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the best things bloom in spring. 

all genres, mature content / 15.9k words / reincarnation!jjk au / enjoy !

req(s); Jungkook; Reincarnation!AU, forbidden lovers throughout different lifetimes starting from royalty; but in the present lifetime, the reader is already married (+) a slice of both dom and sub!jungkook smut

a/n; i spent so many weeks and days and hours on this and it is the longest oneshot/fic i have ever written by far, bUt i loved writing it so I really really hope you love reading it ! give me your thoughts nd such if you would be so kind,,,,  i’d super duper appreciate it for this monster, much love <3

“You never know how truly you love someone until you lose them,” your mother always told you. It seemed an obvious thing, nodding your head with a smile as she brushed through the ends of your hair at the vanity. Her opulent necklaces always glinted in the firelight, or the sunshine coming through the windows on early mornings, lips parted with wise concentration and dresses making hushed sounds against the old concrete when she swayed back and forth. She didn’t believe in servitude, allowing them to keep place and tidy things in order to hold appearances, but when it came to personal tasks, and tasks regarding her children, your mother was certain the only way something was done right is if it was done by oneself. An idea that was deemed preposterous by much of the aristocracy.

You never understood the allure of royalty, the title of noble Lady holding such an snobby tone to it, one that your sisters wore with painfully obvious pride and arrogance. The palace felt far too large, even for the multitude of families who lived there, not to mention the king, Queen, Prince, Princesses, and all of the royal families’ bastard children, who ran amok unattended and judged based on their father’s decisions. You kept to the outskirts, never gathered in the fancied gardens, or dinner parties unless required, which was more often than you favored.

Like tonight, for instance, the annual King’s dinner and ball which was to be attended by all royalty and titled people living both within and in close proximity to the castle. Whenever people gathered here they seemed to have a hard time leaving, and those who lingered always ensnared themselves into the most troubling of situations.

Your mother’s fingers are soft and gentle as they work out the tangles of your hair. Since your father died when you were a young girl, your mother had blossomed, no longer kept down by the oppressive tendencies of men. She could go as she pleased, dress as she pleased, and her favor with the queen granted her access to any area she pleased. They were playmates as children in the palace, and while your mother spoke ill of no one, she never failed to minutely scrunch up her nose in distaste at mention of the king. She claimed that he dampened her friends once vibrant spirit, made her nothing more than a housewife, a domestic mother, and while your sisters wondered what else a woman could be for than to make heirs and tend to their husbands, you could see the inequality and dreary living that the scales of renaissance life possessed.

You never sought a husband, half out of disinterest and half never wanting to be controlled by anyone other than yourself, and if that earned you whispers and eyes behind your back so be it. Better to be standing with it to other people than constantly on it.

“What is this occasion for?” You ask, running kohl along the lines of your eyelids, “another ambassador in town?”

“Not quite so,” your mother’s tone dissuades yours, catching her eye in the mirror as she sets the forgotten comb beside you, “the king’s son has returned from his schooling and military exploits in Western Europe.”

“I didn’t hear him announced,” you remark, wondering where you could have been when the trumpets went off, “the queen must be overjoyed.”

“On the contrary,” your mother stays silent for a moment, watching your face work out the puzzle. “He is the son of the king’s first mistress, who died in childbirth. The king favors him greatly, so don’t act as a shutin. Remember, those who favor those the king favors-”

“-get king’s favors, I know,” you mock her, repeating the line she always did in order to get you to play nice, “but if he’s a bastard, why would the king throw a celebration in his honor?”

The light catches the gold in her dress as she spins, firelight igniting her hair while she speaks. “I believe the king is aiming to get him legitimized. He has bribed the church a great deal and sum in order of persuade them into attending this event tonight, therefore we must all be present to show our appreciation and love for his son. You were playmates once,” she adds, “as young children.”

“I don’t remember that,” you state the obvious, continuing with your prior train of thought, “but if he’s legitimized, that would mean-”

“Yes, flower,” your mother silences you with her favorite nickname, “it means he would be king. And that centuries of tradition and birthright would be absconded in the name of male pride.” Her tone savors slightly of bitterness, bringing the trace of a grin to your lips.

