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Same As It Always Is

Pairing: Dean x Reader (ish)

Word Count: 2300ish

Warnings: Possibly some cursing. Grumpy Dean.

Read Part 2 by @melonshino here! (Coming June 14th)

Read Part 3 by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes here! (Coming June 15th)

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters Annoying Characters Writing Challenge! Our prompt was to use “Someone’s taking up two seats on public transit, so she has to stand” somewhere in our story. Tierra and Ida’s parts will be posted in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for more annoying fun!!


The mood in the bunker was as light as it had ever been before. After your last hunt, Sam had insisted that you all take a few days to regroup and just relax for once in your lives.

Of course, the way the boys relaxed wasn’t exactly… relaxing. They were relaxing the only way they knew how.

Sam spent his time taking notes and reading books of lore. You honestly weren’t sure if he was sleeping or not - when you woke up in the morning he was reading, and by the time you went to bed he was still reading.

Dean spent his time off working on his Baby. It baffled you that someone could do so much work on one car, but Dean insisted that she was always a work in progress.

Your way to relax was to actually relax. Television shows and junk food consumed your life for the first two days of your break, but by day three, you were getting a little stir crazy. To entertain yourself, you decided to explore around the bunker.

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Study Tips Teachers Don’t Tell You + Lazy DIY School Organization! (By Primrose)
  1. If you haven’t studied and you have a test that day, listen to a crash course. It compresses all the material you need to know in 10-15 minutes. A youtube channel where you can find crash courses is 
  2. Use a pre-made quizlet to test yourself. There’s bound to be someone out there who has put out a quiz on the topic you’re studying. Just make  a quick google search or look for it on quizlet. This way, you don’t need to waste time making your own flashcards. Another app that allows you to search for/ make flashcards is ‘TinyCards’. 
  3. Don’t study what you already know. Honestly, it’s just a waste of time. You might feel smart when you test yourself and know it, but you’re just fooling yourself. Instead, focus on the material you aren’t clear about. 
  4. If you end up in the situation having to cram for a test (we’ve all been there), use the summaries at the end of each chapter in your textbook. It compresses everything you need to know in a few pages, and gives you a general gist of everything you need to know. 
  5. Only use this tip if you’re especially desperate. Memorize certain key words on your study guide, forget about knowing what they mean. During the test, if you see a certain word/ phrase looking familiar, it should be the correct option. (The video didn’t specify this, but this only works for MCQ <Multiple Choice Questions>) 
  6. If you’re just too lazy or can’t find the time to get a planner, this is how to make a cheap planner: Grab a piece of paper, write down the days of the week and the things you have to do/ events you have to attend. It’s much better than remembering everything in your head, because you’re bound to forget something. 
  7. Use a file/ binder with all your subjects in it. This is kind of hard for me to explain, but a way of organization is using a file/ binder with all your subjects’ worksheets etc organized by dividers. To make your own divider, grab a piece of paper, cut out a small piece of coloured paper and tape it to the edge of the paper. Using a binder with all your worksheets in it means you don’t have to carry as many binders/ stuff to school (I found that this tip doesn’t work for me, but then again, it’s your own personal preference) 

Hi, it’s me again. I found that these tips aren’t really helpful, but that’s from my own personal experience. 

Like or reblog if this helped, and comment what other videos you’d like me to do :-) 

Watch the original video here: 

Hey you guys! I’ve had this uke for almost four months now, and I decided to finally try it!

Please comment and tell me what I need to work on! If you notice the uke is somewhat out of tune, or I need to work on a certain key, or I need to day out a certain word- whatever! I will gladly take any criteria to get better!

This song belongs to Rebecca Sugar, Cartoon network, and it’s respective owners.

Please don’t repost, edit, or the like.

P: 6-13-17

Thank you!

loveforthemoonandstars  asked:

Hey, so I'd like to write but it feels like I can't and I'm avoiding it or something. I can't start or continue while I've had some ideas for years. I do get new ideas but I still don't write. Any tips/ advice?


