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How to use Cornell note-taking method on OneNote - A tutorial on how to take class notes

Cornell note-taking method is really amazing, since it allows you to take clear notes and analyse it afterwards + can give you a brief idea on what the notes are about simply by looking at the key points. Of course, the last summary section can definitely help you to organise your ideas. All in all, it’s just a great motivation for you to go back on your notes after class.

This is often used by people who take notes by writing. Personally, I love taking notes using a laptop as it’s way faster + everything can be organised rather easily (especially with OneNote).

Tutorial on Cornell method

1. Course number as title for tabs; lecture no. as title for the page. I also insert the link of the class / any lecture materials provided here.

2. I type in key words and details (basically the two columns in Cornell method)

3. I format the two using “Heading 1″

4. Then i just take the lecture notes in the detail section using the outline method
- I also like to add in tags, like questions for any inspiring/thought-provoking questions posed my the lecturer, and important for key concepts (and to-do for coursework, if there’s any)

5. After class:
- I re-read the notes
- highlight anything i find important
- And input the key ideas in the left column for easy reference
- add in summary of the bottom of the page)

My highlighting system:
- Green: key words
- Yellow: ideas to note
- Orange: key points (for example like i will highlight the main categories of sth)
- Blue words: examples

Printing tip / Converting to pdf
If you want to print your notes, the onenote app on macbook usually do not format it well and cut the pages in a very weird way. Instead, you can print by accessing your notes on OneDrive (like through your internet browser). The last two pictures are how my notes for the first lecture turn out.

#9 || Link to my study tips series - i post once a week here!  (strive-for-da-best

So, now I want to make an Effect, but oh my god RPG Maker 2003′s Event Systems are so intimidating, how do I start? A Yume Nikki fangame reference

WELL, you’ve come to the wrong right A place.

Now this tutorial’s gonna require a liiittle bit of familiarity with RPG Maker’s mechanics, but you can brute force your way through it and learn along the way (that’s what I did~) I’m going to be using the Not-Steam version of RPG Maker, because it’s a lot more condensed (and because I don’t want to port Yume Nikki to the Steam version)

Now, of course, the best way to learn how to make a fangame in general, is to see how Yume Nikki itself works. Feel free to explore the game, both inside AND… deeper… inside. Yeah. Go through the maps, see how things are made, and ohhh man if only they weren’t all Japanese-oh wait, that’s what I’m for.

(I’ll also be releasing an English version of Yume Nikki’s coding eventually, I was going to release it with this but decided to wait and see how much I can clean it up)

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Anyone who’s still up (or sees this in the morning) (especially my gdes peeps, but also anyone who wants to give input), what are your thoughts on this poster? Mostly, how do you feel about the placement of the words “is the most stimulating force in unleashing the”?  Thanks? 

Не знаю, зачем я это выкидываю, но по-моему это эстетически красиво

// Linear list.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.

#include “stdafx.h”

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

struct Node
    string name;
    int price;
    Node* next;

    Node(int i = 0, Node* p = nullptr) :price(i), next(p){}


struct List
    Node* pFirst;
    Node* pLast;
    List(Node* p = nullptr) :pFirst(p), pLast(p){}

void print_list(List* list);
void add_item_first(List* list);
void add_item_last(List* list);
void add_item_after(List* list);
void input(Node*);
Node* search(List*);
void delete_item(List*);
void edit_item(List*);

void main()
    List list;

    int menuSwitcher;

    while (true)

        cout << “1 for output” << endl;
        cout << “2 for adding” << endl;
        cout << “3 for searching” << endl;
        cout << “4 for deleting” << endl;
        cout << “5 for edititng” << endl;
        cout << “0 for exit” << endl;

        cin >> menuSwitcher;
        switch (menuSwitcher){
        case 1:{
        print_list(&list); system(“cls”); break; }
        case 2:{
        cout << “1 for input to the beginning\n”;
        cout << “2 for input to the end\n”;
        cout << “3 for input after an element\n”;
        cout << “0 for exit\n”;
        cin >> menuSwitcher;

            switch (menuSwitcher)
                case 1: add_item_first(&list); break;
                case 2: add_item_last(&list); break;
                case 3: add_item_after(&list); break;
                case 0: break;
                default: cout << “Wrong number, man” << endl; system(“pause”);

            case 3:{
        case 4:{
        delete_item(&list); break;

case 5:{edit_item(&list); break; }

case 0:{exit(1); }

default: cout << “Wrong number, man” << endl; system(“pause”);

void add_item_first(List* list)
        if (!list->pFirst)
    list->pFirst = list->pLast = new Node;
    Node* buf = list->pFirst;

    list->pFirst = new Node;

    list->pFirst->next = buf;
cout << “Element was added” << endl;

void add_item_last(List* list)
    Node* newItem = new Node;

if (!list->pFirst)
    list->pFirst = list->pLast = newItem;
    list->pLast->next = newItem;
    list->pLast = newItem;
    cout << “Element was added\n”;

void add_item_after(List* list)
    Node* previous = search(list);

    if (!previous){ return; }

    Node* newItem = new Node;

    newItem->next = previous->next;
    previous->next = newItem;

    if (!newItem->next)
        list->pLast = newItem;

cout << “Element was added\n”;

void print_list(List* list)
    if (!list->pFirst)
        cout << “List is not initialized, do you want to do it? ” <<“(Y/N)”<< endl;
        char key;
        cin >> key;

        if (key==‘Y’ || key=='y’)

              add_item_first(list); system(“pause”); fflush(stdin); return;

