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DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood  

im glad shawols appreciate our leader jinki and the stuff he does for shinee like….he is loved by everyone and we all know how much he cares for shinee and shinee world and thats just !!! you get a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart just thinkin abt onew and he’s such a sweet guy and we all gotta keep on giving him infinite love bc he deserves soso much

~If I don’t see a ribbon ‘round the ole oak tree
I’ll stay on the bus
Forget about us
Put the blame on me
If I don’t see a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree~  


when Jinki suddenly cried at the end of swc4  and his whole crew comforted him …


Had a fantastic time with all of the wonderful people at Key Leader. I actually went this last weekend so this is hella late. I met so many people who become great friends. The information I received and the activities I participated in were amazing!

Master List of ML Crack Posts

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❝ Stay with me till dawn❞

Plot: When at their Aussie fan meet, Jinyoung meets a girl who makes him want to see her again.

Pairing: JinyounxReader

Words count: 2,5k+

Genre: Fluff

For @ kelllllliegirl , I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“I can’t believe they’re really here! IN AUSTRALIA!!!! ”  

You looked at your best friend with a slight disgust onto your face, shaking your head and returning to focus on the book you were reading at that time. You were delighted that one of your favorite Kpop groups was in your city at the time, just as you were delighted that your best friend had bought tickets for the event for both of you.  

But you couldn’t conceive of her hysteria because you were comparatively her opposite and a very calm person.  

“Y/N, They’re here!”  

“If you keep yelling, Margot, you’re going to make them run away.”  

“Aaaah, you make me angry!” She gave you a slight slap on your arm, but without distracting you from the book. It was definitely more interesting than her.  

“Sorry.” You murmured by hinting at her a little smile, feeling like the other girls around you had started screaming and seem completely crazed.  

And the reason was that they had really arrived, they were coming down at that time from the minivan.  A pinch of displeasure darkened for a second your heart, knowing that Youngjae wasn’t present. But you preferred by far his absence because it meant that he was resting as right as it was.  

You watched them enter the building and finally even the gates for the public were open. The places were numbered and assigned, so patiently waited for the crowd to scatter into the conference room. Even your best friend had practically thrown herself like crazy in the crowd.  

What you hadn’t noticed, however, was to have caught someone’s attention with your attitude.  

Jinyoung’s pov 

Jinyoung’s gaze continued to move repeatedly to the room, looking for that girl who immediately captured his attention outside the building.  

“Earth calls Jinyoung, Earth calls Jinyoung” Mark waved his hand before him, having noticed his absence, and sighing with relief when he saw him return to himself. “Man, what the heck is he taking you? Jet lag? ”  

“No, Hyung. I was just lost in thought.” He smiled, while his gaze was resting on the group of girls in the middle.  

And that’s how he saw her. She was quiet sitting among the other girls evidently in prey to the euphoria. She was beautiful, wearing a plaid shirt and torn jeans, she had her hair loose and even in the distance, he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any kind of makeup. She was simple yet beautiful for that reason.  

When the fan meets finally began, his attention continued to move often on that side of the room but never once had been able to cross his gaze with her. However he knew he would have had a chance, it couldn’t finish that way. And his chance was given a half an hour later, when the conductor of the fan meets decided to call on stage some girls to make a game.  

And the choice of the girls was yours.  

~ ~

Y/N’s pov  

They were even more likable than in the many videos you watched every day, now the enthusiasm had kidnapped you but you still kept a certain calm. You shouted, yelled their names, applauded, like every other fan and you were enjoying those moments that never would come back.  

And it had just arrived that moment, what they all waited for. The games where some of you, lucky girls, was chosen to go on stage and play along with them.  

You watched them get off the stage to choose the predestined and you weren’t thinking about anything, luck had never been on your side when Jinyoung began to approach you.  

Margot immediately took to wiggle on the chair, perhaps thought to be the next to be chosen, and it was a thought that grazed even your mind.  

But Jinyoung’s hand held towards you, waiting for you to squeeze it and follow him. Shocked you would indicate yourself and he smiled at you gently, just nodding.  

“Move, Go!” Margot whispered into your ear; while you still look upset his hand. So you just grip it, with a shy smile.  

It was warm, soft and it completed well with yours. You got up, leaving all your stuff behind you, following him thanking you for wearing your favorite converse. It was much easier to walk in sneakers than in heels.  

On stage, the others greeted you with a smile and you remained at his side, noticing a strange thing as much as is unlikely.  

He didn’t leave your hand since he had gripped it a few minutes before. You wouldn’t say anything and simply, after a few moments when they explained the game in question, you found yourself forced to leave that grasp.  

“Y/N, don’t cheat!” BamBam yelled as you burst into laughter, remaining firm at the center of the stage completely blindfolded. They were all so natural and nice that it was hard not to have fun.  

“Sorry! I’m a good girl! ” You promised, crossing your fingers behind your back and provoking another wave of laughter.  

“Now I understand why Jinyoung chose you, you are two cheaters!” Jaebum exclaimed jokingly, as you felt someone’s hands on your shoulders.  

“It’s just me, don’t worry Y/N..”  

