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Prosperity Altars

Altars are a place where the veil is thinned and instructions can be clearly typed in to the Matrix. I don’t know how else to describe it, so just roll with me on this one.

An altar is created, delineated, and blessed intentionally. I do not know if certain spaces can become unintentional altars.

An altar can be any type of space or surface. A matchbox can hold an altar; so can a six foot dinner table. Use what you have available to you, and be sneaky if you need to be. A perfectly valid altar is a drawing of an altar on a piece of paper, kept in your wallet.

An altar is like a computer program, and every object or decoration on the altar is a line of code. Everything on the altar, placed intentionally or unintentionally (like dust or car keys), will input information in to the Universe and affect the outcome.

Altars can be built for any purpose. A very common altar is a prosperity altar, a working altar for spellcasting, a general purpose altar for many things, a love altar, etc. I am sure some people have hex and curse altars, too.

I will be focusing on prosperity altars in this post because someone sent me a request for more information.

Altars must be personal. Let’s say that in your country, the money is all red and blue colored. But online, you see that the colors for money are green and gold. Which to use? Use the colors that are most personal to you. Don’t use foreign correspondences above personal correspondences.

This is important: Every time you look at your altar, it should remind you of its purpose. My current prosperity altar isn’t working to well, because it’s very Spartan and drab. I need a rich, overflowing, lush altar for my personal uses. Every time you look at your altar, you send it power and energy (just as you power everything you think of). If looking at your altar reminds you of its purpose, you fuel its purpose. If it reminds you of nothing, you fuel nothing.

If all you need for your altar is a big piece of paper that says BRING ME MONEY, UNIVERSE then draw it out and pin it up on the wall, and boom, there you go. Don’t over-complicate it if you don’t need to.

This article however is a little more about traditional altars (don’t forget: for a nontraditional altar, tumblr side blogs work beautifully).

There are certain things I think it’s nice to have on a traditional altar.

THURIBLE A thurible, censer, or incense burner is good to have on any altar if you can burn incense. If you can’t burn incense, don’t bother with it. I found my thurible at Goodwill for $2. No need to spend a lot on it.

CANDLESTICKS Of course if you can burn candles, you will want a few good candlesticks on your altar. Get candlesticks of varying height and size, so you can choose which spells take priority over others. You may want your altar to have one candle, or twelve. It’s up to you.

STATEMENTS Statements are written intents of what you want to happen, and they are excellent and directing the focus and energy of an altar. If you want, write out a simple statement of what you want to happen (“I am wealthy and prosperous”) and put it on your altar. I have a wish box, painted with a sigil of manifestation, that holds many varying wishes.

DECORATIONS You will want to decorate your altar! Put decorations on it which remind you of the altar’s purpose. For a prosperity altar, try beautiful flowers which have money correspondences such as chamomile flowers.  

POWER OBJECTS These are collected objects which represent something. For a love altar, you would naturally want two power objects: one to represent you, and one to represent the object of your affections. For a prosperity altar there are many choices; one object could represent your wealth, another your prosperity, another your cashflow, another your savings, another your debt. Collect objects and bless and dedicate them to represent something special. Then, treat these objects as poppets. For example, put banishing oils on your debt object. Send energy to your wealth object. Power objects can also represent spirits who are willing to help you.

TALISMANS Talismans are different than power objects. While a power object represents something that you can then manipulate, a talisman simply draws powers to you. My current prosperity altar has two money talismans. Talismans are crafted and created, as opposed to power objects which can simply be collected or found. Talismans can be jars and boxes filled with objects, or they can be blessed drawings, jewelry, and objects that draw things in to you.

OFFERING PLATE As a spirit worker I give offerings regularly. Try giving offerings to your spirit companions, guides, guardians, and the altar itself. Give them the energy they need to help make your wishes come true!

ALTAR CLOTH Basically, you need something to delineate your altar as a special space. An altar cloth is a great way to do this. If your altar is in a box or container, the container will mark its boundaries and you do not need an altar cloth. If your altar is on a shared space you really need something to mark where your altar begins and ends.

Setting up an altar is easy. Cleanse everything to give it a fresh start. Place your altar cloth first if you have one. Start putting objects down! Organize them in whatever fashion makes you happy. As you place each object, state its intent.

“This object represents my debt.”

“This object draws money to me.”

“This object reminds me of how prosperous I can be.”

Don’t add any object, even simple decorations, without giving it a purpose.

When you are done, speak to your altar as a whole. Explain to it its new purpose, and send it lots of energy. Fuel it with a lot of power and tell it exactly what to do: “Your job is to erase my debt and bring me lots of money.” Burn candles and incense to mark this occasion. Otherwise do something special to celebrate the creation of your new altar.

Energize your altar once daily for the first two weeks, then once or twice weekly after that. Energize your altar by sending it energies, burning candles, drawing down energies, or doing your favorite charging technique. Clean your altar physically whenever you send it energies. You need to keep it in tip-top shape!

When you are done with your altar, speak to it. Say its purpose is done. Take it apart piece by piece and tell each part it’s job is done. Put all the things away, cleanse the space again, and fill it with mundane objects.

101 Micro-prompts
Send me a number and character(s) and I’ll write a drabble <10 sentences.
  1. manage
  2. sidewalk
  3. believe
  4. important
  5. colorful
  6. disuse
  7. sweltering
  8. discreet
  9. avoid
  10. standing
  11. sulky
  12. fearful
  13. cynical
  14. inspect
  15. innocent
  16. friends
  17. morning
  18. input
  19. hobbies
  20. key
  21. resolute
  22. anger
  23. sob
  24. existence
  25. fine
  26. poison
  27. capable
  28. letters
  29. muddled
  30. burn
  31. bleed
  32. misty
  33. possible
  34. spotless
  35. friction
  36. order
  37. comfortable
  38. salt
  39. victorious
  40. hospitable
  41. scorch
  42. chide
  43. attack
  44. optimize
  45. tense
  46. afterthought
  47. kiss
  48. acrid
  49. ambitious
  50. trite
  51. ethereal
  52. shoot
  53. police
  54. rural
  55. congratulate
  56. important
  57. protect
  58. laughable
  59. secret
  60. acoustics
  61. window
  62. astonishing
  63. surprise
  64. faulty
  65. detect
  66. lyrical
  67. panoramic
  68. doubtful
  69. stereotyped
  70. different
  71. sanctify
  72. prosecute
  73. books
  74. rude
  75. memory
  76. dry
  77. functional
  78. crackle
  79. oblige
  80. canvass
  81. contradict
  82. swift
  83. experience
  84. afternoon
  85. abrasive
  86. discuss
  87. material
  88. survive
  89. psychotic
  90. break
  91. unaccountable
  92. hurried
  93. write
  94. passenger
  95. symptomatic
  96. alarm
  97. protect
  98. please
  99. pointless
  100. quiet
  101. yield

anonymous asked:

I am trying to do a fangame, so i have so questions of event coding? How can I make the character sit down and stand up, how can i make the move event and phasing on work because I tried to do it work but It doesn't. I am waiting for an answer :)

When making your character sit/stand, set it to a parallel process common event where your key inputs are set to shift/1/whatever key you want to be pressed to make your character sit/stand.

Then in the conditional branches, when that key is pressed, turn on a switch that determines if your character is sitting or not. If yes, change the sprite to stand up and do the opposite if no. Make sure you set the Key input variable for this to 0 afterwards!

If your character won’t move/Phasing won’t work, ensure that there are no parallel processes/Auto events that are telling your character to not move.

Hope this helps!