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There was this v v cute girl who lived across the hall from me in our dorm & I had a massive crush on before she transferred & I got lowkey gay vibes from her. But one day we were both at the soda machine in the dinning hall & she started talking to me, and I got so flustered and excited to be talking to her that when she got her stuff & was ready to walk back to her table I went with her and I LEFT MY DRINK, PLATE AND KEYS AT THE FOUNTAIN


summer training camp (2/5)

1) Ken/Tsukki  2) captains/ Tsukki  3) Boku/Tsukki  4) Lev/Tsukki  5) Aka/Tsukki

SURPRISE | Taron x Reader

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A/N: A little Christmas fluff for you all. Enjoy! 

Masterlist | Mobile Masterlist

You sighed as you fluffed up your pillow. Another Christmas, stuck at University. Going to school in England was hard enough without having to be without your family and friends you grew up with. This year again, your parents conveniently forgot that you would need a ticket to their annual Christmas vacation in Greece. They were so concerned about visiting your big brother and his new baby that they forgot all about you. They offered to buy you a ticket last minute but you wouldn’t be able to join them until after Christmas anyways, so you politely declined, and they promised to visit you on their way back home.

“Knock knock,” you heard a familiar voice behind you say.

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Consistency in high demand
A thirst never quenched

Abundant self hatred served a la carte
Plating is key

Spices and seasoning emphasize the flow of bile crawling back up your throat
Stomach handing out compulsory second chances

Drugstore concealer only intensifies marks left by a lover
Lust intertwines it’s filthy fingers with irony’s claws

Binaries cannot stand in the face of truth
Chewed up and spit out by youth unable to digest reality

Trust slips through your fingers like sand
But it’s luxury I’ve never been able to afford

—  On TV today I heard someone say “stop being mean to me or I’m going to fall in love with you”

Saddleton Design Academy’s Floor 9 Students!
(same color background denotes suitemates)

  1. [Joli Sweets]         | Baking and Pastry
  2. [Decibel]               | Audio Production
  3. [Hot Plate]            | Culinary
  4. [Key Light]            | Film
  5. [Pretty Parkour]    | Dance
  6. [Bridgette]            | Music
  7. [Songbird]            | Music
  8. [Joystick]              | Illustration
  9. [Blueprint]            | Architecture
  10. [Splendor Styles] | Interior Design
  11. [Ombre Styles]    | Fashion
If Specialists Were Cars...

As I pulled up in the doctor’s parking lot the other day, I realized that it was obvious which doctors drove which cars…

  • ER docs: Black Xterra or 4Runner with mud splatters, bike rack, and stickers from Jackson Hole, Vail, Appalachian Trail, Lake Tahoe, or Key West.  With vanity plates. 
  • Plastic Surgery: a restored to the original specs vintage European car, likely a Jaguar or Porsche, in scrub blue. Not a scratch on it.
  • Family Medicine:  a 4 door Accord, Camry, or Altima, at least 6 years old, with spotless cloth upholstery. Or a minivan. 
  • Ortho surgery: a Hummer H2 or Jeep Wrangler in an obnoxious shade of yellow or green with a slightly-too-large trailer hitch, rarely used.
  • Gen Surg: A dependable American-made pick up truck with tool box totally devoid of actual tools. 
  • Internal Medicine: a mid-sized sedan, Acura or Lexus, but one of the basic models
  • Peds: Mid-size American SUV with stick figure family stickers and 1-3 car seats in the back. 
  • Internal Med sub-specialties: BMW, Audi, or Lexus SUV with all the special features
  • OB GYN: Complete toss up. But ours all have motorcycles. 
Give me all [MAFIA!AU]

Summary: He wanted supreme control, but one pawn was missing from his board, so he went out to get it.