I answer this question quite a lot – I’m actually going to ask you guys to search key words in your asks before asking me, because there are certain questions that I get on a regular basis, and I’ve answered each of them about 10 times. (Don’t think I’m mad at you – I’m just giving everyone who reads this a kind of PSA. I’m fixing to put a disclaimer in my ask guidelines as well.)

Anyways, to answer your question: force yourself to write and inspiration will come back. It’ll feel like pulling teeth, and you may hate what you’ve written and think it’s uninspired, but bad writing is better than no writing.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

We Must Not Look at Goblin Men, We Must Not Buy Their Fruit

A Gravity Falls fic inspired by the de-aged!Stan AU formulated by disappeareddraws and expanded on by thesnadger. Go check out their amazing art for this AU, it’s sooo lovely! :D

After seeing a part of the drawing where lil!Stan learns the truth about what happened between him and Ford I got to thinking: what if a vulnerable lil!Stan fled into the woods and was found by a certain dream demon?

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i want us all to band together and get that lgbt anti smoking blog to delete bc im tired of seeing lgbt people being stereotyped to all hell. my first problem isnt even that theyre focusing on “smoking will make you ugly” instead of “smoking can damage your lungs and fucking kill you” its the fact that theyre only focusing on smoking in the lgbt community?? instead of things that are actually affecting us such as homelessness, abuse, inadequate healthcare, hate crimes and ignorance, most of which actually can lead people to smoking. using gay stereotypes to appeal to lgbt kids is just going to make you look more like an asshole @thisfreelife. you cant just insert certain key words and rainbows into your ads to get us to like them. listen to the criticism youre getting from actual lgbt people instead of just shrugging it off

I Miss You

Kuroo struggled, checking his phone for the millionth time, his battery now at 4%. It only added to his already heavily present anxiety.

Zero new messages.

Not a single phone call. Missed or otherwise.

What was he doing? What had they even been fighting about? All his stupid thoughts of ‘refusing to break first’ suddenly didn’t matter anymore. His fault, Tsukki’s fault, who cared? His heart clenched. Deep down he knew it was probably his own fault.

Fuck it.

He dialed the number that he knew by heart. It rang four times. He knew because he had counted.


“Kei. Kei listen-”

“You’ve reached Tsukishima Kei. I’m currently unavailable. Please leave a message.”

Kuroo’s hand shook, and he nearly dropped the phone. Hearing the beep at the end of the line was like hearing an alarm go off, his nerves short circuiting. He couldn’t muster the strength to speak. His voice cracked, tears falling freely from his face. “Kei, I’m sorry. I don’t even…shit.” He inhaled, looking up at the sky, trying to hold in his tears, or push them back down, he didn’t know. “Please pick up. I-I know you’re there. Look we can…we can just…”

“Fuck Kei I’m so sorry. I…” his voice trembled, and so he stopped himself, rubbing his face with his free hand. “My phone’s about to die. I don’t know what to say. I have too much to say. I love you. Please just…even if you hate me, just tell me. Please just pick up the phone and tell me you hate me.”

“I hate you.”

Hearing his voice was an amazing thing. It sparked hope, that voice. By now, Kuroo had mastered Tsukishima speak. It relied heavily on separate intonations and emphasis on certain words. And from the way Kei had said those words, Kuroo knew that what he really meant was, I feel bad about this too.

“Kei! Kei, Jesus. I-”

“I know.”

You talk too much.

“I love you. More than anything.”

“We need to talk about this properly.” He said strictly.

I want to see you.

Kuroo nodded his head, before realizing that was a stupid thing, since no one was there to see him. “Anything! Say the word and I’m on the next train to Miyagi.”

“You’re so dramatic.”

Go, then.

Kuroo inhaled sharply once again. “I-I really do love you, Kei.”

There was a long pause. So long, in fact, that Kuroo thought his phone had shut off.

“You’re…” he heard Tsukki sigh on the other end, “You’re more trouble than you’re worth, you know.”

I love you too.

Tetsu laughed stupidly through his tears, “I know. I know I know.  I…fuck I wish I could hug you.”

He could almost hear Kei cringing through the phone. His answer, though, surprised him. 

“I’d like that.”

