key plate

Consistency in high demand
A thirst never quenched

Abundant self hatred served a la carte
Plating is key

Spices and seasoning emphasize the flow of bile crawling back up your throat
Stomach handing out compulsory second chances

Drugstore concealer only intensifies marks left by a lover
Lust intertwines it’s filthy fingers with irony’s claws

Binaries cannot stand in the face of truth
Chewed up and spit out by youth unable to digest reality

Trust slips through your fingers like sand
But it’s luxury I’ve never been able to afford

—  On TV today I heard someone say “stop being mean to me or I’m going to fall in love with you”

This is just pure domestic Captain Cobra Swan. Set somewhere before the mid-season finale

The door of the Swan-Jones household opens, a lurking pirate letting his keys dangle in his hook as he lets himself in.

“Swan, I’m-”

“Shhhh!,” Killian hears at his right and when he turns he sees a teenager, phone in hand, looking at him with alarm.

“Henry? Is something wrong? Are you hurt?” Killian asks with concern as he leaves his keys on the plate next to the door.

“I’m alright, Killian,” Henry glances at the couch on the other side of the living room, “I just didn’t want to wake her,” Killian follows his gaze and finds Emma asleep, a blanket with a swans pattern (her boys’ gift) covering her, “she looked really tired when she got home.”

“Aye, she hasn’t had much sleep since-”

“My grandparents,” Henry murmurs and sighs, “this isn’t fair, she has been through so much and now she can’t even breathe without something bad happening,” Killian stays silent and walks towards his love, kneeling so he can look at her. Henry he sits on the floor beside him and looks at Emma with a blank face.

“This is my fault,” Killian startles at his words and turns to look at the boy.


“If I hadn’t made her come here, if I hadn’t brought her here-,” Henry drops his head on his hands.


“If I had just-”

“Hey,” he feels Hook’s hand on his shoulder and looks up, “this isn’t your fault lad, why on earth would you think that?”

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