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Hi Sarah! Do you have any advice on freshman in uni, first time moving out of a house with my own bedroom and lots of privacy, to an apartment that I'm going to share with 5 other girls, and a bedroom I'm sharing with 1 girl and her dog?? I'm at a complete loss at what to bring and what to expect

10 Things To Think About When Moving In To A New Apartment With New Roommates, A List I Just Made Up And Is Not At All Inspired By The Horror Story of My Personal Experiences.

1) holy cannoli that is a lot of bodies to share a space with. Be aware that that is…a lot of bodies to share a space with, and you might have to carve out a cubicle in he library, or a practice room in the Music Building, or somewhere else where you can go to be alone. This is not a moral failing, just know that option is open to you.

2) be really really up front with what you need. Notice I did not say “exactly how you want your life to look”—I mean the things you absolutely cannot give up. For instance, if you know that Roommate B’s habit of listening to music without headphones in the kitchen will make you go insane axe-murderer on her, that’s something you need to talk about with Roommate B.

This is especially important if you’re crammed into a 8x10 space with someone. Clarifying with your Bedroommate that you need quiet after 10pm—or you’re not helping walk the dog—or you sometimes need time to yourself & it’s not a reflection on her—is something to talk about now rather than later, when you’re more likely to have an argument than a discussion.

3) Chances are, you will have to compromise on what you need anyway. Communication just makes it more likely to reach a genuine compromise, where everybody isn’t tearing their hair out or suppressing anger.

4) Have a chore wheel, or at least agree on a system for taking care of the mess. It’s the dorkiest thing in the entire world, but a chore wheel where you guys are explicit about when everybody needs to do their stuff, is the easiest way to head 50% of fights at the pass. If possible, spell out what each task means: “clean the bathroom” = “wiping down the shower, windexing the mirror, cleaning the toilet bowl, and sweeping the floor”

Someone is still not going to do their job and you’re going to have a repeat of the cold war over a stack of dishes in the sink. But at least if you can point to the chore wheel it’ll be resolved much more easily.

5) Be very clear on what each roommate is paying for. Are you guys going to share groceries? Split only basics like toilet paper, spices, milk and eggs? Is the stuff in common areas (dishes, pots, tables, books, tvs) communal? Do you owe anyone for using it?

6) I recommend a monthly roommate meeting. We used to have ours at 10pm on Sunday, because everyone was generally in the apartment then. We used the Roommate Meetings to pay bills (rent and utilities) but also to talk about any issues we felt pertinent.

And I only had 2 roommates. With 5, you probably definitely need a time to circle up and get shit in order.

7) There is never going to be enough counter space, table space, general-flat-surface space for all your junk. Never. I live alone with a kitchen island and tabletop cart and there isn’t. It’s some sort of law of the universe.

8) Be reasonable. You can hate how loud Roommate C’s friends are all you like, but she is entitled to have them over Friday night for board games. If she cleared it with you beforehand, Roommate D’s boyfriend can come stay for the week even if you’re sick of seeing his face over your oatmeal. Flexibility and understanding from you means you’ll get the same in return.

9) But also, be prepared to enforce your boundaries. If Roommate D’s boyfriend decides not to leave after a week, and actually looks like he might be de facto moving in, you’re well within your rights to approach D and your other roommates and talk to them about how that isn’t what you signed up for.

10) WHAT TO BRING (on top of the typical stuff that I imagine you’re already bringing, like a bed, sheets, towels, clothes, etc.)

  • Cleaning products. 
    • You will need them. Probably immediately after showing up when you realize the previous tenants didn’t do an A+ job.
  • 1 pot, 1 skillet, 1 pan, a knife and a wooden spoon 
    • (I don’t know if you’re planning on cooking much, but you can cook pretty much everything in the entire universe of food if you have these five things.)
  • Command strips. 
    • The best part of command strips is now not only can you hang that cool poster, but they come in hooks too. I hang practically everything from command hooks—all my cooking spoons, towels, necklaces, keys. The easiest way to organize stuff.
  • A couple rubbermaid or general storage boxes, of a size that will fit under your bed or in the back of your closet. 
    • You are 100% going to have stuff that you need, but not right now: your stash of winter clothes, extra pads or tampons (if necessary), spare cleaning products, the iron, shoes you really only wear with this one outfit, etc. Stick all that stuff in a box to keep the mess from sprawling everywhere.
  • Tape and scissors. 
    • Do not ask me why you (or your roommates) will end up needing tape and scissors, I don’t know. But you will.
  • At least 1 of your favorite things.
    • Look, it’s not always the first night, or even the second. But there’s going to be a night when you’re finished unpacking and the excitement of a new place has worn off, when you lay in bed and your heart finally realizes you aren’t home anymore. That you are in a strange place, and everything is going to be weird and different for a while until you settle into it. And you are going to feel an awful, niggling panic and misery rise up from the center of you like a cold tide.
    • And then, you’re really going to want your favorite book, or Nutella, or that comic you’ve been promising yourself, or whatever it is that won’t…really make anything better, but might make you feel better about it
Don’t Ignore Me

Summary: Shawn’s been ignoring you and you want answers, and you definitely get the answers you need.

Requested: Yes ( Can you please write an imagine where Shawn’s head over hills for you but doesn’t want to tell you because he’s scared to ruin your relationship and scared of falling in love? So he distances himself and acts different until you’re fed up and confronts him which causes an argument and a testy eyed confession? I’m sorry if it’s too much.)

Word count: 1.7k

Warnings: none, maybe some language



Being good friends with Shawn definitely was good, however, sometimes that boy could be so moody. For instance, you could be hanging out at his condo one night with all of your mutual friends, and the next thing you knew, he wouldn’t talk to you for weeks. It was exhausting sometimes honestly.

