SHINee trying to buy a house together would be so dumb like

jonghyun: this balcony is wonderful omg what a beautiful view

minho: neomu areumdaun daun daun daun vie-

Key: nopee.

Jonghyun: why not

Key: taemin sleep walks he’ll die

jonghyun: … think of the instagram possibilities

Key: …

Key: taemin you can’t live with us anymore.

Taemin: i’ll just live with Exo then

Onew: hell no you aren’t i don’t need you tainted any more than you already are. You hang out with jjong too much as it is

Jonghyun: excuse you

Onew: i let him go out with you to buy groceries and he wrote three songs about sex

Jonghyun: u right

Taemin: fine then SNSD

Minho: no

Onew: the last time you did that they thought you were in the band and kicked a member out

Taemin: not my fault i had good hair.