“What’s his name?” You ask, setting the stylo down and replacing it with a puff for rouge. “The son’s?”

“I believe it’s Jungkook,” your mother says absently, drifting away to lay out your gown, “I’m quite certain it’s Jeon Jungkook.”

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Inside Choices: LoveHacks Finale

After many jokes, clickbait titles, and San Francisco shenanigans, the #LoveHacks series finale has come and gone. The #LoveHacks story is one that many of us on Team Pixelberry relate to – that millennial life, amirite? – and we’re sad to see this laugh-out-loud story of friendship and love end. For a final behind-the-scenes look at #LoveHacks, read on…

This Series Finale Will Blow Your Mind! You Won’t Believe What These Writers Have To Say – ah, who am I kidding? I can’t do these clickbait titles. So how do you feel now that the series is over?

Megan: It’s definitely a bittersweet experience. We’ve been working on LoveHacks for almost a year now, and while we’re proud of what we’ve done, it feels weird to not be hanging out with Dani, Brooke, Cole, Horatio, Mark, and Sereena each week as we write new chapters.

Owen: Ditto to all of that. Writing LoveHacks felt really unique and was a lot of fun. It’s great to move on to different things, but #LH always will hold a special, ridiculous place in my heart.

What did you love about writing #LoveHacks? What did you consider the most challenging part?

Megan: I loved so much about writing LoveHacks, it’s hard to choose just one thing! Exploring the different relationships between Dani and Mark, Ben, and Leah was a lot of fun, but I think writing the friendships between the core group was my favorite. The biggest challenge for me was keeping things funny week after week (and trying to keep up with our resident jokester, Owen!).

Owen: I loved getting to write PB’s first foray into a sitcom-style story, and being able to push the jokes a bit further. The challenge for me was balancing unbridled tomfoolery with delivering the romance and drama that Choices fans love. Luckily, Megan’s an amazing Book Lead and kept us on track… Like, originally, I wanted Cole’s real name to be “Cole Minor”, so that I could joke that it sounded like “coal miner”… In retrospect, Megan was right to veto that one.

#LoveHacks was chock full of jokes, situational gags, and quirky characters. What was your favorite joke?

Megan: My favorite joke was one Owen wrote:

Owen: I loved the figurative “death” scene we did during the paintball fight! (Also I hadn’t written combat in a while, so it was fun to do a nod back to the action sequences and death scenes of Most Wanted and Cause of Death.)

Out of curiosity, who do you think you identify with the most in the #LoveHacks group?

Megan: I identify with our heroine Dani a lot, especially in Book 2. She’s at such a crossroads in her life, and there’s a lot of freedom in that, but also a lot of stress!

Owen: I like to think that Ben is essentially me, but much hotter and more Korean. This is wishful thinking of course, but I aspire to the ideal of a geek who is charming because of his geekiness, not in spite of it.

Where do you think the #LoveHacks crew is headed after the series finale? What’s your headcanon (or is it just canon)?

Megan: A sneak peek at our headcanon of the future… Flash forward to a year later. Dani, Leah, and their blog are kicking butt, and Andi interns for them after school. Ben is preparing to do a Solaris panel at the Seattle HeroCon. Mark and Isaac bond over Isaac’s success running Dopey Cat and the sequel, Dopey Cat Bros. Sereena has finally graduated, and Aiyana has moved in with her. The friends meet up for a drink at the Double Tap, and toast together just like old times.

Owen: …And also Horatio’s a cyborg now.

Give us one last #LoveHack. For old time’s sake.

Megan: Be picky. You’re worth it.

Owen: Be as strong as Sereena, but as kind as Horatio. And don’t underestimate a good cologne.

What’s next for the #LoveHacks team? Tell ussss.

Megan: Sadly, the LoveHacks team is splitting up! (RIP) But I’m really excited about my next project! I can’t say much more about it right now, but keep an eye out for something new in the coming months!

Owen: I am a wandering swordsman, going from team to team, wherever the people cry out for a hero. (I’m actually literally doing some writing on Hero with Keyan right now). But soon I’ll be teaming up with Coco from the Rules of Engagement team for a different TOP SECRET PROJECT that I am honor-bound not to disclose.

