key dancing to taemin is the best thing

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(170525) entnews interview - onew cuts

i. (talking about key’s instagram updates: i,ii

O: i didn’t drink a cup at all, but people thought i was drunk.

T: you look drunk even when i see it. 

O: maybe drunk by mood; i’ve quit a long time ago. 

ii. MC: did you prepare anything special? 

J: show what’s prepared. 

O: ah, yes! (shows a finger heart) 

iii. (when asked to discribe jonghyun’s album (story op2) in five words) 

O: oh-ma-i-ga-t

J: wah, amazing. 

K: we’re talking about the title song right? kim taeyeon daebak. 

J: i knew it! 

iv. MC: if you had a girlfriend, which member would you talk about it to? 

onew points to taemin, jonghyun to onew, key to onew, minho to jonghyun, and jongyun to onew. 

T: he listens well to others and the best point is that he doesn’t remember it. you’d feel embarrassed telling him these things, right? then, you’d be thankful that he can’t remember it next time. 

v. MC: what have you prepared for your solo concert?

T: i haven’t started yet ^^;;

the other dudes: just say what you’re doing! 

T: i’m confident in dance, so i asked the choreographer to prepare something that i have not shown in korea before: yeokdaegeup (his finger wave dance). 

vi. no available translation

trans cr. iheartshinee (i, ii, iii, iv), juju_home (iv)

SHINee pair interview

Taemin x Minho - Not less than siblings as a cute younger brother and strict older brother 

Taemin: Minho-kun is always a bright person. For me, among the members he is the one who understands me the most and vice-versa.
Minho: Taemin absolutely listens to whatever I say, he’s a good younger brother. Whenever he’s having a hard time, he doesn’t even say anything selfish and is always considerate (polite) towards us. I think he’s admirable. 

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Pairing: Taekey
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 8300+ 
Content warnings: Breathplay, unprotected sex, mentions of alcohol.
Synopsis: Key is the hot DJ playing at the local club and Taemin is the fan who wants to get in his pants. Smut with a bit of plot, and perhaps a dash of angst. 

Taemin didn’t hear Jonghyun when he entered the room behind him, didn’t notice the older student until he leaned over Taemin’s desk and snapped his fingers in front of the junior’s eyes to get his attention.

“Jesus!” Taemin snapped, his reflexes shooting his rolling chair back, narrowly missing Jonghyun’s toes as he ripped off his headphones. “Warn a guy!”

“How am I supposed to warn you when you won’t answer your phone and you’re playing–” Jonghyun grabbed one side of the headphones and bent down to listen for a second “–Lady Gaga at approximately one million decibels?”

Taemin sighed. “What is it?”

“What is what?”

“What do you want, Jonghyun?” Taemin had no time for this. He just wanted Jonghyun to get to the point.

“Well, since you asked so nicely, I’m gonna go to Velocity tonight and I want you to come with.” Jonghyun picked up a translucent lime green pen from Taemin’s desk and rolled it between his fingers. Taemin slapped it out of his hand and rolled his chair back to his desk. “I don’t have time,” he said, and put his headphones back on.

Jonghyun pulled the headphone jack out of his laptop. Donatella blared into the dorm room, and Taemin frantically muted the song.

“What the fuck?” he said, turning in his chair to face the senior.

“Why don’t you have time?” Jonghyun folded his arms across his chest.

“Because I have this physics exam!” Taemin gestured at the open textbook on his desk, all the pages dogeared from his constant stimming with the corners as he studied.

“Dude, it’s in like three days,” Jonghyun shrugged.

“Hence the studying!” Taemin jabbed at the textbook with one emphatic forefinger.

“No, hence you have plenty of time and hence you need to come to the club with me and dance your stress away.” Jonghyun slammed the textbook shut, almost pinching Taemin’s finger as the younger student jerked it away.

“That sentence doesn’t even make grammatical sense,” Taemin grumbled. “And I’m not coming.”

“Whyyyyyyyyy,” Jonghyun whined.

“Because I’m too old to be club trash,” Taemin said.

“Please.” Jonghyun rolled his eyes. “You turned 21 like three months ago. If you’re too old, what am I?”

“Embarrassing?” Taemin ducked to avoid Jonghyun’s swat.

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Some of my favorite highlights of SHINee’s Chicago fanmeet:

• Jonghyun singing The Circle of Life
• Minho wanting to be in a movie with Brad Pitt
• Jinki holding the microphone out for the fans who were playing charades with SHINee
• Key’s confusion about where we were all getting out merchandise from
• SEEING LUCIFER PERFORMED LIVE (I cried so hard haha)
• Onho’s ‘fight’ and 'kiss’
• Key’s unending, beautiful sass
• Taemin’s cute little wave
• All the members teasing each other
• Jonghyun pretending to be a dinosaur while playing charades
• The super amazing 70 and 72 year old fans who played charades with SHINee and who I want to be best friends with haha
• Seeing the dances to Everybody, Sherlock, and View
• Seeing Hello and Reply (and getting super emotional about how far they’ve come haha)
• Jinki’s smile
• Taemin playing with the ball he had been given during charades and then promptly dropping it

There are SO many more things, but I really need sleep, so this is as good as it’s going to get for tonight haha. Goodnight, SHINee World!!

[cosmopolitan - us] this k-pop boy band's new music video is 90s perfection

the clothes! the moves! 

article by: gina mei / october 6, 2016
source: cosmopolitan (united states)

just in time for #throwbackthursday, k-pop boy band shinee is here to deliver you some 90s flawlessness. 

in their new music video for “1of1,” shinee goes full retro from their wardrobe to their dance moves — and it’s guaranteed to have you feeling super nostalgic in the best way. in the video, onew, jonghyun, key, minho, and taemin serenade their listeners while showing off their incredible choreography and super sexy swag. (fuse reports that onew had to sit out for some of the dancing because he was injured, but fear not: he’s still very much in the video.) meanwhile, dozens of women wearing the most covetable outfits of all time dance and pose around them, and the whole thing will likely have you ready to do a complete closet overhaul. 

1of1” is the title track off of shinee’s new album — and based on this little sampler, you should definitely give the whole thing a listen.