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Star Signs As Key Anime/VN Tropes
  • Aries: the mystery kuudere who fights like a true badass
  • Taurus: the male main character chick magnet with attitude and a heart of gold
  • Gemini: the girl who dies then somehow comes back to life
  • Cancer: the character that was an animal turned to human all along
  • Leo: the tsundere
  • Virgo: the girl with a nonsense moe catchphrase
  • Libra: the mommy who looks as young as her kids do
  • Scorpio: the random background character whose only purpose is to spout exposition or be mean to a main character
  • Sagittarius: the main character's funny best friend
  • Capricorn: the cute animal mascot
  • Aquarius: the genius
  • Pisces: the princess girl who talks all fancy

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