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[ Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 1st Anniversary Appreciation Week ]

Day 5: Your Favorite Happy Moment

Hae Soo’s best birthday present.

“Are you trying to make me give up on you or do you wish me to only have eyes for you? Whenever I come to you, all my problems seem to become lighter. So how can I live without seeing you?”


There’s this Korean Historical Drama titled Scarlet Hearts that me and my friends love to crossover KuroTsuki with hehee

I’m not gay, I just dress incredibly well and have a wonderful hair cut and I’m quite vulnerable and sensitive so women trust me and feel safe around me…

Russell Brand

Basically that one stereotype in every reverse harem.

♥ my favourite boy! kei is a member of the SP team but you would never know with his aloof laid back demeanour which is one of the reasons I love this guy so much~ he reminded me a bit of saint germain since both guys appeared carefree (especially with their calm voices) but turned out to be badasses. his happy ending also made me cry because it was just an emotional buildup (again like saint g) throughout the storyline. definitely my favourite route that I would replay over again ♥