Taemin getting ready for this comeback was the most insane thing ever like

Taemin: k so ive recorded a new album

Sm: great

Taemin: I’ve been working nonstop to promote the sm brand

Sm: great

Taemin: ive been developing some new dance moves that I think are gonna wow everyone

Sm: great

Taemin: now its time to shoot the American Horor Story themed music video its gonna be terrifying

Sm: great

Sm: what.

Taemin: Some creepy ass dancing and face masks and maybe like some weird vhs quality footage on me in the rain and maybe something where peoples faces are just empty holes except my face is like metal or glass idk

Sm: what no. No.

Taemin: I’ll release the original cut of the Ko Ko Bop video

Sm: so

Taemin: you gave them actual drugs

Exo: what

Lay: what

GG: what

RV: what

Shinee: what

Drugs: what


Sm: so we talkin like a head made of actual glass or likeeeee…