Like Brooke said, this feels like the end of an era. LoveHacks will be missed, but I’m sure the jokes, the friendship, and the spirit of Dopey Cat will live on in my heart and the hearts of many others. To everyone who took the time to read this finale post, thank you! We hope you’re looking forward to whatever’s next for Choices.


Daemonic Enns

The Daemonic Enns are short incantations/praises to the corresponding spirit, to be used in the act of summoning, respectfully. The enns themselves are said to have been given to summoners by Daemons themselves to aid in calling out to the proper Daemon. The Daemonic language is unknown, and few translations exist.

Abaddon- es na ayer Abaddon avave
Abigor- aylan Abigor tasa uan on ca
Agaliarept- on ca Agaliarept agna
Agares- rean ganen ayar da Agares
Aim- ayer avage secore Aim
Alloces- typan efna Alloces met tasa
Amdusias- denyen valocur avage secore Amdusias
Amon- avage secore Amon ninan
Amy- tu fubin Amy secore
Andras- entey ama Andras anay
Andrealphus- mena Andrealphus tasa ramec ayer
Andromalius- tasa fubin Andromalius on ca
Asafoetida- asana nanay on ca Asafoetida
Ashtaroth- tasa alora foren Ashtaroth
Asmodeus- ayer avage aloren Asmodeus aken
Astarot- serena alora Astarot aken
Azazel- eya on ca Azazel aken
Babeal- alan secore on ca Babeal
Bael- ayer secore on ca Ba'al
Balam- lirach tasa vefa wehl Balam
Balberith- avage secore on ca Baalberith
Barbatos- eveta fubin Barbatos
Bathin- dyen pretore on ca Bathin
Beelzebub- adey vocar avage Beelzebuth
Beleth- lirach tasa vefa wehl Beleth
Belial- lirach tasa vefa wehl Belial
(Earth, protect this soil, Belial)
Belphegore- lyan ramec catya ganen Belphegore
Berith- hoath redar ganabal Berith
Bifrons- avage secore Bifrons remie tasa
Botis- jedan hoesta noc ra Botis
Buer- erato on ca Buer anon
Bune- wehl melan avage Bune tasa
Camio- tasa on ca Caim renich
Cimejes- ayer avage secore Cimejes
Crocell- jedan tasa Crocell on ca
Dantalion- avage ayer Dantalion on ca
Decarabia- hoesta noc ra Decarabia secore
Delepitoré- deyen pretore ramec Delepitoré on ca
Eligos- jedan on ca Eligos inan
Eurynomous- ayar secore on ca Eurynomous
Flereous- ganic tasa fubin Flereous
(Fire, protect the flame, Lord Flereous)
Focalor- en jedan on ca Focalor
Foras- kaymen vefa Foras
Forneus- senan okat ena Forneus ayer
Furcas- secore on ca Furcas remie
Furfur- ganen menach tasa Furfur
Gaap- deyan anay tasa Gaap
Glasya Labolas- elan tepar secore on ca Glasya Labolas
Gremory- an tasa shi Gremory on ca
Gusion- secore vesa anet Gusion
Haagenti- Haaventi on ca lirach
Halphas- erato Halphas on ca secore
Haures- ganic tasa fubin Flauros
Ipos- desa an Ipos ayer
Leraje- caymen vefa Leraje
Leviathan- jaden tasa hoet naca Leviathan
(Water, protect our circle, Lord Leviathan)
Lilith- renich viasa avage Lilith lirach
Lucifage- eyen tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale
Lucifer- renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer
(Air, protect the surrounding sky, Lord Lucifer)
Luithian- advisor: deyan anay tasa Luithian
Malphas- lirach tasa Malphas ayer
Mammon- tasa Mammon on ca lirach
Marax- kaymen vefa Marax
Marbas- renach tasa uberace biasa icar Marbas
Marchosias- es na ayer Marchosias secore
Mephisto- Mephisto ramec viasa on ca
Murmur- vefa mena Murmur ayer
Naberius- eyan tasa valocur Naberius
Oriax- lirach mena Orias anay na
Orobas- jedan tasa hoet noca Orobas
Ose- ayer serpente Ose
Paimon- linan tasa jedan Paimon
Phenex- ef enay Phenex ayer
Purson- ana jecore on ca Purson
Rashoon- taran Rashoon nanay
Raum- furca na alle laris Raum
Ronove- kaymen vefa Ronove
Rosier- serena alora Rosier aken
Sabnock- tasa Sabnock on ca lirach
Sallos- serena alora Sallos aken
Samigina- esta ta et tasa Gamigin
Satan- tasa reme laris Satan- Ave Satanis
Satanachia- furca na alle laris Satanachia
Seere- jeden et renich Seere tu tasa
Shax- ayer avage Shax aken
Sitri- lirach alora vefa Sitri
Sonnelion- ayer serpente Sonnellion
Stolas- Stolos ramec viasa on ca
Svengali- desa on Svengali ayer
Taroon- Taroon an ca nanay
Tezrian- ezyr ramec ganen Tezrian
Unsere- Unsere tasa lirach on ca ayar
Uvall- as ana nany on ca Uvall
Valefor- keyman vefa tasa Valefor
Vapula- renich secore Vapula typan
Vassago- keyan vefa jedan tasa Vassago
Vepar- on ca Vepar ag na
Verrier- elit rayesta Verrier
Verrine- elan typan Verrine
Vine- eyesta nas Vine ca laris
Volac- avage secore on ca Volac
Zagan- anay on ca secore Zagan tasa
Zepar- lyan ramec catya Zepar