“I trust you, Jinyoung..”  

He squeezed more forcefully the grip on your shoulder; almost to reassure you, making you smile even more.  

You would have wanted to stop that moment but you knew it was not possible, and in fact, its end came too soon.  

Someone took you the blindfold and Jinyoung’s smile welcomed you, while you instinctively leaned your hand on your forearm having to reaccustom to the sudden light.  

“Do you feel good?”  

“Only the return to light, the darkness was in some comforting way..” You explained timidly, biting your bottom lip starting to get away from him.  

The others were saluting and embracing their “choices”, but he seemed almost unwilling to greet you. But maybe it was just your impression, you didn’t want to make you weird and impossible mental movie.  

“I hope you enjoyed it.”  

“Of course Jinyoung, thank you for choosing me!” You bent your head in Thanksgiving and one of the other girls took your hand, drawing you to her and forcing to go down the stairs to get back to your place. That sudden gesture, however, didn’t allow you to hear his “I could not choose any other” just whispered.  

The grass was soft and the air of the night caressed your skin, while Margot kept asking you how it was to be so close to them.  

You couldn’t answer, you were just trying to get a grip of yourself and come back to your normality as soon as possible. The feeling of Jinyoung’s hand on your arm made you open your eyes, almost as if he was really touching you at that moment.  

“What’s going on?”  

“Nothing” You lied, smiling at her and coming back to fix the stars above you. You were out of the building, while the whole screaming crowd started to disperse, and you needed five minutes to catch your breath. Margot had forced you to lie down, stating that you were incredibly pale. You didn’t know if it was a lie just to keep you close and bombard you with questions, but you were grateful.  

“They’re all going away thankfully..”  

“Do you want me to call your brother, Y/N?” She asked worried and you gave her a little pat onto her forearm, shaking your head.  

You brought the other arm to cover your eyes, trying to breathe normally. But the light breeze brought with it a scent that you had already feel and the scream of your best friend did nothing but confirm what you were thinking.  


The next sequence was not very clear. Margot continued to scream and Jackson, caught by surprise, began to scream in turn while Yugyeom burst into laughter and the other four watched them as if they had gone mad. Everyone was looking at them less than one.  

Jinyoung was bent down and watched you, you could see it from a crack that your arm could not cover, and seemed worried. Maybe it was just the kindness of the idols but you heard an unknown voice asking if you were feeling well.  

“I think so Pdnim, maybe her friend who keeps screaming doesn’t feel well….”  

“AAAAAAH, IT’S MY JOB, IT’S ON ME!” Jackson screamed and after a few seconds, the silence was the only thing you could hear. You lowered your arm and quickly put you sitting, forcing Jinyoung to move away and fall on the ground, causing another excess of laughter in Yugyeom.  

“What a tiredness to keep an eye on guys.” Jaebum hummed, helping his friend to get up and checking that he hadn’t hurt himself. Jaebum was a very low-key leader but you liked him for that reason.  

Turning you realize that Margot was in the arms of Jackson and he was holding his hand on her mouth to keep her quiet and you just start smiling because he couldn’t know that that was her dream since ever.  

“Are you fine Y/N?” Mark kindly asked while Jinyoung’s gaze hadn’t moved from you even for a second. It was a little creepy but also sweet the fact that he was worried, at least it was what you thought, for you.  

“Yes, I don’t really love the enclosed spaces but I couldn’t let this opportunity escape.”  

“Do you need anything?” His voice was slightly cracked; “If you don’t feel good just laying down, we call an ambulance or at least accompany you at home.”  

The others remained silent while the shock was well visible on your face. No, maybe you were dreaming, and you still had to wake up. Park Jinyoung who cared so much for you? Yes, it was supposed to be a dream and it was what you were continuing to repeat.  

“I’m fine Jinyoung..”  

“PDnim didn’t you say we could have a few hours of freedom after the fan meets?”  

“Yes, BamBam… First I bring you back to the hotel. ”  

“Nope, we can use a cab. Leave us free, pleaaaaaaaase ” BamBam shook the hands of their Pdnim, making you laugh slightly, noticing the almost accomplice smiles of the others who were looking at themselves as if they were organizing something.  

You watched their manager who resigned nodded, provoking a scream of joy in all but Jinyoung. He simply smiled and was a warm smile, which could have warmed even the most icy heart.  

“Well, Jackson, you made friends with your own.. Take her with us. ” Jaebum took to the sleeve of his friend’s jacket, starting to get away after greeted you with a smile.  

“BYYYYYYYYE Y/N!!!!”  The others said in chorus, following their leader.  

And you remained completely alone with Jinyoung, who had turned towards the direction that they had taken his bandmates. Upset as much as you.  

“I.. I don’t know what they’re thinking but I don’t lose more time to understand them. I gave up years ago. ”  

You laughed, finding him incredibly funny with that expression between the disgust and affection that always had when they were doing something strange.  

“Do you want to make a little city tour.. It’s not too late, there are plenty of places still open. ”  

“To one condition.” He murmured face towards you, and you nodded, curious to know what his condition was; “Give me your number.”  

