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The nature of Shinigami realm

*As it’s inhabited by the Shinigami who regulate human souls, it’s located between the human realm and the afterlife (Heaven and Hell?).

*The realm follows the weather and seasons of its assigned district for convenience sake. For example, London Dispatch would be snowing if the real London is snowing too.

*It’s impossible to leave the Shinigami realm by foot. They will go through an infinitely stretching landscape as they walk. When they turn around, they will return to the same place they were. This unique barrier is to prevent unauthorized people (such as students) from leaving and keeping demons from entering their realm.

*Things like food, workplace and residence are provided by the higher-ups. Exact method is unknown, although there are employees dedicated to maintaining them.

*Shinigami of higher ranks (such as William) have master keys to access the homes of their subordinates.

*Even though time travel isn’t possible, their technology develops faster than humans due to their prolonged lives and better ability to store knowledge. There are departments dedicated to researches such as Forensics for this.

*The library only stores the Cinematic Records of people the reapers have spared in the past. Therefore, the majority remains in the person’s brain as their corpses rot.

Master List

Decided to make one of these so that everyone knows what has already been requested and make them easier to find as well!

This was seriously a project! This blog has been running for barely two months and I already have so much material! So, thank you guys for that! I will do my best to update this list regularly as I answer more requests!

Sawamura Daichi

Burn (NSFW)
Sent to Kill

Sugawara Koushi

Bad Girl
Alpha Instinct
Stay With Me 
Transgender Headcanons

Azumane Asahi

Throwing Shade 
Kinks (NSFW)
Trying Something New (NSFW)

Nishinoya Yuu

Healing Headcanons
Losing Control (NSFW)
Confidence Boost 
Messing Up 
Coming Out

Tanaka Ryuunosuke

Kinks (NSFW)
Procrastination Headcanons 
Making Things Right

Hinata Shouyou

The Sitter
Flower Crown

Kageyama Tobio

Movie Night

Tsukishima Kei

Stay With Me
Spunky Shortness
Military Man
College Stress
Music Headcanons
Flower Crown
Tall Couple
All Went Well 
Dirty Words 
Insecure Marks (NSFW)
Short Headcanons 
Seeing Her 
Big Girl (NSFW)
Their Strong Father 
Movie Night 

Yamaguchi Tadashi

Gentle Patterns 
First Date Headcanons 

Ukai Keishin

Teacher’s Lounge (NSFW)
French Teacher (NSFW)
Lap Dance

Oikawa Tooru

Brushing Fingers
Tired Evening
Morning Surprise
Too Close
Anxiety Headcanons
Stay With Me
Those Strange Words
Ruffled Feathers
Renewed Birthday
Military Man
Finding Her
Getting Even
Dirty Words 
Transgender Headcanons 
Fencer Headcanons 
Short Headcanons 
Red String 
Seeing Her 
Coming Out 
Dyed Hair HCs

Iwaizumi Hajime

Watching Them
Surprise Sensei
Chilly Nights
She’s Mine
Things He Loves
Only His
Closet Surprise
Anxiety Headcanons
Defying Arrangement
She Wins
Taking Advantage
Wet Dreams (NSFW)
Shouldn’t Be This Hot (NSFW)
Military Man
Lost Past
Finding Her
While He Was Away (NSFW)
Kinky (NSFW)
His Proposal
Doesn’t Matter 
Fencer Headcanons 
Meeting the Family 
Big Girl (NSFW)

Matsukawa Issei

Making it Better (NSFW)
Pulling Pigtails
Throwing Shade 
Dyed Hair HCs

Kyoutani Kentarou

Surprisingly Sweet
Sweet Kisses
Wet Dreams (NSFW)
Military Man 

Kunimi Akira

Wet Dreams (NSFW)
Military Man 

Kuroo Tetsurou

Desire (NSFW)
Wet Hair
Slumbering Warmth
Musically Italian
Conquering the Shy
Military Man
Renewed Birthday
Throwing Shade
Flower Crown
Tall Couple
All Went Well
Dirty Words  
Transgender Headcanons 
BFF Headcanons 
Fencer Headcanons 
Short Headcanons 
Red String 
Trying Theater 
Seeing Her 
Big Girl (NSFW)
Curly Hair 
Coming Out 
Their Strong Father 
Dyed Hair HCs