Demon notes: Vassago

Rank: Prince
Color: Blue
Incense: Cedar
Metal: Tin
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Water
Enn: Keyan vefa jedan tasa Vassago
Date: April 11-20 20-30 degrees Aries (day)
Tarot: 4 of wands
Original purpose: Divination (past and present) and to uncover lost and hidden things

Daemonolatry Goetia (S Connolly)
Contact Vassago to find out if an enemy has cursed you or is doing something behind your back.  Vassago is also a good counsel regarding friendship and other interactions with people.  He can advise you in negotiations

Crowley’s Goetia
Third Spirit is called Vassago and is a Mighty Prince. He is of the same nature as Agares. This Spirit is of a good nature, and his office is to declare things past and to come, and to discover all things hidden or lost. He governs 26 Legions of Spirits

Luciferian Goetia (Michael Ford)
Vassago is an angelic ruler of the tarot; silently invoked this Prince may produce impulses and initiatory associations via the tarot thus allowing instinct to grow with association of such tools’ of divination. Vassago is also ideal for the willed divination of future initiation, a Gateway to the Luciferian Realm of Spiritual development. Vassago appears in the black mirror as a wind-rushed robed spirit who is both angel and demonic shadow, who has many arms and talon-fingers.

Other notes
Also Allegedly appears in the Book of the Office of Spirits as “Usagoo”, as an anger.
He is one of the few spirits found in the Lesser Key of Solomon but not in Johann Weyer’s Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.

(photo source from Illustrated goetia and google)

As Always

Inside Choices: Hero

Inside Choices is a behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry team!

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s the latest Choices book! Summer has come and gone at Pixelberry, but that doesn’t mean we’re taking a vacation from new stories! The Choices team has been working on Hero for a while, and we’re excited that we get to share it with all of you. To get the scoop on Hero, I talked to our resident superhero team…

Let’s start with an introduction. What is Hero? Who is the, ahem, hero of Hero?

Keyan: Hero is the story of someone who’s granted extraordinary powers and confronted with the question of how best to use them. We’ve all dreamt of having superpowers… this story lets you decide just what kind of hero you want to be!

Hero is the first superhero story we’ve had in Choices. What has your experience been with superhero comics?

Royal: I was pretty fortunate. When I was little, my grandfather bought me The Smithsonian Guide to Comic Book Comics. I don’t think he actually understood what he was giving me, but that collection contained some of the finest comics ever printed. From the first appearance of Superman and Batman to classic EC war and horror stories. That book was a treasure – page for page, maybe the best book on comics ever printed. From that point on, I was hooked. I’ve been reading comics voraciously ever since.

So… can I date a superhero? Asking for a friend.