Your mouth opened wide and you couldn’t be more shocked than that. He started laughing and without thinking much about pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, leaning it towards you.  

“Jinyoung am I dreaming? Maybe a car invested me, I’m in a coma and this is just the wonderful dream of my subconscious. ”  

“What?!?!?” He asked among the laughter, continuing to hold the phone in the hand waiting for you to take it; “Well then we should be in a coma both.”  

“Then why do you ask me my number..?”  

“Because I think it’s worth it.”  

“It’s not a proper answer,” you noticed him and he shook his head, continuing to laugh coming to cover his mouth with his hand, trying in some way to hide.  

He had a beautiful and contagious laugh, so you found yourself smiling undecided whether or not to take his phone.  

“All right, then I’ll have to take alone.” He assumed, beginning to write quickly something you couldn’t read.  

The beep of a message was almost immediate and he smiled satisfied, showing to you the screen of his cell phone.  

Your number was in beautiful view and the only person who could have done that was Margot.  

“Ugly traitor, I’ll kill her…”  

“Jackson can be persuasive. Now we can go and make our city tour; I have time until dawn. ”  

You’d bite your lip, looking him carefully. He was by your side, your bodies seemed almost attract and he was pointing with his hand to make him the way. And then? He would go after two days and you would only had an incredible memory of this time but without future. You began to think it was worth it and you were so enthused that wouldn’t notice his approaching.  

He leaned his hand on your back, bowing a little with his face to be able to look you and make sure that you were good because even if you didn’t know he was still very concerned about your “conditions”.  


You lifted your face and so you met his, almost felt his breath tickle your skin and your and his eyes, both dark and deep, were wide open for the extreme closeness. With fatigue you swallow, feeling your heart start beating fast.  

“Why a-are you like that?” You stutter, noticing every detail of his face, still too close.  


“With your doe eyes and that smile and your manners… Can’t you be the sassy queen who often shows up? Because it would be more easy to hat– N-Nothing. ”  

“To hat…?” He pressed, smiling almost satisfied while with his other hand he moved a lock of your hair behind your ear.  

“It would be easier to "hate” you.. Because you’d be a jerk.. “  

"I can be it if you want” He admitted amused; brushing the fingertip of his thumb onto your cheek, making you blush immediately. “Indeed I’m just little sassy.. Just that I’m used to having to show someone else in front of the fans.”

"My problem is that I also like Jinyoung the sassy queen.”  

“Then stay with me till dawn.”

HoF & EoS Parallels
  • Rowan: Why?
  • Aelin: There is this . . . rage.
  • Aelin: This despair and hatred and rage that lives and breathes inside me. There is no sanity to it, no gentleness. It is a monster dwelling under my skin.
  • Aelin: For the past ten years, I have worked every day, every hour, to keep that monster locked up. And the moment I talk about those two days, and what happened before and after, that monster is going to break loose, and there will be no accounting for what I do.
  • Aelin: That is how I was able to stand before the King of Adarlan, how I was able to befriend his son and his captain, how I was able to live in that palace. Because I did not give that rage, those memories, one inch. And right now I am looking for the tools that might destroy my enemy, and I cannot let out the monster, because it will make me use those tools against the king, not put them back as I should—­and I might very well destroy the world for spite.
  • Aelin: So that is why I must be Celaena, not Aelin—­because being Aelin means facing those things, and unleashing that monster. Do you understand?
  • ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●
  • Manon: “Why not?”
  • Dorian: Because I was the one who did it.
  • Dorian: I killed my father. I shattered the castle. I purged my own court. So if I had the keys, Wing Leader, I have no doubt that I would do the same once more—across this continent.
  • Manon: Why?
  • Dorian: Because she died. And even before she did, this world saw to it that she suffered, and was afraid, and alone. And even though no one will remember who she was, I do. I will never forget the color of her eyes, or the way she smiled. And I will never forgive them for taking it away.
Falling Into The Wrong Crowd-Part One (Jax Teller x Reader)

(A/N: So I decided to start another series, this time it’s for Sons Of Anarchy. I will be continuing the Steve Rogers series as well though. I’m part of too many fan bases 😂. This won’t be following the original plot to the show, I tend to not do that with my own imagines.)

Summary: (Y/N) has always tried to be good and follow the rules, however when she first moved to America she met some women who were the total opposite. Now best friends, they move to Charming years later to start up their business but end up getting caught up in more trouble and digging up old secrets.

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Swearing, violence, drugs, alcohol (it’s Sons Of Anarchy, what do you expect?)

As the car sped own the open road, I rolled the window down to let some air in. It was a warm day with only some clouds in the sky and it was starting to get stuffy inside the vehicle. I glanced at one of my friends in the driver’s seat, Bea, who was concentrating on the road whilst smoking a ciggarette. In the backseat were my other friends, Frankie and Alex. The old truck had taken us this far, I hoped it wouldn’t fail us now.

We were leaving our old lives and starting fresh. It was a good feeling, all four of us wanted to get away from the problems. We were even starting a new business together.

