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The Divide Series: Happier

The first of my installments for this series. I struggled with this one a bit because writing sad Harry is NOT fun, but, I think it played out alright. I hope you all enjoy! x 

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He promises himself that it’ll only be a quick  look, a brisk moment to catch a fleeting glimpse of you to reassure himself that he had made the right decision. That you were indeed- happier.

He reckons that his current predicament makes him look like a proper stalker, laying low against the seat of his car with his hoodie pulled up around his head. He’s pushed the pair of sunglasses that usually serve as a makeshift headband onto his face, and his lips are in a tight pressed line. He’s parked and turned the car off long ago, and it’s starting to get chilly. His fingers drum nervously against the steering wheel, cold metal of his rings making small thumping sounds against it. His eyes pull away from across the street to glance down at his phone, ignoring the growing list of notifications to glance at the time. 5 minutes.

He’s hoping to god, for once, that there aren’t any nosy camera lenses hidden across the street or in some odd crevice because shots of this in the tabloids would not only be hard to explain, but embarrassing for you too. He’d dated you for so long that the public was well aware of who you were and where you worked. He’s kept his head low, though, and with the lack of his driver and the shield of tinted windows- he hopes it’ll be enough.

3 minutes now.  He twists the ring on his index finger nervously, licking his lips and glancing at the door to the building that his car has stood in front of so many times. He thinks, reflectively, that he could’ve asked Gem how you were doing. His brows furrow together at the thought of his older sister giving him that all knowing look, the one where she makes an indignant noise at him and calls him a martyr under her breath. He can practically imagine her ignorance of his simple question and her storm of counter ones, all stemming from the same basic thought, of course. Why on earth did he you let her go in the first place?

To which he would have to give a plethora of mumbles to defend why he made the decision he did. It was something he was far too exhausted to even think about, and he shakes his head at the idea of delving into it before glancing out the window again. He jolts up straighter in his seat and squints through the window, pulling his glasses off and staring. You’ve got your bag clutched to your side and your other hand is shading your eyes. You’re leaning up onto the tips of your toes and rocking back down to balls of your feet as you glance up and down the street expectantly.

Harry swallows harshly, curious eyes taking you in. You’re wearing one of his favorite work outfits on you, but somehow you look different. He hasn’t seen you in sometime, a few months now, and he wonders if his eyes ever did you the justice you deserve. You’re beautiful, and perhaps it’s the passing of time that is throwing him off but he swears- he’s never seen anything more angelic. The sun is out in London today, peeking out to say a dutiful hello to the city and its dwellers. He watches as you tip your head back slightly, letting the sun shine onto your face with closed eyes and a appreciative smile. It sends his heart thumping into overdrive, it’s what he wanted- the purpose of this expedition fulfilled. To see just a glimpse of your radiant smile that he’s missed so much. He sighs, grabbing the key in the ignition and giving it a twist. He buckles up and glances back once more at you, but this time you’re not alone.

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aaaa tsukihina for @nai-nye for the haikyuu rarepair exchange!!

i really liked the “learning sign language to communicate with the person they are crushing on” prompt,, too cute

(i looked up the jsl for “i like you” and the grammar/order is diff to asl etc etc so i kept the captions in japanese too!)

Let’s kill the idea that tsukishima is mannersless and rude by default because tbh the truth is so much better. Unless you either know him on some personal level and already know better or he simply doesn’t like you, its hard to even tell he’s a salty little shit because his normal default is cautious politeness. Throughout the series he goes through all his expected pleases and thank yous, he’s quiet and polite around people he doesn’t know, politely requests help, addresses all his seniors properly, doesn’t raise a fuss. Third years and other teams still get the polite treatment. It’s easy to tell he was raised by a good family. And that’s so great? First of all, manners are great. Second, his good manners aren’t gonna stop him no way. He can be passive agressive af. He’ll come at your life all while showing you “proper respect”. Insult him? You get a smile and a have a nice day. Also, barring personalities he dislikes on principle (overly hot blooded or loudmouthed) or people that actually know him, I’d imagine about 60-80% of the people he meets probably think he’s downright demure. Please consider this gross miscalculation. Please imagine poor hinata complaining about him to friends and all of them are like for real? He’s a bit standoffish but idk man. And hinata being so confused. Please imagine kuroo and bokuto trying to coax a genuine insult out of him because that’d mean he considers them friends. Please never imagine him meeting daishou (to be fair i don’t think tsukki will ever reach that level of passive aggressive, especially not on the court, but lbr it would still be bad).

Imagine a Teen Wolf Friends AU where Stiles and Scott live together in an apartment across hall from a really hot guy called Derek. When their high school friends - Boyd and Isaac - move in with Derek, Stiles and Scott invite them all over for a welcome party. Boyd brings his girlfriend Erica and the six of them become close friends - close enough that they exchange keys and just walk freely in and out of each others apartments.

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And when Stiles and Derek get together and move in, that leaves a room free for Erica to move in with Boyd and Lydia and/or Allison to join them.

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Imagine all the domestic fluff that would come from it (not to mention Holland herself says that Stiles and Derek are like Ross and Rachel, except sterek would probably work out better than that).

Get Comfortable

Warnings: brief mentions of nudity (nothing explicit)

Word Count: 1585

Request: “Hello! I’ve had this idea for a deanxreader imagine where Dean and the reader accidentally rent a motel room with only one bed and they wind up sharing that one bed because its really late and they just want to get some sleep. I kind of pictured this really awkward scene when they wake up, like something like the reader likes to sleep without a shirt on & wakes up shirtless and all pressed up against Dean”

A/N: YAY! My first oneshot back from my long ass hiatus. Hope you enjoy this one, as I loved getting back into the groove :)

You were tired. You were exhausted. You were just craving sleep in any form of bed.

You and Dean had just finished off a case in a small town in Ohio. The case was only two days long; it was easy enough to track down the whereabouts of the vampires that were cozying up in town as they were all pretty recently turned.

So Dean and yourself raided the nest on the second night, (you didn’t go during the day as their nest was sheltered right in the middle of town). But although they were fairly amateur vamps, they were very quick and their bloodlust for you made them aggressive. The fighting match went down without either of the two of you being injured, but resulted in two very worn-out hunters.

Dean pulled the Impala swiftly into a parking spot out the front of a small motel, waking you from your daze.

“We’ll drive back to the Bunker tomorrow,” Dean said flatly, ending it with a yawn. You nodded with approval, eager to sleep on anything but a car seat.

The pair of you slowly made your way to the motel’s front office to be greeted by a middle-aged man whose attention was directed towards a small TV beside him. Dean gave a small cough which alerted the man that he had company.

“Just one night thanks,” Dean tiredly told the man. He gave a small nod, before reaching to the wall behind him that hung just under a dozen room keys, and grabbing one labelled with a faded number six.

Dean took the key from the man, exchanging it for the credit card that was originally in his pocket. The man looked at the card, and gave a tired smile as he ran it successfully through the machine.

As he returned the card to Dean, he said, “Enjoy your stay Mr. Helsberg.” Dean gave a small nod as the pair of you exited the office. On your way out, you gave Dean a confused look as to why he would call Dean such a name. Dean responded by pointing towards the name printed on ‘his’ credit card, and continued to walk down towards your room.

The pair of you finally made it to your room, which despite being number 6, was the furthest room away from the front office.

Dean put the key into door, as his voice slightly perked up, “Man, I can’t wait to pass out in my very own bed.” You gave a tired nod in reply.

The door opened, after needing a little more of a push, and you reached over to the light switch, flicking it upwards. The room was instantly illuminated with the yellow-toned light that hung down from the ceiling in the center.

But when your eyes tiredly adjusted to what the room had to offer, both Dean’s and your eyes widened.

“There’s only one bed?!” you exclaimed to an unmoving Dean. A few moments went by before Dean took his pack and threw it onto the bed.

“Guess I’ll be having a sleeping buddy,” Dean smirked, giving you a wink. You rubbed your face in exhaustion, just wanting more than anything to have your own bed to sleep in for the night.

Looking at the single bed, you took a further sigh as it was just big enough to fit two people; but only if they slept together quite closely. It wasn’t that Dean was the problem; you just wanted a big bed all to yourself as you knew that was the way you would get the most comfortable sleep, after a few restless nights working on the case.

“You know what Dean?” you said tiredly, before stifling a yawn, “I’m exhausted. You’re exhausted. I don’t have the energy to argue or fight you on this one, so let’s just share and be done with it.” Dean’s eyebrows briefly lifted with excitement.

The both of you started to get ready for bed. You were wearing a flannel shirt, over the top of a singlet, and dirt-tracked jeans. You really didn’t want to sleep in jeans and didn’t overly care that Dean would be able to see your underwear.

It wasn’t the first time, as once on a hunt he turned around in the motel room when you were still changing, and you hadn’t put your pants on yet. That was embarrassing. But tonight it wasn’t a big deal. And to be honest, you were too tired to care.

Dean left his jeans on, as they weren’t too dirty at all, but slid his shirt off with ease, throwing it to the side.

You were turned the other way from the bed, so you couldn’t see Dean, but you heard the springs creak as he jumped onto the bed.

You took your flannel shirt off, so you were left with just your singlet on top. Your hands reached to take that off too, but then you stopped yourself. You were tired but still awake enough to remember Dean was in the room.

Usually, you preferred to sleep topless as it was just a feeling that you enjoyed and made you feel completely relaxed before you would drift to sleep. But that wouldn’t be happening tonight.

Instead you maneuvered your arms around until you had successfully taken off your bra without even lifting your singlet up.

You turned around ready for bed, and saw Dean lying down, looking at you.

“Damn Y/N, that took some serious skill,” Dean admitted before smirking, “As well as being insanely hot.”

You rolled your eyes at the older Winchester brother, before turning a lamp light on and turning the main light switch off.

As you made your way over to the bed, you noticed Dean’s shoulders in the dim light, and the way they looked so toned and muscular and…

You instantly snapped yourself out of it. Your brain clicking you back into the present for the second time that night.

You walked over to the bed and slid yourself under the covers. Both Dean’s and your shoulders were touching, unable to move unless you wanted to fall off the bed.

Dean reached over and turned the lamp off. As soon as the light disappeared, neither of you said a word; the exhaustion catching up to you and forcing you both to sleep.