Kuroo stood, shocked and frozen in place. He almost didn’t know how to respond. Had Kei actually said those words?

“T-Tsukki? Really? You mean it? I can do that! As many as you want, Kei. Fuck,” he glanced at his watch, “I think the earliest train leaves at 7:30 tomorrow morning.”

“Sounds like you have a train to book then.”

Please hurry.

“I will! I’ll-”

He heard his phone click, and quickly checked the screen. It wasn’t the battery. Sure it was at 1%, the little icon in the corner of his phone blaring and flashing at him in red to CONNECT TO CHARGER, but his phone hadn’t dropped the call. Kei had hung up.

Kuroo smiled to himself. To anyone else it may have seemed rude. But one thing Kei hated more than anything was saying goodbye. So he never did. And this, cutting him off and hanging up on him, just before Kuroo’s phone had a chance to shut down completely—

Tetsu scoffed, shaking his head and smiling to himself.

That was Tsukishima’s way of saying I miss you.

And Kuroo heard it, loud and clear.

#2794. Pac-Man introduced the Smashers to the majority of Bandai Namco’s games. Little Mac played Tekken, his main being Steve Fox due to being a boxer. Captain Falcon enjoyed Ridge Racer and just won against the Angelus and Crinale. The Fire Emblem characters, Kid Icarus characters, and Legend of Zelda characters were into Soul Calibur and Tales of Series (though Link actually already knew about Soul Calibur due to being invited as a guest character). Fox and Falco liked Ace Combat and had no trouble with the missions in Ace difficulty. Kirby and Yoshi played the classic Klonoa. The villagers of Animal Crossing enjoyed the gameplay of Katamari Damacy. Surprisingly, Greninja also played one of Bandai Namco’s games; it’s a certain game with ninjas based on a certain manga of the said key word.

Crowley smirked as he heard footsteps echo throughout the room. He recognised those steps.
“Hello darling, come to pay little ol’ me a visit?” The doors opened to find you standing there. You looked at him for a few seconds then before turning away leaving the doors open. He looked at the empty space before finally you returned with a bowl in one hand and two glasses with a bottle of scotch in the other. “What’s this?” A word didn’t leave you when you sat down placing the bowl, it contained some water a little rag, as well as placing the rum and glasses down. But you didn’t sit down, you grabbed the rag and wringed it out before walking over to Crowley.
“Hold still, this may or may not sting.” You quietly said as you put the rag close towards his face, but he leaned back quickly.
“What are you doing?”
“Cleaning your face.” You answred nonchalantly as you just pressed the rag to his face and wipped it across his face off of the blood on his face that was left there from when the Winchesters were trying to get information from him.
“Okay what do you want?” He asked as he watched you clean his face.
“Someone to talk to, also to clean your face because it’s rude to treat our guest like this.”
“You can stop the foreplay.”

You sighed once you finished cleaning, placing the rag back in the bowl pushing it to the side of the table and sat down.
“Want a drink?” Crowley didn’t say anything as he watched you pour a glass and pushed it to Crowley then one for yourself and seated. “So how have you been?”
“Absoloutly peachy- well besides the fact that squirrel and moose won’t let me stretch my legs, or offer me a drink or food. I mean it’s the least that they could do if they’re gonna keep me hear.” Crowley reach out to his glass but he couldn’t reach it to his head even if he cranked his head down. “Uh…”
“Want some help or a straw.” A silly straw was in your hand as you smirked towards him.
“I’m good.”
“Are you sure? You’ve been in here a while, haven’t had blood in a while too.” The straw twirled around your fingers as you leaned back side glancing Crowley.
“Well you may as well put it in a sippy cup.”
“Funny you mention that.” You huffed as you put a sippy cup on the table.
“Where do you-”
“Pockets. It’s called pockets.” You couldn’t help but smile as you Crowley continued to struggle to try and get a drink. Yet the chain still restrain the needed movement, until you put the straw in the glass for him. “I won’t tell anyone.”

