This week’s Tortie Scouts is all about showing resourcefulness in Entrepreneurship!

My dream is to open a photography business! I have learned from Mommy that taking pictures is lots of fun. I even have my own Kirby-sized camera!

        WHOA THERE GUYS CHILL with all the followers now–I’ve been here for like two months and I’m just—WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE HERE GET OFF MY LAWN. Ahem. It’s been a good eventful two months since I’ve entered the Borderlands fandom. And with every new experience it was mind bogglingly anxious. But this is the nicest community I’ve been in, and probably the best of tumblr’s rp communities. This is actually the first time that I’ve played a character who’s really popular, but I’m so glad that all the Rhyses out there are so nice and we’re like family. So all I can do now is to honor them and other’s that I believe are just amazing.

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As you saw yesterday, I tested out being a professional photographer for this week’s Tortie Scouts Entrepreneurship badge!

Turns out I am going to need a very big budget for cameras…I am going to need to get new cameras all the time because they just look too tasty to resist!

New design!!😈 I’ve been brewing up this new little cut out bralette in my head since I made the new halter pattern, it’s kind of a mix of the halter bralette because of the shape but the straps are more like the classic bralettes in my shop because they don’t wrap around the neck! So happy this actually worked out even though it took me way too long to make this first sample hah but I’m quite pleased with it! I think I’ll name this the black widow bralette because of the diamond shape! Eagerly awaiting your opinions!!!🔮✂️

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Suburban Dad AU 6/??

NEW PART!! Thank you baka (keybangs) for helping. You were very helpful lol~ And I’m glad I could torture you :P And thank you bat-nerut ^^ I’m sorry I’m an idiot~ Well yes moving on..

you can read the other parts here:

part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4 - part 5 

Jonghyun sat in his room, or what was now called the “base of operations.” Jinki and Onew sat across from him, watching as Jonghyun started writing a plan.

“We’ll begin with a simple problem. Let’s ask of we can go to the movies. Get your dad interested in the movie, and then we can all see it together?”

Jinki and Onew nodded, “And what if we ask to go bowling? That would be fun too!”Jinki added.

“There’s mini golf, and we haven’t been there in a while,” Onew offered.

Jonghyun looked at the twins suspiciously, “Are you sure you’re not doing this for your own benefit?”

They shook their heads together, “What makes you say that?” Jinki asked.

“And isn’t this all for our own benefit?”

“No!” Jonghyun looked upset, “It’s for the benefit of our dads!”

There was a short silence before Taemin waddled into the room, “What are you doing? can I play?” He asked, innocently.

Jonghyun groaned, “No Taeminnie. We’re not playing a game, we’re, um.”

“Doing homework!” Jinki said, completing Jonghyun’s sentence.

“Yes, that’s it.”

“Can I sit and watch?” Taemin asked. He was enamoured with his older brother, and Minho wasn’t being very entertaining at the moment, so he had nothing better to do than to watch Jonghyun and his friends do their “homework.”

Jonghyun sighed, “Are you sure you can keep a secret?” Taemin nodded, even if he didn’t really know what it meant to keep a secret. “Their daddy, and our daddy like each other a lot.” Taemin looked a little confused, “Key and daddy like each other.” Jonghyun clarified.

“Oh!” Taemin smiled, “I like Key too!”

“Um,” Jinki tried to help, “He liked Key a looooot.”

“No no,” Onew hushed his brother, “He wants to kiss Key, do you want to kiss Key?”

Taemin made a disgusted face, “Like they do in movies?”

“Yes, do you want to kiss Key like that?” Jonghyun asked.


“See, it’s different. So daddy wants to kiss Key,” Jonghyun smiled, “But you can’t tell daddy, okay?”

Taemin smiled big, “Okay.”

They continued planning like that, plotting out movie like scenarios to put in to play later. Taemin helped, by drawing stickfigures holding hands as they went to the movies, or walking through the park together, and playing on the playground. Soon Kibum came and picked up Jinki and Onew. He drove up, staying in his car, and waiting until the boys exited the house.

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Listen to Podcast Episode 4 - Stevenbomb 3 by Bubble Buddies Podcast on Mixcloud

Episode #4 “StevenBomb 3”

Hello folks,
we finally reached StevenBomb 3, the Week of Sardonyx!

That means we are going to talk about “Cry for Help”, “Keystone Motel”, “Onion Friend”, “Historical Friction” and “Friend Ship”.

Other than usual, we sticked to our main topic most of the time, but still it became a pretty long episode.

In order to not get bored, we recommend doing something useful while listening, for example tiding up your room or drawing Steven Universe fanart! ;)

We’ve linked everything visually relevant in this blog post, you can just scroll down and look at the images while we talk about them.

So have fun listening and enjoy our podcast!

Since it’s the Week of Sardonyx we also spoke about her design and compared it to older fan made designs. This drawing by McGuniessJohn was the headcannon version of the Garnet-Pearl-fusion for Lena until “Cry for Help” aired.

But what’s this on the horizon?! A new ship has set sails!!! Due to a slip of the tongue by TomTom Lena starts shipping Rose and Sapphire. What if the two were a thing before Sapphire met Ruby? How would their relationship have looked like? And even more important: How would their fusion have looked like? We don’t have the answers yet but Lena is shipping trash, that’s for sure.

At 1h 16 mins Kat, TomTom and Lena start to talk about the play in “Historical Friction” and what fusion William Dewey could have possibly met. Lena starts confusing the amount of arms while she is rambling on. What she wanted to point out is, that the fusion in the play only has two pairs of arms while the temple statue (which is most likely a fusion of Rose, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst) has four pairs of arms. The question remains: Was the fusion that met William Dewey a different one than the temple fusion? The different amount of arms might hint to that. Then again Jamie might have made an inaccurate cutout of the fusion since he never saw the original one or didn’t think that more than four arms were needed. We can only hope that the show will pick up on this again and show us the fusion in a proper flashback scene.

What would a podcast episode be without bad jokes from the hosts? Somehow Peridot’s fast fingers have become the running gag of the Bubble Buddies podcast. Can you count how often we mention them in this episode? ;)

After discussing the StevenBomb 3 for 1 hour and 30 minutes we drift of very briefly to another topic: fan comics. An awesome comic we can all recommend is “Falling Star” by tumblr artist MimicTeixeira. You should check it out: [Chapter 1]

This is it for today, folks!

We hope you enjoyed episode 4 of BUBBLE BUDDIES - The Steven Universe Fan Podcast!

See you next time, when we talk about Bad Pearl and the Lost Universe Theory!

Lena, Kat & TomTom