@bookcub posted this prompt a while back, and it sounded fun =)

1) How old are you? thirtysomething (which makes me think I should watch that show, but I never have).
2) What’s your current job? Internal/External Communications.
3) What are you talented at? Deciding I want to try a new craft and buying supplies for it, but never doing it…
4) What’s a big goal you are working toward? Finding more balance in my life and meditating. 
5) What’s your aesthetic? Cardigans and fun necklaces. I wear a necklace every day, and a cardigan almost every day (its cold in my office, and layers are key). 
6) Do you collect anything? Books, bookmarks, movie ticket stubs, fun stuff with woodland creatures on it.
7) What’s a topic you always talk about? Whatever cool facts I just read about.
8) What’s a pet peeve of yours? People being rude and disrespectful to others.
9) Good advice to give? Be good to yourself. 
10) What are three songs do you recommend? Just Like Fred Astaire by James, Breathless by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Let’s Dance by David Bowie.

I’m tagging (no pressure, only fun): @thelibraryofmars, @booksandotherimportantthings, @wishingstardust, @misha99, @heretherebebooks, @stargirl-carraway, @hufflepuffkitten93


Crossover: Super Mario X Pokémon

No one knows why, but one day, Pokémon were found everywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Koopa Troop, wasting no time, caught a bunch of them while Bowser built a League and kidnapped Princess Peach afterwards. After receiving a Pikachu and Pokédex from Professor E. Gadd, Mario or Luigi must collect eight keys to enter Bowser’s Castle and save the princess, while Wario or Waluigi tries to do the same.