Akaashi thinks it’s great, that his girlfriend is doing something she loves and she will go to her games. He’ll comfort her when she’s questioning her abilities and will probably play basketball with her.

Bokuto thinks it’s super cool and he will definitely be at every one of her games, cheering loudly, not caring what others think. He will want to play basketball with his girlfriend, but since he’s not so good at it, he’ll get into his dejected mood. His girl will probably just teach him and eventually Bo will get better. 

Kuroo is a pretty good basketball player himself, so he’ll challenge his s/o a lot. He’ll also go to her games and encourage her when she’s feeling down. He’s also like to “casually” mention his friends, that his s/o is a great basketball player.

would go to her games, but otherwise wouldn’t really care all that much. Tsukki’s s/o would try to get him to play basketball, since he has such a height advantage and he probably doesn’t mind playing the game, so the couple would have lots of fun playing 1-on-1.

thinks it’s the coolest thing ever and would constantly be praising his s/o. He’d definitely go to her games and is her number one fan. He’d also be constantly asking her to teach him how to be better at basketball (although he’s already pretty good at it) and would help her with getting better at volleyball.

Sugawara is extremely supportive and nice about it. Like Akaashi he’d be comforting her when she was insecure and cheer for her during her games. He’d play basketball with his s/o if she wanted to, but he isn’t all that great at it himself.

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I already did Kuroo here and here. Thank you for your request @nummienumziecatz ~Mod Lee

There’s one time when he’s actually clingy and super sweet and that’s when he’s half asleep early in the morning or really late at night.
His favorite dates are to cafes
Matching dinosaur keychains are definitely his thing, because it’s subtle and not “a huge sign that says, hey look I’m dating someone and I think you should care”

He likes spontaneous dates, he thinks they’re the most fun.
Noya has one really big sweatshirt and he likes to wear it, so when you two are outside and you get cold, you can snuggle up with him in it.
MATCHING EVERYTHING, shirts, keychains, mittens in the wintertime, charms, everything.

He’s really worried that you get harassed by some of his more aggressive fans, so he likes to be by your side during games or in school.
He, similarly to Noya, loves matching couple’s things.
Oiks also would want to go stargazing every 2 or 3 months, even more often if his s/o is up for it.


So here it is! My (almost full) collection of accessories! Featuring scarves, badges, patches, necklaces, clips, and a few random things.

This isn’t all of it! I tend to lose a lot of my things around the house, I actually have an impressive collection of sunglasses but I can’t seem to find any!! The same goes for my scarves, the majority of them are currently decorating my home.

This collection doesn’t include shoes or bags or hats! Those will have to be done another time, heh!

(Am I Vince Noir yet?)

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pros/cons of a h/isoka bond? (from hxh) :')))


  • Will likely encourage you to not care about the past.
  • Very driven and determined.
  • Bold and shameless, will encourage confidence in yourself.


  • Sadomasochistic sociopath.
  • Will often encourage fights, and get annoyed at people that he doesn’t consider a good enough challenge.
  • Easily gains and loses interest in things and people, so he has a short attention span and will likely be a drifting soulbond.

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Hello! Could I please get a match up: I am a 5'7 INFJ, Taurus, female with long wavy brown hair and dark brown eyes (almost black). Lean/curved body type. I like science, anatomy, art, folklore, music, and cooking. I am outgoing, patient, hardworking, stubborn, and witty/sarcastic. I tend to be the mother of friends, but I neglect my needs at times and stress myself out. Yoga usually helps manage the stress. However, I will not be taken advantage of and I can give a tongue lashing when angered.

I ship you with Tsukishima Kei! Because of your witty remarks, Tsukishima becomes quite intrigued by you. Not many people are able to match wits with him but it seems like you can. It takes Tsukishima a while to actually ask you out as he’ll try to deny the fact that you intrigue him. But once he does, your relationship will take a lot of hard work from both sides. Tsukishima is use to only having Yamaguchi while you’re much more outgoing. He doesn’t understand why you’re so hardworking. He also doesn’t like the fact that you neglect your needs for your friends. But you’re patient with him, which is just what he needs. The fights between you two are legendary, with biting words going back and forth, but the makeup is just right. However, as the relationship grows, you both grow with it. You both grow accustom to each other’s needs and wants and soon it’s like you guys know each other as well as you know the back of your hand. You guys mainly have stay in dates, which is just right for your relationship. With soft music playing in the background, you’ll cook while he watches. He’ll slowly walk over and wrap his arms around your waist, inquiring about what you’re making. As much as he doesn’t want to admit, he loves listening to you talk, whether it be about what you cook or any of your interests. And of course he’ll want to watch you do yoga. ;)

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Thank you all so much! I wish I could show my appreciation more.

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Any tips on understanding a mute soulbond?

I have a few mute soulbonds myself! Usually…It’s kind of hard to explain, but I can tell how they’re feeling. Even if they can’t speak, I can generally get an idea of what they would say if they could. 

It helps to let them co-front and then allow them to write what they want to say to you, but if this isn’t something you can do I’m sure you’ll both just get used to each other in time!

Lawbreakers Closed Public Alpha Steam Keys!


How can you get one?

I would like the RT Community to have a chance at one of the keys I have. I will be giving the first one away on my Rooster Teeth journal which you can find here . All you have to do is comment on it and tell me what your favorite part about RTX was.

I want a fair amount of people to have a chance at obtaining a key, so please positive mod the post, so it can make it up on the popular content page. Comments will serve as an entry, and please note there is only one entry per user name. Winner will be chosen on 7/20 after my Last of Us stream! 

And speaking of streaming, I will be giving out ANOTHER key during TODAY’S (7/20/16)  stream. I will be starting at 6:30pm Pacific / 9:30pm Eastern. You guys have a heads up because you’re my community ;) So this is like giving you a second chance to get a key and try out the closed alpha. Stop by today’s stream at and say hi. I’m looking into raffle bots or a plug-in that will be compatible to Twitch, so come chill with me and have at another chance to win a key! Well, you’re going to be chilling. I’m going to scared out of my phuqing mind again. Last of Us is not unicorns and sunshine.

If you win the keys! I will be giving you more info as far as when the next test dates and times are.

If you don’t win the keys, you can still sign up on for a chance to play in the Alpha.

Good luck!

“Beat gravity into submission in LawBreakers, an exhilarating new first-person shooter where even the laws of physics can be shattered, creating unprecedented gravity-based combat across a bloody rebuilt American landscape.”

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Pros and cons of Latias from Pokemon Adventures (Pokespe) manga?


  • Very helpful
  • Sisterly vibes
  • Selective telepathy (can keep conversations between you and her)
  • A bit more playful and fun-loving compared to Latios.


  • Will often disobey requests to stay put if she thinks she can help
  • Known to shapeshift into a number of different forms.
  • A little reckless
  • If she doesn’t have Latios with her she might be lonely.