Today wasn’t any different. You had woken up on the couch in Shawn’s living room after a long night at his place. He had just gotten back from finishing up a tour and had everyone come to his place for a party. You searched his fridge for something to drink when you heard footsteps enter the kitchen. You turned to see who had joined you, “Oh hey Shawn. Good morning. Do you want anything? I was thinking of making a breakfast for everyone in a little bit if that’s okay with you. Last night was a lot of fun by the way. It was good to have everyone back together again, although I have to say, I honestly don’t remember some of it.” A quick chuckle fell from your lips.

“Uh, yeah, I guess. You know where things are at.” He ran his hand through his hair, grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and left to go back to his room. Your eyebrows furrowed at his short response. You sighed, knowing that this was going to be a start of his ‘ignoring you’ routine.

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Steam, part 1

A/N:  Thanks as always to my brilliant betas:  @little-black-dress-24, @emulateharry and @niallandharrymakemestrong!  Couldn’t do this without their ongoing support and encouragement.  

“Excuse me,” you mutter, as you push aside the young men and women to get to the gym entrance.   Shouldering the next person gently aside as you approach the gym door, you hear an “Oi!” in return as he moves his gym bag, but you don’t stop to acknowledge the voice.  He notices you, the way you move, and the way you casually ignore the situation.  “Excuse me,” you respond wearily.  

Harry pauses in signing autographs to check you out.  Today, you saw a string of patients, and your shoulders are weighed down by their troubled souls.  Your grey pencil skirt, black knit shirt, and high heeled black ankle boots mask the heaviness of your spirit as you stride with purpose.  He can’t help but observe the sway of your ass in that skirt as your heels make it wiggle from side to side, although it’s mostly your exhaustion and the fact that your feet hurt that moves your hips rather than any desire to be seductive.  His mouth and throat dry as he watches you reach for the gym door handle, shifting your bag higher on your left shoulder, pulling open the door with your right hand.  Inside his jeans, he feels his cock twitch; the woman standing in front of him prods him with a salty “Sign it to Char, please,” as she flashes him a look at her cleavage in the push-up bra and low-cut shirt, drawing his attention back to the crowd around him.  Why he bothered to start signing shit tonight escapes him at the moment.  Now he’ll never get his full workout in.  Taking a deep breath, he tells the group, “I’ll sign five more, and that’s it.”  Over the years he’s learned to set boundaries.

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Heat Haze

Summary: You and Cas go for a night swim, and are both very pleased to see that there’s a hot tub.

Request: How about some smut where Reader is in a hot tub or pool with Cas and he’s all flustered because she’s wearing a bikini. And it just leads to some really fluffy smut
-Requested by Anon

A/N: I went a little wild for this one! I hope you all like it! <3

Pairing: Human!Cas x Reader

Warnings: smut (kinda public, outside hot tub/pool area), language, enough fluff to kill.

Word Count: 3.2k (Sorry not sorry)

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If there was anything worse than having to sleep next to a sweaty Winchester in a shitty motel room with a broken window air conditioning unit, you hadn’t discovered it yet. You’d much rather be in hell. Literally.

You were wide awake at two o’clock in the morning while laying on the edge of the bed, because Dean’s a bed hog, Sam was way too large to even try and share a bed with, and a newly humanized angel was sleeping on the couch.

Now you weren’t by any means saying that you were mad at Cas, but..if he still had his grace you would have a place to sleep right now. Dean was..cuddly in his sleep, and it was just flat out way too hot for his arm to be draped over your stomach right now.

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Roommate Luke (Smut)

The LA air was hot and sticky, making the inside of Y/N’s small apartment feel like a sauna. Walking over to the thermostat, she jiggled the switch only to met with a blank screen.

 “Fuck!” she yelled, slamming her hand against the wall.

This was the third time this year that the thermostat had stopped working. Angrily, she grabbed her Iphone out of her back pocket and dialed her landlord’s number. When he didn’t answer she left a nasty voicemail for him to listen to.

“What the hell is going on in here?” her room mate Luke asked, walking into the small living room, drenched in sweat. “And why is it so fucking hot in here?”  

 “The thermostat is broken again,” she told him, anger evident in her voice.

 “Of course it is! And on the hottest day of the year too,” he groaned, running his fingers through his blonde hair. “Wanna go to the pool?”


 Luke watched as Y/N pulled off one of his t shirts, revealing her black bikini. It fit her perfectly, showing off all of her curves and he smirked as she caught him watching her.

“Don’t even think about it Hemmings,” she said, tossing her t shirt at him which he quickly swatted away.

 Luke laughed as the two of them walked over to the pool, their skin glistening in the hot sun. They walked down the steps, the cool water, enveloping their bodies. Even though the water was cold, Y/N could still feel herself sweating.

 She watched as Luke went under the water and swam to the deeper end of the pool. When he came above the water, he motioned for him to join her. Slowly she swam over, stopping when she realized she wouldn’t be able to touch the bottom of the pool.

 “Come here,” Luke said, holding his arms out when she told him what was wrong.

She swam over and placed her hands in his as he pulled her closer. She moved her hands to his tan shoulders as she giggled feeling his hands on her hips.

 “What would Owen think about this?” Luke laughed, referring to Y/N’s boyfriend.

 “Fuck Owen,” Y/N replied, rolling her eyes.

 Luke’s eyes widened in surprise. “Did you guys break up?”

 Y/N nodded. “He wasn’t the right guy for me. Plus he sucked in bed.”

 Luke let out a deep laugh. “Well that’s always a deal breaker for me.”

 Y/N laughed. “Luke, the entire time we’ve been living together, you’ve never once had a girlfriend. It’s only been one night stands who never see again.”

 “Which is because they all suck in bed,” Luke joked.

 “Not from what I can hear.”

 Luke’s eyes went wide in surprise, his face turning a slight shade of pink. “What are you talking about?”

 “Let’s just say the walls are pretty thin.”

 “Well I’m sure I’m better than anyone you’ve ever been with.”