If you took just one look at the girls you would know that they were nothing but trouble. They were….rough looking, which made a lot of people wonder why I was with them. Whereas they were fine with wearing a pair of jeans, an old top, worn out shoes and no effort with hair or makeup, I was the total opposite. No one would have put us altogether. They had been to prison for God’s sake!

I really hadn’t expected this to be a part of my life.

“Here it is ladies,” Bea announced as we passed by a sign which said ‘Welcome to Charming’,“our new home.”

“Finally. I thought my leg was going to be cramped forever.” Alex groaned.

I giggled.“Better stretch out then, we’ve got a lot of unpacking to do when we get to the house.”

“Urgh, let’s just do it tomorrow. We’ve got more important things to do.” Frankie said.

“Like what?”

“Like finding the nearest bar and geting wasted on our first night here.”

I turned in my seat to look at her.“Is that all you can think about?”


Bea spoke again.“Frankie is right though. We need to meet with some old friends before we do anything. That’s why we’re not going to the house first.”

“Wait, what friends?”

“You’ll see. Don’t worry, you’ll like them.”

We carried on driving through the town passing the quaint business and shops. There were people roaming around, families and friends alike. It was only ten minutes after entering Charming when we started to pull into an auto shop named 'Teller-Morrow’. There were some cars parked up but what really caught my eye was the line of bikes. The few men crowded outside were wearing a black kutte too…it read 'Sons of Anarchy’.

Oh my god.

This was a motorcycle club.

And if the girls were involved with them, it could only mean they were outlaws. I put two and two together, mentally groaning. Of course they would know a damn motorcycle club. It didn’t surprise me, they too had their own bikes. I thought we had buried the past.

Bea stopped the truck, smiling as she threw her ciggarette out of the window. They all eagerly clambered out whereas I held back. How were they so cheerful about a biker gang? Did they not remember?

“Come on (Y/N), you’ve got to meet the guys.” Frankie said as she opened my door. None of them could see my discomfort.

I followed behind, cautiously walking slower as I looked around. A sudden erupt of cheers startled me as the men stood out front greeted the girls with open arms. I stood back watching the exchanges. A few other men wearing overalls watched.

“And who might this lass be?” a Scottish accent brought me back to the conversation at hand. He had his grey hair slicked back, the scars on his face making him seem more frightening.

“This is (Y/N), she’s a good friend of ours. Let’s just say she straightened us out a bit.” Bea introduced me.

“Hi.” I smiled trying to not look so scared.

“Straightened us out? Don’t you mean keep us out of jail? If it weren’t for her I’d be exchanging girls for soap.”

“I think that was too much information.” a larger man with frizzy hair chuckled.“This is Chibs, I’m Bobby. Come inside, we’ll introduce you to the others and catch up. Prospects, get back to work.”

They took us into what they called their clubhouse. There were a lot more men sat around, some drinking and others playing pool. As soon as the girls walked in another round of loud cheers were heard. Again I was introduced as the girl who had saved them (dramatic much?). Although they seemed scary, I was sure they weren’t all so bad; except for Happy. They weren’t like the others. We were all given a beer as everyone sat around a table.

“What brings you girls back? It’s been years.” Tig asked.

“We’ve got a new business set up. No more drugs, just hookers.” Frankie bluntly explained, not mentioning the problems back at what was out home.

I coudn’t help but chuckle.

“What, it’s the truth?”

“I know but it’s not really that, is it?”

Bea explained.“I guess you could call it a gentleman’s club? I got in contact with Luann and she was talking about extending her business. So, the Cara Cara girls will be working for us too now and we’ll split the profits.”

Yes, we were basically running a strip club. Again, not what I imagined my life to be like.

“That’s why Luann had been so jittery.” Piney said.

“Yeah, (Y/N) here will be sorting out the routines, so if you have any suggestions, tell her and she’ll make it happen.” Alex nudged me.

Tig leaned forward.“Actually, I think I may have an idea-”

“NO!” the men shouted in unison

The door opened and three more men walked through. One was huge along with his beard, he was like a giant. A man with a faux mohak that had tattoos running along it followed. Lastly a blonde haired man entered and goddamn was he gorgeous. They smiled as they spotted their old friends. They introduced themselves to me, Opie, Juice and Jax.

“Luann just told us everything about your little club.” Jax explained as he sat. I noticed that his kutte had a 'Vice President’ badge on it. So where was the President?

“Welcome back.” Opie clamped his hands down on Frankie’s shoulders and I could see that she grimaced at the strength.

“Have you guys moved in anywhere?”

“Just down the road from our club. We’re checking it out tomorrow.”

“Do you still ride?” Juice asked.

“Yes, of course we do.”

Jax smirked.“Then let’s go check it out today.”

“Why?” Bea wondered as the men stood.

“We want to check out our place.”

“You’ve lost me.”

“We’re also your business partners.”

Everyone laughed at our shocked faces. This Luann woman never mentioned the guys. Everyone filed out of the room to get ready for the ride. The girls unloaded their bikes from the back of the truck. I followed Frankie, climbing into the back. I never learnt how to ride and I never wanted to. Bikes brought back some bad memories unless I was with the others.

“For fucks sake, I must have packed my spare helmet.” she groaned.

