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There are five (5) types of Lucy popular in fanfiction! 

1) Rich bitch Lucy. She’s mean for no reason, probably a bully. May have killed a man in the past, but no one knows for sure. This is the reverse fuckboi Natsu. He’s going to “change” her because reasons. May be a gang related AU. Lucy’s father is a dick and Lucy may or may not murder him. Drives six cares. Is unnecessarily cruel to everyone, especially Natsu and sometimes Loke. Has some kind of rivalry with Erza. The only person she’s ever nice to is Levy, but no one knows this until halfway through the story. The only reason for Lucy acting this way is that her mother died.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Lucy may be a cheerleader and whoever she’s paired with is either a jock or a nerd. There is no in between. 
  • Lucy’s only friends are Levy and Virgo, but she’s not exactly nice to either of them.

2) New Girl Lucy. Generally canon compliant. Lucy is either a runaway and no one knows, or her father moves a lot because of business. This is the eighth school she’s been to this year and she’s determined not to get attached to people. Utter bookworm. Only friend is Levy, also a nerd, and potentially Juvia/Jellal, both social outcasts. If bullied by either Gajeel or the Sabertooth crew. Natsu (a jock of course) “saves” her after ignoring her existence for three weeks. She probably ends up tutoring him or something. Lucy probably writes poetry and there’s some sort of scene where she’s humiliated by the antagonist, who’s found one of her poems/songs/etc and is now reading it in front of everyone. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • fuckboi jock Natsu. New girl Lucy may be compliant with Player!Natsu and she may “change” him as he suddenly falls head over heels for her.
  • Levy is supposed to be her best friend, but is mysteriously absent whenever something bad happens to Lucy, allowing white knight Natsu to swoop in.

3) Dragon slayer Lucy. She’s been kicked out of/left the guild because Lisanna came back and now everyone is ignoring her. Was kicked off the team. May or may not have been abused by members of the guild, likely Natsu and Erza, maybe Gray. The only people that still talk to her are Levy, Gajeel, Mirajane, Wendy, and Happy. Lucy runs away to become stronger and magically meets the celestial dragon slayer. May or may not be introduced to the rest of the dragons. Is taught all the magic! Probably joins Sabertooth. Meets Fairy Tail at the Grand Magic Games. Beats up Natsu in a fight. Something happens and they realize they’re in love. Happy ending.

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Lucy may or may not shack up with Sting/Rogue for a bit. Sometimes both.
  • Igneel and the rest of the dragons are utter dicks and have just been chilling somewhere while their kids go out of their minds.
  • Lucy’s dragon is probably called Celeste.
  • Lisanna may or may not have been manipulating the guild in some way, and when everyone finds out she’s either murdered or banished. Everyone tries to look for Lucy but can’t find her.
  • Happy is probably pissed at Natsu. He may even go with Lucy.
  • Alternatively may gain a bunch or random keys. Probably labeled as “platinum.” One of them is the dragon, Draco, and he’s super hot, with dark hair and eyes, but he’s probably an asshole. Has a human and dragon form.

4) Sex appeal!Lucy. Acts like Lucy from the first three arcs of FT. Is vain and naive. Overtly sexualized by the writer but has no idea what a penis is. Is Lucy but with no real world experience. All of her development was rolled into a ball and tossed in a dumpster (writers circa 2006-2010 get a pass on this, because they may only be familiar with early Lucy).

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • There might be really weird, awkward smut so… yeah.
  • Slut Shaming.

5) Actual Lucy. Well rounded character. Would do anything for her friends. May have self-doubt issues, but learns to overcome these without magically learning a new type of magic with no restrictions. Is generally sweet, but doesn’t take shit from anyone. May be witty or sarcastic, but is never inherently mean about it. 

Sometimes included, but not required:

  • Everyone’s little sister. 
  • If AU, probably lives alone in an apartment with a dog. Usually small, a terrier breed. 

This here is what the fatty who submitted the post of himself about three months ago looks like today. 215 pounds. [Original Submission Here]  Jesus dude, you’ve put on a shit ton of weight. I guess I was right in my original assemenent when I called bullshit on your first post being a just beer bloat, because all that weight stuck. Sure enough, as predicted, you’ve got that overhang. It won’t soon be long before people start guessing if your pants are buttoned, not only because they’ve seen how your fatass blew up so quickly and outgrew your wardrobe, but because they can no longer see the button or zipper!!! That fat fold on your side, one of the keys in me labelling you a future fatass in April? It’s bigger. No hiding that. Your pecs? I mean, your TITS. Just as I said, they’ve attracted quite a bit fat, too. Your nipples are larger, and your chest noticeable hairier. You’ve really let yourself go, huh? But, what’s the point of stopping, now? After all, look at the main attraction: that stomach. You’re no where near the superchubs I post on my page, yet. But, with a pot belly the size of yours, and one that’s growing so fast no less, you’ll be there in no time. It’s your piggy destiny and you know it. I’m sure you’re feeling huge, tubs, with that gut jiggling with every step, your dimpled sides becomes farther and farther from your ribs, and the closet full of clothes that are obscenely tight (even though I know you still where them), but this is just the beginning. I see what you are, we all do: a giant future fatass. Good luck, fat boy.