 “There was one guy that was good…” Y/N said. “He’d be pretty hard to beat.”

Luke’s grip on her waist tightened in response and she glanced up at him. Her eyes moved across his lips as he bit down on his bottom lip, thinking. He had no idea what he was doing to her. He bit down on his lip all the time but at this particular moment it was all she could focus on. Her core began to slowly throb as she thought about being with him.

Pulling herself closer to him and she brushed her lips against his. When he didn’t respond she began to pull away. His hand rested on her cheek as he moved her face towards his, his lips landing against hers. He kissed her roughly as their lips moved together as if they had done this a million times before. She tugged on his lower lip and ran her tongue along his teeth. He parted his mouth and her tongue slid in, intertwining with his.

 Her legs wrapped around his waist and she could feel his semi erection pressing against her core. His hands moved along her thighs coming to a stop when he reached her bikini bottoms.

“What the fuck?” he groaned, looking down at her, his eyes now a dark blue color.

 “Come with me,” she said, swimming to the closest ladder.

 He watched as she climbed out of the swimming pool, water dripping off of her. Her hips swayed as she walked back to her chair and picked up her t shirt, towel, and keys. Luke walked over to her and her eyes moved across his wet body. He ran his fingers through his wet hair, feeling himself grow harder as he watched Y/N.

“I can hold your towel,” he told her.

 She nodded, handing him the towel, giggling when she realized why he wanted it. His erection was starting to show through his wet swimsuit. He rolled his eyes and turned to walk towards their building.

Her hand brushed against his and he intertwined his fingers with hers. Her core ached as they walked towards the door and she thought of Luke’s lips against hers. He had tasted like the chlorine from the pool but he defiantly knew what he was doing. The way his lips had moved against hers and the way his tongue had danced with hers.

Luckily, they were in the same building that had the outdoor pool behind it so they didn’t have to go far. However they were on the tenth floor so they did have to wait for the elevator.

When the elevator doors opened, Luke pulled Y/N in and pressed the ‘close doors’ button before anyone else could join them. He tossed the towel over his shoulders before sis hands moved back to her waist as he pulled her against him, pressing his lips to hers. Their lips moved together as he pressed her against the wall, his hands moving up and down her bare sides. She moaned as his hand moved over a breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. She moaned as he bit down on her bottom lip.

There was a dinging sound as the doors opened to the tenth floor, breaking the bubble they had been in. Luke’s hands dropped from Y/N’s waist as they quickly exited and walked down the hall towards their apartment. Y/N fumbled with the key’s as Luke’s lips brushed over her neck. He bit down gently, knowing that there would be a mark in the morning.

Y/N struggled with unlocking the door before finally pushing it open. She stepped into the hot apartment immediately dropping her keys, sunglasses, and t shirt to the floor. Luke kicked the door shut behind him, dropped his towel, and placed a hand on her shoulder turning her around to face him.

She placed her hands on his wet chest and him pushed back against the door, locking her lips with his. Her hands ran over his toned chest and down towards his swimsuit. She ran her fingers over the wet material as she palmed his length, causing him to let out a moan.

His hand moved behind her neck as he untied her swimsuit. It dropped to the floor in front of her as he moved his hand over her naked breast. His fingers squeezed her nipple causing it to stand erect before moving onto the second one.

When he was satisfied, his fingers danced along her stomach and down towards her core. His hand slipped underneath the material as she spread her legs slightly apart. His fingers moved along her folds, pleased to find that she was already wet for him. Moving his fingers, he brushed against her sensitive spot, rubbing it, as she let out a loud moan.

She pulled away from his lips as she pressed her forehead against his chest. Two fingers slipped inside of her as she let out a breath she hadn’t realized she had been holding. His fingers moved quickly as she became a moaning mess underneath his touch. Her fingernails dug into his shoulders as he pumped quicker, knowing she was close to the edge.

She felt her walls clench around him before he pulled his fingers out, a smirk plastered across his face. Her hands quickly moved down to the waistband of his bathing suit. Untying it, she pulled them down to reveal his tight black boxers.

His length was evident against the material and she slipped her fingers underneath his waistband. Her hand wrapped around him, as she began to move it up and down. Just from feeling it she could already tell he was bigger than her ex. She smirked as she continued to move her hand along him.

Luke’s placed a hand on Y/N’s arm. “I’m close,” he said.

She nodded as she removed her hand and pulled his boxers down his legs. When she stood up he placed his hands on the back of her thighs and picked her up. He quickly turned around as her back slammed against the front door.

“Damn Luke,” she murmured as his lips moved along her neck.

She could feel his erection brushing against her core and she silently cursed Luke for not taking off her swimsuit bottoms. Her hands were on his shoulders and she was afraid to move them as he moved his hips against hers. All she wanted to do was fuck Luke.

Luke’s hand moved down her core as he rubbed his fingers along the material. She moaned as he placed a finger underneath the material and along her folds.

“I swear if you don’t fuck me soon Luke…,”

Luke laughed as he pulled his finger away. “Just you wait sweetheart.”

His finger brushed aside the fabric as he ran his length over your folds. Y/N’s core throbbed with need as he pushed the tip in before pulling out.

“Luke!” she yelled, digging her nails into his shoulders.

Luke pushed his length into her and slammed his hips against hers. His thrusts were quick and rough as Y/N’s back stayed pressed the wall. His lips moved back to hers as he kissed her roughly. She moaned when his length hit her sensitive spot, sending her body into a mixture of emotions. He let out a loud moan as he thrusts quickened and he felt himself becoming closer to releasing. Meanwhile, Y/N had become a moaning mess underneath his touch. He could feel her nails slide along his back and he knew there would be scratches all over.

“I’m close,” Y/N moaned.

 “Hold it,” Luke growled, quickening the pace.

Within seconds, Y/N moaned as Luke let out a string of curse words, both of them releasing at the same time. Y/N immediately felt her body become weak as she tightened her grip on Luke’s shoulders. He pulled out of her as she slowly removed her legs from around his waist.

