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“As cliche as it sounds, it’s love and trust that will get us through this. Friendship, connection, all that storybook stuff. It’s true. Our love for the world, for our families, for each other. That’s what’ll get us through this. Even when it hurts.”

An absolutely beautiful commission of the Monster Gals and their favourite Gnome! Bonding time in Lux and Sol’s little makeshift tent on the deck of the ship. I can’t get over how utterly gorgeous it is, precious and gentle and perfect. (Also Sol’s wearing the key necklace Lux gave her so my heart is Actually Bursting.)

The art, as well as Sol, belong to @b-e-m-l-t (her commissions are open but slots are full so give it a little time), Lux is mine, and Morgan belongs to @stufflaalikes


Y/h/n - your husband’s name
Y/bf/n - your best friend’s name
Y/h/ln - your husband’s last name

((In this imagine, you and your husband are both 24.))


“Y/h/n!” I called out to my husband.

Seconds later, he came jogging down the steps.

“You good? What’s up? You need water? A massage? A-”

“I’m fine. I just wanted you to sit with us.” I chuckled, lightly patting the couch cushion for him to sit down.

“Yay! Daddy’s gonna sit with us! We’re watching Mickey Mouse!” our 3 year old son, Korey, exclaimed. ((pic above))

“Oh, Korey! I forgot to tell you! You’re going to TT y/bf/n’s house today! Daddy and I are going out for Valentine’s Day!” I smiled.

“Really? Yay!” Korey cheesed and did a little happy dance.

Y/h/n chuckled lightly at his actions.

“He gets it from you.” Y/h/n nudged me playfully.

“Yeah, whatever. These next ones will get it from you.” I stuck out my tongue and rubbed my 8-month pregnant stomach.

Pregnant with twins, that is.

We’ve decided to keep both genders a surprise.

Y/h/n playfully rolled his eyes and made his way over to Korey.

“Hey, bud. Let’s get ready to go.” he bent down to his level.

“Ok, Daddy.”

I watched as they ran up the stairs and straight into Korey’s room.

I decided it was probably best for me to get ready too, seeing that it was 4:00 and we told y/bf/n that Korey would be over there by 5:30.

I made my way upstairs to get ready for our date night.

((what u wore is in the pic above))


“Ok, thanks again!” I hugged y/bf/n.

“No problem, I love watching K.” she smiled as I giggled at the nickname she gave Korey.

“Alright, bye! Korey, come give us hugs and kisses.” I bent down and opened my arms up for him to hug me.

Korey ran into my arms and attacked my face with kisses. Then, he ran over to y/h/n. Y/h/n picked him up and spun him around, after giving him a few kisses.

“Ok, be good!” I patted Korey on the back before he ran back off to his pile of toys in the middle of the floor.

“Ok, bye! You two love birds have fun!” y/bf/n shouted as we made our way out her front door.


On our way to the restaurant, the car ride was filled with the two of us singing along with the radio and us telling really corny jokes.

“Why is Peter Pan always flying?” I asked Y/h/n, stifling my laugh.

“I don’t know, why?” Y/h/n looked over at me smiling like he just knew it was gonna be really corny.

“Because he never lands!” I laughed loudly and he joined in.

“Oh, that was so corny!” he playfully nudged me.

“I know right!” I shook my head, still laughing quietly.

“Well, anyways, we’re here.” He grinned and put the car in park.

Once he helped me out of the car, he paid for valet and then lead me into the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, were a bunch of fancy paintings hung on the walls and chandeliers scattered across the ceiling.

A hostess lead us to our reserved seats which were isolated from the rest of the loud, noisy restaurant.

“I wanted today to be special so, I made sure that I got this reserved room before anyone else did.” Y/h/n smiled at me.

“You didn’t have to do all this. I thought were just going to Applebee’s or something!” I smiled, holding back tears as he chuckled at my remark.

“Oh! And I got you something…well both of us.” he said, reaching into his pocket.

He pulled out a small black box and handed it to me. Inside, there was a bracelet with a lock on it and a necklace with a key.

Both of them had the day we met engraved into them in Roman numerals. ((pic above))

“Oh my God! Y/h/n, this is beautiful!”

“The necklace is for you. Because you have the key to my heart.” He said as he took the necklace out of the box and placed it around my neck.

I gasped loudly.

“What’s wrong? Did I pinch you when I was putting on the necklace?”

I looked down at my now wet pants.

“My water broke.” I mumbled and grabbed Y/h/n’s hand.

“What?” a shocked expression appeared on his face.

“My water broke!” I screeched.

“Oh my God! Ok, I’ll call an ambulance!” Y/h/n reassured me.