PS, I’d love to talk to you, piggy. I know you don’t have a tumblr, but inbox me and we’ll figure something out.

If any of you want to have me give my expert opinion on your belly, go to the “submit a post” tab of my page on your desktop or internet browser outside the Tumblr app.

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Hey girl love the blog, question about bio and Chem . What are your revision techniques for both. How do you get the A grades ? How do you revise them?

Hello and thank you very much! Here are a few tips (tbh they’re pretty inter-changeable between the two subjects so feel free to use any tip for any subject):


  • watch youtube videos- there are a lot out there but specifically I’d recommend bozeman science (his videos have seriously saved my life)
  • make summary posters- use lots of colour, diagrams and key words to make little posters to summarise key ideas/topics
  • flashcards- these are great for learning definitions to key terms, or for steps in a process
  • diagrams- it can be really helpful to draw out key diagrams and label them (try not to use your notes if possible and then check if you’re right once you’re finished)
  • test yourself- there are a lot of great websites and apps for biology (quizlet is great) so have a google and see if you can find any online quizzes (past papers are also awesome!!)


  • learn equations!! make flashcards, stick post-its around your room, basically do anything to learn necessary equations!
  • watch youtube videos for theory and calculations- there are a lot of great step-by-step video tutorials (as well as theory) for calculations in chemistry so check them out!
  • practice- do as many questions and past papers as possible to really get a feel for how questions are structured and what you need to put in order to get marks
  • posters- make posters to summarise different reactions and processes (use colours to make different reactants/conditions/etc really clear)

I hope this helps :)

What We Look Forward To

A Valentine’s Day sheith ficlet for the anon who asked me what Shiro and Keith would do on this love-filled day. 

On the morning of this most sacred day, Keith and Shiro lie beside one another before their morning run together. The room is still dark, and the both of them are watching the dimly visible ceiling fan, suffocating beneath the weight of wanting to pretend it isn’t A Big Deal.

“Capitalism, you know?” Keith tries.

Shiro, a Pisces with the emotional breadth of the Arctic Ocean, fights the urge to disagree. “Capitalism.”

It’s weighted solely because they’re trying to respect each other’s boundaries. It’s their first year back on Earth and suddenly things like holidays matter again. Christmas wasn’t weird because Christmas involved all of the Paladins. It was a group activity and the mistletoe was there for everyone, but Valentine’s Day is for partnerships. It’s for them, and this is stressful because they are nuanced. Blatant displays of love make for handwringing and heart palpitations.

They go for their run and see couples. Everyone has stars in their eyes, but all Shiro can do is remind Keith that his undercut looks good. Keith is no better. He thanks Shiro, is self-satisfied and tells Shiro he always looks good. This is all Shiro needs to spur affection. When they slow to catch their breath, Shiro encircles Keith’s waist from behind before he’s even at a full stop and he tugs him back against his chest. He kisses Keith’s cheek and sways him to the side, smiling when Keith almost loses his balance. Flustered, Keith laughs.

“I love you, you know?”

Keith hesitates only because he’s smiling too hard to manage words. “I know. I love you too.”

This is a snowball effect.

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Get Comfortable

Warnings: brief mentions of nudity (nothing explicit)

Word Count: 1585

Request: “Hello! I’ve had this idea for a deanxreader imagine where Dean and the reader accidentally rent a motel room with only one bed and they wind up sharing that one bed because its really late and they just want to get some sleep. I kind of pictured this really awkward scene when they wake up, like something like the reader likes to sleep without a shirt on & wakes up shirtless and all pressed up against Dean”

A/N: YAY! My first oneshot back from my long ass hiatus. Hope you enjoy this one, as I loved getting back into the groove :)

You were tired. You were exhausted. You were just craving sleep in any form of bed.

You and Dean had just finished off a case in a small town in Ohio. The case was only two days long; it was easy enough to track down the whereabouts of the vampires that were cozying up in town as they were all pretty recently turned.

So Dean and yourself raided the nest on the second night, (you didn’t go during the day as their nest was sheltered right in the middle of town). But although they were fairly amateur vamps, they were very quick and their bloodlust for you made them aggressive. The fighting match went down without either of the two of you being injured, but resulted in two very worn-out hunters.

Dean pulled the Impala swiftly into a parking spot out the front of a small motel, waking you from your daze.

“We’ll drive back to the Bunker tomorrow,” Dean said flatly, ending it with a yawn. You nodded with approval, eager to sleep on anything but a car seat.

The pair of you slowly made your way to the motel’s front office to be greeted by a middle-aged man whose attention was directed towards a small TV beside him. Dean gave a small cough which alerted the man that he had company.