“Here I’ve got one.” Jax held it out to me.

“Thanks.” I smiled.

“You’re welcome darlin’.”

I tried not to blush as the handsome biker climbed onto his own bike. Buckling the helmet up, I wrapped my arms around Frankie’s waist before she started up the engine. It seemed that the club had their own formation going on and we were in the middle. I knew that Frankie liked to go fast which made me regret ever choosing to ride with her.

“Frankie don’t!” I shouted as she let the formation and sped off. I couldn’t help but laugh.

The others watched as we increased our speed, also laughing at us.

“You love it!”

Although I didn’t like the idea of riding myself, I loved the feeling it gave me. I decided to do something to get back at Frankie. She hated when I wasn’t holding onto her, it made her think I was going to fall off. I let go slowly and spread my arms out either side of me, the only thing keeping me in the bike were my thighs clutching onto it. I could hear her screaming at me to hold on again which only made me laugh more.

We soon arrived at our club. We were way ahead of the others. My legs were a little shaky from trying to keep on the bike. As I shook my hair out of the helmet, Frankie began yelling at me.

“You know I hate it when you do that! Why do you do it? It scares the hell out of me!”

I only laughed harder.

The others turned up and I could see Alex and Bea trying to not laugh. Everyone mounted off of their bikes, watching as Jax and Bea held up their keys, both obvious leaders. Jax let Bea open it up. I looked up at the sign 'Cara Cara Club’ which wasn’t turned on because it was daytime. Although it hadn’t been used, the place looked alright from the outside, it still needed some work though. Luann had mentioned that she started to build it and wanted to start it up but ran out of money just before she could. The men let us go in first. It was dark until Bea flicked on the lights, illuminating the room.

It was spacious, booths lined up against the wall as the tables filled the other spaces; a huge bar stood at the back parallel to the stage. I gasped as I saw it. There was no limit to how many dance numbers I could perform on that space. I walked away from the group, using the steps to get on stage. A little bit stuck out and I stood there, looking out to the room.

“Show us your tits!” Frankie screamed out. I scoffed before turning around slowly.

“You gonna give us a show then?” Jax’s voice startled me. Looking down I saw that he was leaning against the stage.

I tried to laugh it off.“That’s something you don’t want to see.”

“How would you know?” he smirked before walking away.

Trying to ignore the tiny bit of flirting, I hopped off stage and followed Alex out of the room, wanting to explore more. Down the corridor I could see Frankie and Bea entering an office whereas we were headed in the other direction. There were spare rooms (I didn’t want to think about what they would be used for) and a dressing room lined with mirrors and tables for makeup, along with clothes racks. Alex grabbed my hand and dragged me further down the corridor to the final door. It had a label stating that it was the basement.

“There’s no way I’m going down there.” I protested, crossing my arms.

“You watch horror films all the time, you can’t be scared of a basement can you?”


“I’ll protect you, I promise.”

I went to argue again until I felt someone clamp their hands on my shoulders whilst yelling out. I screamed grabing Alex for protection. Turning around, Tig was laughing whilst I was trying to regain my breath.

“What the hell, Tig!?” I shouted at him.

“I’m sorry darlin’, I just had to.”

“You know I can ban you from here, right?”

“No, but we’re business partners so you can’t.”

“I can try.”

He walked away chuckling. I turned back to Alex who was opening the door. She turned on the lights before walking down the steps. All that was down there were the boilers and main switches for the electricity. The cellar for the alcohol was in a different part.

“Well that was boring.” Alex huffed as she turned around to leave.

I grabbed onto her arm before she could move.“Alex, how long have you known those guys?”

“For years. I used to live here for a while, I sold drugs to them. When I left I made sure they still got what they want. Before we met you, Frankie and Bea came back with me for a little reunion and we helped them out with some club stuff.”

“I thought we were supposed to be getting away from this sort of life. Motorcycle clubs were the reason we left-”

She suddenly turned angry.“They are nothing like the others! Don’t mention it to them. In fact, don’t bring it up, ever.”

“I never said that they were the bad ones, it’s just….after all that happened and now we’re suddenly doing business with these outlaws? They may not be the trouble but they could bring it. What if the others come back for us? For me!?”

“They won’t come back, you’re safe now. This conversation ends now.”


“Can someone help me please? I think I’ve read these instructions wrong.” I called out in the house yet received no reply.

After inspecting Cara Cara Club closer and trying to forget my conversation with Alex, the club had to rush off as they had a meeting. They wanted us to stay for drinks but they didn’t know how long they would be. We understood and decided to see our own home. As we arrived I started to feel nervous. This all seemed like a repeat, as if I was doing this all over again. We were supposed to be getting away from it all, not attracting the danger.

Our house was no mansion, but with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, study, kitchen and garage it was exactly what we needed. Bea had been smart enough to save her money she earned from her drug selling which helped pay for everything. Each one of us grabbed the boxes, taking multiple trips back and forth between the car to get everything inside. Once done we decided to order takeaway and save un-packing for the next day.

Well, Frankie was right about one thing.