Kozume Kenma

Military Man 
Confidence Boost

Haiba Lev

Love Deserved (NSFW)
Flower Crown 
Their Strong Father

Bokuto Koutarou

Falling in Love
Precious Headcanons
Loud Support
He’s Not as He Seems
Healing Headcanons
Fate is Cruel
Fate Heals the Broken
Flower Crown
Transgender Headcanons 
Insecure Marks (NSFW)
BFF Headcanons 
To Find Yourself Series 0 
Confidence Boost 
Fencer Headcanons 
Short Headcanons 
Red String 
Seeing Her
Big Girl (NSFW)
Their Strong Father

Akaashi Keiji

Bus Ride
Military Man
Flower Crown 
Dirty Words 
Short Headcanons 
Big Girl (NSFW)
Curly Hair

Ushijima Wakatoshi

Shouldn’t Be This Hot (NSFW)
Tall Couple
All Went Well (NSFW)
Dominated (NSFW) 
Mafia (NSFW) 
Seeing Her 
Curly Hair 
Blowing Off Steam

Tendou Satori

Military Man
Hot (NSFW)
Finding Her
Kinky (NSFW)
Confidence Boost 

Semi Eita

Bad Girl
Renewed Birthday

Kawanishi Taichi

Happy For Her
Hot (NSFW)

Shirabu Kenjirou

Military Man 

Yamagata Hayato

Piggyback Race

Terushima Yuuji

Birthday Disaster 
Their Piercing

Takanobu Aone

Night Stroll
Flustered (NSFW)

Futakuchi Kenji

Flustered (NSFW)

Daishou Suguru

Finding Her 
BFF Headcanons


Winners (NSFW) Bokuto/Akaashi
Together Yahaba/Semi
On The Court (NSFW) Daichi/Sugawara
Slow Mornings Sugawara/Hinata

General Headcanons

Dating Younger 
Other Obligations 
Another School 


Akira (1988) / Cel x 2, Original Background + Douga  / 250mm x 350mm

Tetsuo braces for impact with Takashi at the end of the opening bike battle.

I thought I should post something special today. Subject-28 has hit 5k followers. Thanks for all the support!

Art from the opening bike battle is very rare. Much of this scene got waterlogged when the ship transporting the art from Japan to Streamline Pictures in the US was hit by a storm.

Who is Chanyeol?

screams ultimate bias

♡ Park Chanyeol

♡ “happy virus”

♡ “yoda”

♡ “3.01″

♡ Biggest dork on the planet

♡ has a dog called Toben

♡ Is tall

♡ god took his time on him

along w the rest of exo

♡ raps

♡ sings

♡ plays the guitar

♡ plays the piano

♡ is a dj

♡ composes 

♡ produces songs

♡ models

♡ can unlock the doors without a key

♡ bowling king

♡ masters everything

except dancing

♡ He is also fucking rich 

but not as rich as $uho

♡ lends all his money to sehun

♡ doesn’t mind buying a car that costs $500.000

he can buy me three times w that money

♡ Has the most unique voice along with kai

♡ His voice is deep and soothing while singing

♡ but strong and powerful while rapping

♡ has reeaallllyy good collabs

♡ stay with me ft.punch

♡ don’t make money ft heize where he dissed mnet

♡ let me love you ft junggigo


or should i say fa eest momint

♡ sorry not sorry

♡ won the best collab award

♡ a wise man once said “you lovin’ the size”

Originally posted by iyeolie

♡ Wrote heaven

♡ And gave sehun lots of lines

♡ bless him

Originally posted by sehunoh

♡ He is so good looking

♡ despite the fact that he’s a freaking giant

♡ he is ethereal

♡ i’m not even talking about his photo shoots


♡ art art art art art art art

♡ was really popular in high school coz he looked so good in uniforms

looks better without

♡ Visual af

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

♡ He knows it

♡ but sometimes tends to forget that he’s the sexiest man alive

along with the rest of exo

♡ He has lots of nicknames but the only one that matters is

♡ happy virus

♡  A wise man once said

♡ “no matter how difficult something is,i will not pout and smile like an idiot”

♡ pure hearted boy

♡ He’s always so giggly and happy

♡ is the mood maker of exo

♡ manages to make everyone smile

♡ with his dorky and goofy side

♡ camera caught him saying “yeppoo” to red velvet’s irene

Originally posted by r-velvets

omg i love him chanyeol you cant do dis to me

♡ however also cries a lot

♡ They say that people with big eyes cry a lot

♡ he has the biggest eyes

♡ he said that he cried on his car after Exo’rdium Japan concert due to stress and hardships