        Node* current= list->pFirst;

        while (current)
        cout << setw(9) << left << current->name;
        cout << setw(6) << right << current->price << endl;
        current = current->next;
    cout << “\n”;

void input(Node* current)
    cout << “Input name of product: \n”;
    cin >> current->name;
    cout << “Input it’s price: \n”;
    cin >> current->price;

    Node* search(List* list)
    Node* current = list->pFirst;

    cout << “How do you want to search? (1 - By name, 2 - By price)” << endl;
    int key;
    cin >> key;

    if (key==1)
    cout << “Input name” << endl;
    string str;
    cin >> str;

    while (current)
    if (current->name == str)
        cout << “There is such element:\n”;
        cout << setw(9) << left << current->name;
        cout << setw(6) << right << current->price << endl;
        return current;
    current = current->next;

if (key==2)
cout << “Input price:\n”;
int b;
cin >> b;
while (current)
if (current->price == b){
cout << “There is such element:\n”;
cout << setw(9) << left << current->name;
cout << setw(6) << right << current->price << endl;
return current;
current = current->next;
cout << “There is no such element\n”;
return current;

void delete_item(List* list)
cout << “Deleting\n”;
Node* toDelete = search(list);

if (!toDelete){ return; }

Node* current = list->pFirst;

if (toDelete==list->pFirst)
list->pFirst = list->pFirst->next;
while (current)
if (current->next==toDelete)
current = current->next;


current->next = toDelete->next;
delete toDelete;

if (current->next == nullptr)
list->pLast = current;
cout << “Element was deleted\n”;

void edit_item(List* list)
cout << “Editing\n”;
Node* current = search(list);

if (!current)
system(“pause”); return;

cout << “What do you want to edit? \n 1 - name, 2 - price, 3 - both\n”;
int a;
cin >> a;

switch (a)
case 1:
cout << “Input a new name:\n”;
cin >> current->name;

case 2:
cout << “Input a new price:\n”;
cin >> current->price;

case 3:
cout << “Input a new name:\n”;
cin >> current->name;
cout << “Input a new price:\n”;
cin >> current->price;

default: break;
The Puerto Rico Debt Crisis, Explained
Puerto Rico is on its way to one of the largest debt defaults in history, right up there with Greece and Argentina.

A 2016 prediction of all the forces working against Puerto Rico’s ability to meet its debt obligation, including Trump’s fiscal rigidity, AND the hurricane - Phroyd

“ … The market has lost confidence in Puerto Rico’s ability to repay debt. This kind of prophecy tends to be self-fulfilling. First lenders demand super premium interest rates, making debt service more burdensome. Default becomes more likely, and lenders shut off the spigots entirely. … “

“ … Moreover the economic stagnation, or contraction, is not merely a result of an economic cycle but of major long term problems that make the island uncompetitive. The government of Puerto Rico has created many of these problems with its own misguided policies, but the Federal government has made a bad situation worse. “The single most telling statistic… is that only 40 percent of the population — versus 63 percent on the U.S. mainland — is employed or looking for work.”  … “

“ … Energy costs, another key economic input, are also exceedingly high, several times mainland prices. The government’s electric utility, PREPA, is inefficient, overstaffed, and technologically antiquated. The Federal government’s Jones Act makes things worse by requiring that all oil imports be conducted with U.S. vessels and crews. Indeed, that Act applies to all shipments to and from U.S. ports and drives transport costs generally to uncompetitive levels. … “

“ … The solution must begin with a revival of growth. The key is supply side reforms. The Commonwealth can fix local labor regulations, and eliminate obstacles to doing business. It can bring energy costs down by opening competition for electric generation to new and more efficient suppliers. The Federal Government needs to make welfare payments consistent with local market conditions, suspend the Federal minimum wage, and exempt Puerto Rico from the Jones Act. …  A comprehensive discussion would benefit from the orderly processes of Chapter 9 of the U.S. bankruptcy code, which Congress should extend to Puerto Rico’s public enterprises. Bondholders will suffer if the Commonwealth cannot provide essential services, if there is a breakdown of order, or if the economy collapses in the wake of a crisis. They will need to relieve the island of a meaningful proportion of the interest and principal coming due in the next six or seven years. To agree to do that, they will want to be sure that the Commonwealth government is committed to politically difficult structural reforms, and that the Federal government will grant Puerto Rico the required exemptions from regulations that raise costs and stifle growth. … “

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After you have been apart for a year.