Warning: Language, sex, drugs, violence, gore


123| 4| 5

Blood trickled down his back hot and thick over his cold skin covering stiff muscles. His brain dulled the pain to an itchy burn. A fine mist of cool sweat blanketed him, blood mixing with it and soaking his clothes until they stuck to his flesh. The trapezius muscle twitched not letting Mino move his right arm as at the very slightest movement the blade will go deeper cutting the meat further. He didn’t feel a large hand grabbing his left shoulder right where it joins the base of the neck, but he did placed his hands on the ground and squeezed his eyes when a weight attached to the knife.

“Now now, don’t be a pussy and don’t move!” Yoongi’s voice was demanding but reassuring altogether. His fingers folded around the grip and tensed both his arms at the same time, one was pushing Mino in place and the other retracting so it’ll pull out the shiny blade.

“Let’s get out of here! C’mon!” Yoongi snaked an arm under Mino’s armpit and pulled him up, but he couldn’t as the man resisted. “Don’t tell me this little shit won you over!”

With his left eye closed and an amused smirk on, Mino wiped off the beads of sweat formed on his upper lip. “Give me the blade!”

Yoongi looked at him confusedly before bending down retrieving the knife and handing it to the crouched down man. Mino motioned for him with two of his fingers and Yoongi helped him up. Once safe on his legs, he pushed the other aside; he wasn’t going to throw his pride away. Mino hid the knife in his breast pocket and dusted some unrealistic dirt off his chest and strode towards the car. Yoongi shook his head and went to the car too, reoccupying his seat as the driver and waited for Mino to get in, once inside, the car flew out of the alley.


“What in the hell happened?” A husky voice roared the moment the two men busted trough the door.

“Ay, nothing to big boss! I’ve just got a little scratch!” The words came from lips that were split in a sly smile, sickening to the bones for the ones weak at the soul.

Jungkook squinted his eyes at the flickering slash of light radiated by a flying object. What was it? A key, a plate? A knife? The black and silver object landed with a swish upon the papers on his desk, slim and tainted with dry blood in some places. A screech came from the men and Jungkook lifted his gaze to bore it at the lads. Yoongi had his palm on Mino’s right shoulder, but the latter wasn’t at all comfortable, his lip caught firmly between his teeth and brows mashed together tight. Yoongi’s finger pressed on the wound with his thumb and pushed the other man forward forcing him to find balance and support by gripping the chair in front of him.

“And this scratch as you call it has you screaming like a little bitch?” Yoongi shoved him forward and settled him to sit on the chair and then occupied the other one.

“What happened exactly?” Jungkook intertwined his fingers and leaned his chin against them, elbows fixed on the desk. He had that slash of light cutting through his pupils, the one he has when he is excited, horny or both. He hadn’t had his hands dirty these past days, so he was craving some blood, his hands stained with dark red and his clothes soaked, the smell of iron, the prickly sensation on his tongue.

“Well, I’ve got fucking stabbed! That’s what happened!” Mino shook his shoulders for the effect, but he soon regretted it as a sting bit at his nerves up to his neck and down his spine. To him it felt like a snake crawling under his skin, all cold and tacky contrasting with his burning skin.

“Then don’t you fucking stain my chairs!” Jungkook instructed him to go lay on his stomach on the couch and called for someone to clean his slashed flesh.

Yoongi turned his back to Mino with a roll of his eyes and prepared for reporting to his boss the situation. He ran his index finger under his nose and sniffed a bit, and then he pressed his thumb on his nostril while shifting in his seat before placing his folded hands on his abdomen.

“Right, so we were at the job in Songpa-gu as you requested and as expected Song went overboard in his actions again! He punched their car and used a crock to try and pull his eyeball out for the low pay and obvious lies. Something stopped him, however, the tiny blade to more exact. A little pathetic if you ask me!”

Jungkook dropped his eyes to the butterfly knife still lying across his files and he picked it up and started moving it around in his palms like he was measuring it. “Any suspects?”

“I sensed some movement at that time so I checked it out! There was this buffoon orange hair running in all directions and that cunning smile flashed the moment Mino got hit!” The blonde man leaned forward and held his hand out and waited so that Jungkook will pass him the butterfly knife. Once a heated metal weight pressed down in his palm he flipped around and pointed at a certain spot, the very end of one handle while clicking his tongue near his left cheek. He tossed it back at Jungkook.