♡ But we’ll protect him

♡ Also cried cause he was so happy when he received many gifts from fans and friends for his bd

♡ He is a soft boy indeed

♡ Also,a dork

♡ Sleeps his eyes open

♡ Screams his ass off

♡ hits anything nearby when he’s laughing

♡ chanyeol+floor is a tru ship

♡ he loves the floor

told ya fam

♡ They call him yoda coz he got big ears

big and beautiful

♡ He said that he watched his part “3.01″in growl’s mv at least 100 times coz he thinks he’s too handsome


♡ If you’re mentioning chanyeol,you have to mention


♡ the precious,holy relationship

♡ they basically want to marry

♡ but sm is a bitch so won’t let them

♡ They adore each other

♡ they’re the real life couple

♡ went to see kid together to adopt one

♡ baekhyun said that if he were a girl,he would date chanyeol coz he’s kind but we all know the real reason here

♡ chen said baekhyun is being too unrealistic coz he can’t even reach yeol’s ears

♡ –>baekhyun wears chanyeol’s  clothes

♡ They buy couple shoes from gucci

♡ they had oversea dates —->ny where chanyeol bought him coffee

♡ They also said that C in CBX stands for chanyeol and introduced themselves as Chanbaek


Originally posted by baekhyunsama

stop staring baek he already knows

♡ There’s also a love-hate relationship called


♡ They get along really well and love each other

♡ but not afraid to hit or diss each other in front of the camersa

♡ ksoo secretly loves chan but too scared to admit

♡ coz chan is a cheesy giant who will talk about it all the time

♡ chanyeol supported him on his drama

♡ he said “thx chanyeol” with a disappointed face

chanyeol is his secret one night stand

♡ The height difference is real tho

♡ They’re adorable we hope bbh doesnt know

♡ ksoo often forgets chanyeol’s presence 

Originally posted by royalyeol

♡ Chanyeol is also multi talented

♡ he can sing,rap,dj,play 5 instruments and compose


♡ Sometimes he doesn’t show but

♡ he is da real mvp

♡ loves dogs

♡ has a small dog called “toben”

♡ said”he is a kind dog and i wanted to name him as toben since Beethoven is also a kind and respectable person”

♡ bootiful

♡ Also great with kids

♡ cooked a meal for a smol child on a variety show 

♡ was cute

♡ Also,dancing his dancing isn’t the best

♡ the thing is

♡ compared to normal people who don’t dance like me,he is a great dancer

♡ but since everyone in exo knows how to dance perfectly

♡ he isn’t considered as a good dancer in exo

♡ he also has a giant body

how is he supposed move all the parts perfectly

♡ is good friends with chimchim of bts

♡ woozi of SVT

♡ Joohoney of Monsta X


♡ As well as jonghyun of shinee


♡ He is the most adorable person on the planet

Originally posted by ohunshine

♡ his relationship with members is just

I love lay so much looks at this adorable cutie pie i hate u sm omg he sso cutteee

♡ He is a part of the beagle line

♡ chen+chanyeol+baekhyun

♡ also a part of the shopping crew

♡ sehun+vivi+suho+chanyeol

♡ Part of the chingu line

♡ ksoo+the beagle line

♡ he gets along withe everyone except ksoo

♡ for once lay touched his crotch on kbs music bank accidentally and he was like boi what r u doin

♡ pokes lay’s butt


♡ knows every single girl group song and choreo i mean twice

♡ said oh shit on a live broadcast

♡ is thirsty for lay

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

♡ he is a dork who we must protect!

mister13eyond  asked:

the idea originated from a friend, but.... zenyatta is a gentle prankster. he totally gets genji early on in their mentor/student relationship by putting a whoopee cushion under his meditation pillow. and he's excited because he could never pull that on mondatta as mondatta just.... floated above his meditation pillow......

He is VERY proud and proceeds to tell everyone about this LOL


~ Here’s your OTP 🤣❤️

Terra - @leonchiro 💛
Aqua - @enjinight 💙

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Horror in Room 1046 

Just after lunch time on 2 January, 1935, a young man entered the Hotel President in Kansas City, Missouri. He had no luggage and asked if he could have a room for the night. He signed his name as “Roland T. Owen” was given the key for room 1046. Shortly afterwards, the maid arrived to clean the room. As she opened the door, she found the man sitting on the bed in the dark. Even though it was still light outside, he had tightly drawn the blind. She recalled that the man seemed somewhat afraid or nervous. As she was cleaning, he put on his coat and left the room, asking her to leave the door unlocked because he was expecting a friend to arrive later on. At approximately 4PM, the maid arrived at room 1046 to leave fresh towels for the evening. The man was lying on the bed with a note beside him which read: “Don, I will be back in fifteen minutes. Wait.