Sharon Carter

You trudged back up to the apartment you shared with your long-time girlfriend Sharon, you had been waiting for so long to see her. You had planned on stopping by the florists to get her favourite Lilies but Hill had taken an age in debriefing and all the shops were closed. You had almost forgotten how many flights of stairs you had to climb to get to your apartment, it was annoying especially having spent a year traipsing round Mediterranean villas looking for HYDRA ties in a major European Organised Crime Network.

You put your keys in the door and turned them, opening the door only to be faced with a gun. “Seriously, I get back after a year and the first thing you do is point a gun at me?” you laughed when you saw the shocked expression on Sharon’s face. You felt her hurriedly pull you into the apartment closing the door behind you, your laugh cut off by her lips pressing against yours, “There’s a lot of things I plan to do (y/n)”.

Wanda Maximoff

You groaned internally as you thought about the last year. Your oh mighty leader Captain Steve Rogers had sent you on a wild fucking goose chase, undercover in HYDRA looking for information. That was until your cover was blown and you had to fight your way out of a HYDRA facility.

Now it was the middle of the night at the Avengers facility and you were getting acquainted with the facilities new nurse, Claire Temple. You were talking to her about your multitude of scrapes and injuries when you heard the familiar, but panicked voice of Wanda coming from the other side of the door. “Dr Cho, please tell me she’s okay, can I see her?” you heard her say, worry running thick through her voice.

“She’ll be fine, she’ll be done in a minuet, Claire is just finishing up with her” you heard the doctor reply you gaze focused on the silhouette on the blinds. “Your girlfriend has been frantic since she heard your cover was blown” Claire said when she noticed your gaze as the placed the needle down and admired her handy work.

“It has been a year I guess, she’s probably expecting the worst” you said as you turned to look at Claire, “How has she been, she hasn’t been in here often has she?” you asked.

“Only to make sure the others are okay” Claire said trying to reassure you, “Dr Cho can you come in here please”

When the Doctor arrived Claire said, “I just wanted to give them some privacy for the big reunion” she said in response to the Helens questioning looks. You thanked them both before stepping out the door.

Your gaze was drawn to Wanda sitting in a plastic chair with her face buried in her hands, “Hey Wanda” you said softly almost not trusting your voice, a smile erupting onto your face when she looked up. Before you knew it she was getting out of her seat and rushing to you, but she hesitated, stopping just before you, scared of hurting you. That was when you stepped forward and wrapped your arms around her, and pressing your lips against hers, just wanting to feel her. She quickly started to kiss back, carefully bringing her hands up to cup you cheeks.

Eventually she pulls away from you to get a good look at you. You see a frown cross her face and before you could say anything she said “you promised you’d look after yourself”. You slowly felt the familiar tingle of her powers envelope you and her arms wrapped around you as she took you to the elevator, “First of all (y/n) you look exhausted so a good rest is in order and don’t you think you’re getting out of bed tomorrow or you’ll have another thing coming”.

Maria Hill

On the bright side you were home early, your 18 month mission having been cut short by 6 months. On the downside it was because you had been shot. After surgery you felt your consciousness slowly return to you, illuminating your mind with thought. Eventually a repetitive, irritating beep met your ears. You felt someone holding your hand, rubbing slow circles onto the back of it, you couldn’t help but smile at the thought of who it might be. Your thoughts confirmed moments later when the dark haired woman saw your smile and she started to talk “This wasn’t exactly how I expected your welcome back to go (y/n)” she said as she brought your hand up to her lips, kissing it softly.

Your eyes fluttered open and you looked at her, a weary smile pulling at your features as you said “But I’m back early”, croaking slightly.

“If you tell me that you got shot just to get home early, I’ll shoot you again” Maria smirked wiping away a tear.

“I’ve missed you so much, it would be worth it” you chuckled, before wincing in pain.

“I’ve missed you too” Maria said as she stood up, gently leaning over and kissing you softly.

Natasha Romanoff

You thought back to the last time you had seen Natasha, it was the morning she left for a 5 month mission, something you were used to. But a month before she arrived back, Fury sent you on a 10 month mission.  

You closed your eyes as you leaned up against the back of the elevator, feeling the dull ache of your bones, the low throbbing of your bruised skin and the new feeling of the skin that was created in the cradle. There was one feeling over powering it all, the buzz of excitement, of seeing Natasha again. You smiled at the thought, the actions pulling at the bruises and cuts that scattered your face.

