key cosplay


My favorite person Miguel (@merkymerx) got the chance to do cover art for the Over the Garden Wall 2017 Special! (You can view the artwork here!) I’m honored that he involved me in the creative process for the painting, and used me as reference for Wirt!

Our local comic book store hosted a cover signing event for Miguel. To add to the spirit of the day, I put together an outfit inspired by Wirt. As much as I enjoy full costumes, it’s fun to do these low key cosplays too!


Wand Update

A few new things in the shop, I have about 7 more to upload but those will have to wait until tomorrow. Most of these are inspired by card faces and are paired up (Example: King of Spades, Queen of Spades, etc). I have been playing with some new design ideas and most of these actually have crystals attached. Check out the shop or my tumblr for more wand updates!