The following morning, the maid arrived once again to clean the room. Once again, she found the man sitting in the dark. As she cleaned around him, he took a call from “Don” and told him he wasn’t going to get any breakfast. Before she left, he began to question her about her role within the hotel and what duties she was to carry out. When she returned later on in the afternoon with more fresh towels, an unidentified male grunted that they didn’t need any. Later on in the afternoon, another guest reported hearing a woman’s voice coming from room 1046 and relayed that she sounded angry. At around 11pm that night, a man driving downtown saw a man running down the street in pants and a shirt - strange clothing choice for the brisk winter air, he though. The man asked the driver, who he initially mistook as a taxi driver, if he could give them a lift to somewhere that he could flag down a taxi. He noted that the oddly dressed man had a large wound on his arm and looked in a bad shape.

Back at the Hotel President the next morning, it was noticed that the phone in room 1046 was left off the hook. A bellboy was sent up to inform the guest. When nobody answered, he used a master key to enter the room. At first glance, he saw blood smeared over the walls and over the floor. In the bathroom, “Roland T. Owen” was on his knees with rope tied around his neck and wrists. He had been repeatedly stabbed and bludgeoned across the head. Still clinging to life, he said he had “fell against the bathtub.” He died later on that night. An investigation of the room turned up nothing. Not one piece of clothing could be found nor any complimentary hygiene products or towels. It was soon discovered that the man had given a fake name, thus his body was displayed at a local funeral home in the hopes that somebody could recognise him. The man who had picked up the bewildered hitchhiker the night before recognised him immediately. Multiple people from separate establishments, including other hotels and even a wrestling arena, came forward to identify him. However, each person that identified him said that he gave a different name.

As the weeks passed, the man remained unidentified, even though many could identify him by appearance. He was intended to be buried in the city’s cemetery for the unidentified but as locals caught wind of this, police received an anonymous letter from somebody who asked them to hold the burial off until they would be able to forward a hefty amount for a decent burial and funeral. Days later, the money came in and he was buried in Memorial Park Cemetery. A local florist also received an anonymous donation for a bouquet of flowers that were signed off with “Love Forever - Louise.” Other than a couple of investigators working on the case, nobody attended the funeral. 

The case remained cold until 1936, when Eleanor Ogletree read about the murder in a magazine. She believed the description of the man sounded like her brother, 17-year-old Artemus Ogletree, who had been missing since 1934. The family had assumed he was okay because in spring of 1935 - months after “Roland T. Owen” died - they had received several typewritten letters from Artemus, claiming he was sailing to Europe. The family were initially suspicious of these letters because Artemus couldn’t type. A few months after these letters, they received a phone call from a man who told them that Artemus had saved his life in Egypt and that he was happily married to a woman he had met in his travels.

The Ogletree family were shown a photo of the murder victim. It was Artemus, they unfortunately confirmed. His identification led to even more questions. Why had he used so many fake names? Who was the woman in his room? Who was Don? What happened to him the evening he was picked up by the driver, looking dishevelled? Who paid for his funeral? Who was Louise? Who sent the letters to his family? And finally, who killed him and why?

How to Master a Stellium

The key to master a stellium is to over-correct until you’re comfortable with expressing traits opposite of what comes to you naturally. 

If you’re terrified of being alone, you should spend as much time by yourself as possible. If you find it natural to put yourself first, you should try prioritizing other people as much as possible. If you hate leaving your house, you really should get out more. 

Think of a scale weighted heavily on one side. You have to consciously, painstakingly add mass to the other end- hypothetical mass equivalent to that of celestial bodies- to find some semblance of balance. 