Your eyes fluttered open.

The sun was gleaming brightly through the dusty blinds, telling you that it was well into the day.

It was then you noticed that your arm was around Dean, who still looked fast asleep. You gave a small smile, knowing that probably the reason you felt so relaxed and comfortable was because you were embracing Dean through the night.

As your eyes began to adjust and gain more focus to the new day, you noticed a difference. A feeling. It was comfortable. But definitely different than when you had fallen asleep.

You slowly looked down to your torso, seeing nothing.

Literally nothing.

Your singlet that you wore to bed from the night before was gone.

All that was left was your completely naked chest, pressed up against Dean’s also uncovered body.

You gave a small shriek in shock at the realisation that you had practically slept naked with Dean. And not just that. You slept naked wrapped around Dean.

“Don’t ruin the moment,” Dean murmured, eyes opening. His voice sound relaxed, but not tired like it should have sounded right after waking up.

“Are you telling me you’ve been awake and you just left me like this?” you exclaimed, your voice raising slightly, while also trying to untangle yourself from Dean’s grasp.

“I’ve been awake for about half an hour or so,” Dean smirked, “And as if I’m going to wake you up to tell you that you must have taken your shirt off in the night. I’m trying to enjoy the feeling of having you pressed up against me.”

Finally out of Dean’s grasp, you pull the cover up to hide your face that was growing redder by the second and gave a loud sigh.

“You must be in love with me Y/N, if you’re that keen to take it all off for me,” he smirked once more.

Because you had had enough, you ran towards the bathroom, attempting to cover your chest as you went there. “I’m having a long shower, alone!” you exclaimed, before closing the door and locking it.

Dean just continued to lay in the bed, listening to the shower turn on as you hopped under the hot running water.

He just smiled to himself, thinking of the way you looked. How beautiful you looked.

It wasn’t the sex appeal of seeing you topless or in your underwear; it was seeing you, and all of you. You had been made completely vulnerable, with not really anywhere to hide. He could just experience the real you.

Dean thought back to the few moments ago when he was lying with you entangled across him. He could feel your warmth. He could feel your heart beating. He could feel your chest rise and fall with each breath. He could see when you formed a faint smile in your sleep, because you were dreaming of something good.

He reached over to your side of the bed, and picked your singlet up off the ground. Dean held it to his chest, still being able to smell you from it, and smiled.

How lucky it was that he booked a room with only one bed.

I can never relate to all those couple clichés: the same boring kiss every time they come home from work; the Facebook spam of baby photos; His & Hers mugs, pillows, toothbrushes, everything; the blueprints for future houses; the make-up/break-up sex. I couldn’t relate, for the longest time. It was the loneliest time.
What a cliché then, but also, how new. To lie next to her and hear her fall asleep. To order secret gifts for her because I know her well. To play games with her family and let them tease me all they want. To warm each other’s hands and complain of freezing legs. To read her texts sneakily during work, and beam whenever I get the chance to talk about her.
Everything happens so fast, yet it all makes sense. Joined Christmas cards, an album for all our cat pictures, exchanging house keys - Hers & Hers? I’m so ready, more ready than I’ve ever been. Because I’ve met this girl, and I swear this one’s for keeps.

Note: Thanks to @skittle479 for the assist.

10:45 … Sonny was almost four hours late. You weren’t worried, though, his job often kept him on an unpredictable schedule. There was a cost to dating a cop, but Sonny was worth it.

He was supposed to come over after work, at 7. Sonny often forgot to call you when his work ran late, so you tried to occupy yourself while you waited. Staying busy kept you from worrying.

At 10:50 you heard the front door opening and saw Sonny making his way in, having exchanged keys to your respective apartments after half a year of dating.

Swiftly, you made your way over to Sonny and wrapped your arms around his waist. It felt like you were made for each other.

“You finally made it,” you smiled into his chest. “How was work?”

“Barba has been biting his nails about a rape in the park from last month, he’s been making us go over our testimonies again and again.” Sonny chuckled as he placed a quick kiss on your forehead, still in the process of taking off his outerwear.

“No wonder you stayed late, then, you’ve been wanting to stay on Barba’s good side.” You’d met the members of Sonny’s squad only briefly, but from the way Sonny talked about them, you felt like you knew them intimately.

“Oh, he actually didn’t, he finished with me hours ago. Jesse’s babysitter had to leave early, and ‘Manda was still with Barba, so I volunteered to watch after Jesse until Barba was finished prepping Amanda.”

Abruptly, you pulled yourself out of his embrace.

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For Richer, For Poorer

Anon Request: Hi! I just came across a fic search for when james takes lily to his vault and thought that you might write this. 


Lily Evans frowned at her less-than-eloquent boyfriend as he dug through his pockets looking for something. The woman in front of them in the line at the ice cream shop also frowned greatly at them. Lily smiled at the woman before shooting James another glance; he was running his hands up and down his robes as if searching for something on his person.

“What’s wrong with you?” she couldn’t help laughing at his ridiculous face as he dug his fingers deep into his pockets.

James pulled out the empty insides of his pockets, “I forgot my money!” he exclaimed.

Lily rolled her eyes and reached for her purse, “Then I’ll pay.”

“No!” James exclaimed, yanking her from the line and she groaned as they passed two women holding nice looking ice cream cones. 

Lily stomped her feet repeatedly, trying to get James to stop pulling her by the arm. It didn’t work. He was such a boy. He couldn’t go shopping on his own, he couldn’t let his girlfriend pay for a bit of ice cream, and he couldn’t hear her annoyance as they left the ice cream shop.

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The signs as keys + which door they can open
  • Aries: Metallic, small, black key. With this key, one can open and close the gates of Hell, and also all the hidden doors and passages within hell itself. This key can be exchanged for the power to rescue anyone from the depths of Hell, and send anyone to Hell.
  • Taurus: A normal-looking house key. This key can open the door to anything, including the other 11 doors mentioned in this post. For being the most powerful key though, there's a big disadvantage to it: it cannot be exchanged for any powers.
  • Gemini: A code system written on a burned piece of paper. This code can open the door to the mind and soul of any living being. It can be exchanged for the power to modify anyone's genome.
  • Cancer: A small, metallic, silver key. This key has the power to open and close the gates of heaven, and all of the passages within this place. This key can be exchanged for the power to create any material thing.
  • Leo: A shiny, golden key with a small ruby. This key has the power to open the door of change: the user can travel to any quantum universe and see every possible outcome of an event. This key can be exchanged for the power to control anyone's destiny.
  • Virgo: A plain white card key. This key can open the gates of knowledge, which lead to a mysterious laboratory with the answers to every single mystery. This key can also be exchanged for the power to control the mind of any living being.
  • Libra: A key-ring made of every existent chemical element. This ring can open the doors of matter: the user can control and modify the environment surrounding him/her. This key can be exchanged for the power of elemental control.
  • Scorpio: A red key with a black dot on the center. This key opens the door of the unknown: the place behind this door contains unexplainable things and events from all eras. This key can be exchanged for the power to revive and enslave spirits.
  • Sagittarius: A transparent key with a strange liquid on the inside. This key opens the gates of space: the user can travel anywhere in the universe instantly. This key can be exchanged for the power to create and delete any place (With the exception of Heaven and Hell).
  • Capricorn: Rusty gray key, with some scratches. This key is able to open the gates of time, and send the key user to any era of time that has ever existed. This key can alternatively be exchanged for immortality.
  • Aquarius: A small key made of ice and frozen blood. This is the key that opens the path to life: with this key, the user can see the exact lifetime and lifestyle of any organism. It can be exchanged for the power to erase anyone from existence.
  • Pisces: Big, finely carved wooden key with a dark brown tone. This key can be used to enter alternate, fantastic relams, such as Narnia or the Spiderwick universe. This key can also be exchanged to bring unreal characters to life.
The Criminal

“You won’t believe the day I have had!” Itachi threw his keys on the coffee table before sitting right next to Shisui, immediately wrapping his arms around the older Uchiha’s torso. “It was terrible and humiliating and ugh!”

“I haven’t heard the ‘ugh’ for a while now, did you get scolded by somebody at work?”

“No, it is worse…” Itachi sighed exhaustively.

“Tell me about it, I locked myself outside the car with the car keys in the fucking car” Shisui shook his head.

“Did you guys have such an awful day too? The idiot assistant changed the code of the safe…and forgot what it was”

“Wow, the save with all those private papers? That is terrible” Shisui said as Madara nodded and sat down.

“Did you manage to open it?” Itachi asked.

“Actually…it is a funny story, I came across that blond brat and he…he cracked the safe open” both Shisui’s and Itachi’s eyes widened.

“Naruto?” Shisui asked.

“Yeah, that guy, I said I owed him one”  Madara waved it off, but wasn’t aware of the coincidence.

“He cracked open my car when I locked myself out” Shisui said.

“He cracked the lock of Suké’s apartment” Itachi said, both Shisui and Madara turned their heads at Itachi with a strange look, “I left my…stethoscope at his place, I don’t have a key…because he…never gave me…a key” Itachi looked away.

“Why don’t you begin with your story…?”


*The apartment*

“Come on, come on” Itachi tapped his foot on the ground, “Pick up, pick up…”

“This is the voicemail of-”

“Fuck!” Itachi kicked the tire of his car before turning his head towards the apartment block. He put the phone against his ear. “Suké, it is me again…I need you to pick up alright? This is important, it is…about…that…thing…I left…in your apartment, anyway, call me back” Itachi sighed, looking at the screen of his phone for two whole minutes.

“If it isn’t Uchiha Itachi, are you here for your boyfriend?” Itachi immediately felt a vein pop in his head.

“I don’t have time to beat you up, Uzumaki” Itachi stated as he angrily turned around.

“I was going to ask how you were doing, but I already know the answer; moody” Naruto sat down on a pole. “I wish I could help cheer you up…”

“Unless you can magically make a masterkey appear in your hands, I don’t know what use you are to me” Itachi scoffed.