Royal: Yes, you can. Turns out, you can marry one too! My wife is superhumanly kind, smart, and beautiful, so I know it’s possible.

Keyan: Come on, you don’t really think we’d write a superhero story and NOT let you date a superhero, do you? Of course, it might take you a few chapters to actually meet some of these characters…

If you could be a superhero, what would your powers be?

Royal: I already have a minor superpower. I demagnetize credit cards, and I constantly shock myself and other people. But if I could have anything… flight. Who doesn’t want to throw a bunch of clothes in a backpack and just jet away to a tropical island? So either that, or limited precognition.

Keyan: I’ll take time travel! Sure, there are all those pesky temporal paradoxes to worry about, but it’s hard to resist the appeal of traversing humanity’s past, present, and future at will. Imagine how much more value you’d get out of every vacation - instead of listening to some tour guide drone on about the Coliseum, you could just zip back through time and experience it firsthand! Hmm, maybe that’s a bad example…

Mayyybe. If you haven’t already, definitely crack open your Choices app and check out Hero, available now! If you’re caught up on the latest chapter, tell us who your favorite superhero so far is. Of course, the Choices team has more exciting stuff on the way for you - both in Hero, and in Choices - so keep an eye out!


Sarah Dessen crossovers

Someone Like You

  • Scarlet reappears in This Lullaby as the manager of the Jump Java. Her daughter is three at the time
  • Macy and Wes go to Milton’s Market in The Truth About Forever and it’s also mentioned in This Lullaby
  • In Once and For All a redhead named Grace appears. This may be a teenaged Grace as Scarlet was also a redhead

Keeping the Moon

  • Colie is mentioned in Along For The Ride as serving Auden when visiting the Last Chance. She also serves Emaline in The Moon and More
  • First appearance of Colby. It is also featured/mentioned in Along for the Ride, The Moon and More, What Happened to Goodbye, The Truth About Forever and Once and For All
  • Isabel is the waitress at the Last Chance during Along for the Ride
  • Isabel and Morgan are Heidi’s friends in Along for the Ride
  • In Lock and Key, Laney mentioned Kiki Sparks, Colie’s mother, as being her inspiration for running


  • In Lock and Key, Marshall’s roommate is Rogerson who is mentioned as having been arrested for assault. He is mentioned again in Saint Anything as being one of the inmates at the prison Peyton is at
  • Boo Connell is mentioned in Just Listen as teaching a mother/daughter class
  • Jackson High is first mentioned. It is also the school where Macy (The Truth About Forever), Annabel (Just Listen), Auden (Along for the Ride) and McLean (What Happened to Goodbye) attend. Ruby (Lock and Key) also attended Jackson High before transferring.
  • Rogerson attends Perkins Day. This is the same school Ruby (Lock and Key), Will Cash (Just Listen), Auden (Along for the Ride) and Sydney (Saint Anything) goes too

This Lullaby

  • Remy, Dexter and the rest of Truth Squad appear in Just Listen
  • Macy notices someone reading a book by Barbara Starr in The Truth About Forever
  • Cora was Barbara Starr’s divorce lawyer in Lock and Key and makes an appearance at one of her parties
  • Emaline and Theo see Spinnerbait (Hate Spinnerbait!) in The Moon and More
  • Truth Squad and Spinnerbait (Hate Spinnerbait!) are mentioned in Saint Anything
  • Bendo, the club where Truth Squad plays, is mentioned in Once and For All

The Truth About Forever

  • Jason reappears in Along for the Ride and What Happened to Goodbye and mentions Wes as stealing his girlfriend
  • Macy watches Lorna McPhail, the mother from That Summer, give the news
  • Wes and Bert are mentioned as being Luke’s cousins in The Moon and More
  • Kristy and Bert are seen at the mall in Lock and Key wearing Armageddon t-shirts
  • In Just Listen, Owen and Annabel go to the waffle house and see Macy and Wes. They are described as wearing running clothes
  • The subdivision that Macy’s mother builds is where Ruby and Nate live in Lock and Key
  • An angel sculpture made my Wes is mentioned as being outside a realtor’s office in Once and For All 
  • Delia is mentioned as being the Barrett’s favorite caterer in Once and For All