“Please tell me we can do that again,” Y/N asked, smiling over at Luke.

Luke let out a deep laugh. “So I’m better than Owen?”

Y/N swatted Luke’s shoulder, laughing. “Absolutely.”

The first time I was exposed to the confederate flag as a symbol of pride was when I was 10. We went on a vacation to South Carolina and somewhere on the way we crossed some invisible barrier and all of a sudden there were confederate flags in every gas station and gift shop. They were flying in front of buildings and on people’s cars and my little sisters and I were confused. To me, the confederate flag was scary and evil. I got a gross feeling in my stomach when I looked at it. At that time my favorite book was one about Ruby Bridges. I’d take it home from the school library pretty much every week. When I saw beach towels, key chains, and tee shirts covered in this symbol of hate all I could picture were the evil faces of the people holding it in the face of a brave little girl. 
It reminded me of pictures I’d seen of burning flags and lynchings. My sisters and I were horrified and asked why in the world people would want to have a confederate flag. I couldn’t believe they even made them. My parents didn’t have a good answer for us and later that night I cried in our hotel room about it.
That was the reaction of a white child from the north. Now imagine how much worse it would be as a black child. Seeing this image that was used to keep your ancestors in slavery and oppressed. 
The confederate flag is nothing to be fucking proud of. It’s a symbol of hate and it’s disgusting that it’s still used today. If you tell yourself it’s a symbol of ‘pride’ ask yourself this: pride in what? 
Pride in the fact that your ancestors fought to keep an entire race of people in chains? Pride in the white hooded freaks that would hang a person just for looking at them the wrong way? 
So maybe it is a symbol of pride. Pride in racism and hate.  

Christmas Leisure

Originally posted by swagmama

Request - A  cuddly winter day or night at home with Elijah

Pairing - Elijah Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count - 867

A/N - Hey lovelies, I am so sorry I’m behind a couple of days with my Christmas imagines. I promise you all I’ll get them done. I’ve just had a lot of family stuff going on and it’s been manic and emotional and mentally draining at times but they will follow I promise. I’m also excited because next on my list is Leonard Snart and I’ve never written him before.  ❤ ❤ ❤

Elijah had spent the entirety of day fixing Niklaus’s mess. Elijah wasn’t normally too agitated by Niklaus’s shenanigans but as always when things didn’t go completely Niklaus’s way in a fit of anger he decided to threaten you. Elijah would not stand for anyone threaten your safety even if Niklaus apologised profusely after he realised what he had said. Niklaus didn’t need any further enemies, he was struggling to contain the one’s he already had. Besides, Niklaus didn’t mind your presence, there were times where Niklaus found your presence particularly soothing. 

So as Elijah stepped into your shared home, his muscles slowly began to relax when he smelt the warm spicy scents of cinnamon and ginger. Elijah smiled as he closed the door. Elijah had wondered when you would start baking Christmas cookies, your Christmas tradition that had been set while you were a child and lead on into adult soon became one of Elijah’s favourite things about Christmas. The rich and divine smells of you baking gingerbread. Then there would be days where you just worked on sugar cookies. Elijah just stood in the hallway inhaling the scent that Elijah has begun to associate with Christmas. 

As you heard the door closed, you realised that Elijah had returned home from aiding Niklaus in his problem. Dusting off your hands on a tea towel you began to exit the kitchen. You frowned when you noticed Elijah’s exhaustion. 

“Elijah is everything okay? How did your trip with Niklaus go?” You asked as you began to walk towards him, Elijah noticed the white speck of icing that had gotten stuck on your nose, you always had been a messy chief

“The less said about Niklaus the better at the moment. The day has been rather strenuous and I would very much to forget the past day’s events. What have you been up to my love? Something smells divine?” You slowly undid the buttons of Elijah’s winter jacket. Winter had certainly settled itself in. The cold was keen to nip at any unprotected skin. Slipping off Elijah’s jacket you hung it on the rack with a smile on your face, as you unwrapped the scarf from his neck, hanging that up almost. Elijah slipped off his gloves placing them on the table that was placed in the hallway, he also dropped his keys into the towel. 

“Follow me and I’ll show you.” Taking Elijah’s hand I lead him down the hallway, you brought Elijah into the kitchen. Elijah nearly had to look and look again. There were plates of gingerbread and cookies. 

“My love everything smells so delicious. You certainly have been busy today.” Elijah moved to wrap his arms around you, moving the icing off of your face before putting his thumb into his mouth sucking off the icing. You wrapped your arms around his neck, before kissing him softly repeatedly a couple of times. 

“Hey, why don’t you go and relax in the living room while I sort something things out?” Elijah nodded as he slipped away into the living room as you quickly arranged a plate switching between gingerbread, cinnamon and sugar cookies before heading to the living room and placing them down on the coffee table continuing your passage you headed to the liquor cabinet, where you grabbed a bottle of scotch and Bourbon with two glasses, you placed them down on the table also. 

“Let’s forget about Niklaus and all of his enemies, let’s just focus on being alone together right now. Why don’t you choose a Christmas movie and we’ll snuggle up on the couch and enjoy each others company?” Elijah shivered as you touched his face softly, running your hand through his hair. 

“I will be one moment.” Elijah disappeared reappearing moments later. He had changed into more comfortable clothing. It was something he didn’t wear often but when he did, it was mesmerising, how good Elijah looked in sweatpants. He sped through movie choices before joining you on the couch two warm glasses of Bourbon in his hand. He passed you one as you took a sip loving how the warmth slid down your throat. You rested your head on Elijah’s chest, Elijah caught your leg moving it so it was sprawled across his lap, making you move deeper into Elijah’s chest. 