“I don’t have a masterkey” Naruto lowered his head, “But…you do”  Itachi frowned by Naruto’s words “Your hairpin, dattebayo”

“Tch, that stupid shit that only works in movies”

“Fifty bucks says I can help you sneak in your boyfriend’s apartment by just using that hairpin”

“I am not going to give you fifty bucks so you can buy pot”

“Hey, I am clean, as for you…you are trying to sneak inside your boyfriend’s apartment, well, I am not going to question-”

“I left…my…stethoscope, a very good one! I need it back…for work” Itachi folded his arms, “I tried contacting him, but he isn’t picking up”

“You guys have been together for about a year, no house key exchange?” Naruto asked.

“My relationship is none of your business” Itachi tone sounded harsh. He looked away, “He has only one spare key, I think his sister has it”

“Don’t worry Itachi, I will help you” Naruto stood up.

“What do you want for it in return? I mean…If you really can get me in”

“No worries, we are practically family, dattebayo” Naruto had this smirk face and Itachi gave him the most confused look his face could possible make.  “Let’s say you owe me one” Naruto said.

“…Fine” Itachi sighed, getting the hairpin out of his hair and handing it to Naruto.  “Fourth floor room 483, and no I am not giving any painkillers as rewards”  Itachi walked inside the apartment block while Naruto followed.

“It won’t be some medical issue, I can tell you that upfront, it will probably be something…precious” Naruto scoffed when he reached the door. “This is too easy, it is like shooting a baby through the head”

“Why is every brat using that expression? That’s not how it goes” Itachi threw his hands in the air. First Sasuke, now this idiot. What is wrong with this generation?

“I am sure Sasuke says that all the time, you know he can’t say piece of cake because last time he baked something I ended up in the hospital” Naruto knelt down and took the hairpin from Itachi.

“Actually, Sasuke mentioned your mom said to put walnuts in it, so actually the real mastermind behind your almost death is your own mother”

“Ha, in that case you two have a lot in common” Naruto stood up and pushed the door, opening the room. “Told you I could do it”

“I am too relieved to question why you are able to pick locks”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” Naruto said.

“You…stay here!” Itachi rushed inside, immediately going to the bathroom and picking up what appeared to be a set of clothes, he tried to push it in his bag before hearing a cough behind him. “I told you stay in front of the door…” Itachi said, closing his eyes as if he was busted by police with the possession of drugs.

“So…Sasuke’s clothes?” Naruto leaned against the door frame, recognising the black hoodie all too well. It was the item of clothing Sasuke wore the most.

“…I…borrowed it and it is really none of your concern” Itachi said, taking a deep breath.

“Yeah, I know I am blond, but if those clothes are here and you went home that night…it means you had…clothes on…which means…you had some nasty use for those clothes-”

“I am not confirming…anything, I simply…borrowed…some clothes, now…fuck off…before I kill you” Itachi put the clothes in his bag before turning around and walked out of the room, stopping right next to Naruto to whisper: “And we will never…never…talk about it again”

“One last thing, don’t you want to pick up Sasuke’s glasses on the night stand or are you just going to leave them?”

“…I am just…yeah…” Itachi walked back inside the room to fetch the glasses. “Not a word” Itachi repeated as he walked out of the apartment. Naruto followed him all the way to the elevator.

“There is just one thing bothering me, dattebayo”

“No questions!” Itachi hissed.

“I just…can’t imagine…Sasuke’s clothes actually fitting Suké…” Naruto looked confused at the elevator door closing. The ride down was silent and Itachi didn’t walk out right away when the doors opened.

“It is because…he is not the one wearing them” Itachi answered, causing Naruto to gasp.

“I am awkwardly turned on, dattebayo” Naruto stated as Itachi shook his head and walked out of the elevator, leaving the blond there. “Remember, you owe me one”


“Yeah, that was basically the whole story” Itachi sighed.

“Do you have it back?” Shisui asked

“What?” Itachi asked

“The stethoscope…” Madara reminded him.

“Was it lost? I mean…yes, yes of course!” Itachi folded his arms and looked away. “Anyway…what about your story?”

“Mine?” Madara asked, “Well, there is not much to it…really…”


*the safe*  

“You did what?!” Madara flipped his desk, causing the men in the chair to scream like little girls. “The fuck am I supposed to do now?! I gave you one fucking job!”

“You assigned him exactly 6 tasks” The assistant muttered, holding the clipboard against his chest.

“It is an honest mistake!” The man said.

“No, it is not! I could tell a baby to memorise four fucking digits, why can’t you!?”

“Babies, can’t even talk” The assistant cleared his throat.

“You know how a safe works? It has 10 digits and do you know how many possibilities it will leave me with? 9 TIMES 9 TIMES 9 TIMES 9! Yes, my loser idiot, dyscalculia, little brother can even do that kind of math!”

“I am deeply sorry!” The man said, looking at the ground. Madara sighed and sat back down.

“What done is done…” He said, rolling his chair towards the window and opening it.

“Boss…couldn’t you have had that reaction of acceptance before you flipped the table?” The assistant asked.

“It is called the stages of grief, anger is one of them!” Madara said.

“Hey Madara!” The Uchiha looked surprised at the pavement, seeing a little blond dot.

“Oh, that idiot…” Madara commented.  “Hey!”

“I couldn’t help hearing you scream! Everything alright?!” Naruto shouted.

“Some idiot forgot the combination of the new safe!”

“Oh! That sucks…! What type is it?!”

“Like I know!” Madara shouted back.

“Hey! I think I might be able to crack it! Dattebayo!” The blond shouted.

“What are you?! A criminal?!” Madara asked.

“I am not answer those questions without my attorney present!”  Naruto shouted, causing Madara to laugh. He indicated for Naruto to come up before turning his chair.

“I like that brat, he has guts, my sense of humour” Madara said, leaning back in the chair, “Why was I mad again?”

“The safe”

“Right!” Madara said, but then got distracted after seeing the door of the office open.

“How did that even happen?” Naruto asked as he walked inside. “Hey, I am Naruto” Naruto introduced himself to the two strangers in the room.

“Nice meeting you” The assistant says, shaking his hand before leaning towards Madara, “How do you know him?”

“He is like a friend of my youngest brother…I am not sure what they are…”

“Let me see the safe, maybe I can crack it!” Naruto said and then followed the other guy, followed by Madara and his assistant. “Oooh, that is hella easy!” Naruto put his backpack down and grabbed a stethoscope.

“Do you just walk around with that?” Madara asked.

“Nah, I came across Itachi…I…borrowed it from him” Naruto turned his head to Madara and smirked. “Sort of” He knelt down and within 20 minutes, Naruto opened the safe.

“0308, that is your code, but you might wanna get changed now” Naruto stood up.

“You are amazing!” Madara said, looking impressed.

“…Isn’t it questionable why a teenager…know how to crack a safe?” The assistant asked. Madara frowned and looked at Naruto.

“If  you are involved in some criminal organisation…I am not telling you to stop, I am telling you to stay the fuck away from Sasuke”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell” Naruto chuckled.

“Is there anything I can do for…for kinda…saving my ass~” The man tapped Naruto’s arm with his elbow.

“You can take a mint, dattebayo” Naruto commented, making the other chuckle.

“But he is right, if there anything-”

“Aaah stop it, Madara, we are practically family, let’s say you owe me one, dattebayo!”

‘Sure, but as a bonus, I will let you take this notebook for five minutes with all the dirt on…”


Madara cleared his throat.

“Dirt on…the…President!” He looked at Itachi, who just kept staring ahead of him.

“Little bitch stole my stethoscope…” He stated.

“Yeah, you lied to us about it” Shisui said.

“It is weird…how does he know how to break a lock, crack a safe…dude…that kid is bad news” Madara said.

“Look at you, caring about your youngest brother”

“Owh, Sasuke will be fine…I am not worried about him” Madara stated.

“Maybe he was like one of those criminals…maybe he changed” Shisui said.

“At least he is nice enough to help us” Madara said.

“Yeah, I guess my story is up next”


“Fuck, why did I stop for coffee on the way?! Why didn’t I wait in line for ten minutes to get the damn coffee…I couldn’t walk away once I stood in line…the time waited would have been for nothing!” Shisui hissed to himself as he grabbed the latte and opened the door of the car, slamming it behind him. He stood still for a moment before slowly turning his head around, seeing his bag with the important papers in it, still in the passenger seat.

“…No…no…” He pulled the handle several times, but the door was locked and the keys were still inside. “No, no! Damn the garage and their stupid replacement car!” Shisui kicked the tire, but in the process dropped his latte. He started at the disposable cup with utterly displeasure in his eyes.

“Why.Am.I.Fucking.Alive” Shisui sulked.


“Naruto, hey! What…what are you doing here?” Shisui asked.

“I was walking by…you seem in distress, dattebayo”

“I am late for a meeting and…the papers are in my car…that’s locked…”Shisui stared at the window, “And I dropped my latte”

“That is worse than the important papers in the car” Naruto walked towards Shisui, looking at the car. “That is an old car”

“The garage lent it to me until they fix mine”

“I might be able….To open it” Naruto said cracking his fingers.

“You can?”

“I can give it a try, you are look out, make sure no cop sees me-”

“Naruto, it is my car-”

“Owh…they won’t believe you when you are with me…dattebayo” Naruto muttered grabbing something from his bag. Shisui swallowed, looking around the parking lot.

“Done!” Naruto stood up and opened the door to grab the keys and bag. He handed them to Shisui.

“Thank you so much! Ah Uzumaki, I owe you one” Shisui embraced Naruto,dropping his bag in the process.  Naruto laughed and picked it up, but he remained quiet when holding a book. He looked back up at Shisui who cleared his throat.

“That…that is…from a friend” Shisui stated.

“Yeah…I choose to believe that, dattebayo…”


“He is a born criminal” Itachi said.

“Am I the only one imagining Sasuke as Britney Spears singing Criminal?” Shisui asked.

“No, now I do too!” Madara said. Both shared a look before the door of the living room opened.

“Hey, you are all home early” Sasuke walked to the kitchen and grabbed two bottles of juice.

“Where are you going?” Itachi asked.

“Oh, Naruto is here, we are just going to my room”  

“…To do…what?” Shisui asked.

“I am going to grab some of my stuff…wait, I am going to stay over at his place, you know that, right?”

“NO!” Both Shisui and Itachi shouted.

“He said he asked each of you” Sasuke stated, causing all three to widened their eyes.