You were startled out of your daze by the sound of the elevator door opening. You stepped out of the elevator and headed to the door of your level, pulling the keys from out of your pocket. You smiled even wider as you fumbled with the lock pulling out your key to input the numbers on the keypad. It’s a good job Natasha hadn’t changed it.

As soon as you walked in you were hit by the familiar smell of your favourite candle and the view of the New York skyline. The glittering lights sparkling in the night sky. You dropped your bag gently next to the door and kicked off your shoes, when you turned back around you saw Natasha standing at the door of the bedroom aiming a gun at your shadowy figure, “Nat it’s me I’m back” you said holding your hands up in a surrender motion.

The next thing you knew the lights were switched on and you were squinting. You heard a clatter and then the quick, light thud of feet making their way across the tiled floor. Before you knew it you were engulfed in her arms as she pulled you as close as she could by your waist. Her familiar scent filling your nose as you wrapped your arms around her and buried your face into her neck, “I missed you Nat” you said you voice muffled against her.

“I missed you too” Nat whispered as she pulled away, gently cupping your face inspecting all the cuts and bruises on your face. Her eyes trailed down until she saw the hospital issue shirt and she looked back at you her eyes shining in worry, “You were in the cradle” she paused for a moment, regaining the little composure she lost. “So much for coming back in one piece” she said as she took your hand and led you to the bedroom.

“I’m just glad to be back Nat, I mean it’s been a year” you said as you looked around the room, smiling as you saw the familiar room which held so many memories for you and Nat.

“and 2 months 14 days 3 hours 15 minute 21 seconds, 22, 23, 24…” Natasha said a small smile pulling at the corner of her mouth.

“You’re so adorkable” you said before pulling her gently into you, gently kissing her, hoping to convey just how much you love her and missed her. Natasha kissed you back, one hand holding the back of your neck the other cupping your face, making sure to keep you close. She had been waiting for this for so long, she just needed to know that you were okay and that you were with her and that you weren’t leaving anytime soon. Eventually the burning sensation in both of your lungs forced you apart. “I love you” you breathed out as you rested your forehead against hers, “I love you too” she replied her arms slipping around your waist and pulling you as close as humanly possible, “So much”.

The two of you stood there in silence just relishing in your closeness. “What happened?” Natasha asked breaking the silence that had filled the room. You shrugged, “My cover was blown, an old MI5 informant, there was a fight to get out, but I’m here now so there’s no need to worry” you said as you gently tucked a stand of Natasha’s vibrant red her behind her ear, smiling softly to yourself as you did so. Natasha tried to stay focused on the conversation base but it was so hard for her to do with you being so close for the first time in months, “When did the extraction team arrive” she asked.

You sighed, knowing she wouldn’t like your answer, “They didn’t I had to make it to Tony’s apartment base”. You pecked her lips lightly to try and ease any anger that Natasha would inevitably have about the situation. Natasha took a deep breath before looking at you once more, only now noticing the dark circles under your eyes.

“You need sleep” she said, deciding to talk to Hill about your evac later. She smiled as she realised that this was the first time in over a year that she would get to sleep with you in her arms.

“Hmm” you said in fake thought, “does that include cuddles?”

You heard Natasha chuckle in response, you couldn’t help the smile that came to your face when you heard it for the first time in over a year. Natasha rested her forehead against yours for a moment, “doesn’t it always” she whispered against you lips before kissing you quickly, pulling away from you completely before you could react. She went to the pyjama draw and found your favourite pair, “Get in these then we can cuddle”.

She got back into bed as you got changed, she watched your movements as you did so, revelling in just seeing your skin again. Once you lay down beside her she pulls you into her, determined to have you as close as possible. She wraps her arms around you and you just feel enveloped in her. Her scent, her touch, her everything. Slowly you felt yourself slip into slumber, feeling safe for the first time in months and you found yourself slowly drifting off to sleep in her arms.

Natasha took sometime before settling down, she gently runs her fingers through your hair, enjoying its familiar texture. She gazes at you as she does it, smiling to herself relieved that you had made it back to her safely. Slowly the warmth radiating from you lulls her into sleep.

Retro? Trek

An AU where all the text displays on the LCARS menu system are in old school command line text and all informational display images, videos, and holograms (both emergency medical and recreational) are in really well done ASCII art, while all the input keys are all emoji, emoticons, and GIF and meme menus; and somehow it just works.

Prototype Progress!

Lava Burst is well on its way as a prototype. I have written all of the code for it and fixed all of the bugs that were plaguing it. For the longest time, I couldn’t consistently input keys to make the character jump, slide, or shoot; turns out consistency is sort of something that reaction based games need.

Also, random map generation!

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This Pewdiepie bullshit needs to stop

Pewdiepie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is the top dog of Youtube with over 50 million subscribers. People waste time just to leak how much money he makes.

When he first started, Pewdiepie played games - but today he regularly admits that back then he forced himself to be over-energetic & obnoxious, and pretended to like games more than he really did (including games he hated.)