“Park Jimin.” The name rang in the whole room and the way Yoongi said it made it sound very heavy, Jungkook picked up the knife to look at where the other pointed. There at the base of the handle in striking orange paint stood a “J” in fancy writing which made Jungkook chuckle.

“Kim Namjoon, you little son of a bitch, I’ll pay you back for your disrespect!” The words came out through Jungkook’s teeth. “Min, how about we give Namjoon a surprise, huh?”

“Sounds fine to me. I was getting bored anyways so what else better to do.” The blonde shrugged.

“Good. Go back to your room. I’ll request you when Song’s wound has been taken care of and Taehyung has returned from playing with Baem.” Jungkook discharged him.

A minute later, a man came in, bowed quietly to Jungkook who was deep in his files again. He picked up the man laying on the couch and exited the office with no further interruption to his master.


The handset made a crisp sound as it clicked into its hook, paper sheets rustled while being moved over the wooden desk and the tapping of a foot pounded on the parquet. Another crisp click announced the entrance of his men and he finally looked up from his computer.

“Why am I called for at this unsuitable hour?” Her voice bit at him before passing over the threshold.

“We’ve important business.” Jungkook opened a drawer and pulled out a glossy rolled up paper and his long lean fingers spread it on the surface of the desk and placed different objects on its corners to keep it from rolling up again.

The glossy paper turned out to be a map of Seoul with each district delimited in fine lines traced by a red marker pen, also here and there were even finer lines that had attached to their end small red dots. At their other end, written in a very clean style and easily readable were important locations and names of bars, red-light districts, and drug dens.

Mei saw black ink which read “Full House” and she started thinking about why were they here. The only man who owned full houses was gang leader Kim and that would make sense, but would Jeon get pissed at her father’s killing and her attempted snatch or was this about that man with the medical kit she saw escorting Mino to his room.

“Fill me in!” She pulled back a chair so she could sit, eyebrows fallen into a frown marking concentration and interest.

“Song got hit by this.” The knife swished as it slid on the desk from Jungkook to Mei. “Tell me what you see!” His index finger glided over his upper lip as he slumped back in his seat. His finger went up to press on his temple while his elbow settled on the armrest. Jungkook fixed his gaze on her, cold and empty.

Mei picked up the black and silver metal to study it, she flipped it around and she saw the inscription, her lips cracked into a smug smile. “Mino got hit by Park Jimin, Kim Namjoon’s man, the same Namjoon who had my father killed and exactly the same one who ordered my snatching. This, she pointed at the map, deciding by the locations, the “Full House” writing and evidently by the ‘KN’ on the corner of the page, is the map of locations owned by Kim…You sure want to send Kim a warning, letting him know that you have figured out his plan and there’s no fucking around with Jeon.” She let the knife fall on the dark wood and copied Jungkook’s position.

“That’s right. Everything she said is correct, so there is no need for me to explain the situation in more detail.” Jungkook loosened his necktie, even he felt suffocated at the speed of her thoughts.

The room fell silent for a minute but broke once a fizzing erupted and Mei turned her head to Yoongi. He held the match between his scrawny fingers and his eyes were glued to the flaming red as always, but something was off about him. He was not his usual serene and detached self with a blank unreadable face and his head leant on his left shoulder. Yoongi’s head was not leant, his forehead had a crease, as well as his nose bridge being curtailed by two small cuts and his lips, were pushed against each other and slightly forward forming a pout.

“What should we do?” Seunghoon asked from his place on the couch.

“The message should be clear, ‘Don’t go around fucking with me thinking I’m blind’.” Mei added.

“Yeah, but it has to have our signature.” Taehyung plopped down near Mino and Seunghoon, wishing Yoongi wouldn’t be in the chair near Mei so that he could occupy it.

“The throat pierced in the middle by a knife?” Mei half asked, partially knowing the answer.