“Hey guys! You guys don’t mind if I steal him? Dattebayo” Naruto asked, smiling kindly…at first…that smiled turned into a smirk. “I did ask each of you” He wrapped an arm around Sasuke’s waist, pulling him a little closer, “I wouldn’t have asked if it wasn’t for my parents leaving tonight-”

“Absolutely not!” Itachi shouted.

“Is this what you mean with something precious!?” Shisui added, “Itachi was right about you!”

“What are they talking about?” Sasuke looked at Naruto.

“Ooh, you guys came clean to one another? Oh, I guess Itachi stealing Sasuke’s clothes for the roleplay with his boyfriend had to come into discussion, and Madara’s notebook filled with dirt on each of your siblings, not to mention the book Shisui was reading  “Fifty shades of grey” and “Laws regarding incest”, I figured it was only for the best to talk about it openly…instead of keeping…secrets…dattebayo”

“Look at him” Madara shook his head, but there was a proud smirk spread across his lips, “We cock block him and he stabs us all in the back…you have balls, Uzumaki”

“You guys…” Sasuke’s voice sounded dangerously low, catching all attention in the room. He cracked his fingers. “Let’s talk in an old fashioned way about what is morally good…and bad”

“Well, guess I have to go then! Seems you have to work stuff out! But I will see you guys…you all…do owe one” He winked before leaving the room.

“That son of a bitch” Shisui shook his head, “He set us up…like a real lawyer, I gotta admit…he did get us”

“I still fucking hate him” Itachi sounded pissed.

special thanks to @failureoftheyear for editing~

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sonny and SO and face masks? I just cannot stop thinking abt this

Once upon a time, I actually requested this from our beloved Mic (I hope she’s doing okay). I wish I could link to hers, but I’m going to borrow a little bit from it since her blog is seemingly gone forever. Also, I am a staunch supporter of the weekly face mask. It’s my favorite way to end a Saturday.

You sat in the your apartment, trying to figure out what to do with your evening. Your boyfriend was supposed to be coming over, but knowing his work schedule, he likely wasn’t going to be coming over until much later, if at all. It was only this week that you had exchanged keys, so you had assumed that he would go to his place.

That’s when you remembered the avocado oatmeal face mask sitting on your bathroom counter. It had been a while since you’d done a face mask, and when you saw it at the store, you decided to treat yourself. And with your boyfriend occupied for the evening, there wasn’t going to be anyone around to make fun of you.

You had just settled in with the glass of wine you wanted to enjoy with your book while the mask set when you heard a key turn in the lock. You panicked, knowing that you didn’t have enough time to wash the mask off before he walked in. 

“Hey do–where’s my girlfriend and what have you done with her? I was expecting to see her, not the creature from the black lagoon” Sonny joked.

“Ha ha, very funny” you sourly replied.

“Come on, I was only teasing” he quipped.

“You are so lucky I love you” you retorted, then quickly shut your mouth, realizing the weight of what you’d just said.

“Wait, what?” he sputtered.

“I’m sorry, it just came out” you said, trying to recover quickly.

“Doll, that’s not the problem. I was just waiting for the right time to say it to you. I love you, green face and all” he admitted. “I love you so much, that if you asked me to do one of those mask things with you, I would.”

“You should do these. They’re super refreshing. Maybe we could start now?” you asked.

“Nah, maybe next time” he said.

“Nu-uh. You have to put your money where your mouth is. Dollars to donuts, you’re going to like it” you countered.

He scowled, his own words used against him. And how could he resist, since you seemed to pick up a few phrases from him? He relented, allowing you to cover his face as soon as you washed your mask off.

And he did like it. So much in fact, that Saturday night became mask night. He’d even take cute pictures to put all over Instagram, getting completely into it. And if anyone teased him about it, he’d grin and bear it, because that time with the person he loved was worth all the jesting his coworkers could dish out.

Because I love you

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Pairing: Eric x reader
Prompt: Your relationship with Eric had always been less then conventional but things take a dramtic turn after a brutal fight reaches a tipping point with a power full confession.
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 8,885…( oops,sorry not sorry)
Warning: Nothing other than strong languge, mentions of drinking, and i supose slight violence.

A/N: I’m so terrified to post this because i think it’s absolute trash but ive been working on it for a while and its time i take the leap. This is probably one of the first fics ive really ever spent a long time working on and so pretty please send me feedback and constructive critisism. Thank you and i really, really hope you enjoy. Also please look over any grammar issuse ive read and reread this like a million times but sometimes i over look things.

The fight between Eric and you had been brewing for weeks. Just waiting to rise to the surface when one of you snapped. To be fair, you two weren’t a couple, no your ‘relationship’ started as a one night stand which then evolved into regular fuck buddies. 

  But somehow, over the course of almost a year, casual hook-ups turned into something more. Something that involved true emotions and could no longer be labeled as just sex. You stopped seeing Eric less as just a narcissistic asshole, that was a good lay with a nice apartment, and more as an actual human being. You saw past his tough façade. There where nights where the two of you would just lay naked in bed cuddling, talking, and wake up the next morning, pretending that it was still just sex. 

 It wasn’t though, it stopped being just sex when you started spending the night with him instead of running home after the deed was done. It stopped being just sex when he gave you one of his dresser drawers to put clothes in and you put ash trays in your apartment for his occasional after sex cigarette. It especially stopped being just sex when you guys exchanged spare keys to your respective apartments.

  Everything was going great between you two, considering the situation, for a while. It was a daily routine you finished up working around the same time Eric got out of his office, the two of you would meet at one of the apartments and spend the rest of the evening together, most of the time it carried into the morning. You really couldn’t think of the exact reason why most nights where spent together. The fact that they usually ended with you two naked in bed, exchanging rough kisses and dirty word probably had a lot to do with it. But there was also the fact that you where one of the few people Eric wasn’t a total asshole too and you could put up with sometimes sour attitude and match his sarcasm.

  You and Eric both agreed that it was best to keep your hook ups private. There where multiple reasons why it was best to keep everything discrete when in the presence of others, and you tried to pretend it didn’t make your heart hurt when you thought about them. But that didn’t stop Eric from sometimes approaching the table in the dinning hall you sometimes sat at with Four, Tris, Will, Christina, Uriah, Zeke, and anyone else who decided to join. Of course his main goal was to torment Four but he also made sure to shamelessly flirt with you, to which you always responded with a ‘fuck off, Eric.’ A few sarcastic quips later he was off to make someone’s day miserable. Everyone always questioned how you managed to put up with him, you always faked a grimace and pretended that your heart didn’t beat a little faster when he was around.

   The Dauntless compound was thrown into complete chaos when Max was arrested. Eric, along with a few other dauntless leader, had been the one to step forward and reveal Jeannine plans when it came to Divergent. Of course all hell broke lose and she was arrested along with about 20 other erudite scientist that had been test serum illegally and helping with the plan of action. Max and another Dauntless leader where thrown in prison also. Make no mistake, you knew the main reason Eric did it was to gain more power, with Max gone Eric was now the second most powerful leader. Harrison was the man who was now head leader of the faction, he was to ‘retire’ in about a year and when he did Eric would take his place.

  But with his new position came a hundred more responsibilities and you could see the stress getting to him. Eric was more hostile than usual, if that was even possible. He seemed to be getting in more fights with the rougher dauntless, which put him on thin ice with Harrison. Even with you he was more aggressive something you found beyond agitating mainly because you of all people didn’t deserve it. 

  One evening after you got off work and found yourself wondering toward Eric’s apartment. He had called you earlier that day asking you to come over that night. Ever since every thing had gone down about a month ago, the two of you rarely saw one another. You where excited to spend time with him again, not that you would ever admit that to anyone.

  You where surprised when you let yourself in his apartment that he was already there. He was laying across his couch one leg thrown over the back, the other dangling over the armrest. A cigarette was lit between his lips and a glass of whiskey rested on his navel. You snorted at the sight of his lounging form, moving toward him you sat down on the one cushion he wasn’t occupying, throwing your bag on the floor. He moved his drink to the coffee table next to the couch and adjusted his position so his head now rested in your lap. You began absently minded playing with his gel filled hair, he practically melted under your touch.

 “Bad day?” You asked softly, just wanting to hear his voice. He simply grunted in reply and closed his eyes. Figuring you weren’t going to get a better answer you leaned your head back on the couch and relaxed, closing your eyes too.
 It was the fucking cigarette that started the fight. You weren’t a particular fan of them but you had plenty of habits and ticks that Eric hated, so you where willing to put up with it. But after a few moments of continuous smoke floating in your face you grew irritated.

 “Eric common..” You grumbled, you knew he knew exactly what was bothering you. A few more seconds passed and you could still smell  the smoke in the air. You opened your eyes and looked down at Him. His piercing steel gray eyes looked up at you with no emotion. You quickly realized he was in one of his weird moods, where he was a complete asshole for no reason. Eric was a dick majority of the time but he was down right evil when he was like this. 

 You continued your starring contest with him until finally he moved his hand from where is was resting on his chest and he grabbed the butt from between his lips. He took a long drag from it, killing what little was left, and moved it away from his lips. You had expected him to get up and put the cigarette out, but no instead he blew all the smoke up in your face. That upset you, but what really pissed you off was him placing the cigarette back between his lips and looking up at you smug.

 “Real mature, thank you very much for that.” Sarcasm dripped from your tone as you moved to stand up. Eric simply pressed his head harder into your lap, making it practically impossible to get up.

 “Eric, stop it! What’s your issue?” You where tired, hungry and losing patience. He eventually let up the pressure and allowed you to stand. You looked down at him and rolled your eyes, muttering the whole way to the kitchen about how ridiculous he was.

 Peaking into his cupboards you quickly realized that he had hardly any food. The package of instant noodles was the only thing that looked appealing. You grabbed a pot from another cabinet and turned the stove on. Turning around to put some water in the pot you jumped slightly when you saw Eric sitting on the counter watching you. He had made no sound when he came in and honestly it was a little unsettling how stealthy he was. You shook your head when you noticed a new cigarette dangling from his lips. After filling the pot and putting on the stove you turned to watch Eric, leaning against the counter opposite to him. You narrowed your eyes as you watched him pull the butt from his lips and tap the ash into a tray. 

