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“As cliche as it sounds, it’s love and trust that will get us through this. Friendship, connection, all that storybook stuff. It’s true. Our love for the world, for our families, for each other. That’s what’ll get us through this. Even when it hurts.”

An absolutely beautiful commission of the Monster Gals and their favourite Gnome! Bonding time in Lux and Sol’s little makeshift tent on the deck of the ship. I can’t get over how utterly gorgeous it is, precious and gentle and perfect. (Also Sol’s wearing the key necklace Lux gave her so my heart is Actually Bursting.)

The art, as well as Sol, belong to @b-e-m-l-t (her commissions are open but slots are full so give it a little time), Lux is mine, and Morgan belongs to @stufflaalikes

The Engagement

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You and Jensen we’re boyfriend and girlfriend, you  started  dating him five years ago.  You two  meet each other through  Jared. You loved every moment of dating  Jensen  Ackles. He was a pretty  amazing  boyfriend  he treated  you  how you deserved to be treated.

You were in were in love with Jensen, he was your  second boyfriend.  It turned out  your first boyfriend   wanted to be friends. It felt like your heart was broken into a million  tiny  prices. You  never  thought you would find  love again until  you meet Jensen.

You had a crush  on him  for as long as you could remember. He was perfect he was the man of your dreams.   He was always there when you needed him the most, even if you wanted to talk he was there to listen. He was a great listener, giving you your space when you most needed it.

You too did date nights it was  a regular thing. You had two  date nights over the month. The date nights usually included dinner and a movie with just the two of you or Jared and Gen came also on a double date.  

You were getting ready for a date night with  Jensen. You braided  your hair in a french  braid. You wore a bright  red dress that went down to your knees, it fit you  perfectly.  You put on some light  makeup you wore a bit of jewelry a necklace  that had a key to his heart and a pair of earrings which were  hops. You also wore a pair of black  high  heels.  

You walked down the stairs  and heard  a  whistles you turned  around and there was Jensen  in a plain  black suit with a red tie, he was clean shaven but he still  kept some of his scruff because  he knew you loved it. He looked perfect in whatever he wore but there was something  about him this time. You kissed him just a little peck on his lips.

“Wow J you clean up nice. You look handsome  in a suit “you mumbled  against his lips.

“You look as gorgeous  as ever Baby" he mumbled against  your lips then kissed you back.

You two walked out of the door holding onto  each other’s hand. He opened  the door to the car that was waiting  for  the two  of  you.  It was a quick  little ride to the restaurant.

You two walked up to the door  to  the restaurant. He held  the door open for you. He was a gentleman like, always doing those little things.

“How may I help  you Sir? You’re him aren’t you. Your Jensen  Ackles and you’re his girlfriend Y/N, Y/L/N I love you  both. May I get a pictures with you two ? “ asked the hostess.

“We have a reservation table for two for  Ackles. The one and only of course you may. “he said.

“Follow me” said the hostess. The hostess  lead you to private  area  of the restaurant.  You two got pictures  with the hostess.

Jensen pulled  your chair out for you.  You sat down  and  Jensen knelled down on one knee  and took a ring box out of pocket. He opened the ring the box. Inside the box was a beautiful ring. It was a gorgeous, it was a four carat diamond, it was simple yet perfect.

“Y/N I love you and I want to spend the  rest of my life with  you. When you  laugh I laugh, when you cry I’m the one to wipe your tears. Your one of the most important people  in my life. You’re my person and I wouldn’t  have  it any other way darling. When I picture my life it’s with you in it.  My dream wouldn’t be complete without you in it.  I love you with  my heart and my soul. I want to grow  old with you and have a family with you. So Y/N, Y/L/N will you marry me and becoming Mrs. Jensen  Ackles? “

You were speechless you weren’t expecting  this at all. You were crying  happy tears. You always  imagined your life with  Jensen.

“Of course  I will  J !!!!!! I would love to be Mrs. Ackles. I feel  the same  way about  you. I want to grow old with  you and  have  a family  with ”

He slide  the ring on your ring finger and  it fit you  perfectly.  He wiped  your tears, then  placed a kiss on your  lips it was different it was full of  passion but  you  liked  it a lot, you melted into Jensen.

After  dinner  you two  were on your way back  home. You decide  to  phone  your best friend. Which was Jared’s  wife Gen.

“Hello”she said on the second  ring.

“I got  some  news Gen ” you  basically screamed  into the phone.

“Your not pregnant are you?”

You laughed  “ Not in the slightest I’m  engaged.  Don’t tell  J“ you  said.

“OMG! !!! You’re engaged  congratulations. Come over for  drinks we can celebrate   “ she said she was so  happy  for you.  

After a while  you hanged up  the phone.

“Were invited to Jared and Gens for celebration drinks” you said .

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