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chapter 4: belief

How To Make Your Spells Successful ☽O☾ 

So in our last chapter I spoke about trance induction as well as meditation being very important tools to witchcraft and successful spells. The clearer and stronger your visualization is in meditation, especially when you’re meditating on a spell and it’s outcome or your rituals, the more successful your spell will be. This is why it’s so important to better yourself in visualization exercises, meditations and the ability to see your outcome in your mind’s eye so much to where it actualizes in no time at all!

Another key factor to successful spells, one that I personally feel is most important is your belief. Without belief in your ability to create spiritually, energetically, esoterically, you’ll get nowhere in witchcraft. This is because your belief is the main ingredient to seeing your spell actualize itself in the tangible world, and it’s what allows magick to truly form right before your eyes. It may sound like a cliché, “believe in yourself”, but it is entirely true.

This goes back to my explanation in the introduction chapter about how a girl wearing a T-shirt and jeans with basil and one candle can do more then a girl wearing a long black gown, adorned in all the “witchy” jewels you can imagine, and owning all of the crystals, herbs and candles in the world. It all comes down to your belief in the craft, in yourself, and just knowing that it will be so.

There are some witches that believe Spirit won’t do your bidding if you “don’t deserve” it or if you don’t present Deity with a sacrifice or gifts- of course this is absolutely allowed in witchcraft (gifts, not sacrifices) and may absolutely boost your chance in seeing your magick actualize quicker, but it is not completely necessary. Now, if you’re one of those witches that believes this, don’t tear my head off yet (this also may not be the course for you)! The reason why these things aren’t completely necessary is because Spirit and Deity only want to see us truly happy and spiritually fulfilled; that in itself is enough to be considered a gift in their eyes. Deities and Spirit, God, or whatever you’d like to call them are not bad or spiteful beings ready to smite you if you’ve presented them with roses instead of daffodils. Please get this idea out of your head. What could they possibly do with these items? They’re powerful, spiritual beings of love and light; why on earth would simple human, earthly things be considered of great value to them? They don’t see gifts as something they can use or something that’s considered valuable, they just see gifts, even if it’s a rock or a pine cone as nice gestures, however grand they may be. You don’t have to present them with these human items, but if you do, they’ll- to put it quite plain- smile, give you a simple nod and continue helping you with your bidding. They are there to teach us lessons to improve our spirituality and live a life of peace, love, and happiness. They’re our Guides, helpers, spiritual advisers and friends, selfless and always ready to lend us a hand.

Now going back to when I mentioned spells actualizing quicker if we do give them gifts, what I mean by this is the law of attraction. I’m sure you’ve seen me mention the law of attraction before. How it works in this sense, is like this: Why do we present Deity with gits when creating magick (our rightful practice)? Is it because you believe you’re spell will become more successful? Is it because you want to prove yourself worthy, because you want to show them ‘hey, look how much I’ve given you, I deserve this!’? Is it because you’re acting out of fear that without gifts, your spell will get nowhere? These are all fears of the Ego, and the Ego should be nowhere near you when you create magick for it is a place for deity and your Higher Self. 

By presenting Deity with a gift, know that you’re merely giving them thanks for helping you with said spell, ritual, or other bidding. Thus, you’re showing gratitude. This is all you should be focused on when it comes to giving them gifts, not fear that it won’t work otherwise. Gratitude, by universal law, presents the person who is grateful with more to be grateful for. Of course, like I mentioned, you don’t need a physical, tangible gift in order to show thanks. All that’s needed is a simple “thank you” from the very depths of your heart and soul. Be truly grateful, and more to be grateful for will come.

This is precisely how believing in yourself and in your spell, Deity and the other elements you’ve used, works. Believe so strongly, that it’s nothing you have to force yourself to believe. Make it so it’s something that you just know is true. It is what you make it. If you’ve done a spell to be more financially abundant in order to help your business grow, then just know that you are financially abundant. It’s as simple as that.

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Because I’m happy….(chanson de Pharrell Williams…). C’est le printemps, il commence à faire beau, il fait moins froid et surtout les fleurs commencent à sortir. Je suis très contente de pouvoir partager ces photos avec vous car je les ai perdues pendant une journée. Oui, elles ont disparu de la carte mémoire de mon appareil photo. Pendant que je supprimais quelques photos très anciennes, l’appareil a en fait supprimé non seulement les anciennes photos, mais aussi quelques photos récentes. Si un jour ça vous arrive, ne paniquez pas, vous pouvez les récupérer. Il suffit de télécharger un logiciel sur internet. J’ai utilisé Card Rescue mais il y en a beaucoup d’autres.

Ce jour-là je n’étais pas bien du tout. J’avais beaucoup de photos magnifiques comme celles-là, non publiées et perdues dans la nature. J’avais envie de pleurer tellement j’étais énervée. J'avais heureusement déjà prévu un rendez-vous avec une amie blogueuse ce jour-là. Je lui ai raconté ce qui s’était passé, elle m’a dit de me calmer, elle a appelé son ami qui est photographe professionnel, il m’a parlé de ce logiciel et tout était réglé en une soirée. Trop facile. Ca ne valait même pas la peine de s’énerver.

C’est vraiment genial. Du point de vue de l’entrepreunariat, je pense que c’est ça aussi la clé du succès, d’être bien entouré par de bonnes personnes. Personne ne sait tout sur tout et des fois (lire “souvent”….) on fait une montagne pour des choses ridicules. Zen. S’il y a un problème, il y a forcément une solution. Si on n’a pas la solution, alors on peut toujours demander aux autres. La solution est là, il faut juste aller la trouver.


Because I’m happy…(the famous song from Pharrell William). It is spring, the weather is getting better and warmer and the flowers are blooming. I am so happy that I can share these photos with you because I actually lost them. Yes, they were deleted from the memory card of my camera. While I was deleting some very old photos, at the same time the camera was actually deleting some of my recent photos. If this happens to you one day, don’t panic, you can recover those accidentally deleted photos. You just have to download a software from the internet. I used Card Rescue but there are many options out there.

That day I was feeling very bad. I had so many beautiful photos, like these ones, unpublished and deleted. Gone. No backup. I was so devastated I wanted to cry. Fortunately that day I already planned a meeting with one of my fellow bloggers. She told me to calm down, she rang one of her friends who is a professional photographer. I got him on the phone, he told me to download a recovery software from the internet. During the evening, I could recover 98% of the lost photos. Finger in the nose. Too easy. Actually there was no reason to get upset.

I find this experience interesting. From entrepreneurship perspective, I think it’s about one of the famous key success factors, getting surrounded by the right people. No one knows everything about anything and sometimes (or “often”…) we can get stressed out over petty things. Zen. If there is a problem, there must be a solution. If we don’t have the solution then let’s ask other people. The solution is there, we just have to find it.