  The moment you glanced away, to look the steaming water, was when he moved, jumping off the counter and rushing forward. You saw him move last minute out of the corner of your eye and lunged to the side to avoid him. But you weren’t fast enough and before you knew it he had you trapped between his body and the edge of the counter that was now digging into your back. His thick arms rooted themselves on either side of your head. He had a few inches on you and the close proximity forced you to have to slightly look up at him.

  He leaned his head back slightly so he could replace the previously removed cigarette. He moved his hand back to the other side of your face and used his teeth to hold it in place as he inhaled a drag. He blew the smoke out his nose. You squirmed and put your hand on his chest to push him back. He moved one hand and rested it on your hip and pulled the cigarette away with the other after taking another drag. You knew instantly what he was going to do.

  “Don’t you dare-” You didn’t even get to finish you sentence before he was taking advantage of your open mouth and pressed his lips to yours, letting the smoke flow from his lungs to yours. 

  You where livid as you pushed him away with all your force, choking on the smoke in your throat. 

 “Aww common ____ don’t be that way!” Eric was cracking up at your reaction as you turned the stove off and storming out of the kitchen. Eric sighed as he watched your retreating form, flicking the lit butt into the pot of water, he rushed after you.

 “____ Where are you going?” Eric yelled, bewildered from the kitchen. He grabbed onto your arm and turned you to face him. You yanked your arm away and crossed your arms.

 “Home Eric, I’m going home…” You said slowly

.  “Why?” He arched an eyebrow and reached for you again. You took a few steps back in order to avoid his grasp.

 “Because you have been acting like a douche lately and I thought tonight would be different but I guess I was wrong.” You said calmly as you walked to the couch and grabbed your bag from where you had left it on the ground.

   “Fine.. go, I don’t care.” Eric snapped as you walked to the door. You almost turned around and said bye, that is until you heard the tell-tale sound of him lighting another cigarette behind you. Instead you made sure to slam the door on your way out.

 The walk back to your apartment was long, seeing’s how it was all the way on the other side of the compound. By the time you got there you where even more pissed at Eric as you realized that half your shit had fallen out of your bag when you haphazardly through it on the floor. You knew your anger at Eric was unjust but you didn’t care. Thankfully your keys where still in the bottom of your bag.

 Eventually you would need to go back to his apartment and get what had fallen out of your purse, but right now the thought of facing him made you a whole new level of angry. Entering your apartment, you couldn’t even work up the energy to take a shower or make something to eat. Instead you laid across your bed, starring up at the ceiling, pretending you didn’t wish you hadn’t left his place.

 You successfully managed to spent the next five days avoiding Eric. It was the longest you had gone without talking to him in a while. Granted ever since his slight change in jobs, your nights spent together had been few and far in between. But even during the weeks you to couldn’t see each other, emails and call where still sent back and forth. Most of the time it was simply him bitching about Harrison and you calming him down but every once in a while he would sent you an email with a subject line that simply read ‘I miss you’. Since your fight you hadn’t heard anything from him.

 Your wallet had been on of the few things that had fallen out of your bag at Eric’s. Still to stubborn to go and get it you had been trying to just eat what was in your cupboards, but it was made apparent very quickly that you also had next to no food in your house. But still you powered on and found a way to make saltine crackers and canned vegetables taste good.

 On day six of avoid Eric you found yourself making the walk to his apartment. You where hungry and things where getting ridiculous. It was fairly late but you didn’t even know if he would be home.

 You stood in front of his door for a while wondering if you should just let yourself in or knock. Making up your mind you banged your first on the door. You leaned your head against the door way and waited. Just as you where about to pull your key out, the door was pulled open. You moved to stand up straight and came face to face with a shirtless, baggy sweatpants clad Eric. 

  “You have a key.” Was the first thing he said, he kept on hand on the wall and the other on the back of the door, ready to slam it shut at any moment. His breath smelled like alcohol.

  “Yeah i know i just..” You trailed off not knowing what to really say. Trying not to squirm under his harsh gaze, you shifted from foot to foot as he narrowed his eyes at you.

  “What do you want?” He said with a raised eyebrow.

  “I left my wallet here the other day.” You tried to keep your face blank.

   “Right…” Was all he had to say in response all he moved back slightly to let you in. Your shoulder brushed his chest slightly as you walked in, you could feel his gaze on your back, He closed the door behind you. You walked over towards the couch and sat down. Everything that had fallen out of your bag laid neatly on the coffee table. You watched Eric as he disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a beer in his hand.

  He sat down on an arm chair next to the couch and opened the beer. There where 5 bottles, that you could see, sitting on the table and next to his chair. But you knew better than to think that that was near enough to even get him buzzed. You could tell he had no intentions of speaking to you as he reached for a book that laid abandoned on the table. You shook your head and let out a humorless laugh as you realized how terrible an idea this had been.

 “I should go..” Was all you said as you moved to stand.

  “Oh.. running back to the stiff so soon.” As soon as the words left his mouth your head shot in his direction.

 “What the hell are you talking about?” You where so confused and he hadn’t even lifted his head from the book.

 “You know exactly what I’m talking about!” He yelled at you.

 “No Eric, no I don’t!”

 “I’m talking about you and Four, ____!” You had absolutely no idea what he was talking about and your face must have shown it because he seemed to grow increasingly angry.

 “Don’t play stupid, your fucking him!”  His words left you speechless, it felt like he had just slapped you across the face.

 “How in the hell did you come to the assumption that I’m having sex with Four? What from us hanging out while we weren’t talking? You realize how ridiculous that is right?” You where in complete shock.

  “Please I saw you two that morning all cuddled up sharing his food.” True disgust dripped from his words as he stood up. 

 Four was one of your best friends. He instantly knew something was up when you didn’t come to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a few days during the time you didn’t have your wallet. He finally can to your apartment one morning and walked in on you trying to decide if you wanted tuna or macaroni for breakfast. After explaining the situation to him, making sure to leave out where exactly your wallet was and how you ‘lost’ it in the first place. You where only thankful he didn’t ask too many questions, even though you knew he didn’t believe your bullshit story.

 Four convinced you to come down to the dinning hall. The two of you shared his breakfast that morning, after you refused to let him buy you something to eat and he refused to let you go to work until you ate something. You guys did the same thing for lunch and breakfast the next day too. You hadn’t even realized that Eric was there.

 But you had absolutely no sexual or romantic feelings for Four. The two of you had a drunken make out session once, one night at Zeke’s party after initiation and woke up the next morning mutually off put by it.

 “Eric, we’re just friends, besides he has Tris. You know he would never cheat on her and I would never cheat on-” You cut yourself off before you even finished the sentence, but he knew what you where going to say.

 “Ha what where you going to say, ____? You wouldn’t cheat on who? Me?” He was laughing but there was no humor behind it. “We aren’t a couple, we are fuck buddies, nothing more.” You flinched slightly at his cruel words. 

 “Maybe you right Eric, but answer me this, if this is just sex then why do you care what i do with four so much?” In all the time that you had known Eric, you had never seen him as speechless as he was now.

 You stood there and waited for him to answer. But instead of responding, Eric let out what you could only assume was a grunt of frustration as he threw his half full beer at the wall. You watched numbly as the bottle smashed into a hundred pieces and beer splattered against the wall.

  The two of you fought for about three hours before you finally felt truly broken and gave up. You guys argued about everything from your ‘relationship’ with Four to Eric’s smoking habits and tendency to be a prick. You where exhausted and upset. You had almost forgot just how mean Eric could be. You guys where both brutal to one another. Eric had completely destroyed the living room, throwing some of many empty bottles and knocking things off the tables.

 “I give up.. I can’t.. I can’t do this right now.” You finally said sitting down on the couch. It was currently 2:39 am and you didn’t even have the energy to fight. Eric was drunk and still pissed off as he paced around the room.

 You laid down and curled your knees up too your chest. Eric suddenly stopped moving and looked in your direction. He huffed at your position and shook his head.

 “Just take my bed.” Was all he muttered, slightly slurring, before he disappeared into the kitchen for what felt like the 10th time that night. Your suspicions where confirmed as he reentered the room with yet another beer.

 “I’m going home..” You announced as you pushed yourself off the couch with next to no grace. 

 “Fine ____, do the 20 minute walk back to your place. You going to do whatever the hell you want it doesn’t matter what the fuck I say.” Eric sounded oddly calm as if this was some casual conversation.

 He glanced back at you and rolled his eyes, “Just fucking take the bed.” You couldn’t help but notice that he sounded as defeated as you where. 

  Standing there awkwardly for a few seconds, you finally nodded your head and retreated to his bedroom. You closed the door behind you and deflated. 

 Eric’s room was beautiful, just like the rest of his apartment. You could probably fit your whole living room in just his master bedroom. A California king sized bed, adorned with black silk sheets and a matching comforter, dominated one side of the room. A night stand stood on both sides. There was a sitting area near the door to the bathroom, with a black loveseat and a small round coffee table. bookshelves covered almost all of the charcoal grey walls. 

  Probably your favorite part of his room though was the French doors that lead to a large balcony. The view was amazing. The placement of it allowed you to see majority of the city and given how high up you where, you could see a little ways over the fence.

 You wondered over to the bed and slipped you boots off, soon followed by your pants and bra. crawling under the silk sheets and you curled up into a ball. As you laid there and thought about how shitty the past week has been a sudden wave of sadness passed through you. You replayed the last few hours in you mind over and over again. Squeezing you eyes to hold back your tears you tried to shove everything out of your head.  

 “Your heartless Eric, you have no emotions, no capability to feel. You’re a monster.” You screamed. Every word that left your lips was a lie and you knew it, but still you yelled them in his face.

 Eric flinched, actually flinched at your words and it broke your heart.

 “Maybe I am ____, but you’re a liar. Tell me how do you think Four, Tris and the rest of your little gang feel, knowing that your fucking me?” His words stung slightly and a feeling of guilt rose in your throat. Eric made Four’s life a living hell sometimes and now you where sleeping with him.

 You buried your head in his pillows and tried to block out everything. The fact that the pillows and blankets smelt like him didn’t help. You eventually rolled over on your back and just stared at the ceiling. The bed felt cold even despite all of the blankets. You stopped trying to get comfortable after you realized that the reason the bed was so freezing was because Eric’s warm body wasn’t pressed against yours.