“You know I’ve been thinking, maybe we should invite Rebekah, Hayley and Hope over for Christmas. We have often spoken about holding Christmas here and Niklaus has forbidden it, what do you think?” Elijah asked he looked down at you, kissing you softly on the forehead before moving down to your lips, feeling Elijah’s breath on your face was intoxicating, you leant up keen to connect your lips with his, soon Elijah broke apart.

“I think that sounds great. We’re keeping the door open for Niklaus because you two will end up making up at some point.“ Elijah couldn’t argue, Niklaus and his relationship were anything but normal but it had those moments where it did actually work. Elijah settled back and enjoyed the time he had with you where he wasn’t being hunted or hunting down someone for wronging him, he could just send time him and you. 

Happy Halloween, everybody!

I wrote something special for today. Though, it’s not spooky but it has a touch of the supernatural! 

It’s an AU with Tsukishima Kei. My beautiful heartbreaker. Though, it might have a part two since there’s more I want to write about and include more chracters in this AU and their new roles. Read and let me know if you’d enjoy a continuation!  (´ ▽`).。o♡

Also if you want to listen to something while reading I recommend this.

Lately, he’s been skipping class more and more often.

His empty seat, right in front of yours, was like a black hole in the room; sucking and tearing away at the air surrounding it. Kei wasn’t even answering your phone calls or texts. When he was in school, it was only for a short time. He’d slip away the moment no one was looking, sparing you a small glance, a question dying on his lips when your gaze softened.

He must be starving.

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Forgotten Towel

Brushing a stray lock of hair out of her face, Y/N pushes open the door to the next hotel room, letting out a sigh of relief at the fairly clean state of it.

It had been a long day of cleaning rooms, and there had been a few where had actually shuddered or walked out of for a minute before tackling them. After this one, there was only a couple more to go before her shift was done. She was very happy to be almost done.

Moving further into the room, she began stripping off the sheets, tossing them into a pile on the floor, humming to herself. Her body went into autopilot mode, cleaning the room while her mind drifted off into some other world. Finishing with the bed, she moved into the bathroom, wiping it down and gathering the used towels.

Y/N walks out of the bathroom, yelping in surprise as the new body spun around. The towels falling from her hands to the floor. Her eyes drop down briefly, admiring the exposed chest and abs, before they shoot back up, her cheeks turning red.

“Oh, sorry!” The guy says, eyes wide in surprise as well. “I didn’t realize you were in here.”

“It’s no problem, my fault. I usually make it more well known I’m cleaning. I’ll just come back later if you want?” She crouches down to gather the towels previously dropped, doing her best to not stare at the very attractive, very shirtless, and she realizes, wet man standing there.

“I just popped in to grab a towel actually.” He grins over at her, and Y/N feels the butterflies in her stomach at it. “Got in to the pool before I discovered I forgot one.”

“Well, for future reference.” She moves past him, shifting the dirty towels to one arm, grabbing a fresh one from the pile she had brought in. “They do have spares down at the pool.” She hands it over to him, their fingers brushing as he takes it.

“I’ll have to remember that.” His eyes are locked on hers. “Thank you.”

“You are very welcome.” A moment passes and she clears her throat, stepping back. “I should get back to work though.”

“Right…and I should get back to my mate at the pool. Or he’ll think I’ve gotten lost.” He reluctantly moves towards the door, towel and key card in hand. “I hope to see you around.” He shoots her one last smile before he slips out the door, and after the door clicks shut, Y/N collapses onto the unmade bed, her knees weak.

“Oh boy…” She mutters to herself, lifting a hand to her warm face.

The stranger stays on Y/N’s mind while she finishes his room and the others after her. And as she’s walking through the hotel to drop off her supplies and grab her bag, she catches herself scanning the faces she passes, hoping to see him again.

Scolding herself, as well as reminding herself that its a larger hotel, so the chances of seeing him again are slim, she changes into her every day clothes quickly, grabbing her bag and heading back through the lobby to go home.

It’s busy, with a rush of people having just arrived to check in, so Y/N maneuvers around the different bodies, doing her best to avoid getting her toes run over. She’s almost successful, until someone bumps her and she stumbles slightly.

But before she meets the ground, a pair of hands steady her. Lifting her eyes to thank the owner of them, she’s surprised for the second time that day, seeing a familiar set of eyes.

“This isn’t quite what I meant when I said I hoped to see you again.” The stranger from before is chuckling as he rights her, and Y/N is both happy and sad to see him wearing a shirt this time.

“Sorry. You just weren’t very clear before.” She replies, smiling as he laughs.

“I’m Joe, by the way.” His hands slide down and off her arms, leaving a tingling feeling along her arm.

“Well, thank you for keeping me from meeting the floor, Joe. I’m Y/N.”

“Are you heading off?” Joe asks, his eyes scanning her body, noticing the change from her uniform.

“I was. I finished for the day.”

“How about grabbing a drink with me the? As an apology for scaring you earlier.”

“I think saving me from the floor is apology enough.” She takes a small step towards him as a person moves past her.

“Then just for the sake of it?” Joe steadies her with a hand on her arm again, and Y/N smiles up at him.

“A drink sounds lovely.”


[GIF]SHINee Onew  burst out crying & the members come to comfort the leader . Thank You Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun ,Key & Jonghyun.  ♡♥♡♥

So Many Precious Moment in One Clip

  1. Onew Passed the Towel To key but ends up Onew d one that used it to wiped the tear. Key also Sharing the same towel to wiped his own tear
  2. Onew been asked by Key but ends up get emotional and burst out cried.
  3. Onew start to sobbing so hard , Key Surprise and panic all the members start to come and hug him..
  4. Jongdi said “onew hyung been through a hard time”.. 
  5. Onew said really miss you all…. (yeah its been along time comeback as a new album in Korea, he had an hard time because of the Surgery and not much event at Korea.. more on Japan)
  6. Shawol started chanting “SHINee SHINee..