Jungkook said nothing, didn’t even listened to them. He stopped his stare at the top end of the map where a deep shade of orange let him know that Yoongi’s matches were still being lit up and let to burn one by one. He knew he needed not bother him with stupid questions while he was thinking of a plan, searching trough millions and millions of options, probing them in his head and then picking the best one. Jungkook zoned out for a moment, his mind travelling to Kim who was being a problematic fuck. Namjoon was on his tail from some time now and it was getting annoying, he needed to be removed from the game table. And Jungkook has been working on it, sending people here and there, gang fights weren’t his favorite method of gaining territory, but apparently Kim loved it, in fact, he loved everything that was messy and all over the place.

Here, Jungkook’s thoughts stopped, a black burnt up match landed on the map, precisely over a name, ‘El Paraiso’ ,and under it the all known ‘Full House’. He raised his eyes to bore his hard gaze into Yoongi’s demanding for the plan.

“Yoongi ?” Jungkook spoke his name gravely so the others would know it’s time to keep their mouths shut.

The blonde blinked once, very languidly with his lips slightly parted. “It should be just what Namjoon would do, but much cleaner and organized. ‘El Paraiso’ is a full house with importance for their profit, although it’s not found on the list of his top.”

“We are going to barge in with automatics or one of Taehyung’s ‘babies’ and blow them up?” Mino asked having no patience whatsoever.

Yoongi chuckled. “Of course you’ll suggest that, but no. We’ll go in unobserved, entering one by one and will occupy necessary spots inside.” With his ring finger, Yoongi slid down a white sheet of paper and picked up a marker pen. He bent over the paper sheet and traced lines, the crusty sounds of the marker pen sliding on paper. His shoulders blocked the view so they couldn’t see what he was drawing, but once finished he leant back with a brusque movement.

“The bar is in the middle of the east wall, someone needs to secure it and that would be Seunghoon ‘cause he’s got very good aim, so he’ll need to come through the back door along with me. On the North wall, close to the back entrance there is another door that is camouflaged into the wall, it has a basic door lock which can be easily blocked.”

“How do you block a locked door from the outside?” Mei asked while analyzing the blonde’s face.

Yoongi turned his face to Jungkook who opened a drawer under the one he opened before. A flash of pink came to view and jangling cut her eardrums; it was a keychain full of pink keys, but not normal keys she observed.

Jungkook picked on and hold it before her. “These keys are called Lock-kill and their mechanism is very simple. Thanks to the 45 or 90 degrees cut, they fix on the lock pins and can’t be removed. By fixing the pins into place, the door can’t be opened unless a locksmith comes or if it takes a bullet.”

“Nice, but they can shoot the lock and open the door nevertheless.” She added.

“Yes, but you don’t know my plan to its extent. You see, I’ll lock the door in place and leave it as it is. Seunghoon will be at the bar, Taehyung at the VIP area and Mino will just come through the main entrance and take out the guards there. I’ll wait for everything by the door in case there is a need for backup. Mino will have his Desert Eagle L5 with a silencer and will start the fire first. At exactly 1:35 am all of us will start shooting to eliminate guard and other Ingeo Pa members. After it’s cleared, boss will come in and deliver the final blow shooting off the door lock and have his way with the men there.”

Moments of silence followed as each of them digested down the plan and imprinted it in their minds. Jungkook left a sigh plunge in satisfaction. Yoongi hasn’t disappointed him once again, his plan flawless even though simple, flawless as always.

“When is it to be applied?” Mei asked while nibbling on her thumb.

“Tomorrow night.”

“Then I’ll get everything ready for covering this up, both with police and media.”


Even through all the noise, she still heard the banging coming from her door, although if the knocking was to go unnoticed, she couldn’t have missed the rattling of the door. Mei got up from her comfortable position on the bed, spilling a couple of popcorns in the process, to walk to the source of clamor and pulled the door open.

“Hey baby, are you alone?” Mino lifted his arm so he could rest his forearm on the casing, tilting his head to the left and pushing up a brow.