Today, Pewdiepie just posts whatever he fucking wants, and even his trashiest and shittiest videos (by his own admission) manage 3 mil+ views per video.

If Pewds someday ends up reading this, 1. don’t look at anything else on my account 2. your girlfriend is adorable and 3. Do you mind if I call you Felix?

Shut up meatball I’m calling you Felix




into the bullshit

Every now and again, some morons with an agenda, or a news outlet seeing a name that will draw clicks, throw wild and sometimes slanderous claims at Felix because of trivial shit he said on Youtube. (Or, if he didn’t, they’ll make something up.)

And true to form, here’s this stupid shit stinking up my Tumblr dashboard:

Okay, that’s your abusive and self-defeating spin on it, now here’s the reality:

1) Illustrating something is not supporting it

Felix is not a very serious person. He’s Swedish and he lives in the UK. Asking him to treat something with solemn respect may as well be done in Klingon for all he’ll be able to understand it.

And to a not very serious person, the best way they can comment on current events, or even show they recognize that they exist, is to make it a joke.

So yes, Felix has been making Nazi / Jew jokes throughout his videos probably because of the blatant Nazism surrounding Trump’s presidency.

That is because Felix is an entertainer, not a political commentator.

Just like funnyguys are entertainers who agreed to do it.

It doesn’t make any of them part of the neo-Nazi movement, because in context any reasonable person can recognize the sentiment is not hostile.

2) Marginals aren’t mindless animals

What you must understand about SJW white knights is that they are condescending and hypocritical: At the same time they’re trying to champion an “oppressed” people, they are openly & passively dehumanizing them.

The red-underlined portions of the above post excerpts heavily imply that funnyguys, solely because they are not white, are under magical whip & collar, unable to refuse massa’s command.

(Fake feminists do the same thing to women who aren’t their kind of woman.)

Indeed that’s not the case. Felix feels “only partially responsible” because, lo and behold, at least three people had key input in this scenario, ergo three people are responsible, ergo any one of them is only partially responsible.

  • Pewdiepie submitted a troll request to funnyguys.
  • The two or more members of funnyguys, who clearly know English, accepted this request, performed it, and posted it to their Fiverr account.

With the sole exception of the Personal Jesus, every single other service Felix attempted to commission turned him down.

The crazy jungle men didn’t.

3) Don’t fucking lie to condescend

Bullshit, you’re making a massive crybaby drama-fest about it and trying to link it to real-world cases of armed violence against the Jewish.

That’s pretty goddamn relevant. Stop throwing words around just because they mean bad things so they must apply to people you don’t like.

Be honest - if you know what that is.

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i was just trying to make a business card for my mum and these are the things that conspired against me

  • original image not on tablet
  • cannot resize adequately on tablet without text going blurry
  • computer on which is the original file is in a permenant state of “near death”
  • by which i mean: every application stalls, crashes and reboots every 2.5 minutes
  • some keys come with other input (“l” became “6l”)
  • nothing responds, with no provocation or indication of crash
  • arrow keys don’t work (good luck scrolling!)
  • due to aforementioned additional input, passwords didn’t work; had to be reset
  • this required access to my mother’s email
  • could not do the back of the business card as etsy couldn’t find mum’s shop
  • mum, the whole time, was watching a horror film or something, on her tablet
  • loudly
  • i couldn’t go into another room because i needed to be at the table
  • grown a huge headache
  • feel like i can’t breathe
  • really anxious
  • have been a bad partner
  • sensory overload x183
Different writing systems and their input methods

“Keyboards are biased towards languages that use alphabets,” said a friend of mine. While she didn’t provide further arguments to illustrate her point, it does make me think about the different writing systems of the world.

As we know, alphabets generally use one glyph (or grapheme) to represent one phoneme. Sometimes one glyph can represent two phonemes (e.g. <x> for /ks/, <я> for /ja/) and sometimes two or more glyphs can represent one (e.g. <sh> or <sch> for /ʃ/). Regardless, alphabets are pretty straight-forward to type. Each key represents a single glyph, and you just type the key that corresponds to the glyph. However, things aren’t always so straight-forward when your language doesn’t use an alphabet. Below, I’ll talk about 3 languages that do not use an alphabetical script and compare input methods for those languages, between keyboards and their “ideal” ones.


I’ll start by talking about syllabaries, using Japanese as an example. My current phone allows only rōmaji input, and that is also the Japanese input I have selected for my personal computer. Japanese syllables are made up of (usually) a consonant followed by a vowel. In rōmaji, that is, Japanese Romanization, such a syllable would require 2-3 keystrokes to enter. Due to the nature of Japanese though, sometimes you need to switch to output Kanji or Katakana (usually by selecting from a candidate list), which makes typing out Japanese a bit slower than just 1-3 keys per syllable.