After a few minutes of silence Crowley finally broke it when he was finished with his drink, by silly straw.
“So you won’t tell anyone about, y'know?”
“Well it might be the last thing Abaddon will hear… key word being ‘might’ depending on how certain things will turn out.”
“Certain….things?” Crolwey slowly put his glass down leaning forward interested. “This outta be juicy.”
“Well it’s one smoothy I know you wouldn’t want to drink.”
“Oh I’m sure-”
And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive.

“You should-”
“I have lung cancer.”
“I should answer that.” You stood up grabbing the phone from you pocket, “What the fuck do you want now.” You whispered before answering. “YO DEANOREANO WHAT’S UP MY MAN…..Oh yeah just give me a few, I’ll text you the info…Kay see ya.”
“What do they need this time?”
“Some info and simple background checks. Anyway nice talking to ya.” You picked up your stuff and started to walk away.
“Wait we’re not going to talk about the whole lung cancer thing?”
“Don’t worry the next drink you’ll get is when the boys are outta town again.” And with that you closed the doors leaving Crowley in the dark like how he has been beforehand.

Crowley sat their think about you, not how to get back at the Winchesters or Abaddon, you. Why you were so nice to him- well actually that was easy, you needed to tell someone about your lung cancer and Crowley was a last choice because the brothers would’ve lost their shit. Yet why Crowley? Was it because you were a hunter and a natural enemy with demons and all that. The fact that he was locked up? The boys were out? Just needed to tell someone? Why Crowley?

Wait, is it to side-track him from other things? But what other things could he do while he’s in the blasted chains.

Why did you provide HIM with this?

Why did you tell HIM?

Why does he care?

Playing Bisexual Book Detective

So here at bisexual-books, we frequently talk about playing “bisexual book detective.”  What does that mean?  It means the strange and frustrationg process by which we attempt to find fiction books with bisexual characters, content, or themes.  Since so few books actually use the b-word when describing their bisexual protagonists, we end up reading the jacket copy for clues as we try to guess whether this “transgressive cutting-edge exploration of the ambiguity of love and sexual identity” is really just about a bi character.

 In many ways it’s like searching for old lesbian pulp novels. In the 1950’s and 60’s, the L-word was rarely used so readers had to look for certain key-words and euphemisms. “Twilight girls” was a good one. “Strange” or “Odd” women. “Shadow worlds.” If you saw a cover advertising the “Shadow world of twilight love and strange women,” you knew you had yourself a lesbian pulp! You can see some good examples here or on the wallpaper of fuckyeahlesbianliterature.

So just like old post-WWII lesbian pulps, modern novels with bisexual characters rarely just come out and use the dreaded b-word on the cover (or as we frequently notice, use the word anywhere at all). So as a public service, here are a few of the phrases we look for when we play bisexual book detective:

  • “ambiguity”
  • “curiosity”
  • “confused sexuality”
  • “fluid sexuality”
  • really if it says anything int he first sentence about a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and then a “surprising attraction” to someone later in the jacket description 
  • “cutting edge”
  •  “sexually transgressive”
  • “a novel of desire”
  • an “impossible choice” between two people who are conspicuously not gendered in their description
  • “sexual adventure”

There are two things we want to note about this list: 
First, notice how many of these things are variations on bisexual stereotypes.

Second, notice how they make our orientation all about SEX.  It is dehumanizing.  Bisexuality is not an identity, but a sex act. 

It makes us wince and rub our temples. 

- Ellie and Sarah 

kokoruchan  asked:

A recent post mentioned the steps involved in getting an interview - the first being getting past HR. What if you're self taught? If you have relevant skills and some samples of work, but your degree is NOT in computer science? What's the likelihood that your resume will make it past HR?

More than anything, when HR looks at a resume they are looking for certain key words. To get your resume past HR, you’ll need to showcase the specific keywords they’re looking for in your resume. Here are some sample keywords and phrases they will usually look for (for an engineer):


  • C/C++/C#
  • Object-Oriented
  • Engine
  • Data-driven
  • Assets
  • Algorithms


  • Gameplay / Gameplay Systems
  • AI / Artificial Intelligence
  • Pathfinding
  • Combat
  • Scripting
  • Worked with Designer/Artist
  • Animation


  • Rendering/Renderer
  • Optimization/Optimize
  • Driver
  • Shader
  • Lighting

There are other keywords for other specializations, like tools, network, build, etc. as well.  The important thing to remember is that these keywords will only get you past the first gatekeeper. Even if your resume gets passed from HR to the hiring manager, you still need to demonstrate enough skill to use the terms correctly to describe your work and experience in a sentence or two to an expert - someone who will have the context and experience to understand the work you did.