“Hey, yeah. Wanna join my party?”

“How can I refuse?!” And with that, in he went and closed the door behind him.

The next morning when they woke up, Mino thanked for the fun last night and excused himself to go to his room and prepare for the day. He was scratching his head and slowly walked out of Mei’s room while yawning deeply, his pace stopped and his head snapped to the left. Jungkook was just exiting his room and was in the process of perfecting his cufflinks when he spotted Mino coming from the other room. Jungkook frowned and threw him a hard stare, one that was unusually hard even for him, but he didn’t say a word and just walked past Mino and brushing their shoulders a little too harshly. The other man was confused and left standing on the spot for a couple of seconds until he brushed the matter off.


Today, Jungkook was troubled Mei could say. He was a little too brusque and antsy like something was crawling in his pants or like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Was he concerned for tonight when they had to make the raid, but that didn’t seem to be his type. Whatever it was it started to make Mei annoyed and it drained her tolerance level so she was running low.

Jungkook took her to the shooting range to keep his promise, he said. The car drive was painfully morbid as she was forced to ride with him, there were no words coming from him, not even glances her way. Mei just moved her attention to the window and the passing buildings, she wished that they had, at least, a driver so she could exchange some small talk with him but Jungkook wished to drive himself.

At the range, he walked over to the front desk not even checking if she was following and ordered guns and bullets, a pair of protective glasses and headphones. As he did saw Mei took a while to give a quick look to the building and the man serving them. After a small inspection, she could tell that it was a shooting range owned by Jungkook decided by the inexistent ordinary civilians and the dragon tattoo the guy had on the back of his hand. She followed him to the back where the shooting targets were. Jungkook set all up while explaining her.

“This is the button you press to release the magazine, make sure it clicks loudly when pushing it back up. You need to slide the bullets just like this, pushing backwards and downwards at the same time.” He filled up his gun and clicked the magazine back to its place.

“Pull back the slide while pointing the muzzle downwards. Right hand on the gun, left hand for support and left leg forward. Bend your knees slightly and keep a firm stance, right elbow almost straight and left elbow bent a little. Press the safety back, aim and shoot.” He pressed the trigger and fired 3 times getting the left jugular vein, a headshot and one in the chest.

“That’s it for today. I’ll teach you how to maintain it later. These handguns with which we are firing today are Beretta model 92, I picked this model because it’s very close to the Taurus PT92 I gave you.” He pushed the other gun to her along with some bullets. “Your turn…and take it easy. Don’t harm yourself, princess.” Jungkook offered her a fake smile.

Mei shoves him and quickly set the bullets in place, pulled back the slide and pressed back the safety pin and took her position with confidence just like she did many times before. ‘Stupid Jeon thinking it’s my first time handling a gun, little does he know they were my replacement for ballet classes when I was 14’ ,she thought while finding a good aim. Once the barrel was in a position she would get good shots she pressed on the trigger until the magazine clicked empty. Jungkook stilled near her and kept his eyes on the target paper not moving, not blinking. Mei pressed a button and the target started coming in their direction and when it was close enough she took it and held it up to him. All ten bullets pierced trough the man figure’s head and chest, all of them were perfect, instant killing shots.

“Did I do well, Master Jeon?” She swayed her hips a little.

Jungkook silently analyzed the target with a frown before grabbing her arm firmly just above her elbow and forced his gun in her hands. “Wonderful but I find your aiming is a little off. Here, let me help you.”

His arms came around her so that his hands could cup hers, his chest brushed against her back as well as his crotch did to her ass. Jungkook’s lips pressed to the shell of her ear and breathe steadily making her hair strands prick up.

“It’s good like this. Try now.” He knew that her aim was as far from off as Brazil was far from Siberia. And she knew he lied pathetically the moment her ass was poked by his growing erection.

After finishing what was left in the magazine she placed her hands on the cement counter, gun trapped between her palm and the cold material. Jungkook moved as well, one hand spread and pushing her into him on her lower abdomen and the other tangled in Mei’s hair pulling at the hair strands. His lips found their place on her neck and she responded with a little moan and a few sways of her ass over his crotch.