“Ok! Hurry up! I’m not having my baby in a restaurant!” I yelled as a waitress scurried over to our table.

“Is everything alright ma'am?” she questioned with concern.

“What does it look like? I’m about to have a baby! And my dumb husband is taking forever to call 911! Nothing is alright!” I screamed.

“Excuse her rude, hormones.” Y/h/n shrugged, twirling his fingers by his head, making the crazy signal.

“Where’s the ambulance?!?” I yelled.

“They should be here any minute! Ok, use those breathing exercises we learned. Calm down.” Y/h/n rubbed my back, attempting to calm my nerves.

I started to follow his instructions and it was helping me to calm down.

Soon enough the ambulance was outside the restaurant and, we were on our way to the nearest hospital.


The long hours of aggravating pain was definitely worth seeing my beautiful babies.

A boy and a girl.

My beautiful bundles of joy were born February 14, 2016 at 11:48 pm. Our girl was 6 pounds and 10 ounces. Our boy was 7 pounds and 11 ounces.

We’ve decided to name them Krisette Marina Y/h/ln and Kameron Trevor Y/h/ln. ((pic above))

“You were right. Today was special.” I held Kameron as I looked over at Y/h/n who was staring down at Krisette with awe.

“Yeah. It was. Right Korey?” He glanced over at Korey who was seated with Y/bf/n.

“Yeah.” He smiled.

“You know what would make it even better? A picture.” Y/bf/n insisted.

We bunched together on the small hospital bed for the picture. Korey was in my lap as I was holding Kameron. Y/h/n on my side, holding Krisette.

We smiled for the picture.

Y/b/n snapped a few on her phone and quickly sent them to me.

As we looked through the pictures, I couldn’t help but think that this was the best Valentine’s gift ever.


Hope y'all enjoyed this Valentine’s Day imagine! Happy Valentine’s Day! x

An enlightenment this weekend

Hey, love your blog!  Wanted to let you know something that happened this weekend.  My son had a cross country meet for his university and his girlfriend attended.  They have been together three years.  I love her!  Thinking she may someday be a daughter-in-law so I trust her judgment and opinion.  Besides she is young and I can get another take on things.  She does not know my Maksyl obsession so I knew she could be fair.  Conversation went something like this:

Me:  Did you watch this past season of DWTS?

L:  Yep, my mom and I loved it.  Our favorites were M&M.  They are so a couple and he is so in love with her.  My mom has watched it since the first season and she definitely thought Maks was a changed man. Why?

Me:  (I realize I’m good to ask the next question because she gets it)  So, L, let me provide you with a scenario….if your boyfriend went to Europe on a business trip that involved touring and dinners and was paired up with someone that was a friend simply on a PR basis how would you feel?  And pics began to appear that looked like they were a couple.

L:  Wait?  What happened…..did we miss something? 

Me:  Just answer the question.

L:  Well, if he was up front about the trip and explained what was happening.  It would be ok.  He has lots of girl friends from school and work.  I trust him, I love him and he is very honest with me.  Show me the pics.  (So, I pull up the ones from the first night and the blue jacket and on a side note, loving that my son is a good guy).  Nope, nothing going on there.  Only for show and PR.  (So, my husband who wasn’t paying attention butts in.  He knows my Maksyl obsession and thinks I’m crazy)

Hubby:  Let me see.  (Looks at the pics).  There is absolutely nothing going on.  What is she two?  Big boobs and Maks has already had that with Kate Upton and look how that is working for Justin Verlander.  (Yes, we are from Michigan.  Yes, my husband watched DWTS.  No, he has never liked Maks but liked him this season with Meryl).


My take.. yes, I was upset over the weekend.  But then I saw the Cartier Love Ring post.  The band ring has really been bothering me because I didn’t think it was Cantamessa.  I don’t look at jewelry cuz I can’t afford it and I have two kids in college so I wasn’t able to find anything online similar and would never look at Cartier.  That is her ring.  You don’t just give out rings for the hell of it.  And, the Tiffany key to my heart necklace.  Again, that is a special gift for a serious someone.  Finally, him videoing John Legend.  He would have to be one callous mf’er to go with anyone else that night after that performance.  He loves her I am sure.  Hopefully it will work out because a love like that doesn’t happen everyday.  The greatest thing is that we got to see the beginning of it! 

Have a wonderful day, hope you are feeling better!

Anon Sue

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Anon Sue - Will you marry me? 

♥~Horses Hold The Key To My Heart~♥

Another Horse necklace I made using the same drawing as the previous post. This tells the beautiful story of anyone who has ever had their heart stolen by a horse and shows hows special horses can be to a girl