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hc that yamaguchi once upon a time had the awkwardest crush on both akiteru AND tsukki’s mom and tsukishima does not let him live it down to this day. like imagine yamaguchi going along his way embarrassing his bff with the team when suddenly “shut up yamaguchi I’m not taking criticisms from someone who wanted to sleep with my brother and my mother. at the same time.” and yams is so. what did he do to deserve this maltreatment? also tsukki i was a smol 11 yo soggy bisexual and ur brother is hot, let me live.


Hikaru and his cats-phobia.

2015.09.02 Itadaki High Jump

i’m getting closer to the end of my kurotsuki doujinshi every day, and i wanted to share a few of my favourite panels ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

okay here’s the thing i have this whole haikyuu drama club au (yes a drama club au) in mind but i just can’t seem to write down all my ideas for it coherently….. so i’m just gonna write the tsukkiyama part of it here!! are u guys Ready bc i’m kinda Ready

this got kinda long so the rest of it will be under the cut!! it is v cliche bc i am v cliche okay here we go

  • so these two kiddos both usually work back stage, doing the Nerd things n having a good time (or try to)
  • but outside of the club and when they’re at each other’s houses sometimes yama likes to take out the script they’re working on at the time and act out the lines with tsukki
  • tsukki doesn’t really “act” tho, more like say the lines as monotone as possible
  • not bc he can’t act (he’s actually kinda decent. yama says he’s good when he actually tries!!) but bc he just doesn’t want to, he works backstage why would he practice the script voluntarily???
  • really the only reason he bothers going along with this is because
  • he really likes to hear yama act
  • (actually he really likes yama in general but he’s not gonna admit that to anyone lmao who do u think he is)

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clandestine619  asked:

Last nights episode had to be the best this season next to the return and obviously the cross over. Amazing job and Stephen and Emily completely blew it up last night. I knew you guys were gonna bring Olicity back to us. Patience is the key. Thank you again I love u and the writes and I can't wait to see what's coming

Thank you for your patience and faith.