 You got maybe 4 hours of sleep before you where woken up by Eric slamming things in the other room. You laid there with a pounding headache and let the events of last night fill your mind. You rolled over on noticed that sunlight was trickling into the room from the blinds that covered the windows on the balcony door. you almost could have fallen back asleep that is until panic fill you and tugged you completely awake. You had over slept, usually you were up before the sun had even risen. You quickly jumped up and grabbed your clothes. rushing into the bathroom. After a quick rinse off in the shower and getting redressed, you brushed your teeth and left the bedroom.

 The though of having to face Eric made you feel nauseas but you where running to late to really care. Grabbing you wallet off the table, you shoved it in your pocket and walked to the front door. You lingered in front of it and looked to the side. From where you stood you could see into the kitchen. Eric stood there making a cup of coffee, looking off into space.  

 He eventually seemed to notice your presence from the corner of his eye and he looked up to meet your gaze. He obviously hadn’t gone to sleep after you when to bed. He was a mess with rumbled clothes, dark circles under his eyes, and his slicked back hair looked haywire from him running his hands through it. The two of you just stood staring at each other before you finally broke eye contact.

 “Goodbye, Eric.” You practically whispered, but he heard you. Waiting a second to see if he would say anything, you finally opened the door and slipped out of his apartment. Eric’s eyes had never left your form as he watched you go.

 You made your way to dinning hall, trying to fight off tears for some unexplainable reason.  

 Eric leaned against the counter and sipped at the coffee he had made. He was tired and still a little drunk from all of the beer, replaying your final words as you left in his head like a broken record.

   “Goodbye, Eric.”

 He didn’t know what it was about the statement that he couldn’t shake. It drove him crazy, You drove him crazy. Why was he so infatuated with you? Why was he so hung up on two fucking words? Two word that you said to him all the time. Realization hit him like a freight train.  

 Something about your tone had sounded so final, so set in stone. You actually meant it, you said goodbye and meant it. Eric quickly realized that he had messed up, you where gone. 

 “Fuck!” Was all he could say. He abandoned his bitter coffee and swiftly moved to the living room in search of his cigarettes. It was only as he reached the coffee table did he remember that in a fit of anger last night you had broke all of them in half. Eric didn’t know what to do for the first time in a long time. He paced for a few moments trying to figure it out.

 Eric was bolting out his front door running down the hallway before he could actually think a plan out. He bumped into a few people shuffling down the hall and as he neared a large thong of Dauntless who where all waiting for the elevator, they all quickly parted for him. The elevator was packed full of people, Eric frantically looked around for the stairs. Shoving people out of the way, with a heavy hand and a ‘fucking move’, Eric sprinted his way down 7 flights of stairs, still wondering why he was doing this, why he needed to catch up to you so desperately?

  You mentally prepared yourself to enter the cafeteria as you made your way down there. When you reached the entrance you lingered there for a few minutes thinking. The events of the last 12 hours played through your head on loop. God you where miserable.

“Goodbye, Eric.” 

  Who would have ever figured two simple words would have had seemed so heavy. You didn’t have time to dwell on it now, you couldn’t because the longer you did, the harder it was to keep yourself together.

  You made your way into the packed room and did your best to keep your head held high, easier said than done you felt like a beat dog.

 You absolutely refused to be seen as weak. Looking around you spotted Four, Tris and the rest of the gang sitting around your usual table. Christina, who sat practically in Wills lap noticed you enter and started to wave to you. The rest of the group was now looking your way and happily beckon you over. Even despite your sad mood you couldn’t help the small smile that was beginning to stretch across your cheeks.

It was almost in slow motion, as you started to make your way over to them, one by one their smiles left their faces as they looked at something behind you. Before you could turn, a strong hand wrapped around your upper arm. The grip was like iron, you whirled around as best you could. Eric looked back at you with a crazed determination. He released your arm and bent over, trying to catch his breath. 

 You stumbled back a few steps as the realization that he ran down here to try and catch up to you crossed your mind. You shook your head as you turned to move away from him.

“_____…Don’t.” His called out to you still out of breath. You couldn’t believe he had the nerve to come down here and start shit, your sadness turned to anger.

“I’m not doing this here Eric.” You practically spat at him, you turned once again to leave but his tight grip returned once more to your arm.

“Let go of me!” you tried yanking out of his grip but he wasn’t having any of it. At this point majority of the people in the room looked towards you two because of you outburst.

 “We need to talk, please don’t cause a scene.” He hissed in your ear, now growing aggravated at the attention you where gaining. You where seething at this point, how dare he just bust in, man handle you, and then tell you not to ‘cause a scene’.

 You turned around and pushed him away from you with all your force sending him back a few steps.

“Fuck you Eric! Who the hell do you think you are to tell me not to cause a scene!” At this point every one in the room, leaders included, looked on at you and Eric, mouths open and eyes wide in confusion and a little amazement.  
Eric looked around awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. This was exactly what he didn’t want, prying eyes looking upon your relationship.

 You knew Eric wasn’t necessarily embarrasses to be seen with you, but deep down one of his biggest fear was being seen as weak. And for some reason in his mind affection, relationships, and really any emotions that followed translated to that. 

 “What’s the matter Eric don’t want people to know about our issues.” There was no hiding the smugness in your voice.

“No ____, I don’t. You wanna know why? because its none of their fucking business!” 

“Well it is now, you want to talk so bad, fine were talking!” You shouted back.

 The room was eerily quiet, you could have heard a fork drop from the complete other side of the hall.  

 “You know what, fuck, this isn’t worth it.” He let out a bitter, humorless laugh and threw his hands up in mock surrender. This was it, this was his cold façade, the mask he put up.

 “What isn’t worth it Eric, our relationship?” You couldn’t believe him. At your words he let out another hollow guffaw, shaking his head.

“Nun uh no, what we had wasn’t a relationship, It was just sex point blank. You weren’t my girlfriend, we weren’t dating, hell we aren’t even friends. We are just two people who like to sneak around in the dark, fuck each other senselessly, and then carry on with our lives.” You tried your best no to flinch at his words.

 “That’s not true and you know it.” Your voice cracked slightly. “What we have, had, whatever it may be is more then that and we both know it.”

 "Are you sure about that?“ The cold glazed over look in his eyes was hunting.

 "Yeah Eric, I’m positive. People who just have sex together don’t spend the night at each others apartment, they don’t cook breakfast for the other while their asleep. They don’t set up cheesy romantic evenings when someone has a bad day, People who’s whole relationship revolve around sex don’t give each other spare keys or leave their tooth brushes in each others bathroom. Stop me if I’m wrong but friends with benefits, fuck buddies, whatever else you wanna call this,” you made a motion between the two of you with your finger. “Don’t do that.”

“They don’t know each others favorite book, or food, or time of the year. They don’t pay attention to the others little quirks or bad habits. They don’t stay up until sunrise talking about dreams and fears and what if’s.. they just don’t Eric…” You felt a flood of memories come flashing back too you, your heart hurt and it most have shown, given the way Eric looked at you.

  “_____….” He trailed off obviously not knowing how to respond.

  “I don’t get you, it’s like one moment you’re the sweetest, most caring guy I’ve ever met and then the next your just this monster. I can’t keep up with you anymore, its killing me.  What are you so scared of.. Why do you do this too me?”

 You realized that you where crying as you finished your sentence. God you felt so weak under all of dauntlesses gaze. You lowered your head and brushed past Eric, you couldn’t do this. You half expected him to reach out and grab your arm, to stop you from going and you felt you heart break a little when he just let you go. You where almost at the door when you heard him speak.

 "Because you drive me bat shit crazy, because my every though is filled with you 24/7. Because I hate that I need you so much, because I love you and that is fucking terrifying.“ You felt completely frozen by his words. Eric had not only just admitted to actually being afraid of something but he also declared his love for you in the most public way possible.

 You turned around slowly to face him, not really knowing to respond. He stared back at you with a look that impossible to identify. Everyone in the room looked at Eric like he had grown a second head. You felt so overwhelmed, confused, and scared.

 "You don’t mean that..” You stumbled backward your voice coming out shaky and broken.

 And in that moment you did the thing that as of late seemed to be a natural reflex, you ran.

  Eric watched you retreat and felt broken. He had absolutely no fucking clue why he decided to do that, why he said that. But it was out now and there was no taking it back. He could feel the creeping, slightly overwhelming, gaze of everyone in the room. Watching him like a hawk, judging him.

“What the fuck are you looking at!?!” Eric Yelled at the first Dauntless willing to actually hold his gave for more than a few seconds. The young teenage quickly ducked his head, averting his gaze. Eric glanced around the room sending angry glares in every direction.

 He eventually worked up the courage and motivation to storm out of the room making sure to keep the snarl on his face and his shoulders squared, ready for a fight.

 Eric made sure to stop at a liquor store on his way back to his apartment, clearing the shelves of anything that would get him completely shitfaced.

You don’t remember the walk back to your apartment. You don’t remember unlocking the door and letting yourself in. Hell you don’t even remember striping down and climbing into an ice cold shower. You sat there at the bottom of the shower for god knows how long, you felt numb, broken.

You honestly don’t know how many days you confined yourself to your house.. You didn’t want to leave your apartment and face the rest of the compound. Four came knock at your door a few times but you never worked up the energy to answer. Tris came barging into your apartment one evening, Arms loaded with food to stock your apartment. Of course you freaked out when you first walked in on her putting the groceries away in your fridge and she made it quite clear to you that she had no intentions on leaving until she had cooked you dinner. You quickly realized that she some how got her hands on a key card that opened every door in the compound.

True to her word Tris didn’t leave until after she had made dinner for the both of you and you guys had ate. She filled you in on the gossip around the compound making sure to skip over any mention about Eric or you. Dinner was good and somehow she managed to take your mind of things somewhat but you could tell you both where avoid the elephant in the room.  Eventually conversation died down as you both finished your food.

“Have you seen him?” You said quietly, looking down at your plate. You didn’t elaborate on what you where asking but Tris understood anyways.

 "No Eric has been almost as much of a shut in the past week as you.“ She said quite bluntly. "The only time he leaves his apartment is to get more alcohol or start a fight.” You shook your head and tried to keep from grimacing.