“Isn’t it better now?” Jungkook’s lips tickled her neck when talking.

“Perfect.” With this, she felt his smile against her skin.

He stepped back to turn her around, once she faced him pressed one of his legs between hers and grabbed her waist. He moved his forearm so he could press on her back to force her chest to collide with his. She grabbed his hair at the back of his neck and his shirt trying to get them even closer so they could kiss. Jungkook squeezed her ass teasingly at first, but when closed her eyes and parted her lips, he squeezed again with strength and continued.

“Do I get a reward for doing so well?”

Jungkook didn’t considered words as fitted for an answer, but instead he chuckled mockingly at her before smashing his lips against hers with ferocity. He found her lips particularly soft and remarkably plump; he just couldn’t help but think how they would feel on his cock, sucking him and how lewd they would look. Jungkook pressed his tongue on her lips and she opened her mouth for him and so their tongues met in a passionate kiss which was bound to send them to overdrive. His tongue wasn’t desperate and messy as she expected, but rather Jungkook kissed her at a slow pace like he was trying to take time in feeling inside her mouth and memorizing it. Mei matched the rhythm set by him and let the moist and hot feeling of having him so close. Jungkook pulled away and stared at her swollen lips coated in saliva before raising it so that his cold eyes could bore into hers.

“Is this how Song kissed you last night or is it better?”

She had no time to answer however as the ground shook violently and her back hit the wall when Jungkook pressed her to it to keep her safe. A loud and deep explosion rang in their ears and smoke started poisoning the air already. It was definitely a bomb or grenade that went off.

Has Namjoon decided to hit first?

hey heyyyyyyyyyy

You know what I want, don’t you?


I hope you enjoy my fanfic! And thank you for putting up with my slow uploading, I’ll try and do better!

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This is just pure domestic Captain Cobra Swan. Set somewhere before the mid-season finale

The door of the Swan-Jones household opens, a lurking pirate letting his keys dangle in his hook as he lets himself in.

“Swan, I’m-”

“Shhhh!,” Killian hears at his right and when he turns he sees a teenager, phone in hand, looking at him with alarm.

“Henry? Is something wrong? Are you hurt?” Killian asks with concern as he leaves his keys on the plate next to the door.

“I’m alright, Killian,” Henry glances at the couch on the other side of the living room, “I just didn’t want to wake her,” Killian follows his gaze and finds Emma asleep, a blanket with a swans pattern (her boys’ gift) covering her, “she looked really tired when she got home.”

“Aye, she hasn’t had much sleep since-”

“My grandparents,” Henry murmurs and sighs, “this isn’t fair, she has been through so much and now she can’t even breathe without something bad happening,” Killian stays silent and walks towards his love, kneeling so he can look at her. Henry he sits on the floor beside him and looks at Emma with a blank face.

“This is my fault,” Killian startles at his words and turns to look at the boy.


“If I hadn’t made her come here, if I hadn’t brought her here-,” Henry drops his head on his hands.


“If I had just-”

“Hey,” he feels Hook’s hand on his shoulder and looks up, “this isn’t your fault lad, why on earth would you think that?”

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  • 黒執事 Funtom Cafe】

You can get rave tickets on sale now!

Worldwide total of 2,100 million copies
Popular comic “Black Butler”
Cafe you can experience the work world,
It is open for a limited time to queue Plaza of Harajuku, Tokyo!

“Black Butler Funtom Cafe” is,
One of the main characters,
Boy Earl Ciel Phantomhive
Themselves and management to a cafe.
Original drinks and goods, a special video
Customers helping each other is the fun and exchanges can space.
Ladies and gentlemen of everybody, let’s we opened our door.
Voice of the phantom company staff will be heard.

and “Welcome! Welcome to the phantom cafe!”

☆ visiting tickets in advance to your reservation, you will purchase.

That is when you become a “AREA-Q member registration” (free) is required.

