key peice

When i die i am going to be burried with a key peice of evidence in a murder case exahume me. Except i will pay my frieds 20 bucks to secretly fill the casket with a dirty blowup doll and to dump my body in the ocean.


Evidence from Mary’s patient file from Radley suggests that she is indeed the mother of one Bethany Young. We were told that “Jessica” had an affair with Bethany’s dad, however, I don’t believe this was Jessica at all but Mary. Another key peice of information is that we are led to believe that the affair happened recently as Bethany had only recently found out about it before she died, but I don’t believe this is the case at all. Bethany was so furious about the affair, not because it was a recent event, but because it was kept secret as she is her actual birth mother, making the bucket incident all that easier to swallow. Jessica really was her “Aunt Jessie”!

The man I found most likely to be Bethany’s father is Scott Montgomery! Presumed to have had killed himself, proves that if it was Scott, the affair would have to have had taken place a while ago. Scott having mental problems wasn’t the only clue; the second was when Marlene tweeted the ever cryptic clue, “Looks like there’s a new member of the Mongomery Family. A.M and B.Y.  #507″. This theory would make Aria and Bethany cousins!