1st house: focus on other people, develop relationships, practice selflessness and empathy, look at the world from someone else’s eyes, look at other people as you would look at yourself, try hiding your emotions and intentions

2nd house: dig deeper, practice spirituality, detach from the world and your possessions as much as possible, rebel against tradition, practice generosity, don’t indulge vanity

3rd house: hold your tongue, listen, speak as little as possible, treat your siblings well, objectively revise your writing, don’t place excessive importance on grades

4th house: leave home, break from your family, detach from your emotions, acknowledge and dismiss your paranoid insecurities, be as direct as possible

5th house: shine the spotlight on other people, do community service and volunteer work, find a group of friends, avoid casual dating/sex, manage your ego and desire for attention

6th house: focus on the spiritual and subconscious, break your routine, prioritize your soul over your body, break rules, try drugs, avoid judging people, be more impulsive, get your nerves under control

7th house: seek solitude, be as independent as possible, put yourself first, practice selfishness, ignore others’ opinions, embrace your flaws, befriend your enemies

8th house: approach life practically, practice fiscal responsibility, avoid passion/jealousy, control obsessive tendencies, be careful when dealing with the occult/supernatural

9th house: spend more time at home, avoid drinking, gambling, and superficial friendships, try to be more responsible, practice thinking logically instead of philosophically, be careful when dealing with religion

10th house: develop hobbies and friendships, spend more time with family, stop caring so much about your reputation, aim to please yourself and do what you want rather than trying to prove something to the world

11th house: develop individuality, don’t let tie your identity to groups, think for yourself, don’t do things just because “it’s the norm,” spend less time on social media, stop trying so hard to fit in

12th house: stay grounded, do menial chores, take care of your body, make a conscious effort to eat healthy, shower daily, and exercise, infuse logical observation with emotional intuition 

The Three Keys of Magic

The Keys of Magic are a core principle shared by many different schools. While they may seem simple, the truth is that they can be challenging to master. Dedicate time to honing these foundational skills, and you’re sure to see results in your craft. 

I’ve included here an explanation of each key, along with some of my personal tips and tricks for success.


It’s difficult to concentrate when you’re not comfortable. Minimizing distractions and developing an ability to focus through them will be essential. I’ve repeatedly insisted that meditation is the number one skill any witch or magician needs to master. This is one of the many reasons why. The importance of mental control seems like a no-brainer, but I’m always surprised by how often people neglect their meditation.

To begin, find a quiet and comfortable place to work where you are unlikely to be interrupted. Ground yourself, and clear your mind. Gradually allow all the tension to leave your body. From this empty, neutral position, begin to focus your will on your work.

As you gain experience, you should train by increasing your level of distraction. Practice relaxation and focus in places that aren’t ideal, so that you’re equipped to do even better. Cultivating your skills here will allow you to successfully work magic in less and less ideal situations, giving you an edge and the discipline necessary to be successful when it truly matters.


During your ritual, adopt a single minded focus. It’s not enough to express your desire, you need to see the thing you want as though it’s already come to pass. Instead of “I want a promotion at work”, think “I have been promoted”. See yourself receiving the promotion, feel the joy and satisfaction of your new role. Bask in your boss’ praise. To help make the thing real, try to engage all your senses. Imagine the way the place smells, what it tastes like, how it feels. What’s the quality of the light? What’s the soundscape like?

You must truly cement the thing as real in your mind. This key goes back to the Principle of Correspondence, if you’ve ever studied Hermetics. Even if you haven’t, you’re probably familiar with the phrase “as above, so below”. The continuation of that is, “as within, so without”. Make the thing real inside of you, so that in the next step it can become real outside of you. Take the time to sink into it. The solidness of this visualization will directly relate to the strength of the outcome.


This is easily the most difficult of the keys to master. In order for your magic to do any work, you first have to send it out into the world. All that energy, focus and desire you built up during your ritual needs to be released. For this to happen, you’ll have to relinquish all attachment to your spell, along with any desire for a result.

To help with this, I keep a journal of my workings. Following each ritual, I record what I’ve done in a dedicated book, along with any details I consider significant. Depending on your craft, those details may include things like the moon phase and the position of certain stars, or they could be the entities you worked with and any offerings given. I also make a point of recording significant occurrences, such as candles that wouldn’t light, strange sounds, or a personal mistake (these happen). Because I trust the integrity of my recordings, I feel secure releasing my work. Transferring the memory from myself into the book is a symbolic activity that helps me detach from it.

My personal rule is not to return to that writing for three months. At that point, I’ll review the ritual and assess its effectiveness.

Sometimes, even after documenting the work and trying to release, I’ll come back to a spell and discover that it didn’t have the desired effect. At this point, I’ll concede failure and begin a retrospective. Shockingly, this final admission that the work did nothing sometimes has the power to complete the third step, causing your results to manifest. If you find your rituals aren’t resulting in an outcome you’re happy with, consider the possibility that you haven’t truly let go of them.