OT5 Shinee thank you been together for 7 Years. Thank You for being together with us. No matter what Shawol will always stand for you to support you. We also missed you… Jinki Leader jjang…

© 내게완벽해너는 - Video Click Here

#CMchat Exclusive: Get to Know a Musical Triple Threat caitlinevanson

For any Taylor Swift fan, the name Caitlin Evanson is about as common as the word “music” itself. Caitlin was the highly entertaining red head up on stage next to Swift that often had a fiddle on her shoulder or a microphone in her hand singing back up vocals. And for those who aren’t Taylor Swift fans, then you better prepare to become a Caitlin Evanson fan.
Caitlin is one of the most talented and fierce musicians in the world; a bit of a hidden treasure at this point. Caitlin is a woman who can own the stage like only the most elite performers can, play a variety of instruments like her life depended on it, AND she can SING. Couple that with some wicked cool song writing skills and you really have a true force to reckon with. Country Music #CMchat got to sit down with Caitlin and catch up with what she’s doing these days….

How is life treating you these days?
Life is treating me more than well.  Surfing, hiking, living, loving and deeply enjoying new roots growing in my life.

You bring such a raw, genuine feel to your music, where do you pull your current inspiration from?
I am probably one of the happiest people you could meet.  And sometimes I wonder if its because 90% of my songs are sad.  I am a big believer in cleansing.  And I think I subconsciously take the sadness and wield it into something enjoyable to share, rather than to take it out on people around me.  Make sense?  Also, one of the best things I’ve ever been fortunate enough to do, is observe how the masters do it.  All the writers I worked with in Nashville, of course, Taylor, and all the greats I will never stop listening to, that make a song haunt the airwaves forever.  Have you ever just sat and thought about the song “Hotel California”?  And what that story would look like, made into a movie?  What a story.  There is a natural stream of consciousness in that song.  A flow.  You feel it when you listen to it.  That’s what I want inspires me these days.

You’ve had a highlighted background as a part of Taylor Swift’s band, how has that helped you with moving forward to the next phase of your career?
You can’t help but live in a sort of parallel universe, when you tour for years at a time.  Especially for a world class household name.  You can’t rewrite history.  You can’t help but have many consider this as your life’s “title” after you’ve done it. All things that I could never have fully understood until I stepped out to plant seeds and grow this new life and music of mine.  Processing an 8 year incredible whirlwind takes time. But what I am gradually learning is that I got to be a part of music history.  Something that put my own ability and magic on the map.  And I am so grateful.  Being a special gear in a big machine is exhilarating and sometimes exhausting, in the best way possible.  I am also gradually learning that I now have a massive and almost endless amount of memories, emotions, roller coasters, triumphs and terrors to draw from for my next million songs. Books and books, story upon story.  And that fuels my creative fire.

You’re an accomplished instrumentalist, what is your favorite instrument to play and naturally…why?!
When I was 4, I saw a violin concerto performed by Itzhak Perlman on our tv at home, in Seattle.  I pointed to the screen and basically said, “That’s what I want to be”.  My dad was a classical guitar guru, so when he heard this, a tiny violin was in my hands the next day.  I was screeching my way through “Twinkle Twinkle” before my parents could put in their earplugs. Violin is like breathing to me.  It’s just something I’ve always done.  It was also one of the lifelong most difficult things I’ve done, so its all the sweeter for it.  It is an instrument that demands my undivided passionate attention to detail and perfect pitch. One tiny roll of a pinky in the wrong direction is the difference between a good and bad performance that day. I can almost hear it speaking to me sometimes, “If you’re not going to love me deeply, don’t waste my time. Pack me up”.  I have always needed that kind of challenge.  I respect it and it continues to change my life every time I pick it up.  And especially these days. As a musician, I can’t help but reinvent and renew what I am, as my environment changes. Violin, it is.

How would you classify your sound?
As an artist, I am always “classifying my sound”.  If you heard my first self titled record from about 13 years ago, my “sound” would be a lot like Evanescense.  That’s what I was into.  Today?  I would say organic. I lean into Ingrid Michaelson, Patty Griffin, Foy Vance and Colbie Caillat.  But I have to laugh as I even say this.  Because that still isn’t “me”.  I guess you could say I adore their songwriting and vocal inflections.  But I also love Nine Inch Nails, Hozier, Iron And Wine, Haim, Drake and God knows what else.  I never know how to answer that question. So there’s my answer, haha.

Favorite song you’ve written thus far?
As an artist/songwriter, my favorite song is always “the one I finished today”.  Every time.  So today, its “Little Parts Of You”.  There will be a “bedroom session” version of it on my soundcloud soon.  On a day I don’t finish a song?  I usually come back to the silly, less introspective ones.  Like, “Why Ya Do Me Like That”.  I have always had a thing for a simple catchy melody with a happy pop-vibe with a mean jab of a lyric.  There’s a “bedroom session”, of that song on my soundcloud.  (Caitln Bird).

Your musical crush? And would they be your dream collab? If not….who?!

Can there be 2? One, MACKELMORE!  First of all, he’s from Seattle, my forever home.  Second, he made me fall in love with music again and listen to it in a way I hadn’t in years.  As a musician, melodies and chords free flow pretty easy.  But lyrics stump me.  Really good ones.  And his were astounding to me. As a violinist, I was so captivated by all the perfect string stacks and and instrumental moments weaving through the whole thing.  I feel like they cared so much and put everything they had into it, with such a family vibe. Two, Ingrid Michaelson!  When it comes to haunting harmonies and painfully true-ringing lyrics, she’s my go to right now.  I love her live personality and her brilliance when necessary, and her simplicity in the appropriate moments. The “Lights Out” on vinyl doesn’t stop spinning in my house.  Embarrassing?  maybe, but sometimes I just play my violin to “Open Hands”, like 10 times in a row, alone…in my house.  Okay.  Anyway….

