key holes

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Look With The Heart (x)

For the @thelittleprincezine, an upcoming zine dedicated to celebrating the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, ‘The Little Prince’, organized by the lovely @jillydre

The swallows represent the Little Prince’s method of travel - a flock of wild birds. Those are all the planets/asteroids that he visited prior to (and including) Earth, his own included.

  • B612 - Little Prince’s planet/asteroid - Rose
  • 325 - King with no subjects - Crown
  • 326 - Vain man - Hat w/ flower
  • 327 - Drunkard - Bottle
  • 328 - Businessman - Key hole (where he put the paper with the number of stars he’s counting)
  • 329 - Lamplighter - Lamp
  • 330 - Geographer - armillary sphere (one of the symbols related with geography)
  • Earth - Fox
samstevebucky week-day one-tropes

here have some meet cute/ugly tropes because god those are my favorite

-Steve starts a bar fight which of course Bucky gets dragged into. They end up cleaning up in the bathroom next to this devastatingly handsome dude names Sam who had their backs, and is, thankfully, a paramedic. They end up taking him to dinner as repayment and sort of fall in love with him that very night.

-the last three dudes during last call who decide to explore the city together. 

-Single dads in the PTA and there is a war a brewing about the school bake sale. Sam, Steve, and Bucky join forces to make sure their daughters have the best god damn cupcakes in the god damn tri state area, after one of the alpha moms insinuates their girls won’t be participating, because they have single fathers. 

- All three boys are drunk as fuck during marti gras and no one can find their hotel key. 

-some ass hole runs a red light and causes a three car pile up. Sam, Steve and bucky bond while waiting for the tow trucks

-Steve works at a cafe where sam and bucky are regulars. he memorizes their orders and draws amazing little doodles on their cups. One day they get their americano’s with this beautifully scrawled “will you go out with me?” under their names. 

-Bucky works at a museum and enjoys look at two of the regular visitors as much as he likes looking at the art. 

-Steve spends the morning lapping sam and bucky on the mall, only to end up stuck in an elevator with them later that morning. If only he’s known they all lived in the same building. 

Last Sleep, Best Sleep

Life, this charade of not-death.
Amnesiac of our nights together,

overheard talking in some other voice.
The great fruits of my failure:

silk milk pills with little bitter pits.
Who talks like that?  Says we are

ever-locked, leaving everything
petalled and veined the way nature

pretended.  Synthesized within
an inch of its life. O the many faces

of facelessness, breathing in the dark—
as if we could shape softness itself,

mold it around us like yams mashed
against a trough by a snuffling snout.

Our own. There’s no way out. Born
to such extra, we are born to lose.

No hairy fingers tapering to threads,
grasping for some lost last use.

Once we were hungry on earth,
soon buried like root vegetables—

to starve the soil as beets do,
growing in our graves.

But now we must remember
our way back to face-to-face,

to eye to eye and hand in hand,
and lock and step and key in hole.

Remembering how not to fall asleep,
we become so desperately drowsy,

and all cells strain to slow to a stop.
All desire to choose otherwise quiets.

No, no one can say we didn’t suffer,
that we weren’t swallowed whole.

Brenda Shaughnessy.

i’m salty about the ending, but it isn’t about ships, mmok?
uryu ishida deserved better.
where the heck is nel? isshin? grimmjow? urahara? yoruichi?
*blows a kiss* i still ship ichiruki, forever strong, it won’t stop.