key was there too ;)

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I just love your "if bo had a little bro" art and hc's! So good and so precious, it all fits in so well ♡

Thank you, you precious Anon! I’m glad there are people that like/love/don’t mind my self-indulgent Bo fam art and headcanons. Have a little thing I drew this morning because I love hearing people like this stuff and because I find it funny.

So how many mind-fucks do you think Konoha can handle in any given sitting before he can’t take it anymore and goes to vent somewhere? Shouji would probably piss him off, too. Is Shou a low-key instigator? I think at least with people he knows and are comfortable with. He’s pretty shy and awkward around new people and surroundings. But I think even he has the potential to be a little shit given the opportunity. 

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Makes me emotional when I remember just how much King Dorephan liked Link and approved of Mipha's love. "Hell yeah you can marry that elf boy. Go for it sweetie." Dialogue suggests they were really good friends. Gah now I'm imagining the father-in-law son-in-law bonding and happy fish family. *shakes fist* GANONNNN!

Why does Calamity Ganon have to be a hater!? LET THE FISH PRINCESS BE HAPPY!!!

But nah man,  the zora in general seem pretty chill with inter species relationships which was cool to see! So Link could totally marry the fish princess and have a 10 ft toll wife.

Man the king was probably a low key shipper on board too, “Oh there’s nothing here but boring council meetings. Why don’t you go to go chill on Vah Ruta?” cause he’s just so supportive and wants to see his daughter happy