watch above as shinee not only gives a shout out to fans in celebrating of their sixth japanese debut anniversary, but confirms a mini dome tour for september!

[TRANS] Shinee’s Key about Shinee’s Jonghyun

In what is perhaps not a shocking turn of events, Key reveals that Jonghyun indeed cried while watching Titanic, and not just once, either. More important, Key adds that Jonghyun also has a “secret” shrine dedicated to young Leonardo DiCaprio, to which (Key says with a bit of annoyance), he plays a heartwrenching rendition of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On every night on his specialty, the kazoo. Key also reveals that he and Jonghyun are, indeed, married and going on their honeymoon, which is why they don’t have the time nor the desire to join top Korean songwriter Ryan Jhun’s lineup for the ideal Korean boygroup. Key mentions something about how the two of them would do better as a subunit anyway, but chooses not to elaborate on the topic.

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No More Sad Songs

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(Inspired by the little mix song )

Perhaps the girls were right. Perhaps having a night out in the club and getting absolutely wasted was what you needed to take your mind off your mistake; your joke of an ex boyfriend and the fact he’d found someone new. Honestly, you’d lost count of the amount of drinks you’d had and the night had barely started. The bass was only just kicking in and the music was so loud that it made the floor vibrate. Surrounded by people, you wondered how many girls were out doing the same as you and blocking out mankind from their brain, drinking their pain away. It was the kind of night where you danced with everyone you met, toasting to the future and doing shots until you felt your stomach burn. For the first time in a long time, you laughed and smiled, genuinely meaning it, feeling it in your heart. Your dancing turned sloppy as the minutes passed, your mind in a calm daze until your eyes locked on to his. 

Through the sea of people, the deepest dark chocolate eyes found you; you’d never forget his daze. His dark hair, milky skin and cheeky grin made your body buzz more than the vodka in your system and before you knew it, he spun you around and in to his arms. You opened your mouth to speak, stunned by him, only for him to gently place his finger over your lips with an iconic smirk. He moved behind you and held your hips as you swayed them to the optimistic, upbeat trance music and for some reason, you didn’t seem to care. The stranger was the most attractive man you’d ever seen in your life, making your ex look like a slobbering dog and already, this man was treating you like you were the hottest girl in the world, looking at you like you were pure gold. It was like he knew what you needed; someone to make you feel great, to give you confidence so when he wrapped his arms around your waist, his forehead brushing yours as you got close, you were reminded how thrilling it was to be single, to be free. You could barely breathe, his touch making your mouth as dry. He smelled amazing and he danced like a pop star; you were dying to know his name. All of a sudden, you felt sober under his touch, incredibly aware of his lips brushing yours and his fingers tracing the curve of your spine. 

“Kibum. Kim Kibum. Nice to meet you, beautiful.” 

It was a new beginning. 


SHINee WORLD 2017〜FIVE〜 Special Edition 開催決定!

SHINee World FIVE Dome Tour Dates!

Tokyo Dome 170902, 170903 ~ Kyocera Dome 170923, 170924

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key & 40?

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Kim Kibum: “Whispered promises into someone’s neck.”

The life of a fallen angel wasn’t as easy as movies made it out to be, the person he protected wasn’t falling in love with him like books said and the rain didn’t feel as nice as people commented about. Kibum lets the blues that were getting out of some speakers fill him up as he sat down at some bar, probably unseen by someone that wasn’t protected by an angel. His wings were aching a bit more that day and one of them was a lot more broken, but as he gulped on the glass of wine he had on his hand, he didn’t care about anything in the world. Deep water, that’s how he would describe his feelings for her, like a soft melody of the waves that hit one another to save him but then it drowns him, only to be saved by a beautiful mermaid that was her, lulling him into her weirdly beautiful antics that were seen as mysterious and bad, but he saw past everything that people said about her. That’s why his life wasn’t easy…he wasn’t an angel anymore and now he had destroyed a part of himself to get her to have the slightest bit of happiness in her life.

The sound of a chair being dragged across the floor doesn’t make him flinch, he’s too immersed in the show that was on the TV in front of him and the conversation that was going on behind him as a man tried to flirt with someone that was too out of his league. Kibum then feels a hand being placed over his shoulder and he stiffens a bit, but he remembers he’s a fallen angel…it wasn’t someone he didn’t know, most likely and he was right, she was there wearing comfortable and baggy clothing, as well as a coat that covered her in said rainy night. She looks over at the glass of wine and he knows she’s silently asking Kibum to stop drinking, but he challenges her as he drank the last gulp of his glass.

“I supposed angels didn’t drink or do bad things.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Kibum says and the answer is plain, shallow, dull and everything that is in between, but she accepts it. Just like her, he must have his issues whilst being in heaven and doing his job, she was just another bothersome human to him. “What are you doing here?  Usually, I am the one that finds you, not the other way around.” That comment makes her laugh. If she was honest, she liked that Kibum was there in the best times to protect her, but she knew that every time he appeared…she was just a few minutes away from dying. She feared the day he didn’t protect her anymore and her life was over…would she see him again then?

“I was getting out of class and going to the convenience store but it rained on the way there so I entered the first place I saw.” She says simply as she drags her finger over the edge of Kibum’s empty glass. “This was the first place I saw.” The fallen angel only nods his head and she chuckles quite sensually, or maybe he was imagining things. “How did you get this drink?  I thought people never saw you.”

“I served myself.” Kibum says with a smile over his features. “I have a few hundred years here, as you know.”

“And that is still weird.”

“Ah, you can’t expect a non-human creature to be normal, can you?” The sarcasm on his words was one that always caught her off guard, but she liked it. She looked out the door before wrapping her arm around his, dragging him up his seat as he stumbled a bit. “Wait-”

“How many drinks did you have?” She asks as she makes her way outside, catching the weird gazes that everyone was giving her as she spoke ‘to herself’.

“Two…” The glare that she gives him soon after has him shivering. “Seven.” Typical of Kim Kibum, caring about her and not himself. When she tries to open the door, he lets his body fall over hers slightly and his face ends up being hidden in her neck, earning a small groan from her as she carried his weight with one arm.

“Thank you.  I promise to always be there for you, just like you were for me.” That promise is whispered against her neck and she smiles, much to his lack of knowledge and when she opens the door, he wraps his arms around her waist and she feels like finally, those two different creatures from two different worlds belonged somewhere.

They got issues but they could resolve them with one another.

SHINee trying to buy a house together would be so dumb like

jonghyun: this balcony is wonderful omg what a beautiful view

minho: neomu areumdaun daun daun daun vie-

Key: nopee.

Jonghyun: why not

Key: taemin sleep walks he’ll die

jonghyun: … think of the instagram possibilities

Key: …

Key: taemin you can’t live with us anymore.

Taemin: i’ll just live with Exo then

Onew: hell no you aren’t i don’t need you tainted any more than you already are. You hang out with jjong too much as it is

Jonghyun: excuse you

Onew: i let him go out with you to buy groceries and he wrote three songs about sex

Jonghyun: u right

Taemin: fine then SNSD

Minho: no

Onew: the last time you did that they thought you were in the band and kicked a member out

Taemin: not my fault i had good hair.