key holes


Third year Captain and Vice-Captain TsukkiYama (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

It really surprises me how well this blog is doing despite my inactivity. I’m very happy to see these two get so much love from everyone so this is my thanks for all my followers!

2 days post Op: Key hole with Dr. Ereso $5,800
super stoked about how it all looks, couldn’t really see all of it but it was very emotional to see my chest this flat. He said he pumped a bunch of liquid in my chest so that will go down with a couple weeks. So blessed to have this chest, thank you to everyone who has came out to support me and visit me. On heavy meds because the first set of meds didn’t take any of the pain away. We are trying something new so let’s see how it goes! Im also get my new binder on Thursday because they ordered the wrong one and size, so I’m looking forward to that. Today’s pain was the worst so far, but Dr. Ereso said next week I will be feeling and looking a lot better. So grateful to have so many amazing people here for me 💙👏🙌👨🙏😘👌

3 Weeks Post Op • Key Hole • Dr.Ereso
Today I was didn’t have to wear my binder, I still have another week or more of wearing it but tomorrow I’m having the excess fluid removed so I could take a break :) The feeling of the wind hit my skin through my shirt is just pure joy. I’m feeling more and more comfortable in my skin and it truly feels amazing. So grateful to be where I am.