Just Listen

  • When Nate is listening to the radio in Lock and Key, Annabel is the DJ introducing the music
  • Owen’s sister and her friends buy necklaces from Ruby in Lock and Key
  • In Lock and Key, Jamie mentions that Owen helped him make a mix CD
  • McLean sees a couple at lunch listening to the same headphones in What Happened to Goodbye. The couple is described as being Owen and Annabel

Lock and Key

  • One of the clients at Nate’s dad’s business is Macy’s mother from The Truth About Forever
  • Gervais is mentioned again in What Happened to Goodbye
  • Ruby applies to Defriesse University. Auden goes there at the end of Along for the Ride, is the college that McLean’s parents met at in What Happened to Goodbye and Bee mentions going to in Once and For All
  • is mentioned again in What Happened to Goodbye, Along for the Ride, The Moon and More and Saint Anything
  • Jamie is listed as an alum of Perkins Day when Sydney transfers there in Saint Anything
  • Auden mentions awkwardly flirting with Nate Cross in Along for the Ride
  • Heidi and Auden buy key necklaces in Along for the Ride

Along for the Ride

  • The newly named bike shop, Abe’s, is mentioned in Once and For All
  • Clyde is featured in The Moon and More as the subject of the documentary Theo is working on
  • Clementine’s is mentioned again in The Moon and More
  • Heidi is seen again as a friend of McLean’s mother in What Happened to Goodbye
  • Auden appears in Once and For All buying coffee with Eli

What Happened to Goodbye

  • Gert’s bracelets reappear in The Moon and More
  • Dave appears in Saint Anything and talks Sydney into buying drinks at Fraizer
  • Deb is once again a self proclaimed ambassador that greets Sydney in Saint Anything on the first day of school
  • The Luna Blu restaurant is mentioned in Saint Anything and Once and For All
which vorelignment are you?

Kids who had no idea what vore is, still don’t know what vore is, and ignore the convores

Honestly just here for the ride, amused by our antics but disturbed by vore and vore jokes, thinks mod keyan is really annoying, would help willow stab mod keyan 23 times

Wanted the bap vore titles to continue, actively encourages keyan and makes him think he’s a funnyman, laughs at vore jokes and does not condemn them


The kids who have barely logged on since before the vorepocalypse, probably living their lives and not procrastinating

Complains about vore and sends “Do Not Vore” pics, but still posts a mouth emoji after smol ones and took a bap vore song title in The Vorelection



Consistently sends “Do Not Vore” pics and attempts to stop Mod Keyan, laughs at the prospect of his death at the hands of Willow, stops the voriers from writing V O R E

The kid who’s gonna drag me on tumblr for my vore jokes, consistently answers “keyan” to the question of why vore is brought up

Mod Keyan


(via Fantastic Four | spotted owlet family. | karthi keyan | Flickr)

Let’s do a follow-up discussion to the “Grave Flowers” theory from a while ago.

The tl;dr version of it is basically: the dust from the countless monsters fallen in the war infused with the bodies of the exposed human soldiers and upon their death (either by natural or otherwise causes) the Determination from their Souls passing out of their bodies reanimated the monster’s consciousness similar to Flowey’s “birth” but in a collective mind like an Amalgamate that would be probably be in conflict with the lingering spirit/consciousness of the humans. Thus creating an army’s worth of undying, unstable, magically charged soulless husks.

“Human zombies? In Undertale?” well given the cards already on the table it seems to be a strong possibility.

  • We know that from the Waterfall runes: “Countless monsters were turned to dust”
  • We know from the Snowdin libraby that: Things covered in dust have the essence of a monster
  • We know from Flowey that: When a non living thing infused with monster dust gets injected with determination the dead monster becomes reanimated in a soulless body
  • We know from Alphys’ experiments: that Determination can be extracted from human Souls.
  • We know from the red flavor text variant on Chara’s coffin that dead humans’ could have an essence/consciousness that is separate from their soul and clings to their body

We also know that Mt. Ebott already had a reputation for people disappearing when they climb it, before any of the fallen children started coming to the Underground in the year 201X, and the monsters have been sealed for around over a millennia according to Bratty/Catty. Yet we see no sign of other humans falling into the Underground aside from the seven fallen children.