Andrew Parke thinks that the “swipe” input method works best for Japanese, which is used by the only Japanese friend whose Japanese input on his phone I got a chance to look at. It inputs a syllable this way: you first press on the key for the initial consonant (or lack thereof), and then swipe and release in one of the 4 directions for the following vowel. Not swiping and just releasing the key would input the vowel “a”. This essentially means that a glyph could be entered in just 1 “keystroke”, which is faster than the 1-3 keystrokes of traditional keyboards. The candidate list also appears all the time above the input keys, and an optional scroll and tap is usually all that’s required to select a different word (as opposed to the “space, down” of traditional keyboards).


For logograms, I will use Chinese as my example. As each morpheme (”word”) in Chinese has its own glyph, putting 8000 keys (there are totally more than 50 000 characters but an “educated Chinese will know about 8000”) on a keyboard isn’t exactly plausible. There exists a variety of Chinese input methods. 2 of the more commonly-used ones are phonetic-based (or rather, phonemic, in linguistic terms) and stroke-based. A popular phonetic-based Chinese input method is pinyin input. You type in the Mandarin Romanization of a Chinese character, and pick the right one from a candidate list. This is very slow considering how for each character you type, you need to choose from a candidate list. It doesn’t help that most Chinese input methods do not allow you to specify tones. As tones are an inseparable part of a Chinese syllable, the lack of it means there are tons of candidates to choose from. To make things worse, Mandarin has more homophones than Chinese varieties that preserve the entering tone from Middle Chinese, so typing with toneless pinyin would just take a long time. Some input methods recognize vocabulary (e.g. jingyan for 經驗, “experience”), which speeds things up.

In Taiwan, the most commonly used method is the zhuyin input method. Zhuyin are a set of phonetic symbols used to teach Mandarin in Taiwan. Zhuyin symbols may be divided into initial, medial, final and tone. This is faster than the pinyin method, not just because it allows tones and thus greatly reduces candidate characters, but also because of its treatment of finals. A final in Chinese may consist of up to 3 letters in Romanization (e.g. -ai, -ang). In zhuyin, these are represented with a single glyph, and as such saves the number of keystrokes required to input a character. Though pinyin itself does use a few contractions (e.g. <iu> actually stands for i + ou, which use 2 glyphs in zhuyin), the general input speed of zhuyin is, I believe, still faster.

What is generally considered the fastest Chinese input method is the Cangjie method, named after the person who allegedly invented Chinese characters. This input method breaks down Chinese characters into structures (e.g. 十, 灬) and each key (renamed using Chinese characters) on the QWERTY keyboard stands for a number of these structures. Most Chinese radicals exist as a standalone structure. To input a character, you just need to input what structures you see from top to bottom, left to right, outer to inner, etc. For example, “黃“ is inputted by the keys 廿一田金, with the “田“ key standing for the “由” part and 金 standing for the bottom 2 dots which open up at the bottom, similar to the top part of “金”. Those who are learning Chinese will then find out that this does not necessarily follow stroke orders, for “由“ is not written with “田” first and then with the vertical part on it, nor is it the other way round, but the vertical stroke goes through the entire part.

Cangjie gives the benefit of being a fast input, because it is based off of strokes, and no two Chinese characters would look the same, this means that it seldom requires a candidate list. What you type is what you input. In addition, most characters only require up to 4 keystrokes, and those that require more than 5 would have the keystrokes reduced to 5, omitting the “unimportant” structures. The downside is, however, that the structures each key stands for does take time to learn, as a single key stands for an average of 5 structures, each of which need to be memorized.


Personally I’m not that acquainted with Arabic or other languages that use abjads so I don’t have too much to give here. Abjads are writing systems where each glyph generally represents a consonant. In modern times, vowels are indicated by adding diacritics to these consonants (at least in Arabic and Hebrew). I’ve had the chance to talk to 2 Arabic speakers about typing Arabic and both found the keyboards “difficult to use”. Omar commented that it was simply “difficult” and “not fast enough”, whereas Aya said that she isn’t always able to find the key she wants. My guess is, this is due to the fact that Arabic links letters to their neighbouring glyphs, thus they don’t look like their isolated forms when they’re in a word, but I’m not too sure. When I asked her to type her name, she gave me a word but then asked me to “take away” this and “replace it with” that to get her name. From what I know, the “Arabic chat alphabet” is common among Arabic speakers, who use the Latin alphabet and numbers to represent the Arabic letters, such as “7abibi” for “habibi”.


Unfortunately I’m not acquainted at all with any input methods for languages that use abugidas (e.g. Hindi and Myanmar/Burmese), so I couldn’t say anything about them for now.


So you’ve heard about different input methods for some languages that do not use an alphabetical script. What do you think about “keyboards are biased towards languages that use alphabets“?