“Just one night thanks,” Dean tiredly told the man. He gave a small nod, before reaching to the wall behind him that hung just under a dozen room keys, and grabbing one labelled with a faded number six.

Dean took the key from the man, exchanging it for the credit card that was originally in his pocket. The man looked at the card, and gave a tired smile as he ran it successfully through the machine.

As he returned the card to Dean, he said, “Enjoy your stay Mr. Helsberg.” Dean gave a small nod as the pair of you exited the office. On your way out, you gave Dean a confused look as to why he would call Dean such a name. Dean responded by pointing towards the name printed on ‘his’ credit card, and continued to walk down towards your room.

The pair of you finally made it to your room, which despite being number 6, was the furthest room away from the front office.

Dean put the key into door, as his voice slightly perked up, “Man, I can’t wait to pass out in my very own bed.” You gave a tired nod in reply.

The door opened, after needing a little more of a push, and you reached over to the light switch, flicking it upwards. The room was instantly illuminated with the yellow-toned light that hung down from the ceiling in the center.

But when your eyes tiredly adjusted to what the room had to offer, both Dean’s and your eyes widened.

“There’s only one bed?!” you exclaimed to an unmoving Dean. A few moments went by before Dean took his pack and threw it onto the bed.

“Guess I’ll be having a sleeping buddy,” Dean smirked, giving you a wink. You rubbed your face in exhaustion, just wanting more than anything to have your own bed to sleep in for the night.

Looking at the single bed, you took a further sigh as it was just big enough to fit two people; but only if they slept together quite closely. It wasn’t that Dean was the problem; you just wanted a big bed all to yourself as you knew that was the way you would get the most comfortable sleep, after a few restless nights working on the case.

“You know what Dean?” you said tiredly, before stifling a yawn, “I’m exhausted. You’re exhausted. I don’t have the energy to argue or fight you on this one, so let’s just share and be done with it.” Dean’s eyebrows briefly lifted with excitement.

The both of you started to get ready for bed. You were wearing a flannel shirt, over the top of a singlet, and dirt-tracked jeans. You really didn’t want to sleep in jeans and didn’t overly care that Dean would be able to see your underwear.

It wasn’t the first time, as once on a hunt he turned around in the motel room when you were still changing, and you hadn’t put your pants on yet. That was embarrassing. But tonight it wasn’t a big deal. And to be honest, you were too tired to care.

Dean left his jeans on, as they weren’t too dirty at all, but slid his shirt off with ease, throwing it to the side.

You were turned the other way from the bed, so you couldn’t see Dean, but you heard the springs creak as he jumped onto the bed.

You took your flannel shirt off, so you were left with just your singlet on top. Your hands reached to take that off too, but then you stopped yourself. You were tired but still awake enough to remember Dean was in the room.

Usually, you preferred to sleep topless as it was just a feeling that you enjoyed and made you feel completely relaxed before you would drift to sleep. But that wouldn’t be happening tonight.

Instead you maneuvered your arms around until you had successfully taken off your bra without even lifting your singlet up.

You turned around ready for bed, and saw Dean lying down, looking at you.

“Damn Y/N, that took some serious skill,” Dean admitted before smirking, “As well as being insanely hot.”

You rolled your eyes at the older Winchester brother, before turning a lamp light on and turning the main light switch off.

As you made your way over to the bed, you noticed Dean’s shoulders in the dim light, and the way they looked so toned and muscular and…

You instantly snapped yourself out of it. Your brain clicking you back into the present for the second time that night.

You walked over to the bed and slid yourself under the covers. Both Dean’s and your shoulders were touching, unable to move unless you wanted to fall off the bed.

Dean reached over and turned the lamp off. As soon as the light disappeared, neither of you said a word; the exhaustion catching up to you and forcing you both to sleep.

Your eyes fluttered open.

The sun was gleaming brightly through the dusty blinds, telling you that it was well into the day.

It was then you noticed that your arm was around Dean, who still looked fast asleep. You gave a small smile, knowing that probably the reason you felt so relaxed and comfortable was because you were embracing Dean through the night.

As your eyes began to adjust and gain more focus to the new day, you noticed a difference. A feeling. It was comfortable. But definitely different than when you had fallen asleep.

You slowly looked down to your torso, seeing nothing.

Literally nothing.

Your singlet that you wore to bed from the night before was gone.

All that was left was your completely naked chest, pressed up against Dean’s also uncovered body.

You gave a small shriek in shock at the realisation that you had practically slept naked with Dean. And not just that. You slept naked wrapped around Dean.

“Don’t ruin the moment,” Dean murmured, eyes opening. His voice sound relaxed, but not tired like it should have sounded right after waking up.

“Are you telling me you’ve been awake and you just left me like this?” you exclaimed, your voice raising slightly, while also trying to untangle yourself from Dean’s grasp.

“I’ve been awake for about half an hour or so,” Dean smirked, “And as if I’m going to wake you up to tell you that you must have taken your shirt off in the night. I’m trying to enjoy the feeling of having you pressed up against me.”