But why should it matter? We don’t see any undead humans shambling about on the mountain while Chara was climbing it. And what if the humans in the war could just wash the dust off? We don’t see Frisk turn into a zombie during a kill-all or neutral route when they get covered in dust so what gives?

Regarding Frisk never turning into a dust zombie, we never see what happens to them after the game over screen until we reload/reset. I’m also ruling out Chara as we see them in their monologue as a “zombie,” because the only exposure to monster dust they had was when Asriel died and their Soul had already left their body by then and Frisk falling on their grave hardly counts as an “injection.” Rather I think the opposite happened and Chara’s essence was infused into Frisk’s soul but I digress.

Could the humans have just washed off the dust despite the people of the middle ages poor hygienic practices?
@potted-omega points out that the flower flowey was born from likely absorbed Asriel’s essence from the dust mingled earth and likely the humans would need to intake the dust rather than just be covered in it.

That is the key

An anon a while back pointed out that it’s possible that all the dust could have created respiratory problems, like miners lung, for the humans in close-quarter combat during the war. That got me thinking If dust did get into the lungs of a human, theoretically it could get absorbed into the blood right? While running this idea by @mika4eyed she pointed out that dust in the trachea would likely get filtered by mucus, but even then don't we unconsciously swallow that stuff in our throats almost all the time. So even if the monster dust isn’t getting absorbed through the lungs it’s getting absorbed through the stomach.

So now, we’ve established that a percentage of the human population that was involved in the war had their bodies infused with monster dust. What does that mean?

Well it probably took a while after the war for the humans to realize the situation they were in until those who participated in the war started dying, either naturally or violently. As we see with Flowey, Frisk, and even Undyne that those who are at death’s door will experience a primal surge of determination to live, for those with save files that means reloading to the last save point. But for those without save powers, those dying from old age, (or those dying from self-affliction) death will eventually claim them. That swan-song surge of Determination could have triggered the magical cocktail of monster dust brewing in the human solders bodies.

Yet instead of a singular monster’s consciousness being revived, instead there are dozens if not hundreds of monsters’ identities conglomerating in a single human body, who has a lingering will of their own. Every undying human would have the equivalent of a chamber of echo-flowers in their minds, an amalgam contending for dominance in their heads. Most humans would have been reduced to shambling husks, no doubt. Shambling, empty husks yarning to have a SOUL again.

See where I’m going with this?
In an attempt to rid the world of monsters the humans created true monsters.

Flowers. More than one.
More than one soulless being with the will to live.

Now I don’t think that all the “Grave Flower” humans ended up all as mindless zombies, after all humans are extraordinarily willful and Determined even in the face of death and uneven odds. I suspect there would be different cases of these beings:

  • Humans who could not overcome their mental amalgamate would be like the walking dead driven by instinct.
  • Humans who could conquer their amalgamate by force of will would retain their sanity, but would likely be unstable. These beings would likely be driven by self-preservation and behave like human Floweys most likely.
  • Humans who could make peace with their amalgamate would probably be the most stable of the three possible variants. These would likely be humans who had a history with monsters and more likely to seek reconciliation.

This variance would create humanoid monsters ranging in behavior from zombies, to werewolves, to more intelligent beings borderline vampiric in nature.

Whether or not these beings are as indestructible as amalgamates, I don’t know for sure. However these are physical beings infused with magic, like Flowey, and like Flowey they probably can be killed (it would likely be very hard but doable.)

But all this is speculation, right? It has no direct effect on the story as it is…
Or does it?

Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

How did those legends exist in the year 201X when the only signs we see of humans falling into the Underground are all related to incidents after the first fallen child in that exact year?

What if someone or someone(s) were guarding the mountain? Keeping humans from the Underground? Humans who were not children, humans who could have hurt the monsters sealed inside. Humans who could not be let into the Underground and risk undoing a plan hundreds of years in the making, perhaps?

Even so, something was making the humans who climbed the mountain before the fallen children disappear, for a very long time…

And on a final note consider this: 

There is another mountain.

If humans sealed the monsters we knew of in one mountain, why not seal these new monsters in the other one?