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

Hi, I love your blog and I love your fics and you said to send bellarke prompts your way so here it goes: Flower shop below a tattoo shop AU/ Murphy is Clarkes asshole best friend that she beat up for being mean when they first met and then defended because he was being bullied. Also: Octavia and Bellamy are Grounders AU/ Arranged marriage and Lincoln becomes her friend? Idk these have just been stuck in my head forever and you write lovely.

Wow, I am so sorry that this took forever to get to, but I hope you like what I chose to do. This is tattoo show/flower shop au + Murphy is Clarke’s asshole best friend. Enjoy! 

“Hey! Blondie! I think I just saw your future husband,” Murphy yelled. Clarke looked idly up, raising a brow as she waited for Murphy to explain. “You should probably come check it out.”

“I don’t care.”

“If you saw him, you’d care.”

“Last time you said that it was about Finn, Murph. Clearly, you suck at this,” Clarke replied, turning her eyes back to the sketch.

“Actually, last time I said something like that was about Lexa,” he corrected.

“And that one was even worse, so thank you for proving my point.” Clarke waited a beat, turning her gaze up to see Murphy watching her expectantly. She groaned, threw her pencil down, and made her way over. If she didn’t he would just keep bitching about it anyway, and she was so not in the mood.

“Look who’s moving in shop downstairs,” Murphy spoke. He was wearing a triumphant sort of smirk that was so aggravating Clarke contemplated slapping it right off, but she begrudgingly liked Murphy, had since the 4th grade when some kid had made fun of Murphy’s alcoholic mother and she had punched the little bastard straight in the face, so she let the look slide.

Clarke finally reached the window, eyeing the stranger on the street. She now understood Murphy’s excitement, the guy was ridiculously attractive, even from a floor above she could tell that. He wasn’t necessarily what she normally found herself attracted to, but there was something about his broad shoulders and wild hair that pulled at something low in her stomach in a way she had never felt pulled before.

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Little bonus thing for input-command : his character Key Frame, from hollow-shades 
It’s a really original character and it’s super fun to draw, but dang , it takes a while. 
(I don’t know if I got him exactly right in there…maybe he’s moving a bit too much.)

DAY 2920

Jalsa, Mumbai               Mar  29/30,  2016               Tue/Wed  12:12 am

Birthday - EF - Rajeshree Bhanudas Divkar  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

to Rajeshree we send our greetings and love for the day and endless days to come .. be happy be content and be with smile .. love from the Ef

We live in times of great communication. Never before in the entire history of the world were we subjected to such emphasised detail, on aspects of our being. Invention, technology has converted us into encyclopedic mutants that converge in grave numbers about. Our dependence on what we see, read, hear and seek is now within the combined efforts of not our sensory faculties, but in the dexterity of our finger punching square tablets or remotes .. 

The desire to be heard and seen was never as strong as it was before. And if it was, it was never so rapid and immediate ..

And this really is where all of us, subjected to the intrusive powers of inventive machinery, succumb. It may not necessarily be to our wanting, but it certainly will be to the wanting of others. Desire and need to keep abreast, to keep knowledged, to ‘keep up with the Jone’s internet’, is now the fresh competitive obsession.

The key inputs to information and knowledge may differ from one to another, but what never does differ is the impulse to be in possession of it. 

It may well be a reflection to our state of hunger. Having starved for a time when hunger was breaking all the doors of resistance, the sight and layout of the very first vision of that morsel of food, could well develop into a ravished rage of devouring the very air about, provided the package of eatables, went into that most important opening in the human body - the mouth !

Our times of passing time has become so.

We seek. We open. We read. We transfer. We message. We share. We group. We app. We just devastate.

Nothing wrong here. Except we eat into our time of contemplation. Of thought. Of purpose. Of regimented discipline. And eventually perish in its aftermath ; that moment when nothing but nothing seems attractive enough to sustain and ponder over.

We have found the most perfect alternative. We have found a friend philosopher and guide in Googledom .. in its dependence, in its value and most importantly in its wisdom and projected knowledge.

Much of what has just been deciphered is not in the domain of one. It is in the domain of many ‘one’s’. But domain it is. That never changes. In its reliance therefore, we have found ourselves victims of pigmied intelligence. What could have been a wider more vasted a domain has now limitations because of our deliberated habitual exigencies. The exigencies of invention.

That first piece of human or animal bone that was raised in self protection as a weapon to devastating effect, became the first initiator of not just violence, but of the development and manufacturing of weapons of destruction.

 When the hand to hand weaponry and battle was considered valorous, there was great emphasis of individual strength ; emphasis on the power that wielded the weapon on hand. But as invention developed means other than the existent, the battles became more complicated. That artistry of personal contact was suddenly distanced. Now destruction and annihilation took place from a distance. A cylindrical mass of metal containing atomic power commodities, when dropped from some thousands of feet above the airs of a civilisation it wiped out an entire city. The power of distance and destruction was never more astounding. That one exercise brought decision. It stopped the war.