Finally out of Dean’s grasp, you pull the cover up to hide your face that was growing redder by the second and gave a loud sigh.

“You must be in love with me Y/N, if you’re that keen to take it all off for me,” he smirked once more.

Because you had had enough, you ran towards the bathroom, attempting to cover your chest as you went there. “I’m having a long shower, alone!” you exclaimed, before closing the door and locking it.

Dean just continued to lay in the bed, listening to the shower turn on as you hopped under the hot running water.

He just smiled to himself, thinking of the way you looked. How beautiful you looked.

It wasn’t the sex appeal of seeing you topless or in your underwear; it was seeing you, and all of you. You had been made completely vulnerable, with not really anywhere to hide. He could just experience the real you.

Dean thought back to the few moments ago when he was lying with you entangled across him. He could feel your warmth. He could feel your heart beating. He could feel your chest rise and fall with each breath. He could see when you formed a faint smile in your sleep, because you were dreaming of something good.

He reached over to your side of the bed, and picked your singlet up off the ground. Dean held it to his chest, still being able to smell you from it, and smiled.

How lucky it was that he booked a room with only one bed.

When Bebe Rexha is actually promoting fifth harmony’s album better and more than their actual label
Low-key BEBE is 5h pr manager B💣💣M


11:07 PM // It’s looking like an all-nighter tonight. 

How I Make History Flashcards

  1. Label index cards before starting. Label the key term on the top left corner of the red line in one color, and the unit number on the top right in another. 
  2. Keep all your resources available: textbooks, Quizlets, lecture notes, powerpoints off the teacher’s website, and any other study materials. As I am studying for AP US History, I have my Barron’s review book handy (for those of you who aren’t in the States, Barron’s is a test preparation company that publishes in-depth review books with practice tests for AP subjects). 
  3. Read through your review book (or textbook) and highlight important details. When you come across a term you need to define, mark it with an asterisk and find the respective index card. 
  4. I generally use a color-code system when it comes to history. If you are interested in doing this, I advise you to keep the system consistent throughout the unit. Write down main points in one color. Use arrows for details. 
  5. When another term that is important or you simply aren’t familiar with shows up, write it in another color. If that term is not significant enough to need its own index card, give space somewhere on the card to use the bullet system to draw out its main points. Then use that term’s special color to draw a bracket around its bullet points, and draw an arrow from that bracket back to the term.
  6. If there are multiple points involving the key term, try to form a question out of it and write that in a contrasting color, and answer it below with bullets. For example, instead of having a bullet for “Decline of the Federalist Party” and listing its details out under it with asterisks or arrows, you would write “What led to the decline of the Federalist Party?” and bullet the answers below. This is a system I adopted from universityandme that helps you to quiz yourself when reviewing your notes. It also helps me to better understand the content because it forces me to read the text so that I can come up with a proper phrasing for the question, so thank you Iris. 
  7. Subjects like APUSH are all about knowing why an event or a term is significant, so with a small post-it note, list out whatever the significance of that term is and stick it on the top right of the card. My review book was not so handy when it came down to identifying the importance of the key terms, so this is when you could resort to looking it up on Google/Quizlet (I would avoid doing this as much as possible, unless you are not easily distracted by the Internet). If you don’t have post-its, just write the points on the card like normal and highlight it with a bright color. 
  8. If you’re a visual learner or you fancy graphic organizers, draw your pictures and notes out on the blank side of the index card. You could also just do so on a different colored post-it and stick it in the front, or place your illustration on the bottom of the card if there is room to do so. 
  9. Use your additional resources for extra details. If there’s no room for additional details on the index card, use a slim post-it to fit them in.

This is a new method of note-taking and studying I’ve been using that comes in handy because the question-answer thing forces me to understand what it is I’m reading so that I can phrase a question to ask. By reading my review book for details, I’m soaking in the material rather than simply looking up terms on Quizlet and copying everything I see. By isolating the reasons the terms are significant, I can distinguish in my mind the more important details regarding the key term. Feel free to send me an ask if you need help or need me to post a picture specific to one of the steps; I feel as though my explanations are a bit hard to follow.

If you want to try this out, I highly recommend doing it the weekend before your exam, because a single card generally takes me personally about 5-10 minutes.

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why don't u like the word lesbian?

(okay first, to be clear, I have no problem with other people using it to describe themselves or even girls are attracted only to girls as a whole community, I just don’t use it as a label for myself generally.) 

but uhh a few reasons? first is that I knew the word lesbian before I even knew that girls could like girls just from it being said in reference to p*rn or in other oversexualized ways, which isn’t a new observation but since it was my first exposure to the word, using it to describe myself is a little uncomfy. also my dad is one of those people that does the “I like girls, so I’m a lesbian” joke (he’s a cisgender man tho so uhh not a lesbian) and that also kinda tainted my personal experience with the word. but I am trying to use it more and become more comfy with it because I don’t think the sexualization or mocking of my sexuality should have such power over me, I just haven’t really done so yet. 


