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Vanilla stood there waiting until she heard the door lock and she was certain her parents had left the area. 

Silly parents, of course Vanilla knew exactly where they’d hidden the keys. She wasn’t about to sit around doing nothing in the house for two days, now that she’d seen for herself how beautiful the island could be at night. 
Maybe it was time to explore it in daylight, too.

“If we end up facing a high-caliber team at nationals, the tactics of blockers and spikers alike will jump exponentially…so it would be counter-productive not to use Hinata for practice” -Ch. 216

Inarizaki better get ready…’cause my boy’s gonna shine again!!!

(Chapter 254 Re-draw)

shinee 9th anniversary party shinee day postcard messages

onew: i’m happy! 9th anniversary! needless to say it has been a long time! by your support! it’s the 9th anniversary. i love you! yahoo! that’s right it’s the 9th anniversary.

jonghyun: to. friends~ ! 9 years passed and we’re meeting again like this, i love you.

key: shin99~ i can’t believe it’s the 9th anniversary already!! time passes pretty fast.. we’ll let you hear more news, let’s see each other for an even longer time. love u!

minho: shinee world!! i can’t believe it’s already the 9th anniversary… i mean…. time goes by so fast….. thank you for staying by our side without change during those 9 years, i always say this but, i really think shawols are the best… i sincerely love you, and love you. till the day it’s the 99th anniversary……

taemin: it’s the 9th anniversary~ and now in another year… please give 9-year-old shinee lots of love~~

translated by romanceboys

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shinee ninth anniversary messages ♡ 170518
translation: minhole (i / ii / iii / iv / v)

onew: i’m happy because we could be happy together for nine years.

jonghyun: in these nine years there was not one moment you weren’t there.

key: looking forward to see how much bigger the number nine can get.

minho: believe that we will also be together in the future.

taemin: let’s always be together just like now.