Favorite music related memory?!
12 Years ago, I was in Rome, playing fiddle for a small country band for a month long USO Tour. I imagine the rough parts of that city are pretty dang rough.  My bandmates and I wandered into an area that felt pretty rough to us.  I heard what sounded like “O Sole Mio” playing on a violin down the street.  I followed it around the corner and found this little kid.  I think he was maybe 8 years old.  He looked pretty beat up, and had a couple euro in his open violin case.  I applauded and held out my hands.  To this day, I can’t believe he did this, but he handed the ¾ size violin to me, and I knelt down and played the chorus of “Hey, Jude”. He lit up and started singing along, in a thick Italian accent.  I dropped a few euro in his case and handed him his violin and walked back to find my bandmates. It’s funny, I never told anyone about it.  Asking me to have a favorite music related memory is like asking me which breath in my life was my favorite to take. So I’ll stick with this one for now.  ;)

Is there a method to your madness in terms of approaching songwriting?!
I think some writers can work up tears and evoke a lot of emotion out of thin air.  For me, that’s like trying to sneeze.  I’ll never be able to make it happen.  So I’m the type that just goes about my day, constantly toting a heavy bag full of notepads, and pens (because hand-writing is still so therapeutic to me), yoga clothes, towels, phone, keys, ear buds etc.  I look like a spaz most of the time because I make sure I remain open when an idea comes and I stop what I’m doing, and write it down.  Or else, it goes away and never comes back.  I guess I kind of liken it to a giant rain cloud that follows me around, randomly dropping melodies and lyrics wherever I go.  I hate that it always wakes me up at 3am.  And if I don’t record it, its gone in the morning.  My writing life is a mountain of puzzle pieces, waiting to be put together.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Any secret talents?
Besides a tri-pod headstand in yoga class?  Nope.  Once a middle child, always a middle child.  If I find that I have a “hidden talent”, it doesn’t stay hidden for long.  I have to show it off, be it x-ray vision, or a double jointed finger.  Everybody!  Look what I can do!

Coolest fan moment that’s happened in the last 3 months?
I love it.  There’s been drawings, paintings, print-screened tshirts with my face on it made by a fan, every pastry in the shape and color of anything and everything on tours, songs, videos, letters, ice scuptures and everything else you can and can’t possibly imagine for all of us.  When I read “I started playing the fiddle because of you”, in tweets etc, it never gets old.  That one is always a favorite.  And in the last 3 months?  Well, I’m not sure if yall are familiar with jencita Vargas, but she has done nothing but support, help, promote and love my own tiny and developing artistry since she started following me on Twitter.  She is becoming quite the artist promoter in her own right.  Check her out.  I greatly appreciate everything she has done to promote my last youtube videos and live shows in San Diego.

Article with videos

aave  asked:

I have sliding glass doors on both showers in my home. Which is cool, since that means no more moldy shower curtains, but that also means dealing with water stains on two sides of one clear door (x2 since there are two for each shower). I've read about cleaning one side horizontally and the other vertically, but do you have advice for removing water stains from glass, and for getting rid of that black/pinkish mold that likes to grow in the seams between the glass doors and the tub?

Vinegar! Vinegar is awesome for water stains, AND it’ll help keep both mold and the pink stuff (which is actually bacteria, not mold) at bay. Prevention is key here. Have a towel designated just for the shower and wipe down the doors after each shower. Spraying the doors with a vinegar solution (I’m a fan of half hot water, half vinegar, and a glug of dish soap, all mixed up in a spray bottle) will combat water stains and soap scum.

You can also use a 1:10 bleach:water solution to deal with any existing mold or bacteria issues, but keep in mind that you should never mix bleach with anything but water (especially ammonia-based products or peroxide, but anything else, really), and bleach needs to be diluted! Even labs don’t use straight bleach!

(Fan-acc) 140211 MinKey moments @ SWJ Osaka Fanmeet
  •  "Q: SHINee had become more adult-like.“

Two members (TaeKey) pressed their buttons to agree. Minho did not push his button but belatedly agreed with the question, saying, "Oh yeah, our mustache/beard started growing thickly”.
Key laughed aloud but agreed with him, saying, “That’s right, that’s right.”
cr: antoinexy

  • “Q: There is a member I feel awkward with when we’re alone together.”

Four people pushed their buttons. The MC asked who the people who said yes are and Jonghyun turned to Minho and Key as if saying, “You guys are awkward, right?” But Minho and Key both looked at him seriously in denial.
Key did a follow-up saying, “The five of us are always together, so when there’s only two of us in the car or in a hotel room…”
Jonghyun tried to continue, “…You can’t talk about anything?" 

But Key said, "No, we just end up playing mobile games, lol.”
cr: antoinexy

  • Minho and Key had been nudging and touching each other a lot for the first forty minutes of the event. During the part where Taemin has to face the camera and say “You’re falling for me, right?” as his punishment, Minho pulled Key by the arm towards him as they laughed. 

cr: antoinexy

  • While OnJongTaem were playing their game, Minho and Key were standing off to the side, Minho seemed intent on doing fanservice with the way he’s reaching for Key’s arm, but Key was too fixated on the game. 

cr: antoinexy

  • Before OnJongTaem started their game, Minho and Key huddled close to each other, as if discussing a secret tactic. Eventually, they began disturbing the other members with their game while laughing a lot.

cr: antoinexy

  • During the slipper game, Key retrieved the towel hanging from the sofa and waved it around in an attempt to topple the slippers to the floor. But somehow it escalated from there and he ended up looking like he was wiping the floor. Minho decided to ride the bandwagon and join in disturbing by trying to blow away the slippers, making Key laugh so hard.

cr: antoinexy

  • When Minho was reading his letter, Key was shown in the camera intently staring at him, and when Minho looked up he ended up looking at Key in the screen, too. 

cr: antoinexy

  • During the part where they had to press the button if they agree with the statement, four members pressed the button re: There is a member they’re awkward with when they’re alone. The MC asked which among them didn’t press the button. Key said, “Isn’t it Minho?” while laughing and Jonghyun said, “I think it’s Minho, too.” But Minho said he pressed his button. 

cr: cmh_189

  • During one of their songs, Key was high-fiving Jonghyun and Minho. Minho, who is known for retracting his hand before the high-five as a joke, took it one step further by making Key miss his palm twice, then pointing at Key as if taunting him that he missed. 

cr: ua_db

Japanese - English translator: jalousied


Pairing: Gajeel x Levy 

Those new communications lacrima are just a source for trouble and pranks..what happens when Gajeel gets a hold of Levy’s? 