Some more images for Build’s toyline. This one has nice artwork of his Rocket Panda Form, the villains, and… an Orange Fullbottle? Next to the Key Fullbottle? With mention of Legend Rider and a Rider name whose kanji might be Gaim?! Hype! 

For the record, the Key Fullbottle has a label that is different from Orange, which leads me to think some of these Legend Rider Fullbottles might actually be made to mix with canon Fullbottles due to shared motifs. Which would be clever if that’s the intent. 

I wish i could have the ability to write an essay about even after everything that happened to him, Percy is still a Hufflepuff at heart. 

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Okay picture this: Xiumin is stoically taking a shower like any grown adult, while in the next room Suho is listening to his favorite Red Velvet playlist at full volume. Involuntarily, he starts low-key bopping to their label-mates catchy songs, tapping his feet along to the beat. One could almost say he was... dancing. Sadly, he didn't notice the soap bar on the ground. At that exact moment, Baekhyun pushed the bathroom door open to see him slip and fall like a cat on a freshly waxed floor.

i cant fricking breathe rn why is baekhyun here why is he even in the picture i cant why was this so well written i dont undrstand im dy ign gthis is it this is the end of raviyeolie-reactions

Understanding the Connection Between Eyepatches, Chunibyo and Moe

Content Warning: This post contains discussion on self injury.

Thanks to a particular anime show in 2012, the term chunibyo has been a buzzword since among western anime fans. Anyone suffering from chunibyo is easily spotted thanks to the staple accessory of a medical eyepatch. What might seem like trending gag actually has a decent amount of context behind it. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far on the matter.

Accessory Eyepatch Origins 

In the 2000s self-injury among teenagers was a becoming a prominent issue in Japan. Studies found that acts such as wrist cutting were trending among young girls in particular. This mixed with the popular kawaii fashions worn by school girls made for an unsettling image of a young girls in colorful, cheerful outfits juxtaposed with the darker ideas represented by bandaged wrists. 

This combination of cute and concerning resonated with teenagers and took on a new form as a fashion and art style. An entire sub style of kawaii fashion emerged, menhera (a slang term for someone suffering from mental illness). Menhera is designated by colorful seifuku and medical imagery. 

In 2008, Yoshihiro Nishimura, a filmmaker known for gory thriller and horror stories, parodied the self harm trend among teenage girls in the movie Tokyo Gore Police which featured a fake commercial for the “Wrist Cutter G” a colorful and cute new wrist slitting product, perfect for school girls. 

In 2014, artist Ezaki Bisuko created the satire manga Menhera-chan featuring magical girls that must self harm in order to use their magic.

However the popularity of self harm in the form of a fashion statement meant that the style could be adopted by anyone, even those who were not actually performing self harm or suffering from any kind of mental illness. Wrist bandages could be an accessory regardless of whether there were actual injuries underneath them. Other accessories inspired by medical imagery and illness matched the menhera aesthetic and also became popular.

That’s right the white medical eyepatches in Japan began to be used for non-medical fashion around the mid to late 2000s. This accessory wasn’t just for the menhera sub style either. Fashion cultures love to mix and mesh and overlap and the eyepatch found its way into all kinds of youth fashion. 

What does this have to do with chunibyo? 

In 2008, a book called the “Chunibyo User’s Manual” by Kotobukiya was published as a comical guide to the phrase being used by middle and high schoolers “chunibyo” (translated as 8th grade syndrome for American English). According to this guide there are three types of chunibyo: Dokyun kei, SubCul kei and Jyakigan kei. 

Dokyun kei (or DNQ kei) accounted for kids who would act tough and pretend to be delinquents or apart of gang when in reality they aren’t. SubCul kei (or Subculture Kei) describes those who only take interest in obscure media and culture and complain about the mainstream pop culture, inferring they are special for their lack of well known interests. (Basically the Equivalent to the American 2000s Hipster.) Finally, Jyakigan Kei (or Evil Eye kei) is a label for kids who project their interest in fantasy and occult onto themselves by pretending to have supernatural powers.

A school kid suffering from chunibyo is more likely to wear fake bandages around their wrists or take part in the eyepatch fashion trend. A chunibyo could perceive self harm as “edgy” and use it for whatever kind of alter ego they’ve created for themselves for the sake of attention. 

But if you aren’t pretending to have depression or any other problems then why else would you by wearing an eyepatch? To cover up your magical evil eye of course. 

Jyakigan kei is the one form of chunibyo people apparently find the most endearing and that’s why it ended up the premise for a whole anime series.

Now We Get to the Anime and Moe Part. 

In 1996 the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion aired and gained immense popularity. Fans adored the character of Rei Ayanami, an aloof and cold school girl who piloted the giant mech Evangelion, unit 00. The character’s introduction consists of her feebly struggling against injuries from a previous accident and sporting an eyepatch and wrist bandages.