Remember - when we are hiring, we won’t just accept the first person to meet some minimum cutoff criteria. We’ll try to gather a pool of qualified candidates and then choose the best-looking candidate from that pool. Even in the case of the perfect candidate, the deliberation process can take weeks or even stretch to months because it’s an incredibly expensive mistake to rectify if we hire the wrong person.

If you want to work for us, you need to make yourself look the best relative to everyone else in the pool. You need to make yourself the most appealing candidate you can. Otherwise making it past HR won’t mean anything - the hiring manager has ultimate veto and will just toss the resume into the goat feeder. You must absolutely be ready and able to talk in depth about each and every thing you describe on your resume/CV, or else the hiring manager’s BS detection alarm will go off and you’ll find your resume fed to the goat. 

Requests Opened for 24 Hours!

Alright, guys! So, I have cleared over 750 asks in my inbox and I’m so sorry, but I also deleted all the requests. I knew that I wasn’t going to get any of them written. I need NEW ideas. 

That’s where you all come in! 

For the next TWENTY-FOUR hours, I will be accepting requests. Just make sure to follow the guidelines, PLEASE. I’M IMPLORING YOU. 


  • General Reader insert fics is what I write. GENERAL being the key word. I will not be writing about a reader with certain physical characteristics, etc. I’m sorry, but I want everyone to feel included. 
  • No requests about triggering subjects allowed. (Depression, self-harm, suicide, non-con, dub-con, etc.) Please. NO. I will not write this because I believe fanfiction is an escape, not a reminder. 
  • Tropes that are known for a certain character are not allowed. (For example: Bucky hates his metal arm, the reader love it and shows him. Steve doesn’t know how to use technology, etc.)
  • If you request song fics, give me a plot to go with the song, PLEASE. Don’t just say “Bucky x Reader with Sam Smith’s Leave Your Lover.” Requests like these will be deleted.
  • Be specific. Don’t send fluffy Bucky x Reader, etc. I need well-thought out plots, please.
  • Keep in mind, I will NOT write every request I get, being that some of them won’t work out for me
  • No virgin!readers please. No virgins anywhere. 
  • I do NOT write actor fics. Please don’t ask for actors. I just write for fictional characters.


  • Bucky Barnes
  • Steve Rogers
  • Sam Wilson
  • T’Challa
  • Pietro Maximoff
  • Clint Barton
  • Bruce Banner
  • Tony Stark
  • Scott Lang

I will NOT write for Peter Parker. Why? Because he’s a kid and I am way older than him and that’s just creepy as all fuck. 

Alright, guys! Go ahead and request. 

Requests will be closing at:

8PM EST (-5 UTC) (NEW YORK CITY TIME) on Saturday, Sep. 17. 


anonymous asked:

Arthur only wanted to take Merlin so he would do all the work

you mean, as his servant? are you suggesting that arthur wanted to run away from his life as a prince specifically because he wanted to be equal to everyone else, but merlin still wouldn’t be his equal in this situation? especially since arthur always gave merlin the choice to sit something out, so he would most likely give merlin the choice to stay in camelot. but he knew without a shadow of a doubt that merlin would obviously want to go with him.

also, you’re jumping straight to the “servant” excuse and forgetting an important bit of logic: merlin grew up in a farming village and knew his way around a farm. merlin, who would obviously have to teach arthur everything about farming because god forbid arthur pendragon isn’t the best at every goddamn thing he does. until, eventually, arthur would start joking that merlin was useless and he, arthur pendragon, was obviously a better farmer than him.

and while we’re on the topic of things that are obvious, i can tell you verbatim what arthur’s exact words were because they are written on my soul…..

