key club,

See these Subway sandwiches? We had a whole box full of them. Today. About 200 sandwiches. You know what we did? We walked around San Francisco and handed them out to everyone. Not just the homeless, too, for we gave them to hungry baseball players, joggers, and bus riders as well.

I want to make one thing clear: Community service does not just mean you are restricted to helping homeless people. Everyone is in the community. And what better to do than give a stranger a free meal for today?

Needless to say, my group of Key Clubbers made me oh so proud today.

When you decide carry on your shoulders the role of a leader, know what you’re getting yourself into.

  • People are going to be judging every single action you take so yes, everything you do or don’t do is noticeable.
  • People will look up to you, for inspiration, advice, and possibly a shoulder to lean on so be prepared to be socially adept.
  • People will expect you to fulfill the oaths you’ve taken upon yourselves so know what you signed up for.
  • People will expect some results for having chosen you as the one to lead so don’t slack off or you’ll get burned for it.
  • You will become the public face of the party you’re leading so if you decide that you want to present yourself a certain way, take heed of possible consequences.
  • Know what priorities come first, to yourself, and the party.
  • COMMUNICATE AND INTERACT WITH THE MEMBERS. Seriously, don’t just leave them hanging in the dark.

Everyone knows the typical literary meaning behind the word “leader” but there’s a deeper implied responsibility behind it.


I have to say that being apart of the LegaBEEs means so much more to me than simply being an LTG. To know that I have a group of people who truly care and who aren’t afraid to randomly check in on me and make sure I’m ok. To motivate me when nothing seems to be going right. And I think the best part is I don’t have to ask them to do this. They just do. They just care.