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Just What Is Key Leader?

Immediate Past-Gov. Bert says it was THE one experience that really stood-out from his year traveling around the Rocky Mountain District. Governor Bob learned the value of Key Leader this past weekend, though he struggled to make those midnight room checks.

Key Leader is a weekend that teaches high schoolers leadership skills and team building. But to just leave it at that is really not an adequate description. KL is an experience that won’t soon be forgotten by those young people. Workshops taught 5 principles of leadership: Integrity, Growth, Respect, Community, and Excellence. Hands-on workshops gave the student participants the experience of building a team through communication and trust.

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Student facilitators (who had taken the course before) were team leaders who not only built their team but also demonstrated Key Leader skills by example.

All of this happens in an atmosphere of mutual respect, personal growth and honesty. Sprinkled with spontaneous outbursts of dance and singing. Smiles… so many happy smiles.

Key Leaders learning who they are by challenging their values, working through physical challenges (like the spider rope pictured here) that got them out of their comfort zone. Teaching the young leaders how to communicate with others that might not share their personality type and to trust their new friends. Exercises that made them think, work together to achieve a group goal, discover who they are… who they want to be. GROW.

If your Kiwanis club isn’t sending kids to Key Leader, you really should volunteer or at least spend part of day at Key Leader. (Contact Key Leader chairwomen, Barb Fuller, for details.) It is a great program.

-A. Arbuckle

I don't think people realize how much I want to change the world.

Call me a loser, but I really do want to make things happen. I want to inspire people, save lives, make people smile. I just wish that there were more people that wanted to do that with me. We’re all so selfish and stubborn that we forget to think about others and what we can do for them. The world doesn’t change because people aren’t willing to.

If we all just stopped to smile at the cashier in the grocery store, pick up a stranger’s dropped book, tell a friend that we care about him/her, this place we call a hell-hole could turn into a place we’d be happy to live in.

I want to make a difference. Where do I start?

Day 21 - A picture of something you wish you could would never forget

Key Club has changed my life for the better. It broke my barriers down and taught me how to love others without thinking about what I get out of it; I am now prepared to “give up who I am for who I might become.” Thank you for the amazing experience. <3

Key Leader at Camp Jones Gulch

How I wish I can go….I wanted to go so badly last year and this year our Kiwanis Club is even willing to sponsor the full amount for me. Everyone is always saying it’s an inspirational once in a lifetime event. Last year I couldn’t go because of the money. This year I can’t go because of time.

It’s this weekend, but it’s just such bad timing.

This week I really need to focus on getting my personal statements done and college applications finished, not to mention finishing that scholarship essay I’ve been putting off for 3 weeks. November is the week that could decide my future and I really need to focus. So…as much as I want those three days of inspiration and fun, I don’t think I’m gonna get it.

My parents are completely against me going because that means 72 hours of homework/study time gone. I’m torn over this because I want to go but at the same time, I know I shouldn’t…I wouldn’t be able to go to Key Leader unless I go through some all nighters again, and to be honest, I don’t think my body can handle it anymore. Well, if I don’t go to Key Leader, at least I always have DCON to look forward to…

Key Leader

Wow. Key Leader was amazing. I made the most wonderful friends, discovered a bit about myself, cried a lot (happy tears, of course), ate a lot, felt utterly exhausted at some points, and I learned so much about how I can help people, about new games and ice breakers I can play, about ways to cheer people up, about ways to unlock people’s potential, and sooo much more! And only in one weekend. Life: changed. 

About Service Leadership

Been thinking about SLPs…

Service Leadership Programs (SLP) are amazing. CKI, Key Club, Builders Club, and K-Kids. Through SLPs, Kiwanis gives everyone in the community the opportunity to serve. But they are more than that. SLPs allow young people to learn real life skills and leadership in a safe environment. But they are more than that. SLP members feel empowered and their grades tend to go up. Many SLPers continue volunteering, for causes that they are passionate about, for the rest of their lives.

So what gives these youth organizations their mojo? WHY do they work? The mentoring? The empowerment? The “Project Based Learning” (PBL) experience? All of the above? 

Can it be quantified? Do we really want to understand it to the point that we can “package” it? Is it different for each individual?

Whadda you think?

-A. Arbuckle