The next morning, we all started to make the house our home. However, as soon as the valuables and personal belongings were out of the way, some D.I.Y had to be done. Some furniture came with the house, luckily the only room that needs furnishing was the dining room. I figured that I would start with the chairs, they didn’t seem so hard to build.

“Hello!” a familiar, Scottish male voice rang through the house. Who left the front door open!?

“In here Chibs!” Lord knows where the others were.

He leaned against the door frame.“Hey lass, whatcha’ doin’ down there?”

I was sat on the floor with the chair not even half built. Pieces laid around me along with the nails and screws. My hand limply held onto the hammer. I was bored and frustrated, this was only the first chair.

“Well, I’m trying to build some furniture. It seems that I’m on my own though, I have no idea What the others are doing.” I sighed.

“You need some help?” Jax appeared at the door.

“No thank you, I know you’ve got more important things to worry about.”

“No really, I don’t mind.”

“We were jus’ goin’ to head on up to the club, wanted to make sure everything was ok before we really get down to business.” Chibs explained.“We were jus’ wonderin’ if you girls wanted to join us.”

“Tell the others wherever the hell they are that they can go. I’ll manage this.”

As Chibs left, Jax came and sat by me. I was glancing over the instructions again and again, not understanding where I went wrong. I may have not had much experience with building but I wasn’t an idiot.

“Pass it here.” Jax smiled.

The others soon left and I was sort of thankful. When I first saw them that morning they hadn’t been helping too much, either laying around doing nothing or not taking this seriously. Ideally, I wanted everything unpacked and ready before the evening but that didn’t look like it was going to happen. As soon as Jax took over the chairs were built in no time. Granted, I sat back and he did most of the work but I kept him company and have him some beers. We were able to build the table together though as that defintely needed two people. Finally after two hours of building, the table and chairs were finished.

We were leaning our backs on the wall as we say down, Jax lighting a cigarette. He offered me one which I politely declined.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but how did you end up becoming friends with people like Bea, Frankie and Alex?” his head lulled to the side to look at me as smoke emitted from his mouth.

I hesitated.“Sort of caught up at the wrong time. A friend of mine had an abusive boyfriend and I tried to help. The girls were there to help even though we were strangers.”

“But you stuck with them?”

“Yeah, it was more serious than it sounds.” I took a swig of beer.

“That’s loyalty right there. They ever tell you about us?”

“No, never.”

“Probably didn’t want to scare you off.”

“Believe me, I have seen worse.”

“Like what?”

“Oh, you don’t want to know.”

The opposing Gengar’s Gengarite is reacting to Susurra’s Mega Goggles!

pokémon has completely taken over my mind lately, so i designed a gym leader! her name is susurra and she’s a ghost-type expert.

her best pokémon is a gengar capable of mega evolution — the placement of her key stone is analogous to mega gengar’s third eye. i still have no idea what her other pokémon are or what region she’s from, but i hope you enjoy her!

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I DO FEEL U. bless Alicia. This is the best Nessian ot3. I could have done sin but apparently I went down the domesticity road instead so ??? Here we are. A little bit angsty…and I’m not really sure what happened but…I hope u like it anyway, Alicia. 

Nesta settles herself more comfortably in Mor’s embrace. They’re curled together on the sofa, Nesta has a book propped open in her lap that she’s been reading to her for the past hour or so, Mor is supplying grateful cuddles while they do this. 

As Nesta turns the page onto the next chapter however, Mor interrupts her. Leaning down and tilts her face up, softly kissing her and in spite of the distraction Nesta can’t help but kiss her back. She smiles into it and indulges her for a long moment, reaching a hand up and winding it through Mor’s thick golden hair and holding her against her mouth for a long kiss. 

When she draws back, though, her brown eyes have a distant look in them. Nesta can feel the tension in her, notes the way her eyes keep darting towards the huge floor-to-ceiling window that fills most of the opposite wall of their townhouse, as though she can see out of it, all the way to the distant Illyrian camps, to him. 

Nesta coaxes her down to her and kisses her again, only a brief brush of lips, then says quietly, “He’s alright.” 

“Thank you,” Mor mumbles back, though she’s still not looking at her, eyes fixed on that window again. 

Nesta would have felt through the bond if anything had happened to Cassian but Mor, lacking that connection, that ability to feel him when he’s miles away, is prone to panicking instead. 

“It’s just a routine visit,” Nesta continues, stroking her hair and trying to soothe her. 

“I know,” Mor bites out, her voice a little sharper than intended, her arms tightening around Nesta as they snap out of her. “I’m sorry,” she whispers quietly and Nesta looks up in time to see her squeezing her eyes shut, composing herself. 

She squeezes her arm gently, “It’s alright.” 

She can’t blame her for this. Being separated from either of them doesn’t bother her typically but Cassian returning to camps that have been fraught with tension and the assassination of key leaders and being away from them for so long without any way for her to reach him has her on edge. 

She’s hidden it well, kept herself as busy as possible, maintained that perfect mask of bright cheerful irreverence she wears so well but Nesta knows better. When they’re alone like this, in their home, in a space where she can be intimate and vulnerable, it emerges. That panic, that worry, that consuming terror that perhaps he won’t come home this time, that she’ll lose him, as she lost Az. 