Many fans found Rei cute, attractive and most of all provoking moe, a multifaceted term that can describe a want to adore and protect.

Then in the 2000s characters, in primarily hentai games and visual novels, started cropping up with something in common.

(Games from left to right: My wife and I and Boyne 2006,  Soukai no Oujotachi ‘2008,  Nurse ni Omakase 2004,  Tokidoki Pakucchao! 2004,  Chokotto Vampire! 2006,  Azrael 2002)

Character designs including a medical eyepatch also cropped up in anime from the 2000s but the visual trope was most popular in games aimed at an adult male audience because the eyepatch was associated with moe thanks to the aforementioned Rei. (It’s also important to note that eyepatchs were not exclusive to female characters but just more popular.) 

Now in the 2010s more examples of characters in anime with medical eyepatches have emerged including the 2012 series “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions”. 

The medical eyepatch has been established as a visual trope that’s meant to be cute and is associated with moe by the mid-2000s but by the late 2000s it has also become associated with real life fashion and the term to describe the real life behaviors of adolescents. Chunibyo Love & Other Delusions, the anime series, simultaneously exploits the cutesy angle of the eyepatch design to successfully appeal to otaku but also solidifies the accessory’s relationship with the idea of immature chunibyo behavior to its viewers.

A to Z Headcanons for OCs

Atlas  :  How many places have they lived in their lifetime?
Beverage  :  What do they most like to drink, and why?
Cohabitation  :  Do they live with anyone? What’s “need to know” before moving in?
Decor  :  What kind of home to they keep? Are there any defining details?
Eatables  :  Do they have specific dietary needs? are they vegan? allergic to anything?
Faith  :  Are they a spiritual person? What is their stance on religion?
Grudge  :  How bad those an insult go over? Do they hold grudges for long?
Hobby  :  What’s something they do for fun that might be surprising?
Insomnia  :  What’s their sleep schedule like? Are they a snorer? a sound sleeper?
Jocular  :  Do they have a sense of humor? Are they good at telling jokes?
Keys  :  Are they the type or person who remembers or constantly forgets their keys?
Labels  :  Do they have any nicknames or other aliases? important titles?
Meditate :  What are ways they alleviate stress?
Needy  :  Are they a charitable person? Do they often help others in need? 
Offspring  :  What kind of parent would they be? How many kids would they want?
Pistol  :  Are they skilled with a weapon? What’s their opinion on violence?
Question  :  How often do they feel doubt? What topics are they defensive about?
Romance  :  What would they consider to be a perfect date?
Sing  :  Do they like music? Do they listen often / sing / hum / play songs in their head?
Touch  :  How do they handle physical contact? Is their personal bubble big?
Upcoming  :  How often do they think about the future? Do they make long-term plans?
Vice  :  What bad habits do they have? Is there something they would be ashamed of?
Wardrobe  :  What’s their fashion style? Do they have any staple pieces?
X-Ray  :  How is their health? Any problems? Do they take care of themselves?
Yarn  :  Has anything interesting or humorous ever happened to them?
Zodiac  :  What is their astrological sign? Chinese sign? If known, does it / they fit them? 

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TRAPPED - A Story I Wrote.


By: —- ———

I can remember seeing the crying face of my daughter, as the men in black suits firmly grabbed me by my shoulder and pushed me into a black, mysterious car. It’s hard to believe that that moment was 15 years ago, it feels like I have been here for 30. My body has adapted to this place, my hair, a fringe of grey-white around my balding, mottled scalp. My hands have turned rough, like stones, with my every move I can hear the creak of old bones. My skin has turned pale white, I walk in a disturbing, hunched way, and I’m not sure of this, but I think you can see death, in my eyes.  My mood has adapted too, dull, vague, lonely, that’s how I feel. I know what they think of me, the doctors and nurses, I know what they think, and they’re wrong! They think that I am crazy, that I’m insane, that I need help, that I deserve to be here. How do they dare think that?! I’m sane, I’m normal, and I deserve freedom.

Every day it’s the same, the same old, sad, boring, pitiful routine. The nurses wake me up, they feed me with gallons of drugs and freeze-dried beef. Even though I have been here for a long time, I tend to forget what I do, probably because there’s never something significant I do these days. What I do remember – how could I forget – is how they, torture me.

The floor and walls in the torture room are broken, probably from a ‘’patient’’ who tried to break free. Whenever I enter the room I am hit with memories, memories of other people crying, bleeding, screaming, it’s petrifying. Whenever I start to think about how many people were tortured on that broken, grey chair, a piece of me dies. What makes me mad is the fact that the doctors say that it’s good for you. That it’s good for me?! How can they think that? How could they possibly think that sticking needles in me and shocking me is good for me?! And they call me crazy, they are the ones who are insane, they are the ones who need ‘’help’’, I don’t! I need freedom, that’s what I need. The one thing that makes me even madder is the fact that I don’t even know why I am here. Most of my life before this place has slowly faded away, probably because of all the drugs they give me.