“obviously, i would take merlin with me.”

now, merriam-webster defines the word “obviously” as “in a way that is easy to see, understand, or recognize.” oxford goes on to define it as “lacking in subtly.” so synonyms for this may be “it’s plain to see,” “it goes without saying,” or “you should have known this already because everyone else does.”

furthermore, the emphasis in arthur’s voice as he says the word obviously is truly telling, because it shows he feels the following phrase is so evident that it’s redundant to even say it.

In this essay, I will discuss how nonverbal communication, namely verbal inflections in certain key words, reveal one’s innermost desires. Using dialogue examples from BBC’s Merlin, I will justify that,


Generally speaking, Echo wasn’t one to stop for a drink after work. Exhausting her job might be, but extra socialization rarely helped. 

Key word: rarely. Some nights, after dealing with certain patients, a bot needed to go out and talk to other, less-stubborn companions–and given the patient in question, less-stubborn really wasn’t hard to find. 

She didn’t seek out anyone in particular this time; instead, she picked up a drink and sat down at the nearest table without paying much attention to who else was there. “Evening. This seat taken?”


i can’t think of any advice i can give to other artists more valuable than “draw a lot of different things.” people say to practice all the time but the key word here is different

after a certain point drawing the same thing over and over again won’t improve your drawing skills in general, it’ll only refine your ability to draw that one thing. and even then you’ll only go so far. you might develop a superficial style with little quirks to make your drawings of that one thing more unique, but those won’t help in the long run. you’ll probably be making a lot of the same mistakes over and over again if you don’t challenge yourself or let yourself settle because “oh well that’s just my style.” drawing a wide variety of things will hone your raw drawing talent and improve your techniques across the board

don’t be afraid to draw the hard things. like the kind of stuff people charge extra for when doing commissions. just go for it and you’ll learn along the way. leave your comfort zone. do you only draw characters? try backgrounds. draw robots with complex, geometric designs. draw people with different body types and facial structures. try different color palettes with different hues and levels of saturation. draw animals, and different species of animals at that. draw people from different angles and in different poses. draw characters in different outfits. draw plants and rocks and shit. draw with lines. draw without lines. draw with different line weights. shade things. study anatomy. draw embarassing, sloppy shit that you don’t want to post just as a learning experience. and use as many references as possible, too

do this and you will draw real good and make one billion dollars on weasyl

anonymous asked:

fitz decided to play wingman for both jemma and skye and then one day the three of them were bonding (or working in the lab), then jemma moves in to give skye a friendly kiss on the cheek. fitz points at something over jemma's direction and when skye turns her head, hers and jemma's lips crash. oh and maybe add a bit of fitz doing a victory dance on the background maybe? thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!

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About Underfell and Smut

Alrighty guys.

There seems to be this confusion about the Underfell AU when it comes to drawing smut. 

Underfell is an alternative universe of Undertale made by the people over on the Underfell blog (linked already above for those interested) where the idea is the characters of Underfel are evil as opposed to being good (as they are in Undertale). The designs are just darker, edgy versions of the characters (they have a whole FAQ and design page up) but otherwise they have left the entire AU free to be added to and decided by the people making art. 

Now, any fandom no matter what it is is going to have artwork that is smutty and not safe for work (or minors). They have stated they do not want anything that is porn, smut, suggestive, etc being tagged in the #underfell tag due to the minors in the fandom (including mods on the blog). They have said, however, although they prefer everything remaind PG-13, they recognize people will draw smut so they have asked it to be tagged #underfrick so that it will not show up in the #underfell tag. That can be read here

Now, of course, Tumblr’s tagging system isn’t that simple. Any time someone writes anything with certain key words, Tumblr will pop it into the related tag (even if I do not tag this it will pop up since I have mentioned Undertale and Underfell repeatedly). 

Am I speaking on behalf of the mods over at Underfell? No, of course I’m not. They have stated the prefer smut to not be drawn, but if it is, please do not tag it as underfell. If they’re saying they accept it will be made anyway, then please, people, use the proper tags and don’t write Underfell all over the post. It’s not hard.