 "Do you wanna talk about it?“ Tris questioned. You could only shrug your shoulders.

 "What’s there to talk about?” You muttered sliding out of your seat and dumping your dirty dishes in the sink. Tris followed you into the kitchen and after placing her plate in the sink she followed you again as you wondered to you living room and plopped down next to you on the couch.

 "How long where you guys together?“ She asked and you flinched slightly at the question. That was the one thing you didn’t want to answer. You had lied to your friends for so long about your true ‘relationship’ with Eric.

  "Almost a year.” You bit out refusing to look at her. You could see her eye widen in surprise and heard her mutter a small ‘wow’. You didn’t blame her for being surprised it was crazy how long you managed to sneak around.

 "Do you love him?“ Tris’s question took you by surprise. You had no idea how to respond and it took you a few moments to reply.

 "I…I don’t know, I care about him.. A lot.” You answered honestly, she said nothing in turn for a few minutes.

 "You should talk to him..“ Tris trailed off. You glanced over and meet her gaze shaking your head slightly.

 You never responded and eventually conversation picked back up. You guys talked and laughed for a few more hours before Tris announced that she had to head home. You hugged her as she left and said goodbye.

 After she was gone you crashed on you bed and stared up at the ceiling, trying not to think about him.

"Harrison why me..?”

 "Because you’re the only one he will listen to Four.“ Harrison said with a sigh. Four couldn’t believe  what he was hearing. Harrison had just called him out of the control room.

 "Eric hates my guts-”

 "Maybe Four but he hasn’t been into work in almost a week. I don’t have time for this bullshit, I need him to actually show up and get shit done. So your going to take this key, go talk to Eric, and get him to snap out of it.“ The dauntless leader looked exhausted.

"Go.. Get out.” he finally said making a shooing motion with his hand.

 Four left without argument, knowing it was useless. There was not a single bone in his body that wanted to go deal with Eric. For some reason Harrison thought four was the person to go to when it came to getting Eric to quit moping around.

 He made the trek up too Eric’s apartment and hovered outside of his door. Four could already faintly hear angry music blasting from inside the apartment. He tried pounding on the door and surprise, surprise he got no response. He eventually gave up and fished the key out of his pocket, entering the apartment.

 It became apparent pretty quickly that Eric’s apartment was a complete mess. There were bottles every where, most of them broken from being thrown against the wall. Furniture was tipped over and smashed. Eric was no where to be seen in the living room and there where no lights on in any of the other room that he could see. Four wondered over to the radio that was blasting in the corner of the room and turned down the angry lyrics. He then made his way into another room that he could only assume was the kitchen. He flipped the lights on and heard a groan. Looking down he noticed Eric was siting on the floor surrounded with even more liquor.

 "Turn that shit off.“ Eric slurred slightly, gesturing to lights above him haphazardly.

 "This is just pitiful Eric.” Was all four could say as he looked down at the other man

 Eric let out another groan as he glanced up and realized it was Four of all people. “Get out.” He muttered, not slurring his words quite as bad as before.

  “When was the last time you showered? Or cleaned house?” Four said as he looked around taking in the mess of the kitchen. He also couldn’t help but notice how terrible Eric looked.

“Get the fuck out, stiff!” Eric repeated raising his voice, Four ignored him.

 Instead he looked around wondering where exactly to start cleaning, he still couldn’t believe Harrison was making him do this. He didn’t want to clean up after the other adult man and he sure as hell didn’t want to be bothered with baby sitting him while he mopped around like a depressed preteen dealing with there first break up. If four had it his way he would leave Eric to die of alcohol poisoning or to choke on his own vomit.

He decided on cleaning the counters first. After pulling a trashcan out from where it had been tucked away in a small closet, Four pretty much just made a  long sweeping motion along the counter knocking as many empty bottles in the trash can as possible, He really didn’t give a shit what all landed in the garbage. He was pretty positive he had knocked a pepper shaker in the bin but he couldn’t be bothered to fish it out.

“Harrison said you haven’t been to work in like a week.” Four stated as he finished with the counters and moved to the floor.

 "So what?“ Eric growled angrily.

 "So what?! Are you kidding me? In less then a year your supposed to lead this faction Eric. Look at you now, your pitiful, weak.” Now that pissed Eric off, He pushed his way off the floor faster than four thought possible in his drunken stupor.

 Eric leaned into Fours personal space far past his comfort level and grabbed his shirt so he could move, “You better watch your fucking mouth stiff.” Four was slowly starting to piece together that Eric wasn’t quite as plastered as he though.  

 "Or what?“ Four challenged. Eric simply pushed him away and then pointed at the door yelling for him go away.

 Four couldn’t help but notice how bloodied his knuckles where upon close examination. He had heard about all the nasty fight Eric had been getting into as of late, so far he had put three people in the clinic.

 "Where is your first aid kit?” Four asked once again ignoring Eric’s yelling.

 "I don’t need your help..“ He growled back stubbornly, Four simply rolled his eyes looking around.

 "Yeah you do..” He replied. After a few more minutes of bickering and glaring Eric finally revealed that it was in bathroom and four retrieved it and sat at the small dining room table Eric had bandaging his knuckles. They sat in stiff silence as Eric glared a hole in fours head and four made sure that the rubbing alcohol he applied in some spots hurt like a bitch.

“Do you really love her?” Four finally said breaking the silence.

 "That’s none of your business.“ Eric bristled and four could tell by his tone that he had been expecting the intrusive question.

 "How long where you guy’s together” Four tried again.

 "We weren’t together, we where hooking up.“

 "Same difference.” Four mumbled as he began to bandage one of Eric’s hands.

 "Your okay with this all?“ Eric said after a another spell of silence. Four briefly glanced up at Eric before retuning to his hands shacking his head.

 ”____ is a big girl, she doesn’t need my approval.“ Four retorted as he moved over to bandage the other hand.

 "You know what I mean.”

  “…..I’m upset she didn’t tell me and I definitely think she could do better than some dirt bag like you but other than that..” He trailed off and Eric rolled his eyes at Fours little jab.

  “Besides it’s not really that shocking.” Eric widened his eyes at that slightly.

 "You knew?“

 "You guys forget that my job is to spy on everyone in dauntless..”

  Eric just kind of sat there a little shell shocked and then he started cursing under his breath.  "Why didn’t you say anything.“

  "I wanted to see how long you to would try and sneak around.”

  “Right…” Eric said looking down at the other man cautiously. Four finished with Eric’s knuckles and packed up the first aid kit, not bother putting it away. He started to make his way to the door.

  “Get your shit together Eric, cause sadly this faction kind of needs you.” Four hovered in front of the door for a second before speaking again. “And If you really love her… You should fight for her.”

 You eventually got out of the rut you where in. You where still incredibly sad and most defiantly didn’t want to fact the world but you where going stir crazy in your apartment, not to mention the fact that you where scared shitless of losing your job. So you woke up early one morning, showered and started to function like a normal human being.

  You would have thought everyone saw a ghost as you made your way to the dinning hall, People parted like the red sea as you made your way through the compound. You could hear the not so quite whispers as you made your way through, you felt the burning gaze of just about everyone. You felt like a zombie as you sat with your friends during breakfast. Zeke and Uriah tried there best to laugh and make jokes in order to try and keep the mood light and it worked some what, that is until you snapped at Christina.

 She conveniently decided that today of all day was when she wanted to play 20 question ’ ____ and Eric’ version. She rambled on and on about all the gossip concerning Eric that had been floating around the past couple of days, she even felt the need to fill you in on a few rumors about you that had also been big talk. You tried your best to answer her questions within reason, there was no point in trying to hide it not to mention the fact that these people where like your family but quite a few struck a nerve. God the girl had no filter, and you eventually told her to shut her 'candor mouth’. Of course you immediately felt bad after and tried your best to do damage control before excusing yourself from the table.

 Work was long, boring, and even a little lonely without the witty emails from Eric. You tried your best to push every thought of him from your mind but it was easier said than done.

 A few days passed with this schedule with the addition of going to the  training room to let out the days frustrations.

 One night you found yourself cooped up in the large space going to town on one of the punching bags. You had skipped dinner not really feeling like dealing with another altercation with Christina, she still hadn’t forgiven you for your first comment. Besides you where enjoying having the large space all to yourself.

 You had only been hitting the bag for a few minutes but you could already feel the sting in your knuckles, you hadn’t bothered properly wrapping them.

 "Keep it up and your going to bust your hand open.“ You froze at the words that echoed around the room, belonging to an all to familiar voice. You stopped hitting the bag and gripped it before it swung back and hit you.

 You turned around slowly and your gaze fell onto Eric who was sitting on the steps that led into the steps that lead into the room, watching you intently. You honestly had no idea how long he had been watching you, you hadn’t noticed him as you where running laps around the room but Eric had always sneaky that way.

 The two of you held your gaze for a while just watching each other for a while before you finally glanced away and made your way towards the gym bag you had brought with you. You took the time to wrap your now red knuckles and take a small water break. You finally glanced back up to Eric to find him still watching you closely. He looked like shit, but then again so did you so you really didn’t have the room to judge.

 You walked to the arena in the center of the room and made a head motion for him to come and join you. He pushed his way up from the steps and made his way toward you slowly. You slipped your shoes off and waited in the center for him to join you. The two of you got into position and began sparring. It started out with the two of you just going through the motions throw a punch, block, repeat, over and over again but eventually you grew frustrated with the situation and stated to throw real hits, aiming for his sides and stomach. He caught you drift and before you knew it the two of you where rolling around on the floor, throwing hard jabs and punches.

The only sound that filled the room was the occasionally grunts of frustration or pain as you two moved together. At one point in the fight you found yourself straddling him and using one hand to pin him down by the neck and the other was drawn back to strike him. A moment of hesitation on your part was all he needed in order to grab hold of drawn back arm with one hand and use the other to pry your other hand off his neck. You struggled for a few moments uselessly trying to free your hands but it was no use. Eric didn’t bother trying to flip your position and you let out a cry in frustration.

That’s when you realized that you where crying again, a few stray tears has slipped down you cheek without your permission and they landed on the man beneath you. You felt weak, you didn’t even know why you where crying but you where.