My great grand father threw his sword in the well within his premises, when the first cannon ball landed some feet away from him. When he could not see his enemy and without engagement the enemy could defeat him, he felt the sword was futile !

The modus operandi of modern warfare, is one of the most sophisticated weaponry ever seen my humankind. Pinpoint devastation sitting miles away from the scene, enables one the extreme power, it perhaps never imagined or measured.

The usage of the instruments in other forms of battle, the social moral and personal, have been developed in no small measure.

Communication has the ability to wreck havoc upon the enemy, by sitting in the comfort of your own security. True, not just in the battle field, which really is no longer a designated region as before, but also in the regions that we create in society.

Personal animosity does not require a back to back decorum gun battle at the count of three. It is the free birded designation of the waves in the air, that take firm care of it. They invite, they provoke, they accuse, they battle … within the air waves. And they never have a winner or a loser !! No enemy is ever destroyed. No victory is ever hailed or achieved. The victory is of the medium. The slaying is momentary, as is the battle cry of victory. You finish one and another starts. And nothing lasts for more a couple of days, because distant warring is distant and garners a lot of distaste in its bearing - it gets boring. The time span of attention, and that is the most essential in all confrontations, is short and not necessarily sweet. Variety is the key factor, even in battle, accusation, vilification. The poison has limited life. Why ? because the poison was constructed for limited effect, much like the content of channel communication. Bored content .. switch to channel 476 .. or whatever .. there are 800 of them in just one country .. how many will one watch .. how many will one get affected by .. if there has to be competition then surely one must strive to be different to the other .. but how ..? the material the issue is the same .. so creative presentation drops by on stilts of suggestion .. one shall look two in another and eleven in another .. and on ..

Belief and value then dear reader or watcher or eye baller, takes a beating. Result : non interest and non belief ! 

What remains then is the minimal period of some disfunction - a ¾ day span and then .. on to the next situation ..

The faster the communication speed the less its stress and perceived importance. But just because it is so does not mean that belief shall take a beating always … naah …there are other aspects that shall take and mingle and devastate and destroy the property, the content ..

The effort then for a sustaining effect is to bring in some newness each other day ; and it could be in any form. It could be contrived, perceived, alleged .. and many more such .. so long as it does not wander away from the basic issue … battle !

When content is truthful and clear .. there is no fear. Its when it is convoluted that doubts creep in .. doubts that could have initially damaged, but eventually laid away ..

My medium may be selfish and one sided .. but so could that of the opposition !

Amitabh Bachchan



like listen, listen. No one gave a shit about Tuxedo Mask, really. Other than him being a really BIG nuisance, the guy was not on anyone’s in the Dark Kingdom’s radar until Beryl realized that holy SHIT THAT ENDYMION HOLY FUCKKKKK

(which I find hilarious like the Dark Kingdom’s leading members all use to be important parts of the Earth’s kingdom court and no one in that group gave a flying fucking about where their once future King might be BUT FUCKING REMEMBER CONSTANTLY ABOUT THEIR ENEMY THE MOON PRINCESS LIKE GUYS)

(I can’t tell if that says something about how hardcore the inner’s love for serenity/usagi is or just how little fucks the dark kingdom run on)

(either way, amazing)


but ZOISITE. Oooooh, ZOISITE. Zoisite just had to grow to hate this guy so much that he threw Beryl’s orders out the window and needed to torture and kill him

and it’s perfect. No one knew Sailor Moon was the moon princess–no one realized that the way for the crystals to react correctly would be for her to CRY (AND I MEAN CRY)–no one knew that HER TEARS WOULD FORM THE SILVER CRYSTAL–THE THING THEY ALL WANTED

and the thing is obviously too she needed to cry over something that both gave her terrible pain and forced her reconnection to the path–and you can argue that the effect could have also happened if one of the Inner’s were killed but Zoisite figured out how to do it on the first try and also find the lost heir to HIS FORMER KINGDOM AS WELL

and he didn’t even need to know Mamoru was the key he just needed to be SOOOOOO PISSED that he lost all logic and reason

it’s like Zoisite angrily slapped a keyboard and some how his key smashing input the correct password on the first try


and he got killed for it

I love this motherfucker so much

the signs as the default text tones on the iphone
  • (please note that all of the new text tones may not be on here because i have the iphone 5c)
  • Aries: synth
  • Taurus: pulse
  • Gemini: aurora
  • Cancer: circles
  • Leo: chord
  • Virgo: complete
  • Libra: keys
  • Scorpio: input
  • Sagittarius: popcorn
  • Capricorn: bamboo
  • Aquarius: hello
  • Pisces: circles
  • (pisces and cancer have the same one bc there is only 11 new text tones that i know about)