Nesta slides gently out of Mor’s arms and reverses their positions, wrapping her in an embrace and kissing the side of her head. As she feels her trembling she can’t help but scold her, “You should have said something,” she says, voice quiet but stern. “If things were this bad you should have told me and I could have contacted him.” 

“It’s not been that bad,” Mor mumbles but that only causes Nesta to roll her eyes. She’s as bad as Cassian when it comes to admitting that she’s hurt or that she might need help. 

“You’re shaking, Morrigan,” she says quietly, giving her a soft squeeze. Mor closes her eyes, resting her head against Nesta’s shoulder, eyes closed. 

“I just want him home,” she murmurs quietly. 

Nesta kisses her, “He’s due back any day,” she reminds her quietly. 

Mor lets out a little irritable huff, “I want him home now,” she grumbles, but her mouth twitches up just a little into a small smile. 

Nesta kisses her once more then slides out from underneath Mor, taking her hand and drawing her to her feet, “Come on,” she says quietly, tugging insistently on her hand and leading her out of the neat living room. She raises an eyebrow but consents to follow Nesta obediently out of the room when she doesn’t give any further explanation of this sudden departure. 


The water around them is pleasantly warm, sinking into her sore muscles after a day of non-stop meetings and arguments. Mor has her arms around her, occasionally scooping water out of the bath and trickling it over her hair to rinse the soap from it while she lies content in her arms.

The bath itself is probably closer to a small swimming pool than a bath. They had wanted a space they could all fit comfortably into and Cassian being the hulking mass that he was, not to mention the wings, had required something special.

It was worth it though, she thinks, nestled in her partner’s arms, letting the warmth seep into her bones. It does Mor almost as much good, steeping in bubbles and surrounded by the soft scents of her favourite bath salts, some of the tension finally eases out of her muscles, to Nesta’s relief. She hates seeing Mor so agitated and worried when she’s usually so bright and grounded and settled.  

They’ve been twined together for all of twenty minutes before the door bangs open and only the reassuring tug on the bond stops Nesta jumping and reaching for her power, as Mor had done. 

“You prick!” Mor snarls at Cassian as he ambles into the room and grins at them, apparently rather pleased at himself for having managed to make her jump. 

“Your reflexes are terrible,” he informs her blandly, without so much as a prelimanry ‘hello’ after weeks away, starting to strip off his boots and socks, “You’ll be in the ring tomorrow bright and breezy.” 

Mor growls at him and sends a wave of water from the bath cascading over him, which Cassian is too slow to avoid. “My reflexes are just fine,” she bites out irritably, glowering at him. 

Nesta hides her smile as the two of them start bickering back and forth, as though Cassian had never left and Mor hadn’t been spending sleepless nights worrying about him for the past three weeks. 

Cassian continues to strip out of his filthy leathers, grinning at the two of them. When he makes to approach the bath however Mor holds up a hand. “You’re filthy,” she grinds out at him, eyes narrowed, the arm around Nesta’s waist tightening as she draws her closer. 

“Sure am,” Cassian says, sounding altogether too pleased with this fact. “That’s generally why people take baths you know, to get clean when they’re dirty.” 

“There’s a shower in the corner,” Mor tells him sweetly, “I’m not having you ruining my calming bath by having me swim in all the dirt you’ve trailed back from the Illyrian- Cassian don’t you dare-” 

The reprimand comes entirely too late and a moment later the contents of the bath are slopping over the sides as he lowers himself gracelessly into the bathtub. How can he be such a deadly force of nature on the battlefield but like this when he’s at home with them Nesta has never been able to fathom. 

“You pig, Cassian!” Mor barks furiously at him, glowering at the little patches of dirt that are already starting to float on the surface alongside the pristine white bubbles but knowing better than to order him out now. 

Nesta detaches herself from Mor’s side and bobs towards Cassian to greet him, not having managed to get a word out between their bickering. Cassian smiles as she gets within range of his huge arms and a moment later he’s slid a hand around her waist and has drawn her closer to him. Nesta gives an indignant little huff of protest at the filth that covers him but still tips her head back and allows him to kiss her, slowly and deeply, while Mor grumbles about her being a ‘traitor’ in her corner. 

Drawing back however she eyes Cassian critically, having felt a twinge in her back down the bond when he’d pulled her towards him “You’re hurt,” she says quietly, frowning at him. 

At once the sound of Mor’s good-natured grumbling behind them cuts off and all the lightness that had blossomed in the wake of Cassian’s return seems to die. His face tightens and he peers reproachfully down at Nesta before returning his gaze to Mor. Nesta glances over her shoulder and looks back at her too and bites her lip, regretting the words as she takes in the tightness of her muscles, the suddenly ashen colour of her golden skin. 

“It’s fine,” Cassian says quickly, his voice low and reassuring as Mor’s throat bobs, hands clenching into fists beneath the surface of the water. “I’m fine, it’s a scratch, barely even that.” 

Nesta moves behind him, clearing away the bubbles and prodding at his back. The cut is almost healed and seems only to have been prevented by where Cassian’s leathers have rubbed against it as he flew. She probes gently at the wound, making Cassian squirm, though he tries to hide that from Mor. 