 Eric released you and pushed himself up far enough to where he could tightly wrap his arms around you without pulling you down. You tensed in his embraces at first but soon enough melted into his warmth and threw your arms around him. The two of you just sat there like that for a while as you cried into his shoulder and he nuzzled into your neck.

 "I hate you..” You whispered as you held onto him, both of you know that was far from the truth.

 "I love you..“ He whispered back.

 "No you don’t.” You felt more tears run down your face.

 "Yes I do ___, so much..“ He insisted.

   He released you and pulled away enough to look at your tear stained face and brought a large hand up to wipe away the tears on your face.

 "I don’t know and it drives me crazy..“ You couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped your lips at his response. He leaned in and brushed his lips across yours and waited your you to respond, You in turn pressed your lips to his desperately. Eric brought a hand up to your cheek and his other stay wrapped around your waist. While you carded your fingers through his blond locks.

 The two of you broke your kiss as you both ran out of breath, laughing.

 "I love you too.” You said slightly breathless and he pressed a stolen kiss to your lips. “But I also still hate you cause you’re a major asshole sometimes..” He chuckled at that and pressed his forehead to yours.

 "You wouldn’t have it any other way.“ He muttered giving you a playful glare. It was rare you say Eric act so.. Sappy.. But you could get used to it.

 "No.. I really wouldn’t.”

  Honestly you didn’t know where you and Eric stood, you didn’t know what the future had in store for you either. But for right now in this moment, that honestly felt like it belonged in some cheesy romance novel, you where just going to enjoy being in his arms. Because in some twisted, dysfunctional since it felt like home and that was kind of perfect.

Coffee Drinks are comforting (Bucky Barnes x reader request)

This was requested by @bucky-slut where Bucky is the reader’s neighbor and they have a morning coffee routine and one day the reader has her episode so yeah. Enjoy!

(Y/n) never really had a lot of neighbors. Maybe that old lady down the hall, or that single father with two annoying boys on the other end of the hall. Not that she didn’t like them. She even loved helping the old lady, Mrs. Lewis, with her garden work and laundry, and she often babysits for Mr. McHale, the single father whose wife died a few years ago out of lung cancer. Boys were a handful. The thing is, there was nobody her age here to keep her company. That, was why she was excited when she heard that someone was moving across the hall from her.
When she heard about the rumors, she also heard that it wasn’t just anyone; it was an avenger. That made her extremely happy, now that she could probably count on somebody to help her when she has one of her depressive episodes again.
When her neighbor moved in, she knocked on his door.
A man with a metal arm opened the door.
No, Bucky Barnes opened it.
She felt like she was about to faint, but she tried to keep herself steady. “So It’s true,” (Y/n) had said the first time they met, “The new guy really is an avenger.” Bucky chuckled and held out his hand.
“I’m (Y/n),” She introduced herself. “Bucky,” he replied. “I know that,” she said, laughing quietly. “Would you like to come in?” Bucky offered. (Y/n) nodded, stepping inside.
The first time she went in there, it was a wreck. The paintjob was ruined, the furniture misplaced, and boxes scattered around like heaps of trash. “A lot of work to do, huh?” (Y/n) asked slowly, a smirk growing on her face.
“I’m probably gonna start tomorrow,” he said, running his finger through his luscious brown hair. “What?” (Y/n) questioned, “Does it mean you’re gonna sleep here tonight?”
Bucky arched an eyebrow, “Is there a problem?” (Y/n) just laughed, “No offense, but this place is a wreck.”
“You got any other ideas?”
“Well I’ve got a couch,” said (Y/n), saying it like it was no big deal. “So you’re saying I should bunk with you?” Bucky asked, slightly delighted. (Y/n) shrugged, “Why not?”
“I’d love to,” he smiled.
“How about we go get some coffee first? I know a nice place just a block away. I feel like should get to know the man who’s going to be bunking with me.”
Bucky looked shocked at first, but he smiled widely, “Sure.”
That was how they started their morning coffee routine.
Every day, (Y/n) would wait outside her door, waiting for Bucky to come out, normally because (Y/n) always woke up earlier than Bucky. Then they would walk to the exact same coffee shop they did when they first met. She never considered it a date, just some friendly interaction between a regular civilian and an avenger.
Since Bucky came into her life, she never had a depressive episode. She was happy now, knowing someone would look out for her. They even exchanged spare keys, in case anything bad happened.
Sure, being an avenger, Bucky would go on some missions, but when he left, he usually came back after two or three days. He’d tell her face to face whenever he has to go, but when he doesn’t have the time, he’d leave her a note. He refused to text or call her, because where’s the fun in that? Every interaction with Bucky was personal, and (Y/n) wouldn’t have it any other way.
Bucky woke up to the sound of his alarm.
He was already twenty minutes late. Sure, it was Sunday, neither he nor (Y/n) has work to attend to, but he wouldn’t miss coffee for the world. He got off his bed and got dressed, not even bothering to take a shower. He knew he stinks, so he just rolled on some deodorant and frantically opened the door, expecting (Y/n) to be a ticked off by his tardy behavior.
But instead he saw an empty hall.
Bucky furrowed his eyebrows. It wasn’t like (Y/n) to wake up late. He knocked on her door and called her name. “(Y/n)?”
No answer. She is probably already on her way to the coffee shop. Bucky decided he would for her there.
The walk was frustrating. He got so used to (Y/n) on his side, now that she wasn’t beside him, he felt empty. Over time, he had gotten to know (Y/n). It was pleasant, having someone to hold on to when everything was falling down around him. He also developed feelings for the girl. Something he never knew the winter soldier could even feel: Love.
That was why he loved being with her. It made him feel like Bucky Barnes, and not the assassin Hydra made him to be.
When he got in the coffee shop, his eyes scanned the room for a familiar sight. But she wasn’t there. He decided he’s use his phone. Not that he was actually any good at it, but at least he was better than Steve, thanks to (Y/n).

(Y/n), I’m in the coffee shop. Where are you?’

He waited for a few minutes, but she didn’t reply. So he decided to call her. Sure enough, the phone rang. But that was all it ever did.
She must’ve put it on silent, Bucky thought.
He decided he’d get (Y/n) and himself some coffee and headed home.
When he got home, he saw the old lady outside her apartment. “Hello, dear,” she greeted. Bucky smiled, struggling to remember her name. “Hi, Mrs. Lewis,” he replied, smiling triumphantly when he managed to snatch her name from somewhere in his mind. Mrs. Lewis reminded him of his sister, now that she was had grown to an old woman and Bucky stayed young over the years. The first time Mrs. Lewis saw Bucky, she marveled him, addressing him as Sergeant Barnes who served in the Howling Commandos, thanking him over and over again for saving her husband, who was now laying peacefully in his grave. Bucky managed to remember her husband as a soldier in his platoon from his days in the 107th. “You seem restless,” she pointed out. “Um… yeah. It’s just, I can’t find (Y/n),” he answered, hoping that Mrs. Lewis would have a lead to where she is. “I haven’t seen her either,” said Mrs. Lewis, “She should’ve been awake by now. I’m getting worried.”
“Well then, I better start searching for her,” he smiled and resumed his walk down the hall, finding himself knocking on (Y/n)’s door again. “(Y/n)?” he called frantically. “(Y/n), are you in there?”
He eventually gave up knocking and pressed his left ear to the door, letting her heightened senses do the work. He wasn’t able to hear much, but he got even more worried when he heard soft sobbing from the other side. He knocked again, louder this time. “(Y/n), I know you’re in there.”
No answer.
He sighed stressfully as he unlocked his own door, grabbing the spare key to her apartment. Those were for emergencies. This was an emergency, wasn’t it?
He unlocked her door, searching for any signs of her.
She went in her bedroom just to find her squeezed in between the wall and her bed, her eyes red with tears and exhaustion. Bucky cursed under his breath, kneeling, trying to get (Y/n) up. “Oh my god, what happened?” he asked worriedly, lifting her up.
“I’m sorry,” she cried. “I’m really sorry, these things- these things just happen and- and I thought I wasn’t going through another one I-”
Bucky silenced her, lifting her chin so they were looking each in other’s eyes. “Don’t be sorry,” He said softly, walking to the bathroom. “I assume you haven’t taken a bath yet,” he guessed.
“That bad, huh?” she whispered, trying to amuse herself.
Bucky took each article of clothing off piece by piece, both of them blushing red when she was completely naked. (Y/n) even tried to cover herself. “No,” Bucky told her, before stripping off himself “You’re beautiful.” She grew redder at his words, and even redder when he’s completely stripped off. (Y/n) started, “What are you-”
“Relax,” Bucky reassured. “We’re just taking a shower.”
They both stepped in the shower, Bucky turning it on to a warm medium pressure. He caressed her, slowly rubbing the soap on her body like she was the most fragile thing in the world.
And out of nowhere, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Bucky?” She called, whispering in her ears. “I’m sorry.”
“I told you,” said Bucky returning her embrace, “Don’t be.”
After the shower, he dried her, dressed her in comfortable clothing and carried her to the bed.
He pushed her back slowly so she was half-laying down on her bed. Bucky grabbed her coffee and gave it to her, smiling softly. “I got you your favorite.”
(Y/n) returned the smile and took the coffee, wiping her tears. “Have you eaten breakfast?” he asked getting off her bed. (Y/n) just shook her head. “Stay here,” he ordered.
An hour later, he returned, with a bowl of soup on his hand. (Y/n) took the bowl and Bucky turned on her favorite movie and sat comfortably next to her. “I’m sorry it took so long,” Bucky apologized. “I had to do your laundry and dishes.”
(Y/n) smiled. “Thank you.”
“For what?”
“For taking care of me, you idiot. I needed that.”
He hugged her, burying his face in the crook of her neck. “I love you,” He confessed, suddenly blurting out the words. “You don’t have to return it, I just thought you should know.”
(Y/n) smiled softly placing her lips to his.
“I love you, too.”

Bucky laughed. “You taste like coffee.”

First Maggie and Alex scene next season:

Maggie: “Woah, Danvers, I–why don’t we move in together or exchange keys or something first?”
Alex: *obviously relieved* “Oh thank god, I panicked and got swept up at the idea of doing something romantic. Yes, let’s do that, which makes far more sense considering how long we’ve been together and this is my first serious relationship.”

And done. No drama over it and, seriously, no wedding yet. Like come on.