Could you imagine how stressful and unfair that is? Being locked in a horrible place where they torture you, judge you and you don’t even know why you’re there. I’ve considered killing myself, what is there to live in this place? In fact, I have tried killing myself several times, however, those nurses, they always manage to bring me back to life. Why won’t they just let me die?! Don’t they understand how I feel? I’m sure they do, they probably know how I feel, they just want to make me mad.

My nurse escorts me back to my room, the nurse had

 short scarlet red hair, and olive green eyes. I wonder why would a person choose to work in a place like this. Just as the nurse unlocks the door to my room I hear the grey-haired doctors talk, ‘’By Monday some of the patients will be put down’’ one of them said. ‘Put down?’ do they mean, killed? The thoughts go rushing into my head ‘I can’t die here, I want to live, I want to be free’. I knew that if some people were going to be killed I was one of them. I have had so many violent outbursts and attempts of escaping, they’d be foolish not to kill me! Oh my god, but I’m not ready, I need, I just need more, this can’t be the end of me! I can’t be remembered as the crazy old man who spent the rest of his life in a horrible place.

The thought of this being the end of me is a thought my body and mind rejected, as if my mind and body couldn’t comprehend what it meant. ‘’I must escape!’’, is the thought that comes into my brain. I start thinking of all the things that could go wrong, however, I find that it is totally possible to escape. How did I not think of this before? I can escape! I will escape! I’ll escape and leave all of this mess behind, this is it, the chance of a happy life. I start thinking of how I’ll be able to escape. I know of only one exit, it’s at the end of a dark hall with rusted beige walls. My room isn’t so far away from the exit, however the doors of the exit are locked, I need a key. I have seen many nurses with a stack of keys in their pockets, maybe I could steal them. If I am doing this my plan has to be stealthy, if too many people notice they’ll call the police, and I’ll be escorted back to my room, to die.

Now I wait patiently for my plan to go into action. I’m waiting for the stars in the dark night sky to fade away. Suddenly, I hear a vague growl in my head ‘’I’ll be free’’ it says, the growl becomes louder ‘’I’ll be free’’ it says, ’’I’ll be free!’’ it screams. Yes! I will be free! I will have the freedom that I always wanted! No more doctors, no more nurses, no more disgusting people, I’ll be free. For the first time in a long time, my body fills up with happiness and excitement. I can’t believe it, after all this time, I have a chance, a chance at being free.

I look out the windows and see the dark blue clouds gather in the sky. I hear the first splatter of rain hitting the bottom of the broken window in my room. It’s the first time that I see rain since they locked me up in here. It never rains here, this place is always in dry isolation. The memories come rushing into my brain, all of these emotions start drowning my heart and senses. ‘’I remember!’’ I scream in my head. ‘’I remember!’’ I scream out loud. For a second I was happy, I finally remember why they put me in this horrendous place, however, that happiness quickly faded, as the reason why I am here isn’t joyful at all.

The house was rosewood pink and it must have been extremely old since the walls were slowly collapsing. The rain gave the house a gloomy and somewhat terrifying atmosphere. The walls in my room were gray, I was sitting in my oak wood desk as I hear the voice of a middle-aged women. ‘’I’m home!’’ the voice said. I remember slowly walking down the rusty stairs and sliding my hand across the wooden railing. I slowly turned around the corner and gazed at a middle-aged women with short, curly, dark blonde hair. She was wearing a pink sweatshirt and a pearl necklace. She was unpacking fruits from peanut brown bags. Behind me came a young teenager with light brown hair and honey eyes. ‘’Hi dad’’ said the teenagerl as she kisses my cheek. ‘’Could you cut the onions for me?’’ asked the women. I remember slowly walking up to a refrigerator and grabbing onions. After that, I opened the dark wood drawer and slowly took out a knife.

I’m not sure what was going through my head in that moment, however, I remember slowly lifting the knife and stabbing it in the neck of the middle-aged women. The women fell to the floor and blood slowly came out of the back of her neck onto the white floor of the kitchen. The teenage girl screamed as loudly as she could. ‘’What have you done?!’’ she screams at the top of her lungs. Her face morphed into an expression of fear. ‘’What have you done?!’’ she screams again. I let go of the knife in my hand, as it hits the floor the teenage girl runs up the stairs and into her bedroom. ‘’My dad killed my mom!’’ she screams into a phone. Moments later a police car and an ambulance arrives at my house. I opened my mouth but no words came out. A police officer put handcuffs on me and pushed me into a car. I remember looking out the back window and seeing the  crying, colorless face of my daughter.

After all of this years, I finally understand why I am here. This just makes me more eager to escape. I must redeem myself. When I get out of here I will live a giving and caring life, I will do my best to make everyone I meet happy. I slowly close my eyes and let sleep take over my body.