“What happened?” she asks, her voice utterly flat and empty, always a warning sign.

“It was a training accident,” Cassian replies at once, his voice low and soothing. He smiles slightly when he adds, a touch of pride in his words now, “One of the girls, actually, one of your girls.” Nesta flicks her eyes up to Mor to see if the mention of one of the female Illyrians succeeding in slipping past their commanders guard will draw a smile from her but she doesn’t react. Her arms are crossed over her chest, her eyes flat and cold. Then Cassian continues with a soft smirk, “Been teaching them bad habits, haven’t you princess?”

Nesta elbows him in the ribs making him wince and look down reproachfully at her as she scolds him through the bond. His head jerks up again as Mor speaks once more.

“You came all the way back here with an injury?” Mor says behind her, a deadly calm lacing her words. 

Cassian reaches out and scoops her towards him, pressing her against him. Mor doesn’t take her eyes away from his face as he does so, “I wanted to see you again,” he murmurs to her, “I mis-“ She wrenches away from him, snarling.

“How could you be so stupid?” she snaps at him, slapping the surface of the water with a hand, her voice trembling.

Looking desperate, Cassian opens his mouth to answer back but Nesta reaches out and takes Mor’s hand, squeezing it. She holds her gaze as she says quietly, “He’s alright.” She leads Mor over, elbowing Cass again to make him turn so that Mor can see.

She wordlessly studies the injury, the cut is long and red at the edges where his leathers have rubbed it, stopping his immortal blood healing it on the flight back, but it’s shallow. Mor reaches out, examining it, pressing gently at the purple bruising and making Cassian hiss irritably.

Light flares as she pulls on her power, despite the exhaustion lining her eyes and begins to heal him. Nesta stops Cassian from insisting that he doesn’t need that and the two of them watch her as she heals the cut and then the surrounding bruise, the skin knitting seamlessly together again. Mor presses gently on his back a few more times then, seeming satisfied, moves back to his front.

Without another word she slides her arms around him and presses her head against his chest, eyes closed. “I’m sorry,” she mumbles against him, her breathing ragged. Cassian presses a soft kiss to the top of her head, big broad hands rubbing her back and stroking her hair to calm her down.

“It’s okay,” he says softly, “It’s okay, I’m home now, it’s okay.” Mor nods, still pressed against him, but Nesta sees her soften slightly.

Groaning, Cassian slides down and sits on the raised portion of the bath that acts as a seat when all three of them bathe together. Once he’s settled he reaches out with the hand not still stroking Mor’s hair and tugs Nesta against his other side, shifting Mor over a little to make room for her. Leaning down he kisses them both, slow and deep, and lets them both nestle closer to him.

With a soft rustling his wings close around them all, tucking them in close and wrapping them in his warmth, his scent. “I missed you,” he rumbles softly to them, kissing the tops of their heads and they smile and bury in against him.

At least until Cassian reaches for one of Mor’s expensive bottles of soap and flicks the cap open with a thumb. Mor’s answering snarl echoes around the bathroom walls and Nesta hides her smile as she growls at Cass again, “Don’t you even think about-“ Before he smirks defiantly and squeezes a large blob onto his palm.

Mor starts ranting at him again and Nesta smiles, knowing that Cassian wound her up deliberately to take her mind off of his injury. Shoving the bottle vaguely to one side he slides two fingers of the hand not covered in soap under Mor’s chin then kisses her. “I’ll make it up to you, princess,” he promises her with a lazy smirk that has her shivering.

“You’d better,” Mor grumbles, picking up one of her shampoos and dumping a large quantity of it onto the top of Cassian’s head before rubbing it in.

“Oh he will,” Nesta says with a wicked smile, squeezing more of the soap out onto her hand and proceeding to wash Cassian’s wings. He lets out a long, low groan, flaring them out a little wider for her on instinct.

Nesta nuzzles at his neck and Mor, grinning broadly and catching on at once starts rubbing the shampoo into his hair and agreeing, “Once he’s properly clean again.” Cassian, correctly interpreting how they’re going to torment him, sinks a little more deeply into the bath, trembling and cursing his luck that he ever managed to fall in love with both of these wicked females.


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not all Israelis are european

No, they’re not. 

However Zionism was created and developed in Europe and supported by European powers, and the first Zionist waves of immigration to Palestine came from Europe, and the first Zionist colony in Palestine (Rishon Le Zion) was established by Jews from Europe, and during its foundation and early years Zionism disregarded Mizrahi Jews and put Ashkenazi Jews on top of them.

Zionism has been inherently an anti-oriental, ethnocratic, and a European ideology. 

While it’s true that Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, and Sephardi Jews all benefit from Zionism today, but it’s still an ethnocratic and anti-oriental ideology. 

Look at all of Israel’s key leaders for example, all of Israel’s prime ministers and most presidents were all decedents of immigrants from Europe (Only one or maybe two presidents out of 10 were not, but all 12 Israeli PMs were of Jewish European lineage) although the majority in Israel is Mizrahi.