“Damn communications lacrima, it’s more trouble than it’s worth!” Levy huffed angrily and threw herself down on the double bed.

The sound of the shower from the next room reached her ears along with a rumbling humming. She fought the urge to smile at the singing. Gajeel was in her bad books right now, and she wasn’t about to let him off so easily.

She had left her portable lacrima with Gajeel for only a short while, but it was a decision she quickly regretted. Her first indication that he had tampered with it was when she unlocked it and saw her new wallpaper; a selfie of Gajeel, Jet, Droy and Lily all pulling ridiculous faces, surrounding a very bewildered looking Lucy.

Of course, Levy had been thrilled with such a cute, surprise photo, however her next surprise wasn’t so fantastic. She had decided to head over to Magnolia’s library as she had spied its new and improved look upon entering the town.

It was rather busy but Levy soon lost herself among the enormous stacks of hardbacks as she browsed the titles, enjoying the serene atmosphere. However, just as she’d found an interesting book to sit down with, the peaceful atmosphere was compromised by an extremely loud, gruff voice, a voice Levy recognised immediately.

Colourful, colourful! Shooby doo bop! Tremble with love, steel grey metallic! Doo, doo, doo, shalala

Levy had frantically fished her lacrima out of her satchel, cursing the ring tone she certainly had not chosen, but the damage was done at that stage. Disapproving eyes and withering glares sought her out from all angles and soon had Levy rushing from the building, her cheeks flaming.

As she had made her way down the street, the blasted thing started ringing again and curious looks shot her way while others stifled giggles. Her cheeks burned as she eventually managed to get it to shut up and finally managed to open the messages.

One from Lucy read; “I get the feeling that wasn’t you… lol”

In confusion she’d opened the second, this time from Natsu; “HAHAHA! You can count on me, Shrimp! That nickname is GOLD!!”

After a brief moment of confusion as to why Natsu was calling her that damned nickname Gajeel had given her, Levy found the text that he had sent to absolutely every single one of her contacts, requesting that from now on they call her ‘Shrimp’ or ‘Levy McShortstuff.’

Only one thought had stuck with her as she stomped her way to Gajeel’s temporary lodgings, she was going to kill him.

However, after she let herself in with the key he had given her, she discovered he was in the shower and so now, here she sat waiting to fume at him.

She glanced around the small, plain room looking for something to distract her while she waited, when her attention was grasped by a small screen lighting up in the poorly lit room on the bedside table, indicating Gajeel had received a new message.

It was just too perfect an opportunity, she dived for the device, a devious smile tugging at her lips as her fingers flew across the screen. The water shut off and she quickly put the lacrima back in place, attempting to compose her features and suppress the giggles that bubbled up.

She supposed revenge was better than a telling off, especially for her dragon slayer.

Gajeel emerged, toweling off his long, dark hair. Black loose trousers hung from his hips and his toned torso glistened from where he hadn’t bothered to properly dry himself.

“Hey, I thought I heard you out here Shrimp.”

Her mouth twitched at the nickname but she ignored it, “yeah, I let myself in, hope you don’t mind.”

“That’s kinda why I gave ye a key, ” he threw the towel to the side and approached the bed grinning. “So, anything of interest happen today?”

“No,” she answered nonchalantly, “just went to the library for a few hours and caught up with Jet and Droy.”

“Oh, nothing odd?” The childlike glee had diminished a little from his red eyes, she fought the urge to smile again but he leaned in close, the smell of his intoxicating scent mixed with soap clouded her senses, “then I better take advantage of this while you’re still talking to me.”

She yelped as he suddenly leaped for her, swooping her into his arms, chuckling at her startled reaction. She flashed him a delighted grin before his lips crashed into hers, and all thoughts of communications lacrima were forgotten. She sighed softly as he trailed light kisses down her neck to her collarbone. A shiver of pleasure rushed through her as she felt his warm breath on her neck and he nibbled gently on her ear before whispering,
“So are you staying the night then?”

She nodded her head, there was nothing she wanted more.


“U comin’ round later, I’ll be cookin’?”

“HAHAHAHA, you.. cooking!? I’ll pass on that one!!”

Gajeel looked at his communications lacrima in confusion, but Levy always said she liked his cooking? Had he done something to annoy her? Oh wait.. of course he had..

“U okay?”

“Yeah? Can you stop texting me now bolts for brains?”

Shit, she must be really mad, these were not the usual texts he got from his Shrimp.

“Sorry, it was just a bit of fun, I’ll make it up to u tonight, promise.”

“Metal head, you got a screw loose or somethin!?!”

Metal headbolts for brains.. His eyes darted to the top of the screen, this sounded like the way Natsu texted! However, the name read Levy up the top. But hang on.. where was that little shrimp emoticon that he’d gihi’d for ages over?

The realisation dawned on him.

His fingers moved frantically as he quickly typed and attempted to salvage his pride; “Hey fuck off flame breath, quit textin me!!”


Levy McGarden wasn’t one to be trifled with, just how many contacts had she switched around!?

“Damn lacrima!” he growled, “more trouble than it’s damn well worth!”

An idea I got from Immortalpromise after reading her Nalu one in which Lucy gets an unexpected picture from Cana.. xD Hope you liked it, let me know what you think in the tags :D