The creek of the rusty metal door wakes me up. My nurse comes into the room and hesitantly closes the metal door. She slowly walked to the metal counter and unlocked the bottom drawer and takes out what seems to be a drug in a small bottle. She injects the drug into a syringe ‘’What is that?’’ I ask. The nurse doesn’t reply. ‘’What is that?!’’ I scream with a fearful tone. This must be how they kill me. Perhaps this drug is their way to put me to sleep and then kill me!. ‘’This won’t hurt a bit’’ said the nurse as she prepares to inject the drug into my lower wrist. ‘’No!’’ I scream as I grab the syringe and punch her in the face. The nurse falls to the floor and I grab the keys in her pocket. One of the keys had a label saying ’Room 102’. ‘’This must be it!’’ I say while I insert the key into the door and slowly open it. ‘’No one is near’’ I murmur to myself as I peek outside. I open the door and run as fast as I can to the exit door. I know the door is only a couple meters away from my room but it feels like I have been running for ages.’

As I open the doors I continue running, my face and body is hit with millions of raindrops. I find peace in this rain, for the first time in a long time, I feel peaceful. ‘’I’m free!’’ I yell as I am filled with awe from the beautiful green hills and the dark blue sky. I look down and see that I am running on a stone passage. I look forward and I can see the wood houses of a small village. I admire the glowing light coming out of the windows of the houses. Every single inch of my body is filled with joy, after 15 years of pain and endless suffering, I am finally free. Suddenly, I feel an immense force on my chest. I fall to the ground and my body feels the wet stone and raindrops going down my eyes. ‘’What’s happening?’’ I murmur. Suddenly, the raindrops stop following, they disappear. I look around and see that what once a beautiful dark blue sky is now an empty white void. The green hills and wooden houses have disappeared too. ‘’This is not real’’ I murmur. I start saying it louder, ‘’This is not real’’, then I scream, ‘’This is not real!’’

The old man stood still in his bed, his eyes closed slowly as he slipped away to death’s hands . ‘’Time of death, 21:01,’’ said the doctor.  

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23, things you said [under your breath], Victuuri, please!! I really want some lighthearted sass

23.  things you said under your breath

Nobody could have prepared Viktor for falling in love. It’s simply something that he had to learn about for himself. He wishes, though, that someone could have prepared him for falling in love with Yuuri Katsuki.

The man was a gift, honestly. He was beautiful, he was kind, he was generous, he was precious, he had an ass that didn’t quit. Unfortunately for Victor, he also had a mouth that could walk a thousand miles around a man before dinner without that man even knowing what was happening.

On this particular afternoon, it seemed that Yuuri was determined to get a full workout.

It started before they even left the house. Typically, Viktor was up first to walk Makkachin. When he came back to their place, he would make some coffee and go get Yuuri out of bed for practice. This morning, though, his alarm had failed him. He woke up ten minutes late, which really doesn’t seem like much, but when your husband is basically a corpse in the morning, every second counts.

Because he woke up late, he had to take a different route with Makkachin. He gets distracted (the dog, not Viktor, of course), and so it ate up extra time he hadn’t planned for. Before he knew what was happening, it was 7:30 and he really needed to get home Right Now. He got back just in time to scoot Yuuri out of bed and rush them out the door – coffeeless. This was mistake number one.

When they arrived at the rink, Viktor realized he left his rink keyset at home. He kept two, neatly labeled by Yuuri, on a rack by the door and in his haste, he must have grabbed the wrong set. They were already ten minutes late when he had to call Yuri to come let them in the front door. This was mistake number two.

When they finally got onto the ice, Yuuri was awake. More or less. But it wasn’t the good kind of awake. It was the kind of awake that bubbled and churned just under the surface. It was the kind of awake that kept Yuuri buzzing with annoyance. This kind of awake was dangerous. This was the kind of awake that unleashed the silver tongued demon inside of Yuuri.

Two hours into practice, Viktor had Yuuri running through his short program, marking his jumps. Apparently, this was unacceptable to Yuuri, because he gave up and ran through the program with all of his jumps in tact.

“Yuuuurrriiii,” Viktor groans, “If you can’t listen to the judgement of your coach, how can you expect to win?”

This question was mistake number three.

“Hmmph. Mrbifmchwasndsctbrjandjdsn.”

It was the mumble. The tell-tale mumble that meant Viktor was about to get his ass torn to shreds with nary a regard for any poor soul in the vicinity.

Swallowing thickly, Viktor closes his eyes and lets slip a tiny, “What, dear?”

“I said,” Yuri intones, “Maybe if my coach had woken me up on time, had coffee ready, remembered his clearly labeled keys, and not gotten us here late because he wanted to stop and check his hair in a storefront, I could listen to his judgement just a little bit better.

The whole rink stops moving. Mila throws her hands over her face to stifle her laughter. Yuri is on the floor, pretending to stretch, but shaking and snorting all the same.

It’s a fair point. God, this man needs some coffee.

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