☆ all seats specified, at 90 minutes of the program from the Start, is each time a complete replacement system.

Future information of “Black Butler Funtom Cafe” is
We will from time to time notified by this WEB site.

𝕱𝖚𝖓𝖙𝖔𝖒 𝕮𝖆𝖋𝖊. {Menu}

  • Sebastian Special Parfait:  1,200 Yen
  • Tanaka Special Parfait: 1,200 Yen
  • Funtom’s Cafe Special Pancake: 1,800 Yen (This pancake also appeared in the Kuroshitsuji anime key visual.)
  • Ciel’s Plate (Scones)
  • Sebastian’s plate (Quiche)
  • Ciel Ice Chocolate Drink: 700 Yen
  • Funtom’s Cafe Original Blend Chocolate Mint Tea: 700 Yen

I got a few things at the little Witch shops here in Salem. This lovely tote bag , Pendulum (cloth) board, pendulum, Salem license plate key chain, And little pentacle container. Cute, no?

Teen Wolf Preference #22 Song that reminds of your Breakup.

Scott: Jason Mraz I won’t give up

Everyone knew that Scott wasn’t one to give up on people that easily. So when your relationship started going downhill he fought, because he wasn’t one to give up just like that. He would do anything to keep your relationship going, even when the sky get’s rough and everything feels like it is crumbling. 

Stiles: Whitney Houston Where do broken hearts go?

He would never admit it, but he was heartbroken. When you left him, it was like his world collapsed. But whenever he looked into your eyes when you accidentally met in the hallway, he could see that you still cared for him. But you had moved on, and it tore the poor boy’s heart into pieces.  

Issac: 5SOS Wherever you are

Issac felt like he had to leave after Allison’s death, and he felt like he ouldn’t stay in touch with you, because he felt like you needed something better. Every night he almost calls you just to tell you that he’ll always love you. But he doesn’t, because he knows deep inside that you’ll get over him, and he hopes that you’ll find someone better than him. 

Derek: Alicia Keys Try sleeping with a broken heart

You broke him in half, when you left him. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was always thinking about how it felt when you had touched him, how you loved him. But he would move on. He wouldn’t let anyone see it. He was determinded to find a way to make it without you. And he didn’t doubt himself, except the nights when it was cold in the loft and he couldn’t pull you close to him and feel your skin against his own. Then, he missed you like crazy. 

Aiden:  The Script If you ever come Back

Aiden knew he had fucked up, but he still believed that you could come back to him at some point. That was why he always made sure there was a key to you, a plate on the table and light turned on. Your relationship hadn’t always been easy, but he never wanted it to end, and it tore him apart knowing deep down that no matter how much he wished for it to happen, you would never come back to him. 

Liam: Elliott Yamin Wait for you

You never wanted to leave Liam, but when you found out the truth, it scared you, so you did what you thought was the right thing for you; you left. And it left Liam heartbroken, but he knew that it wasn’t what you really wanted, so he will wait for you, no matter how long it will take for you to come back to him and the blue eyes that you loved so badly.

Garrett: 5SOS Amnesia

Garrett just wanted to sleep. BEcause when he slept, he dreamed of the happy times with you. Everytime he woke up, your breakup hit him as hard as a wreaking ball, and all he wants to do is forget. Forget how you cried when you told him you were leaving, how your makeup had been running, how you had taking his heart with you when you walked out the door. He missed you more than anything. 

Brett: Selena Gomez Love will remember

It just wouldn’t work out for the two of you. So you broke it off. Whenever Brett was missing you, he thought about all of your promises and all the plans you had, but he knew it deep down, that love would remember, and that it was best for the both of you. But he often thought about what could have happened if you guys could have worked it out. 


House key dropped in concentrated Hydrochloric Acid

At a guess, I’d say that this is a brass key which has been plated in nickel. 

If the key was coated in nickel the equation for this chemical reaction would be this:

2 Ni + 6 HCl = 3 H2 + 2 NiCl3

with the gas being given off in lots of bubbles likely to be hydrogen.