paste, this should fix the problem.


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Greetings, everyone!

The development team endeavors to give our Warriors of Light as much power as possible when it comes to taking screenshots of their adventures through Eorzea, and they are constantly working on new features to make this possible. In addition to all the amazing new content that is on the way in Patch 3.4, we’ll also be implementing brand-new group pose features.

If you haven’t tried out the group pose feature you are missing out! All you need to do is type /grouppose or /gpose in chat and you’re set to take great group shots. You can also make it even easier by creating a keybind for this!

With that said, let’s explore what’s in store for this fun feature!

We’re adding a new camera settings menu that will allow you to add and adjust various aspects to tune your screenshots to your liking! While in group pose mode, you can access this menu by pressing “R” on your keyboard or by pressing the “X” button (or square on PS3/PS4) on your gamepad.

■Face the camera

Instead of having to press the spacebar key to toggle the way the group faces the camera, this menu will allow you to do this easily.

Now if you forget which key accomplishes this you won’t have to guess and accidentally clutter your screen!

■Let there be light

While many players have already been utilizing the Wind-up Sun minion to add a light source to their screenshots, we’re adding a separate feature that will allow you to add a light source at the current camera position. Sorry Wind-up Sun, you hogged the spotlight for too long and it’s time to share!

In this tranquil ocean shot we added a light source over the water to give it a nice feel.

■Everybody freeze

Stop a character dead in their pose or emote with this handy feature.

■Deeper into the depth of field

You’ll now be able to enable the depth of field effect and modify its strength with a slider.

■Darken those limbs

A limb darkening feature, also known as vignette control for the photography savvy, will allow you to darken the corners of your image.

Both the shape and the color of this darkening can be adjusted, so once it’s released try out a bunch of different combinations in various settings!

Normally I’m not much of a screenshot taker (I hardly take pictures in the real world either!), but with all these cool new features I’m quite excited to find some of my favorite aspects of Eorzea to capture perfectly.

Before I sign off for today, check out some example screenshots taken by our QA team while testing out the features!

Logged into SWTOR for the first time in months

and apart from the overwhelming amount of foreplay and general dicking going on in the Fleet, I’m surprised BioWare still hasn’t figured out how to save UI and keybinding settings on your account. I just spent the last hour trying to replicate my old HUD on the UI editor.

I mean am I crazy or has every other MMO figured out how to do that except SWTOR?

Woo hoo, all my millions of addons are now in order!  Cept for archy, still needs an update.  But otherwise, soon as I have time to get on my toons and set up their rotations, good to go!  

This’d probably be a good time to sit down and try to sort out how to keybind them all with similar-ish abilities to the same keys… <_<

Warlock, Shadow Priest, Resto/Ele Shaman, Boomkin, Brewmaster, Frost DK, Hunter, Mage… 


Time for yet another keybinding video. But wait! I tried to improve on the previous ones by changing the visuals. Well, I like to think they help out, anwyay. :]

Also, feedback on any keybinds you might use is welcome- it’s a great way of sharing information, and you might give someone a great idea or discover one you didn’t know!

Demon Hunter Hype!
  • Demon Hunters are a dark hero, giving up their soul to fight a threat that most people don’t even know exists.
  • Use weapons of the enemy against them, warglavies, fel magic, sculpted biceps.
  • You can select your horns, blindfold, tattoos, custom skin textures, plus normal customization options.
  • New VO for Demon Hunters, things like /train, /flirt, /silly.
  • Havoc is the melee spec with emphasis on mobility. Fight fire with more fire!
  • They use fury, generated by abilities, somewhat like rage.
  • Demon’s Bite - Generates random amount of fury.
  • Chaos Strike - Does not consume fury, but requires you to have some.
  • Throw Glaive - No fury cost, short cooldown, no minimum range, hit multiple targets.
  • Blade Dance - Talent that might become a skill.
  • Double Jump adds mobility.
  • Glide is like your own goblin glider, with demon wings! Activated by jump key, no other keybind.
  • Other damaging abilities may not require a target and can be done in the air. Can use them to move outside of combat.
  • Consume Magic - Interrupt someone and gain a full bar of fury.
  • Metamorphosis - Leap in the air, transform, slam into ground, stun everyone, get more damage, more fury, 100% life leech. Gain defense through offense.
  • Spectral Sight - 10 sec cooldown, see through invisibility, stealth, walls.
  • Vengeance - Demon inquisitor. Extracting information from the enemy by using fire and inflicting pain. Also have picked up some protective spells. Maybe glaives and parry.
  • Strong defensive cooldown Metamorphosis. Lots of modifications through talents and Artifacts.

I seriously hope they add keybinds to the new coliseum. I mean sure, I get it. It would be really easy to make a script to play the coliseum for you, but to be honest… you can do that pretty easily right now, too. I’ve done scripts for other games (solo games, Cookie Clicker, etc., where it doesn’t hurt anyone else) and for a Coli script, all keybinds would save is a few dozen characters. Not lines. Characters. Adding keybinds doesn’t make scripting all that much easier than it already is.

I know I complain about this pretty often but I really wish I could grind the coli like I used to…

im gonna look through my overwatch screenshots folder

i dont actually take screenshots, PrtScn is also my keybind for lightshot which is what i use to take little snippet images like w/ gyazo or puush but like. in game. nice and quick, can paste into discord chat easily

but when i press it it also takes a screenshot because thats the ow keybind for screenshots so. lets see what the folder has

So during my game on Team Defense Fort 2 (2) this evening/ morning I discovered how to keybind and accidentally binded my C key to say “Come at me Scrublord I’m ripped”, forgetting that I constantly press C to call for help, jeer, cheer and congratulate people on their nice shots, thus constantly told people to come at me because they are scrublords and I am ripped.